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  • 29 Mar 2023

    Gianti Logistics, a proud member of the Project Logistics Alliance from Georgia, has transported heavy oil refinery equipment to Baku in Azerbaijan via the Port of Baku. The project involved receiving two vessels loaded with the equipment, which was then unloaded and loaded onto hydraulic modular trailers for transportation by road.

    The cargo consisted of three pieces of equipment, with the largest one measuring 47m x 6.1m x 6.2m and weighing 186 tonnes. The second heaviest weighed 206 tonnes with dimensions of 23.7m x 6m x 5.9m, while the third weighed 135 tonnes and measured 33.3m x 3.8m x 4.1m.

    The team at Gianti Logistics had to obtain permits from the local government to ensure the safe mobilization of the trailers during transport. They also conducted several road modifications, including the removal of sidewalks, dismantling of traffic lights and cameras, and road levelling to enable the safe passage of the trailers. During the temporary storage of the equipment, elephant legs were utilized for support.

    Despite the tight deadline and various challenges, the shipment was accomplished using the company's own resources and a variety of equipment. Gianti Logistics has once again demonstrated its capability and expertise in handling complex logistics projects. We congratulate the team at Gianti Logistics for their success and wish them continued success in their future endeavours!

  • 28 Mar 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Vigonorte Cargo Lda for Portugal

    We are excited to introduce Vigonorte Cargo Lda representing Portugal, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community.

    Vigonorte Group was founded in 2007 in Portugal, aiming to provide excellent transport and logistics services both at national and international levels. Later Vigonorte Group expanded to include Vigonorte Cargo as a duly licensed Freight forwarder, approved by the Ministry of Transport and a member of APAT. The company offers sea and air freight worldwide, as well as road freight by managing its fleet of modern trucks, allowing them to respond effectively to the most varied challenges. 

    Vigonorte Cargo's specialized expertise helps them to ensure efficient transport management with offices and bonded warehouses in Póvoa de Varzim and Matosinhos in Portugal. Vigonorte Cargo always strives to operate according to the highest international standards and aspire to be recognized as a company of excellence in its performance and to provide a service that meets the needs of their clients. 

    Key Services:

    • Project and Breakbulk Cargo
    • Road Freight - Domestic and International Import and Export, ADR, LTL/FTL, Reefer, Truck Rental
    • Sea Freight - LCL/FCL, Break Bulk, Cross Trade, Container Deliveries/Collections
    • Air Freight - Daily Consolidations, Express Cargo, Mixed loads/Multimodal, Charter Services
    • Storage and Management - Packaging, Labeling, Stock Checking, Self-Supporting Structures for Project Cargo
    • Export/Import Document Control & Customs Clearance

  • 23 Mar 2023
    Blue Bell Shipping Overcomes Earthquake and Delivers Vital Cargo to a Remote Oil Field in Iraq

    Blue Bell Shipping LLC, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance in Iraq, has successfully completed the initial delivery of 62 fibre spar spools for an ongoing project bound for North Iraq. The cargo was shipped by sea from Saudi Arabia to Mersin, Turkey, and then transported by road over a distance of more than 3,000 kilometres to reach its final destination, a remote oil field.

    Each of the spools had a length and width of 5.65 meters, a height of 2.5 meters, and weighed 14 metric tons. They will be used to extract water or oil from underground, depending on the specific requirements. Thirty-one 40' flat racks were used to transport the spools, with each rack carrying two spools.

    The cargo arrived in Mersin, Turkey, during a catastrophic earthquake that resulted in the closure of ports and roads. The Blue Bell Shipping team faced significant challenges, but they were able to devise alternative solutions and deliver the shipment safely and on time. The company is committed to maintaining its excellent reputation and providing outstanding service.

    We congratulate Blue Bell Shipping LLC on its success and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

  • 22 Mar 2023
    Aprojects Austria Successfully Transports Two Rail Milling Trains Despite Height and Weight Restrictions

    Aprojects Austria, a leading logistics and transportation company representing Austria in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully transported two rail milling trains. The units, which had to be transported from Austria and dismantled due to height and weight restrictions, were reassembled in Antwerp.

