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  • 20 Nov 2017
    PL Alliance welcomes new Indonesian member!

    PL Alliance is proud to announce its new member for Indonesia: ROYAL CARGO INC.

    Royal Cargo Projects and Heavylift is a team of local experts who can execute complicated logistics demands. It specializes in transporting cargoes beyond the average payload, using state-of-the-art lifting and transportation equipment that are suitable for every type of requirement, with basis on calculated and studied methodologies showing all safety factors.

    Welcome to PL Alliance, ROYAL CARGO INC!

  • 20 Nov 2017
    Kronoz Internacional exports to Panama

    Kronoz Internacional Inc, Project Logistics Alliance member for Mexico, has transported 34 Trash Compactors (17x40´ Flat Racks) from Veracruz, Mexico to Manzanillo, Panama. Great Project, Kronoz!

  • 20 Nov 2017
    Steder Group transports 3 transformers from Djibouti to Ethiopia

    Steder Group Djibouti recently transported 3 transformers (with measurements of 6,29m x 4,32m x 4,37cm and a weight of 110 MT each) over a distance of approximately 850 kilometers from Djibouti to an inland project site in Ethiopia. The cargo consisted of a total of 15 transformers for an ongoing project and all units were transported and delivered safely up to arrival site. Great job, Steder Group!!

  • 17 Nov 2017
    Express Global Logistics (EXG) successfully completed CIF shipment at Mumbai port along with transportation.

    Express Global Logistics, PL-Alliance member for India, has successfully carried out port handling, customs clearance and transportation activities of autoclaves at Mumbai port. The cargo originated from Shanghai and after clearance had to be transported to Lucknow which was a distance of 1450 kilometers away. There were 4 packages, each with a weight of 38 tons and total weight of 152 tons. The cargo dimensions are 34 x 2.85 x 2.68 meters. A route survey was carried out for the transportation to Lucknow as the distance was very long. The transportation was done through 4 states, and permission had to be obtained from each state for the transportation of the cargo through that state. A road was contructed to get an entry into the factory. The entire operation was carried out smoothly without any challenges. Well done, EXG! Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, (EXG) India is a project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is an asset based company, having pan India presence backed by its own fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic axles, cranes up to 450 tons, and warehouses.

  • 16 Nov 2017

    Re-enactment of "We are the World" by the staff of Logimar (PL Alliance Member for Italy) to support CESVI. Marcello Saponaro, CEO of Logimar: "1985 original was aimed to fight hunger in Africa, today we want to support the House of Smiles in Zimbabwe". Some of Logimars best suppliers also joined in the picture!

    Very good, Logimar!

  • 15 Nov 2017
    Kodan Solutions imports Mining Shovels from China to India

    PL-Alliance member Kodan Solutions Private Limited, for India, has recently imported 6 sets of mining shovels (12000 frt of Breakbulk cargo including 30 heavy lifts between 45 MT -90 MT Single piece; Max Dïm(Mtrs): 7 x 5.2 x 3 @90 MT Single piece) from ex-works China (POL: Tianjin) to India (POD: Kolkata).

    Kodans scope of work included:

    - Pick up 12000 frt of Mining Machines from Ex works in China
    - Lashing/chocking as per internationally acceptable standards to customer’s satisfaction
    - Transportation from Plant to Port Tianjin
    - Custom Clearance & Port Handling
    - Sea freight (Break Bulk-Heavy Lifts)
    - Receiving cargo at destination port
    - Import clearance & Port Handling
    - Route Survey from Destination Port till Site
    - Delivery till Final Delivery Site

    Challenges of this project:

    - Time bound shipment
    - Destination clearance to be done in 48 hrs
    - Safe but shortest possible delivery time
    - Consignee a government concern, handling Port Unions for swift cargo evacuation.
    - Being Point load cargo & ODC , Precaution to be taken for Over Height and Over width cargo at Narrowhilly Sections –1000 KM inland haulage
    - De-tour from original inland route near site due to Railway crossing at SITE
    - Seamless coordination with all stack holders shipper, haulers, port authorities & shipping line for flawless

    With various constraints on hand, flawless planning & proactive approach, Kodan successfully delivered the cargo to the end-user/ consignee as delighted customers.

