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  • 30 Sep 2020

    Bati Innovative Logistics representing Turkey in the Project Logistics Alliance has been busy this summer by moving yet another yacht named – “My Last One” from Fethiye in Turkey to Split in Croatia. This yacht was 20 meters and weighed 40 tons.

    She was loaded directly from the water onto the vessel and discharged back into the water in Croatia. This shipment lasted less than 5 days and is off enjoying its summer vacation. While the yacht is named My Last One, Bati is sure that she will not be the last for Bati Innovative Logistics.

  • 30 Sep 2020
    R&B Global Projects Delivers Amidst Holidays And Unplanned Roadworks

    R&B Global Projects Ltd, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia was contracted to deliver large pieces of moving plates of an injector unit from Italy to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

    The total consignment consisted of 5 units with the largest one weighing just under 100 tons. One of the biggest challenges faced by the projects and operations team at R&B Global Projects was the holiday period in Italy. As a consequence, the factory was shut for two weeks in between the transfer operation. Furthermore, it took 4 weeks to arrange for the required permits necessary for road transport. Unplanned road works in Austria also lead the operations team to make last-minute detours.

    Congratulations R&B Global Projects for another successful transfer!

  • 29 Sep 2020
    COVID-19 Is Challenging The Aviation Industry – National Air Cargo Delivers Urgently Needed Medical Supplies

    The delivery of urgently needed medical and critical supplies in times of up to 80% reduced transport capacities poses one of the most difficult challenges for the air freight industry in recent history. Fortunately, unusual and time-critical cargo is the core business the National Air Cargo (NAC) team manages on a daily basis - whether it will be time-critical, hypersensitive, hard-to-load, or destined to crisis areas worldwide.

    In perfect coordination, National Air Cargo and National Airlines support their commercial customers as well as the governments of various countries with the goal of timely delivery of much-needed goods.

    More than 70 full B747F-400s charters have non-stop been flying to the Corona challenged regions around the globe. National - a Project Logistics Alliance partner specialized in Air Charter and Airfreight as well as multimodal logistics missions by air, ocean and land, has gained extensive experience over the last decades, in solving challenging transport requests. The National team always puts the customer needs first and gladly goes the extra mile. The fleet of National will be growing into a total of 5x B747-400F by the end of the year 2020. Additionally, to the cargo-only aircrafts, National operates B757 and A330 for passenger movements.

    We invite you to watch Sam Chui´s video (a well-known aviation enthusiast), who is documenting this important moment in history when the aviation industry is assisting medical and health care entities in trying to stop the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Both aircrafts are loaded with medical equipment flying from Asia to the United States, serving those in great need of life-saving health supply.

    Please reach out to the National team in case you want to learn more about their special transport solutions.

    Tobias Hock
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: +49 (0) 69 697 658-790
    Mobile: +49 172 6880 740

    We hope you enjoy watching this entertaining video!

  • 29 Sep 2020
    New Member For Afghanistan & Pakistan

    The Project Logistics Alliance is proud to welcome MSL - Msharib Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd as our new member on board. They are going to represent Pakistan and Afghanistan in our community. MSL has an established reputation among the leading integrated logistics service providers with core service competencies in Specialized Logistics, covering Projects/Break Bulk, Government & Defense Logistics, Afghanistan/CAR Logistics, CPEC-OBOR Logistics, Humanitarian Aid/Relief, Retail/Pharma Logistics and Global Freight Forwarding providing customized services solutions to/from Pakistan & Afghanistan.

    MSL’s dedicated Project Team of experienced staff, management along with key resources in terms of special equipment/trailers ensures that their approach maintains the highest professional standards, commitment, and credibility that synergizes and synchronizes with customer expectations, KPIs, timelines and objectives towards the assigned Project, by providing the required operational feasibility and by being transparently competitive without compromising service standards.

    Welcome onboard Msharib Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd!

  • 28 Sep 2020
    Hegelmann Special Transport Ensures A Timely Delivery To Scotland

    Hegelmann Special Transport, representing Belarus in the Project Logistics Alliance, is happy to report a successful delivery they completed in July 2020. A Galvanizing Kettle was conveyed from Germany to Scotland in the United Kingdom.

