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  • 04 Dec 2020
    Moveco Delivers Storage Tanks From Guatemala To Honduras

    Moveco S.A., representing Guatemala in the Project Logistics Alliance, has had a busy November. They are excited to share with us a project they completed on behalf of their client. For this project, the project team at Moveco transported 3 tanks from the Port Santo Tomas de Castilla, in Guatemala to Entre Rios, Izabal over 15 kilometers away and finally delivering them to Villa Nueva, Honduras.

    The three tanks measured 33.08 x 3.70 x 4.20 meters and weighed 80 tons each. These tanks were initially loaded onto a Lowboy configured trailer for the course of the transport. The entire scope of work undertaken by the projects team at Moveco included:

    • Renting cranes for loading and unloading of cargo
    • Configuring transport route
    • Transporting these tanks
    • Supervising until successful unloading

    Once the consignment arrived in Honduras, the client requested they position these tanks on their bases in tandem. A Jack & Slide system was used to unload and position these at the site. Moveco used its own cranes to wind up this operation. Despite the extreme length, the Moveco team successfully managed to deliver the storage tanks without delays or incidents. Congratulations from the Projects Logistics Alliance team!

  • 04 Dec 2020
    Esprit Ships Excavators From Mauritius Periodically

    Esprit Logistics, our Korean member, is happy to share another exciting transfer they completed from Mauritius. A Mauritian dealer contracted Esprit Logistics to handle an excavator shipment for a year from Mauritius to Busan Port.

    The Esprit team, periodically, i.e., once a month stuff the excavator onto a 40’ flat rack. Given the weight and dimension, the movement requires sensitive handling. This includes lashing and securing the cargo on the flat rack container. Given their experience in the field, Esprit has ensured an incident-free delivery so far. The Mauritian dealer has planned to increase the production next year which would also mean Esprit having a busy year ahead. We are anticipating more of these reports. Stay tuned!

  • 03 Dec 2020
    Nonpareil International Freight And Cargo Shares Their Thanksgiving Celebrations

    “Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.”- Alice Walker

    Imbibing this spirit of Thanksgiving, our Filipino member Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo organized a live Thanksgiving Mass. The celebrations coincided with the companies’ 30th anniversary of Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo. Thank you for sharing this event with our community. We can’t help but be thankful for having members onboard who understand and do their bit for the world. We would also like to take this opportunity and congratulate the entire team at Nonpareil on completing 30 years in the industry!

  • 03 Dec 2020
    Bad Weather Cannot Stop C.H. Robinson From Delivering For Their Customer

    Project Logistics Alliance member C.H. Robinson, representing Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA, recently helped transport 2,000 cubic meters of LNG equipment from China to Texas for a chemical plant expansion. The project involved a part charter and approximately 65 domestic truckloads, including breakbulk pieces, containers, crates, and loose items. The largest piece was an H2 liquefier cold box which weighed 86.82 metric tons and measured 18.52 x 4.7 x 4.85 meters.

    The cargo was barged from the supplier in China to the port and loaded onto a vessel in Shanghai for the 50-day ocean voyage to Houston, Texas. Upon arrival in Houston, three major deliverables – consisting of the cold box liquefier, purifier, and turbine – were directly discharged from the vessel onto hydraulic trailers. The remaining cargo was later discharged and trucked to the nearby site.

    Since the site was not yet ready for the cold box liquefier, purifier, and turbine, the cargo was delivered to the site and set on stands where it was stored for two months. Once ready, the pieces were then transported to the pad.

    Despite vessel delays due to weather, C.H. Robinson’s global team of experts was able to work through the challenges of securing the necessary equipment and escorts needed even with the ever-changing schedule. Kudos C.H. Robinson, good job!

  • 02 Dec 2020
    Barrus Projects And Alexander Global Logistics Deliver Heat Exchangers From Europe To Russia

    Here is another exciting member collaboration to conclude the month of November! Our founding member, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), and Barrus Projects, representing Russia and Kazakhstan, successfully managed to complete the delivery of heat exchangers to Nizhnekamsk, Russia. In February this year, AGL was approached by one of their clients to work on the transport of 2 heat exchangers from Berlin and Romania to the final site in Russia. Besides the OOG units, 4 x 40’ open-top SOC containers and other spares were also shipped.