    After the assembly was completed, each unit had a height of 440 cm and weighed 120 and 50 tons, respectively. The cargo dimensions were 2360 x 344 x 440 cm and 1991 x 310 x 440 cm for the first and second units, respectively.

    The transportation of the cargo presented several challenges; in addition to disassembling the units, the assembling process required quick and efficient reactions and specialized equipment such as forklifts and cranes.

    Despite these challenges, Aprojects Austria successfully transported the units to their destination, meeting all safety requirements and ensuring the cargo arrived on time and intact.

    The successful completion of this project highlights Aprojects Austria's expertise in handling complex logistics and transportation projects. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality services to its clients has made it a trusted partner for businesses across industries.

  • 20 Mar 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces At-abraý for Turkmenistan

    We are excited to introduce that At-abraý, current member in Uzbekistan, is also now representing Turkmenistan in Project Logistics Alliance. 

    Since its founding in 2013, At-abraý has grown into one of the most prominent logistic companies in the CIS region providing a full range of services in the sphere of worldwide transport for any type of cargo. 

    At-abraý is committed to providing personalised logistics solutions crafted by the company's experts to improve efficiency within their clients' supply chain processes at competitive rates while building long-term partnerships. At-abraý established the first and only container line in Turkmenistan "Turkmenline" which has 300 containers in stock. They are also the charterers of "Turkmenistan" and "Berkarar" sea vessels. By having its own fleet of vehicles and seagoing vessels, they can offer the most favorable rates for transportation. 

    Key Services:

    • Project Cargo - Special Machinery and Equipment for various industries, Government and Military Cargo
    • Export and Transit of Cargo via Turkmenistan to Europe and Turkey for petroleum (fertiliser, PPO/PPE), textile (cotton and yarn), and agricultural products (wheat)
    • Air Freight - worldwide network of trusted agents both for import and export cargo, including dangerous and perishable goods 
    • Ocean Freight - charterer of the seagoing vessels "Turkmenistan" and "Berkarar" in the Caspian Sea. At-abraý can offer the most favorable tariffs and services for sea transportation (Container, Bulk, Ro-Ro, Door-to-Door) 
    • Land Transport - integrated freight transportation links trucking network across 6 continents (Semitrailer, Refrigerator, Auto-train, Platform) 
    • Rail Freight - extensive experience in the field of organizing railway and multimodal transportation (Boxcar, Gondola Car, Cistern, Flat Wagon) 
    • Add-on Services - Real-Time Tracking, Warehousing, Port Services, Ship Management and Stevedoring, Container Supply, Border Customs Clearance

  • 16 Mar 2023
    Alexander Global Logistics Reports Completion of 14,500MT Breakbulk Shipment to Port Khalifa

    Our Project Logistics Alliance member for Germany, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), is displaying the success of their partnership agreement with the Abu Dhabi Ports Group (AD Ports), our Port Partner in the Middle East. The agreement established in 2022 entails that both companies will work closely to form a transhipments hub dedicated to handling pulp and paper products.

    On the 8th of March 2023, only 2.5 days after MV “TRAWIND ROC” docked at Port Khalifa, the stevedores from Abu Dhabi Ports Group announced the completion of all discharging operations. 14.500 MT of unitized wood pulp made it off the vessel and into the brand-new warehouse managed by Alexander Global Logistics, ready to be furtherly distributed within the region.

    This shipment aligns with AGL and AD Port’s strategic plan of moulding Port Khalifa into a new distribution hub for pulp and paper in the Middle East. The vessel commenced its voyage under the commercial control of AGL in mid-February; after around two weeks of sailing, it was promptly received by a team of highly professional stevedores provided by AD Ports. Discharging operations were performed around the clock, ensuring a speedy completion of the task within 2.5 days only.

    As this was the first shipment for a particular trader, the success laid the foundation for future deliveries. So far, the next sailing from Europe is already firmly scheduled. Congratulations to AGL and AD Ports for this shipment completion, and we can't wait to see what this partnership has in store for us! 

