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  • 03 Aug 2020
    Network Global Undertakes A Door To Door Delivery Using Multimodal Transport

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Azerbaijan, Network Global Logistics, has been busy in the past months with multiple projects. Their project team is proud to share with us another transfer they arranged from Turkey to the United Kingdom.

    This 50 MVA transformer weighed 61 tons and was transported using a multimodal transport method from Adana, Turkey to the final site in Ipswich, UK. Once at the site, the transformer was discharged using the jacking and skidding method. This door to door delivery took a total of 22 days to complete.

    Network Global is also grateful to their partners who assisted their team for another splendid project. Congratulations guys!

  • 01 Aug 2020
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview With Sushil Gupta, CMD At Atlas De Cargo

    As the Indian subcontinent is battling in the throes of the coronavirus, some of our members from the region are relentlessly working amidst the crisis. These are the real heroes that maintain the supply chain industry. Atlas de Cargo, our member from Nepal headquartered in India is one of the companies that is performing its duty and adapting as the situation changes.

    We had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Sushil Gupta, from Atlas de Cargo. We talked about the roots of the company and their journey so far. Mr. Gupta, a dynamic yet humble man, believes in the value of honoring the customer and providing them service with a personal touch. He discussed the current situation caused by corona and how their company is adapting every day.

    Click here to read the full interview.

  • 31 Jul 2020
    Bohnet Delivers 73 Heavy Components For New Paper Mill In Germany

    For the new paper mill in Sandersdorf-Brehna, Germany, Project Logistics Alliance partner Bohnet has successfully delivered 73 large and heavy components from various European countries such as Austria, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland in just 7 months. The biggest challenge was the parts with an extraordinary height that could not be transported by road. Consequently, various large parts had to be brought from Heidenheim to Sandersdorf-Brehna in combined multimodal transport.

    The partial transports went from Heidenheim, Germany to the inland port in Heilbronn, where the cargo was transloaded onto a barge by a mobile crane. With several inland navigation vessels, the journey took about 14 days to the inland port in Aken and later, due to low water, to the inland port in Haldensleben. After arrival, the components were transloaded with a stationary crane in Aken and a crawler crane from the barge to a lowbed truck.

    Thanks to this extra handling, the on-carriage could be carried out again with Bohnet vehicles. Due to the height combined with the over-width, the transports were accompanied by energy suppliers, telecom, and or train employees. In addition, lifting trucks and workshop wagons, as well as police escorts and BF4 vehicles, had to be commissioned for the transport.

    Please see below for the specifics of this transport:
    Dimensions of cargo
    73x large and heavy components
    Max. unit dimension 20.00 x 6.50 x 4.90 m
    Weight 80.00 mt

    Overall dimensions transport
    Max. unit dimension 34.50 x 6.50 x 5.80 m
    Weight 151.80 mt

    Road and multimodal transports from various European countries

    Largest vehicle technology used
    4-axle tractor + 16-axle saddle
    4-axle tractor + 12-axle boiler bridge

    Congratulations on the successful transport, Bohnet!

  • 30 Jul 2020
    Bati Group And Gianti Logistics Join Forces For Tractor Delivery From France To Georgia

    Bati Shipping and Trading SA, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Turkey, is happy to report their recent successful execution of the transport of two tractors. The tractors were loaded near Toulouse in the South of France. Unpacked along with their accessories, the cargo weighed a total of 21 tons and had a volume of 150 cbm. The unpacked goods were then loaded onto trucks and delivered to Telavi, Georgia.

    The shipment was executed with a Turkish plated truck in cooperation with fellow Project Logistics Alliance partner Gianti Logistics, representing Georgia. BATI GROUP is known for being very strong in road shipments from Europe to the CIS region, while Gianti Logistics provided the perfect local support.

    The Alliance congratulates them for the great collaboration!

  • 29 Jul 2020
     Steder Group Projet Logistics Is Transshipping Heavy Crane Parts In Rotterdam

    Our Project Logistics Alliance member Steder Group Project Logistics, who is representing the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in our network, recently carried out a Break Bulk Operation in the Port of Rotterdam.

    An inland waterway vessel arrived with crane parts from Drachten, in the north of The Netherlands at the RHB Terminal in Rotterdam. The crane parts were transshipped from this vessel to a gearless coaster vessel. The crane parts, of respectively 14, 18, and 60 tons, were transshipped using a heavy-lift crane. When all the parts were in place, the vessel set sail to Norway. The cargo soon arrived in the Port of Leirvik safely.

