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  • 03 Aug 2021
    TNL International Ltd’s  Association With The Carrier Makes Loading Possible

    TNL International Limited, representing New Zealand in the Project Logistics Alliance, is delighted to inform us about the latest activities from their Marine Leisure Department.

    A 23meter long package containing three yacht masts were loaded onto a vessel at the Port of Tauranga. The ship was bound for the USA. With the shipping space being at a premium at present, TNL counted on their relations with the shipping line, making it possible for a booking to be accepted.

    The package was moved by road 220km from the manufacturer in Auckland to the Port of Tauranga. The arrival was coordinated with the Port Planners and Stevedores so that the package was unloaded directly from the truck to the vessel within an hour of its arrival.

    Richard Thorpe, who manages the Marine Leisure Logistics department under the TNL Pindar brand, was on hand in Tauranga to ensure the loading and securing went smoothly.

    Thank you for sharing with us TNL International!

  • 02 Aug 2021
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview with Mr. Huseyin Canakci from Nora Global Logistics

    For this month’s issue of Logistics and Beyond we speak to Mr Huseyin Canakci, African Regional Manager of Nora Global Logistics, to understand their expansion into Africa. Nora Global Logistics was founded in İzmir in 1997 and expanded to Istanbul in 2005. Starting in 2017, the Nora team developed their services in Djibouti and further in Ethiopia. Their dependable, transparent, and customer-centric approach makes them your ideal partner in East Africa.

    East Africa has long been under unrest, but with things finally clearing up, we speak to Huseyin to understand what this means for the counties in the Horn of Africa. In conversation with Huseyin…

    PL-Alliance: Nora Global was founded in 1997 in İzmir in Turkey. Starting then, it has steadily grown to own several offices in Istanbul. After a stable growth, what made Nora choose East Africa, specifically Djibouti, to expand into the African markets?

    Huseyin Canakci: There are substantial Turkish investors and manufacturers in East African countries. We received many requests from Turkish companies, which are the most prominent investors after Chinese companies. In addition, we carried out 67250 tons of breakbulk humanitarian aid cargo project with the Republic of Turkey. Starting from the purchase phase in Turkey, we carried out all the stages, including the final delivery and distribution to Sudan, Mogadishu, Berbera, Bossaso, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Yemen. After this project, we got advice from Djibouti and Ethiopian Turkish Ambassadors, who predicted that we could be successful by providing professional service to the manufacturing companies, especially Turkish companies in the region. Later, as Nora Global Logistics, we launched our Djibouti & Ethiopia branches in 2017. By expanding our current volume in the upcoming period; We plan to grow further in East Africa, especially in Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

    In addition to being dependent on a heavy volume as a market, East Africa is a very attractive and robust market for us due to its political connections with Turkey, its power and close position to each other.

    PL-Alliance: Huseyin, you are originally from Turkey. Do you work out of Ethiopia, or do you frequently travel between the countries?

    Huseyin Canakci: I worked as a Branch Manager for one year in Djibouti, and after that, I worked in Ethiopia for two years as Ethiopian Branch Manager. I am currently working in Nora Global Logistics as the regional manager for Africa and as a Branch Manager for the Ethiopian office. So, I am responsible for all sales activities in Turkey, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. Because of this responsibility, I constantly travel. Now I spend most of my time in our offices in Turkey and Ethiopia because of COVID-19.

    PL-Alliance: Can you please give our readers some examples of the cargo you have handled recently?

    Huseyin Canakci: Below are some of the recent non-confidential project shipments we have done and organized in Africa:

    • 12500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Sudan // 25.04.2016
    • 31000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Mogadishu// 15.05.2016
    • 5000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Berbera // 06.06.2016
    • 3500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Bosaso // 17.06.2016
    • 10000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Yemen// 20.03.2017
    • 2500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Djibouti// 17.04.2017
    • 2750 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Ethiopia// 28.04.2017
    • 18 X 40’ OT (OOG) + 3 X 40’ FR (OOG) – Stone Crusher Machine project – Mersin to Mekele // 05.04.2018
    • 9 Pieces of Excavators - Djibouti Ambouli Friendship Dam Project – Ankara to Djibouti // 10.01.2019
    • 16X40’ + 20X40’ OT(OOG) +7 X 40’ FR (OOG) Cement Manufacturer Project – Istanbul to Zimbabwe // 13.02.2020
    • 7X40’HC Military Truck for Ministry of Defense – from Norfolk to Jijiga // 08.10.2020
    • IMO 1.4 military shipments to Ministry of Defense – Santos to Addis Ababa // 15.01.2021
    • 25 Tons Air Charter foodstuff shipments – Istanbul to Addis Ababa // 20.05.2021
    • 11x40’ OT(OOG) Samsung Djibouti Wind Power Plant – Djibouti to Valencia // 26.05.2021

    PL-Alliance: In 2019, the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia finally came to an end. Does this pose a threat to Port De Djibouti? What are your thoughts as a forwarder in the local markets?