  • 14 Mar 2023
    Full Container Logistic SAS Chosen as Official Logistics Coordinator for Swimming Pools by IPC Piscinas, Demonstrates Expertise in Complex Shipments

    Full Container Logistics SAS (FCL), a member of Project Logistics Alliance from Argentina, has been appointed as the official logistics coordinator for swimming pools together with its components by IPC Piscinas, one of Argentina's leading swimming pool manufacturers. This appointment comes as IPC Piscinas expands its operations in new markets, particularly in the United States, where there is a high demand for swimming pools to be shipped.

    The company was able to complete several shipments including one particularly noteworthy shipment that transported cargo from Argentina through Los Andes, and then on to a port in Chile. The cargo measured 11.27 meters in length, 3.27 meters in width, and 2.27 meters in height and weighed a total of 9,653 kilograms. To transport the cargo, the swimming pools were loaded onto a 40’ collapsible flat rack high cube container. The rest of the swimming pools components were placed inside of the built in swimming pools to maximize the free space.

    This shipment presented a significant challenge for FCL during packaging and stuffing, as these swimming pools along with its components were breakable and had unstable characteristics. However, FCL was able to overcome this challenge with their expertise and capabilities.

    IPC Piscinas' decision to appoint FCL as their official logistics coordinator is a testament to the company's capabilities in handling complex shipments. This successful shipment has garnered praise for FCL and highlights their commitment to delivering high-quality logistics services to their clients.

  • 02 Mar 2023
    Impeccable Planning by Nonpareil International Freight and Cargo Services Team Ensures a Successful Move

    Project Logistics Alliance member for the Philippines, Nonpareil International Freight and Cargo Services, was chosen for a huge transportation project. This project involved the movement of 51 dump trucks which were both operational and non-operational. Each truck weighed 70 tons and measured 10.20 x 5.47x 5.18 meters, occupying a volume of 10939 CBM. This OOG cargo had to be taken from the mining site to the Port of Cebu, one of the largest domestic ports in the Philippines, where it was loaded onto a vessel for further transportation towards their final destination, Jebel Ali, in Dubai.

    For this challenge to be completed, careful planning was required. First, surveys were carried out at the mining sites to decide how to move the trucks best. Nonpareil International carefully designed a transport methodology to be submitted to their consignee. The budget requirements of their client presented difficulties in acquiring charter vessels for the shipment and required rigorous rate negotiation in accordance with the allotted financial plan.

    Once approved, a jetty port and temporary staging area for this equipment were scouted for near the mining site. An underdeveloped private jetty port was utilized on an island near the mining site as the staging area and for loading. The non-functional dump trucks were disassembled from the pick-up site and transported via road using articulated chassis. Due to harsh weather (rough seas, heavy rains, strong wind) conditions, loading activities had to be stopped several times to ensure safety. The loading operation for movement towards the Port of Cebu was completed in seven days.

    Once the cargo arrived at the Port of Cebu, the functional equipment was driven to the staging area and the loading port, while the non-functional dump trucks were reassembled before loading onto the vessel. A Backhoe trailer hustled the non-operational dump trucks to the vessel under hook, under Full Liner Terms (FLT).

    Besides the loading operations, the company's export division also handled the documentation and customs clearance. Despite all challenges, Nonpareil International successfully loaded the dump trucks onto the vessel for further transport. The equipment is now on its way to the United Arab Emirates via Singapore. Congratulations, Nonpareil International, for yet another outstanding project!

  • 27 Feb 2023
     Full Container Logistics Argentina and Philco International SARL Team Up to Deliver Wine Machinery

    Member of Project Logistics Alliance from Argentina, Full Container Logistics Argentina SAS was appointed by La Agricola S.A., one of the prominent wineries in South America, to deliver wine machinery from France to Mendoza, Argentina. FCL’s established position in the wine industry makes it possible for them to receive regular shipments from Europe, particularly France, which are then sent to Argentina or Chile. Following a meeting with France-based PLA member Philco International SARL at the 2022 PLA Annual General meeting in Estonia, it was inevitable that the collaboration between the two companies would take place. After the meeting, the two companies arranged the shipment of the wine machinery as an important first step in creating a robust and lasting relationship.

