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  • 05 Mar 2021
    Gianti Logistics Employs A Multi-Modal Solution To Deliver Outsized Water Heaters

    Transporting tall cargo is a task but transferring tall cargo across countries is a challenge! Our Georgian member, Gianti Logistics has mastered this and delivered outsized water heaters weighing 98 tons from Georgia to the Dunga Oil Field in Kazakhstan.

    Once the cargo arrived at the Poti Sea Port, the Gianti team unloaded the cargo onto a special multi-axle hydraulic trailer with low decks. Due to the height and weight of these water heaters, the Gianti Logistics team had its engineers escort the cargo till its journey to Alat Port in Azerbaijan. Here the cargo was reloaded onto ferries for further shipment to Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, the water heaters were once again transferred onto trailers for further delivery to the job site. The scope of work undertaken by the Gianti team included port handling-lashing and securing the cargo for further movement, arranging escort to comply with the HSE standard requirements, inspection, and completing relevant documentation before the movement.

    Some of the challenges the Gianti team overcame include, transporting the cargo on roads with overhead bridges and continuous civil works, moving the ODC cargo through the mountainous regions of Georgia. The COVID restrictions also caused a delay in the Caucasus and the Middle Asian region. Finally, the water heaters arrived safely at the job site in Kazakhstan. Congratulations Gianti Logistics!

  • 05 Mar 2021
    AC Projects Moves An Industrial Press from Spain to Israel

    AC Projects & Forwarding has recently shipped a 53.2-ton industrial press from Spain. This cargo which is bound for Israel will be used in industrial processes with environmental applications.

    The industrial press measured 18.34 x 2.2  x 3.1 meters. AC Projects & Forwarding represents Spain in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 04 Mar 2021
  • 04 Mar 2021
    FULLY LOADED: Type 171 Vessel MV Lisa Shows Some Strength

    Sometimes projects seem like everyday business at first sight – but, when we take a closer look, appearances can be deceiving. When SAL Engineering’s client Bedeschi approached the team with a shipment of four ship loaders for the OTEKO project in Taman, Russia, the complexity of this effort presented a one-of-a-kind engineering task.

    The engineering scope for this project was pretty clear and upfront: Safely load, transport, discharge, and install the four partly dismantled ship loaders. One per shipment,” explained Florentin Edler, Project Engineer at SAL Engineering, and continued: “But to accommodate all parts of each ship loader on SAL’s Type 171 vessel MV Lisa, SAL had to make use of every centimeter of space available onboard. On top of that, the so-called “trailer front” presented an interesting challenge. 

    Due to the shape, size, and weight of the “trailer front”, it was necessary to find a solution to safely hook-on the cargo, load it on board and disconnect the rigging afterward without damaging the cargo. Mr. Florentin from SAL elaborates — “We decided to make use of the “trailer front’s” wheels to ensure smooth operations. We installed rails on the weather deck of MV Lisa and a special onboard pulling configuration using the mooring lines to be able to easily move the “trailer front” after loading. We literally sled it out of the rigging.”

    The loading procedure was carried out in four steps:

    Step 1: Prepare the rigging (consisting of a traverse, grommets, shackles, and water bags as well as compression bars as a counterweight).

    Step 2: Move the cargo into the rigging by SPMTs.

    Step 3: Swing the cargo aboard.

    Step 4: Safely disconnect the rigging by pulling the cargo out using the onboard pulling configuration.

    The vessel’s maximum lifting height was reached while loading the “trailer front”. The cargo and rigging were very close to the vessel’s structure, and the team had to make sure that the cargo was moved very precisely. Waterbags were not only used to keep the rigging leveled and to be able to hook-on, but also to level the cargo and ensure sufficient stability of the vessel.

    It took about eight days, three tandem lifts (tripper, gantry, gantry boom), and two single-hook lifts (trailer front, trailer rear) to safely load all cargo on board MV Lisa.