    To manage the local delivery from St. Petersburg Port, AGL reached out to fellow Project Logistics Alliance member Barrus Projects for assistance. The team of Barrus Projects took over from St. Petersburg to the site of JSC Taneco in Nizhnekams, while AGL oversaw complete logistics until the cargo reached ST. Petersburg under CFR terms.

    ODC Transportation consisted of three lots:

    • The first lot of pipes were shipped in four 40’SOC containers from Eberswalde, Germany via the Port of Lübeck to St. Petersburg, Russia. The cargo was further loaded and transported via using rail transport to the job site by Barrus Projects.
    • The second lot was a heat recovery exchanger, manufactured by their German client. This heat exchanger measured 14.04 x 3.01 x 3.7 meters and weighed 84.5 MT. The cargo was delivered from the port to the job site by Barrus projects via rail transport to the Nazhnekamsk job site.
    • The third lot consisted of a steam drum which was delivered from Bucharest, Romania to St. Petersburg. The route selected was via the German Port, Lübeck, and then towards ST. Petersburg. The steam drum cover almost traveled 2000 kilometers via land through Western Europe before being shipped. Like the previous lots, Barrus Projects took over as soon as the cargo reached St. Petersburg. This time Barrus Projects used the extensive rail network to make sure the cargo reached the job site on time. This steam drum measured 16.25 x 3.59 x 3.93 meters and weighed 76.3 MT.

    Thanks to the well-coordinated efforts by both Alexander Global Logistics and Barrus Projects, all the lots were delivered safely. We at the Project Logistics Alliance wish you success with all your future collaborations!

  • 02 Dec 2020
    Supply Chain Solutions Undertakes Air Freight Delivery Of Heavy Cargo

    Supply Chain Solutions, representing the United States of America in the Project Logistics Alliance, has worked on a huge air project in the previous weeks. The Miami warehouse received a consignment with each piece weighing over 20000 lbs.

    While the warehouse received the cargo on flatbed trucks, the Supply Chain Solutions team deployed a crane with a capacity of 100,000 lbs to unload the cargo and store it. Once a Boeing 747 freighter was booked, this cargo was again loaded onto flatbed trucks to deliver it to the aircraft. The aircraft then flew South toward São Paulo, Brazil.

    Supply Chain Solutions is an expert when it comes to delivering heavy and project cargo. If you have any questions or would like to contact their team, please reach out to:
    Mr. Ivan Moran
    Director, Americas
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 01 Dec 2020
    New Member For Italy, Namibia & Botswana

    Keeping up with introducing new members almost every week, the Project Logistics Alliance this week is proud to welcome a new strong company with outstanding expertise in project cargo handling in our network. Please welcome with us Alpha Projects & Logistics, representing our community in Italy, Namibia, and Botswana! With its own offices in Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Botswana, and Namibia Alpha Projects are ready to provide you with 1st class service.

    Alpha Projects believe in their commitment and loyalty towards a project and understand that their clients trust them with the movement. Moreover, their critical thinking and innovative solutions are backed by 31 years of experience in the project forwarding industry. Their projects team has coordinated the transportation of building and construction materials from the vendor to the job site to various projects around the world. These projects include powerplants, oil, and gas-related plants, desalination plants, mining plants, cement plants, production plants, dam projects, bridges, roads, housing among others. The experiences team at Alpha Projects & Logistics understands the individual requirements of each project and offers tailor-made turnkey transport project solutions for heavy lift, OOG cargo which includes special transportation by sea, air, road, and rail barges.

    While the Port of Durban, has been considered a gateway to Southern Africa, Alpha Projects is keen on developing the Walvis Bay in Namibia. A smooth Port with no congestion and a fast customs clearance and transit customs formalities. The Walvis Bay is a strong alternative to Durban for trans shipping cargo into countries like Angola, Botswana, Namibia South-Western DR Congo, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Alpha Projects have already established a strong foothold in Southern Africa by working on several projects like the Okavango River Bridge Project, where they have transported over 300 trucks (heavy, OOG & normal).