    Very well done, Kodan Solutions!

  • 14 Nov 2017
    Logimar handles shipment from Italy to Chittagong for oil and gas industry

    Logimar (PL Alliance member for Italy) just executed the shipment of several valves and heaters for oil and gas industry in Bangladesh. Cargo was in wooden 29 case for a total of 900 cbm and 220 tons of weight.
    After haulage from Milan area to Genoa port all cargo was containerized in Flat Rack, Open Top and HC containers and shipped to Chittagong port.

    Well done, Logimar!

  • 14 Nov 2017
    Project UPDATE: Tangguh Expansion Project

    In February 2017 FLS Projects (PL-Alliance member for Thailand, Singapore and USA) and was awarded with the Marshalling Yard package for the Tangguh Expansion Project. FLS’ scope incl. the handling of a minimum of 600,000 FRT break bulk and general cargo at the Cilegon Marshalling Yard, West Java, Indonesia. Part of the scope of that package incl.: - Developing infrastructure to serve the project, incl. design and construction of warehouses and other cargo handling facilities. - Design and implementation of cargo handling procedures according to latest industry standards. - Storage and consolidation of cargo for barge and heavy lift vessel transportation. And much much more... More than 200 days after the award, the records speak for themselves: - Volume of cargo handled: > 120,000 rtons - Man hours worked: > 200,000 - Safe days worked: > 200 - Exposure hours without LTI: > 200,000 - No. of LTI’s: 0 - No. of TRI’s: 0 - No. of Golden Rule Violations: 0 SAFETY FIRST! Well done FLS Projects Indonesia!

  • 13 Nov 2017
    Express Global Logistics (EXG) successfully completed FOB shipment at Kolkata port along with transportation.

    Express Global Logistics (PL-Alliance member for India) has successfully carried out port handling, customs clearance and transportation activities at Kolkata port. The shipment originated from Shanghai and after clearance had to be transported to Siliguri which was a distance of 570 kilometers away. There were 5 packages, each with a weight of 47 tons and total weight of 235 tons. The cargo dimensions are 29.68 x 3.05 x 3.20 meters. A route survey was carried out for the transportation to Siliguri. EXG faced a challenge during transportation. The height of the cargo along with the trailer height was 4.80 meter. The trailers had to cross 3 railway crossing which had a height of 4.6 meter. As a solution, we removed a part of the saddle fitted on the autoclave and fixed a wooden slipper matching the shape of the cargo. With this, we were able to reduce the height by 0.2 meter and complete the transportation as per schedule.

    Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, (EXG) India is a project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is an asset based company, having pan India presence backed by its own fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic axles, cranes up to 450 tons, and warehouses.

  • 13 Nov 2017
    Crown Logistics Continuing Multimodal Hydro Power Project

    PL-Alliance member Crown Logistics, for Vietnam, continues a multimodal Hydro Power Project for the Alin Power Station in Hue City, A Luoi District.

    Following the 1st shipment reported in February 2017, Crown Logistics has been continuously handling the project with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th shipments now completed with more coming before the end of the year. They have successfully moved 6 x 40'FR, 5 x 40'HC as well as 400RT of bulk cargo (generators and parts) from Danang Port to the jobsite up the hill of Alin in Hue City at a distance of approximately 200km along the Provincial Route 11B (including passing through the Hai Van tunnel).

    Managing Director, Peter Linh states; "With all these shipments, we conducted prior survey trips case-by-case to understand the difficulties of transportation in the heavy rainy season with storms happening during the move in the central areas of Vietnam.
    The route involved a currently under construction underground bridge with the vehicle having to wade through underground. When the equipment is transported in the rainy season while the bridge is not completed, it can be very difficult if the water surges high. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the water levels before beginning the transport. There was also a weak 1 span bridge on the road to the Alin jobsite which meant that for the 60tn generators crossing the bridge, it was necessary to use lining sheets of 25mm thick steel at 12m long and 2m wide.As well as the above, the road to the jobsite was a difficulty as it was made of poor terrain and could become very slippery with mountain and drops on either side and swampy ground on the entrance. As always with such a risky job, we ensured safety as our highest responsibility at all times."
    Crown Logistics have been reliably and consistently successful in delivering the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th shipments to the jobsite. Peter concludes; "In the 4th quarter of 2017 and 1st quarter of 2018, we will handle the rest of the shipments for this project before full completion by the end of March 2018".