    This video shows parts of the successful transshipment process, we hope you enjoy watching it. Congratulations, Steder Group, keep up the good work!

  • 28 Jul 2020
    New Member For The United Kingdom

    We are proudly introducing the membership of an already known member of the Project Logistics Alliance community. After FSC Ocean has withdrawn its membership for the United Kingdom, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Brunel Shipping representing the United Kingdom.

    The company possesses an over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry offering a full comprehensive range of project services to its customers and is present in all main industries such as Cargo and Heavy Lift, Renewable Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial and Construction, and Factory and Machine Relocations.
    The logistics services offered by Brunel include the entire range from Vessel and Air Chartering, to Break Bulk, Heavy Lift and Out of Gauge, Roll on/ Roll off, Special Equipment, and any transport by Road, Air, Ocean, Rail, or Barge.

    We are happy to welcome you, Brunel Shipping!

  • 27 Jul 2020
     Agile Thinking By Viking Saves The Day

    Viking Project Logistics, representing Algeria in the Project Logistics Alliance recently shipped cargo from Turkey to Mozambique.

    The pieces weighing 8.50 tons measured 13 x 2.2 x 2.80 meters. Since their client could not get the cargo ready on time, the projects and operations team could not go ahead and book the originally planned vessel sailing from the Port of Mersin. Quick thinking and in-depth experience helped to arrange an alternate vessel sailing from the Port of Gemlik. The transport was organized in only a day and was then loaded onto the vessel and shipped to Maputo, Mozambique.

    In the end, this successful movement proves the service quality offered by the Viking Team. Congratulations guys!

  • 24 Jul 2020
    Heavy Cargo Lifted By Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation

    Our member Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation, representing Uzbekistan in the Project Logistics Alliance, has conducted some very heavy lifts at the Goudel Thermal HFO Power Plant in Niger. The first two pieces were parts of the 6 main motors of the power plant. The experienced project team used a Spindle Jack Gantry crane for the offloading of the heavy cargo.

    After having mounted the main motors of 215 tons each on to the bade frames, the project team continued to assemble to additional alternators of 59 tons each. In the end, a generator set with a total weight of 320 tons was skidded 57 meters into the power-house and successfully jacked up to the foundation at a height of 46 cm.

    We are heavily impressed. Thanks for sharing this with us, Hareket!

  • 23 Jul 2020
    Annual Global Meeting 2020 Postponed To 2021

    We have waited until the last minute but sadly, did not get around taking this difficult decision: the Annual Global Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance is postponed to 2021. The latest developments and consequences for international travels of the COVID-19 pandemic but most importantly the collected feedback and concerns of our members and network partners throughout the last weeks have led to this turnaround.

    Taking this decision was very hard for us, especially since so many of our network members confirmed their attendance if restrictions were lifted. It is great to know how much support and willingness for personal interaction we have in our community and we want to express our gratitude for this. On the other hand, this situation requires us to put our members and network partners' safety in the first place.

    Our team is now focusing on the new event dates: October 3 to 6, 2021. The location will remain Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. We hope that one year from now, getting around is easy and safe again so that our companies from all around the world can come together to spend a couple of days with inspiring and valuable meetings in Tallinn.

  • 23 Jul 2020
    Bati Innovative Logistics Completes Another Space Charter From Derince

    The project team of our Project Logistics Alliance member Bati Innovative Logistics (Bati Group) is reporting of another project at the port of Derince. The team was busy lately with the loading of Drilling Machinery that was shipped to China. The unpacked cargo had to be loaded carefully, following a detailed and very specific loading plan.

    Bati Innovative Logistics loaded a total of more than 1000 cbm, with a weight of over 400 tons. The longest drilling units were 17 meters long with a weight of 35 tons each. Congratulations to the successfully completed job!

  • 22 Jul 2020
    Despite Several Challenges, Goodrich Central Asia Reaches Client With 100+ Vehicles On Time

    A trucking project involving 100 open trucks and 30 low beds from Turkey to Kazakstan was completed recently by Project Logistics Alliance member Goodrich Central Asia, representing Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in our network.

