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  • 12 May 2021
    Global Projekt Logistique Ships 67 Components And Machinery For Distillation System To Mexico

    Today we are reporting about a project of Global Projekt Logistique who completed a project shipment from Mumbai, India to Mexico. The shipment consisted of 67 pieces of plant and machinery for a distillation system to produce 100,000 LPD (Light power density) of extra neutral alcohol by using fermented wash.

    This project was executed on a time-based delivery. The team of Global Projekt Logistique completed the customs formalities in time. The scope of operations also included the loading, lashing and choking of the pieces onto 20 x 40 ft Mafi trailers. The biggest piece had dimensions of 12.975 meters x 2.7 meters x 2.8 meters (L x W x H), while the regular length of the pieces was 11.75 meters. Together with 5 static pieces, the cargo then was loaded on a RoRo vessel and sailed off to the port of destination in Veracruz, Mexico.

    An extra challenge added to the operations of this project definitely was the peaking COVID-19 infections, hence a shortage of manpower. The throughout-organized team of Global Projekt Logistique managed to overcome the challenges and to do its operations smoothly and effectively.

    Congratulations to the entire team for the successful handling!

  • 11 May 2021
    Express Global Logistics Contributes To India’s Fight Against COVID-19

    The global Covid-19 pandemic has overthrown people around the world to a new social and economic crisis. This highlights the need for urgent action to protect the population. Our Indian member, Express Global Logistics (EXG), is committed to the movement of essential goods during the pandemic. Unexpected changes due to the surge in the demand for Oxygen required a prompt response and EXG stepped in. EXG performed an overnight import custom clearance of 17 ISO Cryogenic (Oxygen) Tanks at Panagarh Air Base, West Bengal on 3rd May.

    The EXG team worked in close coordination with the Indian Air Force & Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs to clear the consignments that arrived on an Indian Air Force flight # C-17 which was air-lifted from Bangkok, Thailand.

    A typical operation of 2 working days was achieved in one hour in the middle of the night between 1 am-2 am. The Central Excise & Custom Officers drove along for about 120 km to the Panagarh Indian Air Force Base, West Bengal for an on-spot clearance.

     6 units have been cleared so far and the balance 11 will be cleared this month itself. The tanks initially came in for West Bengal but are likely to be transported to Orissa and Bihar as well.

    The crucial measures and SOPs that needed to be enforced to ensure the safety of the personnel were maintained by the EXG team while reaching the airbase. To achieve this during a state-wide lockdown was challenging. EXG was committed to speeding up the distribution of these essential items and cleared the consignment in an hour.

    This was a small contribution made by the EXG family for India’s fight against COVID-19.

  • 10 May 2021
    Aprojects Airlifts Oil & Gas Equipment From The Netherlands To Guyana

    Project Logistics Alliance’s Austrian member, Aprojects, is delighted to share with us the latest airfreight movement completed by their Dutch Office for Esso’s Liza Phase 2 development in Guyana. A total cargo occupying a volume of 9268 CBM weighing 16 tons was airlifted from Schiedam, the Netherlands to Georgetown in Guyana.

    The entire cargo consisted of:

    • Two swivels measuring 228 x 73 x 84 centimeters
    • One swivel measuring 258 x 91 x 103 centimeters
    • One spreader bar measuring 263 x 90 x 172 centimeters


    The scope work undertaken by Aprojects included collection, packaging, and transport by airfreight. Team Aprojects were under time pressure since the entire cargo had to arrive in Georgetown Guyana before the 1st of May to grab the customer’s floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. Yet another challenging shipment safely delivered by the Aprojects team!

  • 07 May 2021
    Petrofac Samsung JV Inks The Heavy Lift Contract With Hareket For The Duqm Refinery

    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co. is no stranger to managing projects for the who’s who of the industry. One such recent project was completed by the Hareket Oman team where they were contracted for offsite and utility packages by Petrofac and Samsung JV in Duqm Refineries, Oman.

    The Duqm refinery is a strategic investment for the Sultanate of Oman and will form the cornerstone of the Duqm Special Economic Zone, Oman’s next industrial center. Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Industries together with the PMC Amec Foster Wheeler has qualified Hareket as the heavy-lift contractor. Hareket will engineer, supervise and perform some critical heavy lifting works which include tandem lifts with 1600 tons and 1250 tons cranes and installation of a 190 meters high flare.

    Team Hareket also opened a new office in Oman dedicated to managing the Duqm project and widen its range of activities in engineered heavy lift & transportation and crane rental services in Oman. Hareket MENA Sales Manager Olivier Schrueders commented ‘’ Hareket Oman is proud to serve the Sultanate and is looking forward to adding value to the future of Duqm Industrial Area’’. Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co. represents Uzbekistan in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 06 May 2021
    Throwback Thursday: Bati Innovative Logistics Winters Yunus Aka Winter Sleeping Dolphin

    Bati Innovative Logistics, our Turkish member, is well known for their expertise when it comes to transporting Yachts. With the onset of summer, we look back at one such Yacht movement completed last year. 

    Team Bati prepared “Yunus”, an 18-meter sailing yacht for the winter, and prepared a tarpaulin under which she is resting. This wooden boat was 40 years old which is why the Bati team was very careful while picking it up from the water and positioning it on the ground. 

    We in Bremen cannot wait for summer to begin and live by the slogan – Every day is one step closer to summer! 

  • 05 May 2021
    Logistics Plus Saudi Arabia Completes Boiler Tube Project

    The Logistics Plus Saudi Arabia team recently arranged the transport of 80 tons of boiler tubes from Germany to Jeddah airport on a door-to-door basis. The client is one of the largest independent, family-owned group of companies in the Gulf region with business activities across the world. They are a renowned name in the Middle East for power and industrial projects. In this particular situation, the destination was a government-owned power plant. 