    This Galvanizing Kettle weighed 48.75 MT and measured 149.50 x 16.20 x 35.30 meters. Given the height and weight of the shipment, the Hegelmann Special Transports team had to make sure that the kettle was lashed properly. An escort consisting of both, police and private, was required during the delivery. The exact unloading date and time were indicated in advance since the factory had to stop working to accept the cargo.

    Well done, kudos on a successful transfer!

  • 25 Sep 2020
    KAF Marine Ensures Customer Satisfaction With Their Recent Voyage

    KAF MARINE SHIPPING & CHARTERING CO, the exclusive ship brokerage partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, is proud to present another project that has been successfully completed. 41 packages in total were collected from Romania and Turkey which were then shipped to the Middle East.

    The consignment had a total volume of 5000 CBM. The projects and operations team at KAF Marine ensured all the operations went smoothly during the loading and unloading of these packages. Furthermore, due to the sensitive and non-stackable material of the packages, special pieces of equipment were required during loading and discharging. The efficiency and well preparedness of the operations team allowed them to complete the operations in all the three ports as quickly as possible.

    KAF Marine would like to thank their clients for trusting them and making them a part of this project. Well done guys!

  • 24 Sep 2020
    Worldwide Consultants In Logistics

    One of the main tasks of WCL is a recruitment and executive search. WCL is also active in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic management consulting. All divisions focus on the logistics sector. How well is your company protected against liability risks? We advise you here and arrange the sep-up of a neutral NVOCC. It costs nothing to ask – if you have any questions or need support for one of our main activities, please contact Frieder Steinwarder: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 24 Sep 2020
    Hareket Completes Transport Of The Heaviest Passenger Vessel Ever Built In Turkey

    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co., representing Uzbekistan in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully transported the heaviest passenger vessels ever built in Turkey. A Norwegian company commissioned these ships to be built in the Tersan shipyard. Havila Capella and Havila Castor are the names they were given. They are designed to be the most environmentally friendly vessels to operate along the iconic coastal route from Bergen to Kirkenes in Norway.

    Each of the passenger's vessels reached a weight of 6200 tons. In total, the ships had a length of 124 meters, a width of 22 meters, and a height of 35 meters. To efficiently transport the vessels to the floating dock, 1600 wheels attached to 200 axels of self-propelled Goldhofer PST/SL-E was used. The vessels were then towed using the THP/SL45 hydraulic modular transporters. The completion of the interior design will be finished while the vessels are already on the water.

    We at the Project Logistics Alliance are very proud to have onboard Hareket heavy Lift as members. They not only bring quality but also their expertise at handling such mega projects. Congratulations guys, we wish you more such record-breaking success.

  • 23 Sep 2020
    Altius Executes Two Consecutive Shipments From China to Oman

    Altius, S.A. representing Argentina and Bolivia in the Project Logistics Alliance, has recently transported catalyst tube assembly and outlet hot collectors from Yantai, China to Oman. This over-dimensional cargo weighed a total of 500 tons and occupied a volume of 1260 CBM.

    In order to efficiently ship these components, Altius decided to split the delivery into 2 shipments. The first batch consisted of 10 units weighing 245 tons and the total volume equaling 560 CBM while the second load included 12 units which weighed 225 tons and occupied a total volume of 600 CBM. The scope of work undertaken by Altius included arranging special transport from the manufacturer's site in the Yantai region due to its sheer size, port handling, storage, and arranging the ocean freight of these 2 consignments as breakbulk cargo from Tianjin and Zhangjiagang ports on a very short time.

    The projects and operations team at Altius is proud to report that both vessels were successfully loaded and set sail towards Oman on the 18th and 23rd of August. They are expected to arrive at the Sohar port in Oman by the middle of September. Congratulations team Altius!

  • 22 Sep 2020
    Scan-Shipping Is On The Move – Now In Africa!

    We have exciting news about an expansion for you: Project Logistics Alliance member Scan-Shipping from Norway is proudly sharing their latest new venture in Africa. The company recently joined hands with a local African forwarder called ATS, and in this respect is now represented with own offices in Africa. What most likely is most interesting about this is that Scan-Shipping is now also able to offer full coverage of Africa with a bulletproof network and can handle all possible shipments DDU/ DDP/ DAP – whatever is needed. This applies to Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Project Cargo.