    Huseyin Canakci: Although Eritrea is currently commercially open, it lacks the necessary infrastructure. Unfortunately, like Ethiopia, Eritrea has a serious currency problem. Therefore, all Eritrean trade continues through Djibouti and Ethiopia. I hope that this situation will change soon, and Massawa Port will be fully active for business, and we will start using this port for the northern region of Ethiopia. When sufficient infrastructure works are carried out in Eritrea, and serious investors make significant investments, we believe that the current problems in the country will be solved. When this happens, we want to be present in Eritrea.

    PL-Alliance: What are the future developments taking place in Nora Global Logistics, and what are your expectations for the next few years, considering how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world of the supply chain?

    Huseyin Canakci: Djibouti, Ethiopia and Turkey managed the Covid process much better than we expected and significantly reduced the number of cases in the shortest time by providing the necessary assistance for the people who had to live in their homes. Therefore, production, import and export processes have returned to their former levels in a short period of 1 year. By expanding the market volume compared to other closed substitute countries, expansion was also provided for new markets.

    Considering these developments in the coming years; As Nora Global Logistics, we aim to have a larger share in the expanding market by further expanding our African investments and our team.

  • 30 Jul 2021
    Nothing Better Than A Happy Client! – Aprojects Ship Columns For Chemical Industry

    What a beauty to enter the weekend!  Our Austrian member, Aprojects, recently shipped a column of 90 tons for the chemical industry. They booked a coaster and arranged the necessary lashing, securing, dunnage & welding.  In the end, a time-critical shipment was successfully delivered.

    Aprojects would like to thank all the parties involved to ensure a smooth handling of this colossus.

  • 30 Jul 2021
    New Member For United States of America

    Landstar Global Logistics is a full-service transportation company that offers a broad range of services that include, North American Trucking, International Air & Ocean freight (both exports & imports), Project Cargo Handling and U.S. Customs House Broker Services. Whether projects related to Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical Equipment or Technology, Landstar can provide experienced and professional staff.

    Landstar’ trucking services has a broad range of Multi Axle, Over the Road capacity available to include:

    • Flatbeds or Step Decks
    • Double drop (RGN) Trailers
    • Lowboy Trailers
    • Extendable trailers
    • Rear Steerable Trailers
    • Schnabel Trailers
    • Perimeter and Blade Trailers
    • Landstar is the #1 Heavy Haul Provider in the U.S.

    All services and equipment are provided in accordance with the individual needs of the customer or project. Your U.S. Project Caro is in good hands with Landstar Global Logistics

    Welcome Landstar to the Project Logistics Alliance Group!

  • 29 Jul 2021
    R&B Global Projects Ship Generators and Turbines To Hungary

     "WE ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO DO BEST." – Dave Roosen

    R&B Global Projects is pleased to report another successful movement! This time, R&B Global Projects were requested to arrange transport of 8 OOG units consisting of generators and turbines from Bratislava, Slovakia, where the cargo arrived with a barge, to Kazincbarcika, Hungary.

    The cargo was a pleasant challenge, with the biggest piece being over 10 meters long, just under 5 meters wide, 4 meters high and reaching almost 100 tons. Five special trucks were needed in total to complete the delivery. The most challenging aspect was the urgent cargo requirement on-site, and no delays were acceptable. The R&B team made 200% sure that the cargo would not encounter any delays during the transport.

    Due to the extreme length of the cargo, police and technical escort was required to ensure safe and timely removal of telephone wires, train cables and traffic lights. Everything was done just in time to ensure the trucks and cargo passed safely and did not encounter any delays.

    To be sure, multiple route checks and bridge checks were performed in advance to find the best route. This helped the R&B Projects team apply for all the necessary permits, reducing the additional VLM costs (Road Furniture Removal Costs). This immensely helped the R&B Global Project's team to reduce costs lower than expected, which led to their client being very content with their service

    Their happy client and this successful movement resonate with their goal of providing best in class services. R&B Global Projects is also thankful to their client for their trust in them!

    R&B Global Projects represent Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 28 Jul 2021
    New Energy Boiler Delivered To Goteborg

    Scandinavian Express is proud to contribute towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow. The hot water plant and Göteborg Energi, Sweden, a pellet based boiler, is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 25000 tons per year. We are delighted to report, Scandinavian Express representing Poland and Sweden have completed delivering the main part of the energy boiler delivery.