    Two ship loaders have already arrived safely in Taman and were installed successfully. The other two shipments will follow in 2021. SAL Heavy Lift is Project Logistics Alliances Heavy/Project Cargo Carrier partner.


    About the OTEKO Project:

    The OTEKO project in Taman (Russia) involved supplying a fully automated coal export terminal with a total aggregated capacity of more than 50,000 tph on six loading lines. Bedeschi Russia will actively contribute to the project management of the new OTEKO project in Taman. The supply includes bucket wheel stacker reclaimers, several km of conveyors, and ship loaders. The system allows for the blending of different types of coal. SAL Heavy Lift’s involvement in the project consists of transporting four ship loaders from Turkey to Russia.

  • 04 Mar 2021
    Announcement: Jumbo and SAL intend to form joint venture

    SAL Heavy Lift, our Germany-based breakbulk and project cargo specialist partner, and Jumbo, the Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and installation contractor have announced their intention to form a joint venture.
    Combining a large part of their fleets, engineering, and commercial activities serve the goal of sustainable transport capacity and growth. The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance would be focused on gaining logistical efficiencies, such as joint fleet operations, and benefits for its customers, such as increased flexibility and offering customers worldwide a carefree logistics solution for both breakbulk and outsized cargoes.
    The joint venture is subject to clearance by the German competition authority (‘Bundeskartellamt’) and Dutch in-company legal requirements. With the aim of obtaining formal approval, both companies have started the necessary procedures.

    Please click here to read the official press release!

  • 03 Mar 2021
    Scandinavian Express Helps Clients Ready For Summer

    Scandinavian Express, representing Poland and Sweden in the Project Logistics Alliance, had the pleasure to transport an unusual load, a 360-Fly Yacht manufactured by Galeon.  This yacht was 12 meters long and weighed about 8 tons!

    The scope of work undertaken by Scandinavian Express included:

    1. Providing a specialized transport stand
    2. Transporting the vessel from Straszyn to the Gdańsk Port on a Tieffbett trailer
    3. Loading the yacht on a flat rack 40' container
    4. Delivery to the DCT Gdansk SA container terminal

    Once the necessary documentation was complete, the container was loaded onto a Cosco Shipping Star. This vessel sailed towards  Yantian in ChinaThank you for sharing with us team Scandinavian Express. We wish you success with all your future movements!

  • 03 Mar 2021
    Viking Project Logistics Transships Engines

    Viking Project Logistics is proud to report to complete transporting a 43.3-ton engine along with some accessories from Ambrali Port to the client's site in Yalova in Turkey. This vessel engine measured 650 x 227 x 377 centimeters was stuffed onto a 40’ flat rack while the other cargo was stuffed into a 20’ Dry Cargo container which weighed 10000 Kilograms.

    Viking Projects was also responsible for transshipping the cargo from the vessel onto their trucks. Viking Project Logistics represents Algeria in the Project Logistics Alliance. Very well done Viking Project Logistics!

  • 03 Mar 2021
    Bati Moves Rigid Inflatable Boats

    The Bati team, our Turkish member, comments -- we will see a lot more Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) in the future. RIB’s are a relatively new technology in the yacht industry and look sleek. Therefore, a lot of yacht owners who want to cruise during the day choose RIBs’.

    The Bati team has been moving a lot of RIB’s this year. The latest one they moved was produced in Italy and was shipped from Milan to Tuzla in Turkey via road. This boat was 14.2 meters long and 4.2 meters high. She was loaded in mid-January. A big thumbs up from the Project Logistics Alliance team!

  • 02 Mar 2021
    The Network Global Logistics Team Move A Dismantled Crane

    Network Global Logistics team has executed yet another flawless domestic transport. A 350 ton overhead crane was transported from the manufacturer in Ankara to the job yard in Iskenderun in Turkey.