    With their new offices and strong infrastructure of 45 trucks and 20 staff based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Scan-Shipping now has a unique logistics offering including customs clearances and door deliveries in virtually every country in Africa. This new setup is headed by Mr. Jens Pain, a Danish Viking living in Africa for over 20 years. If you are interested in more details or wish to be introduced, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Great to know there is even more project know-how on board now, welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance community, Jens!

  • 22 Sep 2020
    FLS Project Completes First Shipments For A Major Project In Canada

    FLS Projects, representing Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA in the Project Logistics Alliance, is happy to report arranging the first 3 shipments from China to the Canadian West Coast for a major project in British Columbia. The transfer was coordinated by the projects team at FLS Projects Vietnam in collaboration with their strategic partner R&L Canada. In total, the commodities occupied a volume of around 7000 CBM and consisted of 2 dumper cages along with other pieces of equipment. Each of the dumper cages weighed 230 MT. Despite all the challenges created by the COVID-19 outbreak in both China and Canada, the very close cooperation of all stakeholders enabled the Chinese fabricator to deliver the 2 units to the Tianjin port on time. This further enabled the on-time vessel to berth upon the vessels’ arrival in Squamish, British Columbia in Canada. The timely arrival avoided potentially serious repercussions to the whole project schedule.

    The 2 dumper cages along with other equipment are now installed in an existing operating export terminal at the Port of Vancouver. This shipment was just an initial small step for the enormous project; next up is a 1500 MT radial quadrant ship loader which will be ready to be shipped next month. The projects and operations team at FLS Projects Vietnam office ais working tirelessly to deliver this mega unit alongside a vessel at the Port of Phu My.

    We at the Project Logistics Alliance are excited to read more about this mega transfer which will follow in the coming weeks. Congratulations guys!

  • 21 Sep 2020
    Network Global Logistics Delivers Caterpillar MD6250 From The USA To Bulgaria

    Network Global Logistics MMC, representing Azerbaijan in the Project Logistics Alliance, is excited to share another success story of delivering a new Caterpillar MD6250, a rotary blast hole drill machine along with its accessories from Texas, the USA to Bulgaria.

    At the port of loading in Port Freeport in Texas, USA, the cargoes were loaded onto a RoRo vessel. Once arrived at the destination in Gemlik, they were transshipped onto the own trucks of Network Global Logistics which then traveled towards the delivery location of a mine in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the most challenging aspects of this movement was due to the dimensions of the main machine, having a width of 5.20 meters and a height of 4.05 meters and weighed over 54 tons. Due to the narrow and tight roads to the mine, the operations team at Network Global Logistics performed an extensive route survey and found the safest way to arrive at the mine without any delays and damages.

    Thank you for sharing with us Network Global logistics!

  • 18 Sep 2020
    Complex Routing, Sudden Obstacles And Gap Of 1 CM – Tschudi Logistics Group And R&B Global Projects Concludes A Challenging Transport

    Tschudi Logistics Group representing Finland, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Mozambique in the Project Logistics Alliance joined forces with a fellow member, R&B Global Projects representing Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia to complete the transportation of a Scrubber unit along with its accessories from Finland to Bosnia. Both parties are proud to report the successful completion of a more than a month-long project.

    For one of their long-lasting Finnish clients, Tschudi Logistics Finland received a highly demanding transport task of a scrubber unit and accessories. The shipment consisted of 1000 CBM of OOG cargo. Some pieces were routed via road through Europe as oversized transports, with cargo unit lengths over 20 meters. But the scrubber unit itself proved to be more problematic as it measured too wide and high to be transported by road from origin to destination. Different routes were studied in the early phases of the planning, but the route which included transshipment in Antwerp and river transport from theretoward to Croatia and the last miles by road to Bosnia was chosen as the most suitable route for this specific cargo.

    The scrubber was carried by truck from an inland location to the Port of Rauma, Finland from where it was shipped to the Port of Antwerp. In Antwerp, this cargo was transshipped onto a barge from where the R&B team took over. They sailed over the Scheldt-Meuse-Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the inland Croatian river port named Vukovar. In Vukovar, the scrubber was unloaded ex barge directly onto the truck. The following evening this truck departed towards its final destination Zenica in Bosnia.