    The cargo to be transported totaled up to 2800 mt with various dimensions and weights and consisted of accommodation units that had to be exported from Turkey. This project was undertaken when the Covid-19 outbreak was at its peak in March and April, where many companies failed to meet their client’s expectations and fulfill contractual obligations. The closure of the border between Turkey and Georgia was the first issue that the project team of Goodrich had to solve, followed by the longest queue of trucks waiting at the ferry terminal between Azerbaijan and Kazahkstan. On top of that, quarantine regulations for truck drivers made this (in normal conditions very simple) door-to-door shipment a very complicated one.

    In this complex scenario, the Goodrich project team was still able to pull through and find a workable solution in terms of finding the right trucks, changing the route, and eventually even abiding the transit time set by the client. “Covid-19 or not, all cargoes remain urgent and time-bound for all customers” is what Sanju K Mani, General Director of Goodrich Central Asia, highlights when he was asked for his priorities in conducting transports in the current days.

    We are proud to have smart and committed companies in our network, congratulations on the successful completion team Goodrich Central Asia!

  • 21 Jul 2020
    Transformers From Croatia To Dubai With Altius SA

    Altius S.A., member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Argentina and Bolivia, has successfully executed the transport of two transformers from Croatia to Jebel Ali. Each transformer weighed 230 MT and they were delivered to the port of Rijeka in Croatia for export. Altius S.A. took over the logistical operations the moment the cargo arrived at the port of departure, with a scope of work including the supervision, loading, and sea freight transport towards Jebel Ali.

    Congrats to the Altius team for the job well done!

  • 20 Jul 2020
    Network Global Logistics Helps Transport Mobile Hospitals To Honduras

    Network Global Logistics, representing Azerbaijan in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully completed the shipment of a COVID-19 mobile hospital from Turkey to Honduras. With the pandemic at its peak in Latin and South America, the hospital was urgently needed.

    The entire manufacturing process was completed in a very short time thanks to the 24hour production shift at the manufacturing plant. After the production was completed, the components were picked up on trucks from Ankara and delivered to the Port of Derince, where they were loaded onto the vessel for further transport. These mobile hospitals were shipped directly with an MPP vessel with an ETA in Puerto Cortes on the 10th of July. The cargo all together was 8743 freight tons and weighed 574 metric tons.

    Project Logistics Alliance is proud to have onboard members who are working silently and trying to do their bit to ease the situation.

  • 17 Jul 2020
    #13 Did You Know Estonia Has 2,222 Islands And Islets?

    This is an impressive number (call it a Schnapps Number) but by far fewer than Finland who claims to have the most Baltic islands: 179,000. Not sure if there was Schnapps involved when they were counted… Denmark has 1419 islands, from which only 74 are inhabited.

    For more information on this event, ticket prices, the agenda or to register for our event, please click here!

  • 17 Jul 2020
    Bohnet Manages Multimodal Transport Of 160 Ton Body

    Another great transport was successfully concluded by Project Logistics Alliance partner Bohnet, specialists in heavy road transportation. The unit transported was 8.75 x 6.40 x 3.60 m in dimension and weighed 160 tonnes. Bohnet's task was to move it from Erfurt to Salzgitter in Germany, for which they chose a road-barge-road process via Haldensleben.

    The pre-carriage road transport from Erfurt to Haldensleben was mastered in 3 over-night stages. In addition to the police escort, the transport was accompanied by a BF3 vehicle and various workshop wagons for the dismantling of traffic signs. Upon arrival in Haldenleben, the cargo was transshipped with Bohnet’s Liebherr LR 1750 crawler crane onto a barge. The cargo continued on inland waterways from Haldesleben to the port in Salzgitter. When the barge reached Salzgitter, the cargo was lifted back on Bohnet vehicles with the help of two mobile cranes. On the route to the final customer, there were two critical obstacles to overcome, which were the steep incline of the road at the port of Salzgitter and the narrow driveway towards the customer. Fortunately, with the help of Bohnet’s power booster and additional axles of the vehicle, they easily managed to leave the port of Salzgitter without any problems. The second challenge was solved by a joystick, that allowed circling the cargo around the narrow passages at the customer’s driveway so that the final assembly could begin on time.

    Some additional specs can be found here:

    Overall dimensions of the transport
    45.50 x 6.50 x 4.65 m
    294.00 t

    Largest vehicle technology used
    4-axle tractor + 16-axle saddle

    Well done Bohnet team!