    The crane was dismantled and consisted of 9 pieces that weighed over 710 tons. The largest units of crane measured 29 x 7 x 4 meters and weighed 163 tons each. Due to cargo sizes and weights, the Network Global Logistics team was only allowed to drive at night. Transporting each piece took them three nights which ensured the entire movement was completed in 10 days. Network Global Logistics represents Azerbaijan in our Alliance. Congratulations team Network Global Logistics team for yet another seamless transfer!

  • 02 Mar 2021
    New Member For Cyprus

    Lavar Shipping is a multi-faceted organization, offering traditional and specialized maritime services to the local and international industry, and are set to join us as the first member for Cyprus.

    Lavar Shipping is the flagship company of RPT Group, one of Cyprus’ most reputable, privately owned, business groups, with diversified interests across the maritime and energy industries.The company has never laid at anchor since its creation in 1965, and boldly engages in diverse areas of customized solutions, refining its core shipping activities to take full advantage of the strategic location of Cyprus at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

    Representing many prestigious clients, ranging from oil majors and offshore operators, global commodity traders, high-profile ship owners, and managers, Lavar Shipping has positioned itself as one of the leading shipping & logistics agents and shore base operators at Cyprus' ports and terminals, with an unerring commitment and impeccable track record in health and safety.  The company handles all types of cargo and vessels, including heavy lift, general cargo and bulk carriers, offshore vessels, oil & chemical tankers, military vessels, cruise ships, and mega-yachts, while it also offers Ship-to-Ship (STS) cargo transfer services at designated locations off Limassol Port limits. As freight forwarding and logistics agents, Lavar Shipping handles all types of freight to/from Cyprus and cross-trade (bulk, FCL, LCL, airfreight), specializes in Marine Logistics for the movement of Ships’ Spares worldwide, maintains a certified and licensed in-house Customs Clearance department, and manages over 85,000 square meters of open storage and closed warehousing facilities in close proximity of the island’s main seaports and terminals (Limassol, Larnaca & Vasilikos).

    In recent years, the company has established a specialized Oil & Gas Projects Department supporting operations and projects in the East Med region, with services ranging from specialized project/heavy cargo handling, QA/QC incl. Cargo Inspection, Sea Fastening Design, Fabrication & Installation, Vessel Tank Cleaning Services, Waste Management, as well as fully-trained personnel (AP06) for developing Confined Space Entry Manuals & issuing Gas Free Certificates.

    Lavar Shipping’s standout achievement was the successful management of Noble Energy’s (now Chevron) Leviathan Field Development Pipehandling and Storage Contract (2017-2020), which earned it one of only five Excellence Awards handed out by Noble Energy from a pool of over 300 subcontractors. The project entailed the full logistics management of approximately 120,000 tons of subsea line pipe and project cargo, including offloading, lifting & transport, storage, maintenance, and loadout of materials with more than 120 project port calls over a two-and-a-half-year period.  Lavar Shipping’s passion for service, constant care for their clients’ needs, and reliability make them your perfect partner in Cyprus.

  • 01 Mar 2021
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview with Mr. Hidetoshi (Tosh) Sugimura, General Manager at Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd

    Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha, our esteemed member is Japan decided to speak with us in detail about this month’s Logistics and Beyond issue. While speaking to Mr. Hidetoshi Sugimura, the General Manager at Yabuki Kaiun, we get to know more about the company’s growth and its secrets to sustaining for almost a hundred years. What started as simple cargo handling and customs brokering agent, Yabuki Kaiun has grown to have branches not only in Japan but even have subsidiaries in other Asian countries.

    In conversation with Sugimura San…


    PL-Alliance: Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha has long been in the field of logistics, what has been its motivations and so far, what has the journey been like for Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha?