    The project concerned machinery which weighed 4.815 kilograms and had the dimension of 2,30 x 2,30 x 12 meters. A challenge arose due to the cargo being over-height, and to tackle the issue; the cargo was put into a 40’ open-top high cube. After successfully unstuffing the cargo, the machinery was delivered safely and efficiently to its final destination, as FCL was determined to offer the shortest transit time to move the freight as quickly as possible.  

    This collaboration serves as a prime example of how PLA events can cultivate a lasting relationship. We congratulate Full Container Logistics and Philco International for a fantastic collaboration, and we wish them continued success in their future endeavors! 

  • 24 Feb 2023
    Alexander Global Logistics Undertakes a Pan-European Transport for One of Turkey's Biggest Forest Product Producers

    Our German founding member, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), recently completed a successful pan-European transport project for Starwood, one of Turkey's largest forest product producers. Starwood operates in the forest products sector and has the highest production volume capacity under one roof in Turkey. The project involved collecting heavy and specialized cargo from 12 different European countries and delivering it to İnegöl, Bursa in Turkey.

    The cargo came from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia. Coordinating the collection of cargo from 12 different European countries is no easy feat, especially when dealing with heavy and specialized equipment. One of the project's biggest challenges was ensuring adequate number of Trucks every time delivery was scheduled. The seasoned project department ensured there were no delays and that the cargo was transported in a timely manner.

    The total volume of cargo transported included:

    • 75 special/heavy pieces
    • 250 standard pieces

    The AGL project department has once again demonstrated outstanding expertise and critical thinking with this project. To know how they can assist you with your next big move, please reach out to Mr Riza Gögüs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 23 Feb 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Tiel Logistics B.V. for the Netherlands

    We are delighted to announce Tiel Logistics B.V. representing the Netherlands, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community.

    Founded in 2000, Tiel Logistics is a project cargo forwarder focused on out-of-gauge shipments worldwide. By connecting all existing transport modalities in the most innovative ways, they are committed to relieving customers from logistical issues in an international setting. Their extensive technical knowledge, years of experience, and global connections allow them to ensure the secure and timely delivery of every shipment, regardless of size or weight, with proper handling at all times.

    With a customer-first approach, they create tailor-made solutions per the client's request and needs where through their network, they can offer all the required services and keep a controlled overview of projects worldwide. One of their strengths is being capable of quickly anticipating on changing circumstances to make needed adjustments in time. 

    Key Services:

    • Door-to-door services by sea, inland waterways, rail and air for oversized, heavy lift machinery such as: mobile and static cranes, reachstackers, forklifts, jack-ups rigs, mobile pile drivers and palletizers among others
    • Container handling - stuffing and de-stuffing, Chartering
    • Transshipment possibilities from or into barge/truck at their warehouse in Alblasserdam
    • Sea and/or airworthy packaging as per ISPM15 regulations
    • Lashing and securing
    • Import and Export Transportation, Cross Transportation
    • In-house value added services: AEO-Certified and located at a customs depot and storage solutions

  • 22 Feb 2023

    Member of Project Logistic Alliance from Honduras, Knuth Transport Company (KTC Heavy Lift) and Dacotrans de C.A. were appointed to transport two stators and two rotors from Santos, Brazil, to Puerto Cortes, Honduras. The total distance for this move was approximately 396 kilometres. From there, the cargo was moved to the final destination of Arenal, Yoro, in northern Honduras.

    The shipment was delivered from the supplier, General Electric Corporation, to Hidroelectrica Yaguala as the end customer. This project was part of a much larger effort to provide electricity by building hydroelectric power plants along the Yaguala River.

    The two stators weighed 48 tons each and measured 5.5 meters in length, 5.65 meters in width and 3.1 meters in height. In comparison, the two rotors had a dimension of 3.5 x 5.8x 3.53 meters and weighed 88 tons each. The two rotors were transported on two modular trailers with 11 axles each, while two lowboys with three axles were required to move the stators. On top of that, three trailers manufactured by Osh Kosh were also employed for transportation purposes. An additional gantry crane was also used to unload the cargo at the destination.