    Alpha Projects has also worked with some of the biggest EPC contractors like Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo, etc. Alpha Projects & Logistics is sure to help you successfully transport your next cargo. For more details and quotations, please reach out to:

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Alpha Projects & Logistics!

  • 01 Dec 2020
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview With Mr. Richard Thorpe, Manager At TNL International

    TNL International is part of the TIL Logistics family. TIL Logistics family was created through the amalgamation of long-standing transport companies in New Zealand with origins dating back to 1869. TIL Logistics provides transport, logistics, and warehousing throughout New Zealand with 800+ transport vehicles, 1200+ employees, and 40 strategically-placed branches representing TIL Logistics’ brands including TIL Freight (incorporating Hooker Pacific Transport and TNL Freight) and newly-acquired companies such as Move Logistics, NZL Group, McAuley’s Transport, and Pacific Fuelhaul, a certified nationwide petroleum delivery fleet. TNL International utilizes the resources of TIL to provide fully-integrated domestic logistics solutions while TIL uses TNL International to advise and consult their clients on international solutions.

    Today we speak to Mr. Richard Thorpe, the manager at TNL Pindar who is a specialist in sailing and powerboat logistics. TNL Pindar, along with their partners GAC Pindar, provides a global reach and expertise with the insider knowledge of the yachting and powerboat world to support the needs of the leisure marine and sports communities.

    PL-Alliance: You have a career spanning over 16 years. Can you tell our readers a little bit about your career in logistics and handling project cargo?
    Richard Thorpe: I started in the UK in the mid-’80s doing international road transport around Europe. I then got into sea and air freight forwarding when I moved to New Zealand in 1993. After sailing around the world in 2000-01, an opportunity opened in 2004 to join a company wanting to get involved with shipping boats. My love of boats and logistics knowledge came together! After 8 ½ years there an even better opportunity opened up for me with TNL International where we teamed up with the Pindar brand who is well known in the yacht racing world for their support and who started to offer logistics services with GAC in 2011.

    PL-Alliance: Since you head the TNL office in Auckland, what are your current roles? How long have you been with TNL Pindar, and what has your journey been like? What does a typical day look like for you?
    Richard Thorpe: I manage the TNL Pindar brand in both New Zealand and Australia that specializes in the marine sector. I look after all the sales and operations with the support of the general freight team at TNL International. The TNL International operations and sales staff also provide a back up as and when required.
    A “typical” day is hard to describe as most are different, it just depends on what we might have on at the time. In one day I can visit clients and potential clients, do export paperwork and end up on a ship at the port in either Auckland or Tauranga usually overseeing the loading or discharging of a boat.

    PL-Alliance: New Zealand is an island country, but also neighbors with a lot of smaller Pacific nations. Does this proximity provide an added advantage to TNL International concerning project cargo?
    Richard Thorpe: My colleague Andrew who is a Sales and Project Specialist under the TNL International brand does have some project work to and from the Islands. TNL International has managed to secure several cross-trade accounts from both Australia and Asian nations. For us, unfortunately, a lot of the project cargo has slowed down or been put on hold in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The TNL International are handling many large distribution clients where warehouse racking, scaffolding, and other equipment deliveries are done using our groups’ 60 depots spread around NZ. Large warehouse deliveries are up to 100 containers that are unpacked with staged deliveries to new warehouse sites are common for us, and we are particularly good at it as not many other companies can match our equipment.