    This project consisted of 13 types of transport, including oversized elements of the boiler, produced by the Polish manufacturer Fabryka Kotłów "SEFAKO" S.A. Scandinavian Express's job was to support FREJA Finland in the entire planning process and forwarding of the oversize & heavy loads.

    Loading, forwarding and unloading is only the tip of the logistics iceberg. Scandinavian Express took care of the entire backstage of the operation and took on most of the project management.
    Preparing for this project was complicated and required months of planning. The steps involved in planning include transport corridor planning, road survey, risk analysis, providing permits, dismounting road infrastructure, organizing ferry crossing, providing civil and official escort.

    The boiler furnace and back pass main blocks were 15m long x 4,76m wide and 4,19m high. They weighed 55 tons teach while the most oversized item, called Finned Eco, was 7,4m long, 5,14m wide and 4,10m tall, with a total weight of 80t!

    Scandinavian Express is grateful to be involved in such a significant undertaking and complete its part of the delivery as planned. The Project Logistics Alliance team congratulates the Scandinavian Express team for the successful completion of this mega project!

  • 27 Jul 2021
    Livo Logistics's Multimodal Solution Supports The Movement Of An Oversized Transformer

    Livo Logistics Livorno, representing the Czech Republic and Italy in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proud to report the successful completion of complex multimodal transportation in the month of June. An oversized 115-ton transformer was shipped from Northern Italy by Ro-Ro service from Port of Genoa to the Port of Valencia in Spain

    Once the cargo arrived in Valencia, it was offloaded onto a truck for further delivery to the destination. Congratulations, team Livo Logistics!

  • 26 Jul 2021
    C.H. Robinson Finds Solutions In A Tight Market

    The project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson recently came to the aid of one of their customers when a change in equipment ready dates required an earlier shipment date.

    Normally this type of cargo would be transported via a cellular ocean vessel and utilize flat rack and open-top containers. However, due to limited vessel space and equipment shortages, C.H. Robinson’s global logistics experts proposed an alternative shipping method via RORO service.

    After confirmation from their customer, the logistics team arranged space aboard a RORO vessel and had the units loaded onto mafi trailers which were then pulled by a tractor into the ship’s hold. This solution not only addressed the current industry shortages but also provided transportation underdeck where the equipment was protected from the elements during the ocean journey.

    The cargo traveled by ocean from Thailand to California where it was loaded onto trucks and transported to the end user’s site in Los Angeles.

  • 23 Jul 2021
    Convoy Logistics Providers and Farcont Project Join Forces To Deliver A Fuel transfer Casket And Other Cargo To Ukraine

    Convoy Logistics Providers Ltd. (CLP) completed the delivery of the first of 3 major components for the new Central Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel (CSFSF) in Ukraine. This being a key project for energy independence of Ukraine. CLP partnered with fellow Project Logistics Alliance member Farcont Project to provide and support the need for destination services.

    CLP was awarded this 3-year project on the heels of the near completion of a previous project, Interim Spent Fuel storage facility (ISF-2) which will house more than 20,000 spent fuel assemblies discharged from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. CLP researched and implemented the logistics solution for the transport of storage cask assemblies and ancillaries from USA to Ukraine with the support of Farcont Project since 2015 and which was expected to be completed in the first half of 2020 (more to come)

    Cargo: Spent Fuel Transfer Cask

    Dimensions: 6.28 x 2.74 x 3.05 meters

    Weight: 89,142 kg

    Trailer for transport: 19-axle trailer transport - 68.58 meters overall

    Total weight: 109,412 kg

    After extensive research and planning CLP arranged the transport of this first transfer cask from Eastern USA to a southern USEC port to meet a vessel during the turbulent hurricane season usually experienced in September and October. Traveling over 700 miles from the origin factory, this super-load had to avoid severe weather at times and at times had to wait out flooded highways and streets to be cleared. Origin inland delivery faced many delays due to multiple hurricanes battering the US Gulf and east-coast and the intended vessel was diverted and a second/alternate vessel was sourced. In the end, cargo was loaded, and CLP project managers were in attendance at both origin facility and port of loading working closely with the shipper, port and vessel owner to ensure all aspects of the lifting, loading and lashing were accomplished to meet vessel owner and clients’ requirements and specifications.