    Sugimura San: Our mission is customer satisfaction and business contribution to our society and that motivates us to pursue a win-win situation. Furthermore, we have experienced and been through tremendous problems and tough situations, i.e., corruption of the metro,  earthquake in the ’20s, WW2 in the ’40s, Nixon & Oil Shock in the ’70s, bubble-economy in ’80s, Osaka & Kobe quake in the ’90s, bubble corruption & deflation in the ’90s, Lehman Shock in ’00s, great east Japan earthquake in 10’s, and COVID-19 in 2020s. These in addition to ten to twenty typhoon damages every single year. These situations have trained us to stay alive and grow. We have successfully overcome these tsunamis of problems together with our family.


    PL-Alliance: Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. has a rich history spanning over a century, as your company witnessed significant changes and growth in Japan’s logistics industry. What are the key moments for the company and some interesting developments through the years?

    Sugimura San: We have stood the test of time starting from the shift in the manufacturing industries from Japan to South-East Asia and the deflation in the ’90s. The rapid growth in Asia combined with the high Japanese Yen did not even allow us to break-even with the labor costs.

    We started as cargo handlers and customs house brokerage at Japan Major Port, but we sought other ways to feed vendors and our company. Yabuki Kaiun commenced NVOCC EXP/IMP and widen the agent network to “Keep Touching Cargo Longer” in the ’90s. That was one of the cornerstones of our current success. Other Japanese forwarders have also expanded to start subsidiaries abroad to increase business opportunities.


    PL-Alliance: Given the vast experience of your establishment, can you tell us some of the recent projects handled by Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd., and what were the challenges?

    Sugimura San: You can read in detail about our latest projects here.


    PL-Alliance: Japan is known for its intensive rail network which is also a preferred mode of logistics in the country. Is it common for the out-of-gauge cargo (OOG) also to be transported this way? What other options are preferred to move OOG cargo within the country?

    Sugimura San: In short, OOG Cargo by railway in Japan is not feasible due to the following reasons: Japan is about 380,000 sq. km, (almost the same as Germany 360,000 sq. km) with just 18-19% of flat land. This means that over 80% of our land is a mountainous region. The total length of railways in Japan is approximately 20,000 km and stands 12th in the world. While Germany has a rail length of 40,000 km and ranks 6th in the World. However, we have four major gauge sizes (762 mm, 1067 mm, 1372 mm, 1435 mm) due to historical reasons. These various gauge sizes make through service incompatible. In addition to this, the sizes of the tunnels also vary at various locations depending on the terrain and geological conditions. Moreover, the Japanese railway lines are co-used (shared) by both passengers and freight liners. This means that the OOG cargo will definitely hit the platforms. These are the reasons we do not use the railway network for transporting OOG cargo.

    We would rather choose a barge and a domestic vessel over rail transport. Railways are mainly used by the postal services or for small cargo.


    PL-Alliance: Japan is also a long-time leader and a powerhouse in the supply chain industry. When compared to the United States, the Japanese logistics industry started late but has made great progress with regards to the application of technology. Why is the logistics cost of Japanese companies so low?

    Sugimura San: It’s tough to answer this question, but in general, salaries and wages in our industry are relatively lower when compared to other industries. Our cultural background also believes --- Customer is the God. “Vender should obey and surrender to the Customer” was a normal business practice up until 20 to 30 years ago. The low costs actually created fewer success stories in the industry. There are no tips or tricks to keep our costs low. However, the atmosphere is gradually clearing. We try to explain our cost composition to our customers logically which helps them understand and is necessary.


    PL-Alliance: As the pandemic continues to sweep across the world, what is the situation at Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha and what are the measures you have taken to recover and prevent any unforeseen trouble?

    Sugimura San: We have now learned that we need to work anyway regardless of how COVID-19 comes, or other big issues go on around us. Therefore, our dogma is not PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) but OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act). Each one of us should think, examine, and adjust quickly. We share company targets and each team carves their way to success without waiting for detailed instructions. This means our employees need to be independent and more professional. We just keep trying to be better.


    PL-Alliance: What are Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha’s plans for the coming years? Is there any advice you would like to share with our readers?