    To see Crown Logistics prior movements, click here:

    Great project, Crown Logistics!

  • 10 Nov 2017
    GPL-Cuchi Logistics manages the transport of heat exchanger

    GPL-Cuchi Logistics Services has recently arranged and supervised the transport from factory to Saigon Port and the loading onto vessel sailing to Chennai, India. The cargo, heat exchanger cold boxes and accessories, have the following measures:

    L x W x H = 1145 X 518 X 380 (CM) / 45,000KG
    L x W x H = 2722 X 368 X 375 (CM) / 57,700KG

    Very well done, GPL-Cuchi Logistics Services!

  • 09 Nov 2017
    PL-Alliance is happy to announce our new member for Vietnam

    Crown Logistics Co.,Ltd. recently entered as our second member for Vietnam.

    They are one of the leading companies in cargo logistics and export / import in Vietnam. It is specializing in offering logistics services, additional freight, container shipping, cargo air transport and especially provides OOG freight services to all ports in the world.
    Crown Logistics has acquired an excellent reputation for moving heavy and oversize / weight equipment’s with safety lashing solution and saving cost. “We do our part to ensure - that projects, in which we're involved, start on time whether we're moving a single piece of equipment or an entire part.”

    Welcome to the Alliance, Crown Logistics!

  • 08 Nov 2017
    GPL-Cuchi Logistics successfully completes the project ''Sugar Cane Factory''

    PL-Alliance member for Vietnam has successfully arranged and supervised the transportation from Saigon Port to factory and positioning. Within the project ''sugar cane factory'' GPL has transported 14 wooden packages (136,250.00kg) and containers with oversize packages including steam turbine and generator.

    L x W x H = 754 x 531 x 401 (CM) / 69,000 KG
    L x W x H = 620 x 440 x 270 (CM) / 46,000 KG

    Great project, GPL-Cuchi Logistics Services!

  • 07 Nov 2017
    DELTA MARITIME LTD installs Siemens Turbo Compressor trains & Gas Turbines in North Greece (Evros Kipoi TAP Compressing Station)

    The cargo consisted of 3x Gas Turbines ( 7,80 x 3,05 x 4,15 m / 36 tons each ) & 3 x Compressors (6,20 x 3,68 x 3,94m / 26,7 tons each) & accessories. CIF Cargo Value € 20.000.000.
    Delta Maritime (PL Alliance for Greece) took immediate receipt of this sensitive cargo at the port of Piraeus and expertly handled the direct reloading from mafis on trucks with the use of 1x160ton Private Shore crane.

    Customs formalities for this valuable Cargo completed same day upon cargo’s arrival in port and then followed the special on-carriage in separate convoys using Special Low-beds trailers and escort cars on those difficult and narrow roads close to site.

    The Turbo Compressors, the Gas Turbines and the accessories arrived at Evros Kipoi (North Greece) Compressing Station site, where 1x500ton Shore Crane, 1x 5ton forklift, 1x hi-up crane waited to lift the cargo from the trucks.

    Delta Maritime with its own dedicated and experienced team successfully delivered & installed complete cargo on their foundations.

    Within November 2017 an additional lot of 3x Oil cooling Units (635 x 250 x 399 cm / 10,7 tons each) Cargo value: 1.600.000 € is scheduled to be installed on same foundations too.

    Very well done, Delta Maritime!

  • 07 Nov 2017
    FLS delivers more than 8,000 cbm break bulk cargo to Laem Chabang

    Beginning of last week FLS Projects, PL-Alliance member for Thailand has completed the delivery of over 80 packages break bulk cargo with a combined volume of more than 8,000 cbm from a local fabricator to the port of Laem Chabang. The cargo, steel structures for an exhaust stack system for a Combined Cycle Power Plant, was then loaded onto a heavy lift vessel and is now on its way to North Africa.