    PL-Alliance: Transport, logistics, and distribution play a very important role in New Zealand's GDP. Are there any niche sectors that you think have the potential to generate project cargo business?
    Richard Thorpe: At present TNL Pindar handles a good share of the boat market in and out of NZ and with Australia beginning to have more interest in the 6m to 9m aluminum boats built in NZ we are seeing some benefits there. Also, with New Zealanders being stuck at home a number appear to be purchasing overseas manufactured boats to use locally for the next few years probably. We have also seen an increase in New Zealanders who own boats that they use in the Mediterranean over the European summers deciding now to ship them back home.
    In terms of other projects, there are opportunities to be involved with the import of prefabricated housing units from Asia as the demand for housing in New Zealand is very high at present.
    Our TNL International brand works closely with our PLA partners, in particular Freight Plus, who are closely aligned and focus on the movement of Earthmoving, agricultural, horticultural, and farming equipment.
    We also move regular 13.75-meter long fuel tanks from Thailand and use our PLA partners Freightplus to do the local loading and lashing. TNL Int’l handles the cranes and transfers at the wharf to the inland premises where they are offloaded with Gantry cranes.
    Being part of the TIL Group also allows us access to a specialized transport and handling team. This allows us to offer inhouse heavy haulage and decommissioning and gantry lifts, which help with the export and import of plant equipment and helps us give our customers a complete end to end service, including the often tricky dismantling or installation of new equipment.

    PL-Alliance: New Zealand’s coronavirus response has been a masterclass in crisis leadership. How has TNL aligned its strategies with government policies?
    Richard Thorpe: As a country, we are relatively small and were able to act quickly which has put us and our customers in a strong position. As a company, TNL International is very agile and we were able to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions and environment. We deployed half of our staff remotely at very short notice and were able to maintain business continuity and more importantly a seamless and high level of service to our customers. We made a point of talking to our customers regularly so we could understand their needs and challenges and work on solutions to help overcome these. In short, we had to lift our game, think outside the square, and become more innovative.
    The FMCG businesses sector has increased massively, and our Group has seen this in the 3PL warehousing around the country some major growth. Medical and some packaging areas have also increased in some cases well over 30%. We have a number of clients that we handle at TNL International which helped in these COVID times and Medical equipment was being sent around the world. The freedom of being free of COVID gives NZ an advantage in the speed we can handle business going forward and manufacture. This, I believe, will benefit NZ in the short term, and is where the early lockdowns are paying benefits to the NZ economy. For the Long-term the feeling is that we need to get back in front of potential new business opportunities so hopefully, we can start to do that again in 2021.

    PL-Alliance: Finally, with your experience are there any lessons that you would like to share with our other members and readers, given that many companies are struggling to survive in these trying times.
    Richard Thorpe: We identified early on in the crisis that there were likely to be a lot of freight companies chasing less business and believed dropping the rates is not the be-all and end-all but that customer service and your relationship with your customers is. We have heard from several new customers we have recently picked up that during the lockdowns and even now as we are still in uncertain times, they have experienced poor communications and services from their incumbents.

  • 30 Nov 2020
    AC Projects Unloads Cryogenic Tanks Under The Weather

    Our Spanish member, AC Projects & Forwarding, has once again overcome the challenges caused by bad weather. This time, the second shipment of cryogenic tanks was unloaded at the Port of Barcelona. Each of these tanks measured 11.6 x 4 x 4.20 meters and weighed 34.5 tons.

    During the discharging operations, the project team faced issues due to inclement weather. The tanks directly to the vehicles that AC Projects had positioned alongside the vessel. The entire scope of operation can be summarized as:

    • Unloading from the vessel
    • Unstuffing in the yard
    • Disassembling the cradles
    • Storage
    • Delivery

    Despite knowing that bad weather won’t stop the AC Projects team from great transport performances, we hope you are luckier with the weather conditions for your next moves.

  • 30 Nov 2020
    Network Global Logistics Transports Construction Equipment To Bulgaria

    Our Azerbaijani member, Network Global Logistics, the market leader in transporting construction equipment, has another project to add to their portfolio. This time around, they were contracted by their client to ship machines to a new project site in Bulgaria.

    A large fleet consisting of 18 units were collected from different warehouses in Turkey and delivered directly on site in Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition, Network Global Logistics engaged trucks from their own fleet and delivered these units on a very short notice. The project team is delighted to report that these machines were delivered without any delays or stops. Congratulations guys!