    After the hurricanes Eta and Iota struck in late 2020, many bridges and roads were rendered unusable. As a result, the company was forced to find alternative routes for transporting the load and multiple levelling works were carried out to ensure the cargo could pass safely.

    Despite the odds, the cargo was delivered safely, which showcased the ability and expertise of KTC Heavy Lift. The PLA HQ congratulates KTC Heavy lift for another outstanding project and wishes them continued success in their future endeavours!

  • 09 Feb 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces United Development for Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Bulgaria

    We are pleased to announce United Development FZE representing Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Bulgaria, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community. 

    United Development FZE was established in Dubai, UAE in 2020 and has since expanded its operations to Afghanistan (2020), Bulgaria (2020), and Cameroon (2021) and is a leading multimodal transport and logistics company committed to innovation and being at the forefront of technology while delivering superior capabilities with high-efficiency and cost-effective operations.

    United Development FZE has strong and proven track record in delivering timely solutions and providing worldwide support for government and defense agencies (UN and Minusca), humanitarian organizations (World Food Programme), peacekeeping missions as well as commercial clients. With UDFZE, all operational requirements and infrastructure development can be satisfied through robust solutions.

    Key Services:

    • Project Cargo and DG Transportation with a strong competence in remote and challenging locations
    • Freight Forwarding - 250+ TEU per day by Sea, Road and Air
    • Inland Transportation - operates more than 150 trucks around the globe
    • Warehousing - Temperature and Hydrometry Controlled with strict security regulations 
    • Supply Chain Management - local and international suppliers with strategically located logistics
      and distribution centers
    • Camp Support Services - retail, water, and labor supply services (hiring teams of professionals as per requirements)

  • 06 Feb 2023
    Successful Shipment of Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes by KCTC to Vietnam

    Project Logistics Alliance member for South Korea, KCTC Co., successfully shipped a total of 18 rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGC) to two different destinations. The units, each weighing 140 tons with a dimension of 26.35*11.20*24.55 m, departed from the port of Oita in Japan towards Vietnam. The first shipment headed to the port of Nam Dinh Vu, whilst the second followed to Long An International Port.

    The RTGCs will be used for the newly built container yard in the ports of Nam Dinh Vu and Long An International in Vietnam. The scope and importance of this operation taken by KCTC were challenging and involved careful planning to complete the task. For the first step, the team had to ensure that the RTGCs were adequately secured and ready for shipment.

    The client had specifically asked to forecast and monitor the weather during transport. Since it is winter season in the South China sea, conditions on water can get choppy. KCTC had to consider the centre of gravity of the vessel, which was higher than half of the total height of the cargo, making the load prone to slide or tip. The company demonstrated their expertise by applying motion analysis and additional sea fastenings for heavy weather.

    Since the cargo can move on the ground, a ramp-way assembly set and a shore power supply unit were used for discharge. Thanks to KCTC’s team know-how, the cargo arrived safely at their two destinations and made another client happy. Kudos to KCTC for yet another great job!

  • 02 Feb 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces OMA Group for Mauritius

    We are excited to introduce OMA Group as the member of the Project Logistics Alliance community representing MauritiusOMA Group can trace its origins back to 1984 when a marine services company was first established in Togo, and in the year 2000 OMA Togo was incorporated and launched ship agency services to customers for the first time. Since then, OMA has seen tremendous growth and expanded its portfolio in Sub-Saharan Africa. OMA Shipping & Logistics Mauritius was included in 2021.

    OMA Group delivers a diverse portfolio of services built on the highest standards of quality, integrity & safety and strives at all times to operate in line with both international and ethical standards, as can be seen from their commitment to ISO & TRACE certifications. The combination of operational know-how with unsurpassed local expertise enables OMA to respond quickly and efficiently to match customer requirements.

    Key Services:

    • Project Cargo solutions for mining, oil & gas, energy & infrastructure industries
    • Exhibition Goods, Commercial Cargo, Temporary Imports and LCL; by air, by sea, by road, including transit cargoes
    • Crosstrade traffic, principally in Africa and within the OMA Group network
    • Liner agency and full ship’s agency for all vessel types
    • Vessel husbandry
    • Protective Agency
    • Bunkers and Ship to Ship (STS) Operations