    At the same time, CLP had already been in the process of delivering multiple smaller casks and ancillary equipment from USA for the same project with support of Farcont Project for destination services. These also faced delays due to the lengthy permitting process. These smaller shipments of equipment had to be installed with this cask for testing prior to the final installation and arrival of larger cargo (Spent Fuel Transfer Cask). Despite these challenges, CLP and Farcont Project overcame the tight transport schedule and delivered the Transfer Cask direct from the vessel at the port of Chornomorsk, Ukraine together with other relevant cargo in time for the scheduled testing and press conferences at site.

  • 22 Jul 2021
    Lift & Shift India Handles World Heaviest LC Max Reactor - 2300 MT

    Lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Heavy-lift haulier and Project Logistics company in India, operating over seven decades, continues its record-breaking streak in 2021, despite the Covid 19 restrictions.

    Lift & Shift transported 3 LC Max Reactors said to be the World Heaviest Reactors.   The 3 Reactors weighing 2200 MT / 2208 MT / 2313 MT were fabricated by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division, Hazira (Gujarat) for delivery to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Visakhapatnam, for the Residue Upgradation Facility project, one of the prestigious projects of the Government of India.

    Lift & Shift was contracted by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division (L&T HED), Hazira for movement of 5 equipment including three critical reactors from their Hazira (Gujarat) yard to HPCL Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.   

    The scope of work involved the movement of 5 equipment from L & T HED fabrication Yard to the Jetty in Hazira, Roll-on to the Barge, Barging from L & T jetty to Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) Jetty in Visakhapatnam covering 2100 nautical miles, Roll-off from Barge to HSL jetty and Road movement from HSL jetty to HPCL refinery.

    The equipment weight ranges from 650 MT to 2313 MT per piece.  The length of the heaviest reactor was 72 m with a width of 12.2 m and height of 7.7m, and the transport was done on 96 axles using 3 PPU (total of 768 tyres).

    The complete cargo was shipped in 3 voyages using Lift & Shift 280 class barge two voyages and a 330 Class barge one voyage from Larsen & Toubro Jetty to HSL jetty, Visakhapatnam. The critical and challenging was the last-leg movement from HSL jetty in Visakhapatnam to HPCL Refinery for moving 2760 MT including trailer weight, the heaviest ever equipment transport on roads of India. 

    Due to the job dimension, the road transport required dismantling all road fixtures over 5 km, including shifting of power lines poles, removing centre dividers, even the walkways and other smaller fixtures on the road.

    Lift & Shift, in consultation with the authorities, decided that late-night movement from HSL jetty HPCL Refinery would have a minor inconvenience or difficulties for the common public in view of Covid restrictions regarding public gathering. Lift & Shift organized mobile light vans to lighten up the road as the entire 5 km would have no street lights working due to power shutdown being taken.

    Lift & Shift is thankful to all the authorities, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh Power Distribution Company and Local Police for their cooperation extended during the night movement. Lift & Shift’s expertise team was involved in meticulous planning from the beginning to optimize the land and marine movement from Larsen & Toubro fabrication facility to HPCL refinery, which is one of the keys to successfully executing the project.

    Lift & Shift is known for safe and efficient delivery and represents India in the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 21 Jul 2021
    C.H. Robinson Helps Deliver Lifesaving Oxygen Tanks To Brazil

    The project logistics specialists at C.H. Robinson recently helped execute the delivery of 14 cryogenic trailers from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Galveston, Texas. The cargo was on a strict over-the-road timeline, one week to be exact, as it was urgently needed to provide oxygen at Brazilian health facilities due to the spike in COVID-19 cases.  

    C.H. Robinson coordinated the units, weighing 180 metric tons and measuring 2,039 cubic meters, to be trucked from Edmonton to Galveston and then loaded onboard a Wallenius Wilhelmsen RoRo vessel. The vessel first traveled to Panama where the cargo was transloaded onto a second vessel bound for Brazil.  

    During the discharge at Panama, the local onsite team noticed the units were extremely dirty due to the over-the-road excursion from Alberta to Texas. As there were a few days to spare before the next vessel arrived, the team arranged for the trailers to be cleaned at the terminal before being loaded onto the second vessel.   

    The sparkling clean cryogenic trailers were safely delivered to the Port of Santos where they could be put to good use by the medical heroes on the ground in Brazil. C.H. Robinson represents Canada, Singapore, and the USA in the Project Logistics Alliance. 