  • 27 Nov 2020
     Worldwide Consultants In Logistics

    One of the main tasks of WCL is a recruitment and executive search. WCL is also active in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic management consulting. All divisions focus on the logistics sector. How well is your company protected against liability risks? We advise you here and arrange the step-up of a neutral NVOCC.
    It costs nothing to ask – if you have any questions or need support for one of our main activities, please contact:
    Mr. Frieder Steinwarder
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 27 Nov 2020
    New Member For Bahrain

    We are pleased to welcome Console Shipping Services W.L.L (CSS) Group as a member representing Bahrain onboard of the Project Logistics Alliance. With over 25 years of international transport and logistics experience and diverse experience in project cargo handling, they sure fit right away into our community. The CSS Group is one of the leading integrated freight forwarding solutions provider in the Middle East. Constantly adapting to its customers’ changing needs, the company has enriched its expertise to become a tier-one logistics and freight forwarding partner in the GCC, with integrated logistic networks in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

    The Group delivers value by offering fast and quality delivery services. Consolidated Shipping Services Group’s scalable, direct-service technology platforms through its team of skilled salespeople support network operations, designed to optimize delivery efficiency and effectiveness. The CSS projects team has a proven success track record whilst catering to industries such as oil& gas, electric, and other breakbulk equipment. The services offered by CSS Bahrain include projects, oil & Energy, Yachts and Marine Logistics, Multimodal Operations, NVOCC, Ocean/ Air & Land Transportation, Exhibition & Event Logistics, Supply Chain Management, to name a few.

    The company through its corporate diversity and willingness to keep learning and relearning has earned its collective experience within the industry. With a team of over 750 experienced and dedicated professionals across 26 offices, CSS Bahrain is able to meet a client’s freight forwarding requirements – be it by sea, land, or air.

    Reach out to the CSS Bahrain team to know more about their services and how they can assist you.

    Welcome to the alliance, CSS Bahrain!

  • 27 Nov 2020
    Hareket Ships 64 Nordex Wind Turbines For Ukraine's Biggest Wind Farm

    The Syvash Wind Farm, the largest wind farm is the largest renewable energy investment in Ukraine. With a total number of 64 turbines, it will be capable of generating 245.7 MW of energy. Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transport, Project Logistics Alliance member for Uzbekistan, was contracted to deliver the 63 Nordex N 131 / Delta 3900 turbines. These turbines have a hub height of 120 meters.

    As we publish this article, 48 of the 63 have already been successfully installed. Congratulations team Hareket for yet another spectacular transport!

  • 27 Nov 2020
    Livo Ships Agricultural Equipment To New Zealand

    Livo Logistics, representing the Czech Republic, in the Project Logistics Alliance, completed a project shipment of agricultural equipment. The pieces were loaded into several open-top containers in the Czech Republic and then loaded onto a vessel for further movement towards to their final destination in New Zealand.

    The project team at Livo Logistics completed this project together with Freight Direct. Congratulations to all parties involved!

  • 26 Nov 2020
    Meticulous Planning And Safety Considerations Help EXG Conclude A Project In Record Time

    One of our founding member, Express Global Logistics, representing India is ecstatic to share with us yet another complicated job they completed. EXG was awarded the contract to transport 3 Alloy Steel Forged Shell from Mumbai Port to Dahej in Gujrat, India. Each of these forged shells weighed between 36-40 MT and measured 6.46 x 6.46 x 2.79 meters.
    The key challenges in executing the job were:

    • Arranging a suitable axle and puller combination
    • Coordinating port activities
    • Timely delivery

    The width of the ODC cargo also added to these existing challenges especially at the reduced width at toll booths. These challenges were overcome with a seasoned and experienced team at EXG successfully and with precision. The meticulous planning, safety considerations, and the necessary documentation the 450-kilometer-long journey was completed in record 10 days.

    The operations team at EXG sure did a wonderful job starting with prompt communication to regularly updating the client on all activities and progress. Furthermore, the EXG team is ready and excited for all their upcoming jobs with complex movements and more challenging terrains to cover. Thank you for sharing with us, EXG team!