    Sugimura San: For the time being, it is to stay calm during the pandemic. We do not expect huge growth but keep a stable operation in this tough situation where there are fewer containers and high demand for ocean freight. Squeezing profits and reorganizing to provide customer satisfaction is necessary because a friend in need is the friend indeed. Growth and success only come after we complete our missions!

  • 01 Mar 2021
    CSS Successfully Completes Clearance And Delivery Operation In Jebel Ali

    The Console Shipping Services (CSS)’s UAE branch completed a clearance and delivery operation for a reach stacker in Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates. The reach stacker weighing 72 metric tons. The cargo was loaded onto a low bed trailer with a 100 metric ton capacity.

    CSS represents Bahrain in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 26 Feb 2021
    Octra(Scales Group) Transports OOG Cargo To Saint Nazaire

    Our French founding members, OCTRA (Scales Group) is delighted to share with us a project they completed last month. They are proud to have brought their contribution to move this OOG equipment from the manufacturer's end to the final foundation. Manufactured in the Lauterbourg plant, this bridge was transported to Saint-Nazaire via Rotterdam.

    Congratulation to the entire team of Octra (Scales Group) and thank you Eiffage Metal for capturing the entire process beautifully!

  • 26 Feb 2021
    Delpa Shipping & Transport And Freight Plus Collaborate To Ship A €2 Million Airbus H130 Helicopter

    In another member collaboration this month, our Greek member Delpa Shipping was contracted by Freight Plus representing Australia in the network to transport a  €2 million Airbus H130 helicopter from Greece to Mongolia under EXW terms.

    The Airbus H130 helicopter was shrink-wrapped and loaded on a 40’ flatrack for secure transportation. The cargo was shipped from Piraeus Port in Megara to King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia from where it traveled further East where it was discharged at Tianjin-Xingang in China. From Tianjin-Xingang it was forwarded via road to Ulaanbataar in Mongolia.

    The Freight Plus is very impressed with the prompt, positive, and professional services offered by Delpa Shipping and Transport, and mentions Mr. Nicolas who was their point of contact at Delpa. Delpa Shipping and Transport also regularly provided updates to the Freight Plus which made the entire transportation hassle-free for the Delpa Shipping and Transportation Group. The Project Logistics Alliance would like to extend its congratulations to all the parties involved!

  • 25 Feb 2021
    Alexander Global Logistics Commissions Columbia Pro-Rail And Hyundai Glovis To Ship Twenty Excavators To Germany

    In the first week of January, our German member Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) was contracted to transport 20 excavators from China to Germany. On receiving the requisition, the AGL team in Germany turned to our Chinese member, Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services and our RoRo partner Hyundai Glovis

    The Columbia Pro Rail team organized the pre-carriage and transport under FOB terms from Changsha to Shanghai using four oversize trucks. The entire shipment was divided into three lots:



    Measurements (meters)

    Weight (kilograms)



    6.49 x 2.32 x 2.7




    5.5 x 1.98 x 2.6




    4.24 x 1.5 x 2.455


    The Columbia Pro Rail Team organized the handling at the Port of Shanghai where the cargo was loaded which was very important due to the specific loading conditions. AGL was also very particular with the lashing and securing of these excavators which was requested by their clients. One of the biggest challenges the Columbia Pro Rail Team overcame was arranging the transport of these 20 excavators from the only week before the Chinese New Year. As we read this article, the excavators are on their way to the Port of Bremerhaven on a Hyundai Glovis RoRo vessel.

    Mr. Jan-Moritz Höler, Team Manager Sales at AGL praised the Columbia Pro Rail team and mention Mr. Fenny Swei for completing the job very well and professionally. This project is yet another example of how having the right partner is important. We at the Project Logistics Alliance HQ are filled with gratitude to have such outstanding members and partners in the network. Many congratulations to all the parties involved and we wish them success with more such future collaborations!