  • 20 Jul 2021
    MS Global Freight Solution, Malaysia Moves A Transformer From Port Klang, Malaysia To Genoa, Italy

    In our network, MS Global Freight Solution, representing Malaysia, recently moved a transformer from Port Klang, Malaysia to Genoa, Italy as UC, breakbulk cargo on a container vessel. Their client wanted to ship the transformer to the manufacturer for some repairs urgently. Since the customer immediately needed the unit, we had to rush to look for the earliest sailing with the shortest transit time. The transformer measured 470x330x360 centimetres and weighed 41,500kg 

    MS Global Freight Solution Sdn Bhd, located in Port Klang, Johor Bharu (Pasir Gudang) and Penang, Malaysia, can handle sea and air heavy-lift project cargo from/to Malaysia, including East Malaysia (Borneo Island). We provide feasibility study, road survey, method of statement, execution and supervision of packing, transportation, loading, lashing, unloading and placement at consignee’s site. We arrange breakbulk and RORO vessel, Open top, Flat rack containers and maintain a close relationship with many vessel operators. 

    Please feel free to contact Mr Hiroyuki Shiono at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details.

  • 19 Jul 2021
    Alexander Global Logistics Arranges Breakbulk Shipment Of 9000 Tons

    As container freight rates continue to increase exponentially, more shippers are turning back to Breakbulk to fulfil their requirements. In the last three months alone, container freight rates have risen by another 50%. The "Ever Given" grounding in the Suez Canal has made the world more aware of what the shipping industry entails. The consequences have emphasised the fragility of the world's supply chains as the repercussions continue to be felt. This has caused many shippers to rely on Breakbulk rather than the unreliable container rates.

    In such a situation, Project Logistics Alliance's founding member Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), focuses on arriving at the best possible freight solutions for their customers.

    AGL has recently chartered MV Sunrise (blt 2009 / DWT 37,000 mt) on a part-cargo basis for a voyage with 4500 motif wood pulp from Flushing, Netherlands, to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. This comes after a similar journey in the first quarter of this year to the Middle East with 9000 mt of wood pulp in a sister vessel, Sunset.

    MV Sunrise loaded steel in Antwerp prior to loading wood pulp in Flushing. The wood pulp was loaded in the same hold as steel plate while making sure suitable separation were in order to protect the wood pulp. Cargo lashing and securing were performed by the specialist shore crew at Flushing. The vessel was alongside the berth for less than 24 hours. In shipping, the mantra 'you snooze, you lose' is critical, and suitable Breakbulk vessels on this market are not open for very long at all. AGL specialises in managing these problematic market situations and providing reliable and efficient solutions to their supply chain customers. AGL provides logistical solutions for their regular forest products producers within Northern Europe using partnership owners, traders, and dedicated forest product terminals. They are also currently seeking Breakbulk solutions for forestry products from the Far East to West Africa and from the Middle East to Central America to expand their portfolio.

  • 16 Jul 2021
    Government Of India Entrusts EXG For Transportation Of Oxygen Cylinders

    Express Global Logistics (EXG), representing India in the Project Logistics Alliance, executed a project to import 300 oxygen cylinders from China for the Government of India. The shipment comprised a total volume of 108 MT of empty cylinders packed in 150 wooden boxes 

    A Boeing 747- 400 F was chartered from Tianjin Binhai International airport to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport for the first 252 oxygen cylinders weighing 77 MT. The remaining 48 oxygen cylinders were brought in on scheduled flights.

    Team EXG’s scope included receiving the 150 wooden boxes, packing and palletising them at their warehouse in China and obtaining export clearance. The export clearance included hazard clearance due to the batteries in the pressure measuring device on the cylinder. Post export clearance, EXG was also responsible for hiring a charter from the Chinese authorities, receiving the cargo at the Delhi airport, streamlining import custom clearance, and loading the shipment on trailers for further transport.

    It was critical to arrange a charter for the cargo to reach India on short notice in light of the COVID-19 second wave. The coordination with various government agencies ensured receipt of the shipment from the shipper in a timely manner. Given the crisis, permits were obtained in China under humanitarian aid and relief cargo.

    Due to the original flight exceeding its allotted quota to fly into China, team EXG rescheduled a new one without disrupting the original timeline. The prompt clearance at Delhi airport facilitated the transportation of cargo to its destination.

    All the cargo was cleared without incident safely to meet the delivery deadlines. EXG is committed to providing any assistance to facilitate medical equipment logistics in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. We at Project Logistics Alliance HQ applaud the efforts made by EXG to help a country in need.

  • 15 Jul 2021
    Farcont Project’s Multimodal Solution Helps Complete A Long Movement

    Farcont Project LLC, representing Ukraine in our alliance, has arranged the delivery of prefabricated crane parts from Ukraine to Vaasa in Finland.

    It took the Farcont Project team ten days to complete the delivery by road with a route distance of 2700 km, including a ferry ride from Poland to Finland. One of the most challenging aspects of transportation was the biggest girders measuring 36 meters and weighing 34 tons. Very well done, team Farcont!