    One of the main challenges of this transport was the height of this cargo which measured 4.855 meters which also included the trailer height and the protective gear made of wood and steel. Since it was impossible to reach the destination with the attained height, a special open trailer with removable cross beams was hired. The cargo could rest on it which made it sink in the hollow part of the trailer which helped to reduce its height. Furthermore, the steel cradle under the scrubber was replaced with protecting rubber and special molds which were separately delivered by the factory to ensure a snug fit onto the trailer.

    By doing so, they achieved a final height of 4.95 meters. The maximum allowed passage was 4.96 meters, which the R&B team mastered in the end with a lot of patience and caution. But this was not the only challenge of this transport: only two days before leaving for the final destination, the Bosnian government placed cooling fans on the ceiling of a tunnel through which they needed to pass.

    Since the R&B team had good relations with their partner, they were able to speak with the mayor of the town where the tunnel was situated and came up with a solution to remove these fans. They managed to go through and limit the costs incurred to only 7000€ by removing only two fans instead of the entire installation which was proposed in the first place. Even though this could have been considered as force majeure, R&B Global Projects took over for this cost and decided not to invoice Tschudi Logistics Finland since an all-in solution was offered.

    In the end, the scrubber was delivered sooner than initially expected and in only one month. Furthermore, their clients are satisfied with the services offered by both Tschudi Logistics Finland and R&B Global Projects. Truly an impressive performance by Tschudi Logistics Finland and R&B Global Projects! Congratulations on yet another excellent project and good collaboration.

  • 17 Sep 2020
    Viking Projects Complete Delivery To Konya

    Viking Project Logistics, representing Algeria in the Project Logistics Alliance, completed a shipment of 1500CBM from China to Turkey.

    This shipment consisted of mostly steel structures, rollers, and rotors. With the assistance of the partners, at Sino Projects the commodities were loaded onto the breakbulk vessel at the Port of Shanghai which then sailed in the direction of Turkey. Viking Project Logistics was responsible for the cargo from the Port of Shanghai to the delivery location in Konya, Turkey via Sanko Port in Adana, Turkey. Their team supervised and controlled the unloading and transshipment of this cargo from the breakbulk vessel to their trucks. In total, 48 pieces were transported to Konya on a total of 27 trucks. During this transshipment, they closely oversaw all actions taken and were always present at the site taking care of the cargo handling operations.

    One of the biggest challenges faced by their projects and operations team was working under the harsh temperature of around 53 degrees. The total discharging operation took only six days. In the end, all the goods were safely delivered to Konya ensuring zero incidents. The projects and Operations team at Viking would like to extend their gratitude to their colleagues at Sino Projects for their help. Kudos on the successful completion of this project!

  • 16 Sep 2020
    Barrus Projects Battles Harsh Weather Conditions And Successfully Transports A Production Facility

    Barrus Projects, representing Russia in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proud to report the completion of the first phase of the transportation of a synthesis unit, a key oversized cargo in Tobolsk for Sibur, a Russian petrochemical company. This is the first maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per annum in the Tobolsk plant. The team at Barrus Projects oversaw the movement of this heavy and oversized equipment from Germany to Russia.

    The main element of the MAN plant, the synthesis unit, was loaded onto a barge in Deggendorf, Germany. This unit weighed 591.7ton and measured 9.24 x 9.78 x 7.19 meters. It then made its way on the barge towards the port of Antwerp, Belgium, where it was unloaded onto the berth for temporary storage in anticipation of the opening of navigation in the northern sea route (NSR). Closer to the opening of navigation on the NSR, a sea crane vessel approached the port of Antwerp, where the entire volume of cargo was loaded on board. The transport continued from the port of Antwerp through the NSR to the seaport of Sabetta, where it was reloaded onto a barge for further transportation along inland waterways - the Ob and Irtysh rivers to the pier of the industrial port of Tobolsk.

    Throughout the movement, the most time consuming and the dangerous operation took place on the roadstead of the port of Sabetta in the Gulf of Ob. Here the cargo had to be reloaded from a sea vessel to a barge in the open bay of the Kara Sea in bad weather conditions. The Barrus Projects team coped extremely well with this operation and in the shortest time possible.

    The Barrus Projects team continues its active work for the needs of SIBUR Tobolsk, as a steam generation unit from Korea to Russia is still ahead and will be moved shortly. Congratulations guys! We at the Project Logistics Alliance wish you success for all the subsequent transfers.