    This project proved to be urgent as the power plant couldn’t properly operate without the boiler tubes. The initial plan was to charter a flight, but due to Covid-19, it became difficult to secure the necessary landing permits. The Saudi Arabia team decided it was best to split the cargo between two lots in SV freighter planes. After carefully planning the freighters to Jeddah airport, the Saudi Arabia team also managed the trucking from the airport to the power plant. Much to the client’s satisfaction, the Logistics Plus team successfully delivered the boiler tubes without any additional delays. 

    Logistics Plus Dammam Managing Director Nizam Mohammad said, “A lot of hard work went into this project. Despite being limited to Covid-19 challenges, our team managed to find a solution for this urgent problem.” He went on to say, “For the LP Saudi Arabia team, this was a major achievement. Our client was extremely delighted.” Logistics Plus represents China, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey in the Project Logistics Alliance. 

  • 04 May 2021
    Al Saqer PSS Handles Project Shipment For Water Treatment Plant Kuwait

    Up to 700,000cbm of water will be treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Electric Sub-Station per day. The main Contractor of this substation, which is specifically built to support the Water treatment plant, is WTE Wassertechnik GmBH. Sub Contractor is Mitsubishi Electric.

    Our new member from Kuwait, Al Saqer PSS, handled the shipments for this project consisting of 48 cables drums and 112 crates of accessories. The commodities were collected at multiple Korean ports and shipped to POD Shuaiba Port in Kuwait. The drum rolls have a diameter of 4.20 m, and width of 2.40 m and a gross weight of 20mt/ drum. The weight of the accessories was 5MT per crate. At Shuaiba Port, two 100MT cranes were used for the offloading.

    Since all incoming Break Bulk at Shuaiba Port has to be handled on direct delivery basis, the customs documentation had to be completed prior to the arrival of the vessel. Also, the transported goods required authorization from several institutions and Al Saqer PSS managed to get approval within just 2 days. 54 low bed trailers were used to deliver the cargo to the final job site. The project team was facing a tough time schedule, as discharge operations and final delivery had to be done before the local curfew hours.

    Finally, the project team of Al Saqer PSS managed to complete this project in time, without incidences and to the full satisfaction of the customer. Congratulations from the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 03 May 2021
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview with Mr. Tobias Hock from National Air Cargo

    The air cargo industry is critical and highly valued for serving markets that demand speed and reliability for the transport of goods. Amidst the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the demand for air freight. This is also fueled by the container shortage and fewer vessels catering to the ever-increasing demands of the logistics industry.

    Today we speak to Mr. Tobias Hock, Project Logistics Alliance partner, from National Air Cargo for expert insights into this demand to know how the air freight industry is coping with this radical shift.  In conversation with Tobias…

    PL-Alliance: 2020 marked 30 years since National Air Cargo’s inception. Can you please give our readers a brief overview of how the company has expanded? What does a normal day for you look like?

    Tobias Hock: Ever since National is focusing on special transport solutions and going to places others are not able to go, mainly for the defense and military sector. Especially being the first ones to touch ground in unexplored areas or conflict scenarios has been our USP and this has never changed. Our owner’s philosophy of lean management and quick decision-making processes helps us to adapt quickly to customer needs in a fast-changing environment. This straight customer focus is lived throughout the company. During the last years, we managed to diversify our portfolio even more while discovering other business areas like High Tech, Aerospace, and lately Pharma. One of the biggest milestones of the enterprise was the addition of three new B747F´s to our sister company’s (National Airlines) fleet during the beginning of the pandemic. This led us from a small niche airline to a global player.

    A typical day is always unpredictable, as the world never stands still. Especially not during the challenges we experience right now with all the global supply chain issues caused by COVID-19. Usually, I balance the day between freight forwarding business (air, ocean, and trucking) and airline tasks such as charter quotation, customer service, and operational tasks. It´s very important to ensure constant communication between the different divisions within National starting from operational departments to other sales colleagues and for sure our airline HQ in the USA.

    PL-Alliance: How did you start your journey into the world of logistics? What motivated you to work in this rather niche sector of logistics which is air freight?

    Tobias Hock: I always wanted to work in a fast-changing environment with a global reach. While working in logistics, you are always up to date, right? I started my apprenticeship at Kuehne & Nagel and enjoyed very good training on all important topics related to logistics. After several years and the first leadership experience, I took the opportunity to join National to start a new chapter in my career. Switching roles from a global player to a niche forwarder is something special and proven to be right as I enjoy the fast and quick communication between all stakeholders as well as the ability to be strongly involved in important decisions to achieve an efficient and timely solution for my customers.

    Despite ocean freight being the backbone of global trade, the minimal airfreight portion is as important as the big ocean freight part. Let me tell you why: Airfreight always takes place where other modes of transport are limited in terms of speed, global reach, and transport safety.For clients identifying the values of airfreight as their right mode of transport, National will be the right partner to guide them through this challenge with first-class industry solutions. Finding these solutions and assisting the client in the whole door-door process motivates me the most.

    PL-Alliance: The demand for air freight is limited by cost, typically priced 4–5 times that of road transport and 12–16 times that of sea transport. Even then there has been a steady growth in the air freight markets. Can you please explain to us this shift towards air freight from ocean freight? What are the development costs associated with the paramount shift?

    Tobias Hock: From our point of view, the main reason is the continued growth of world trade and the significant development of e-commerce. People order something online and want it tomorrow (B2C). This will lead the producer’s factory to tasks like reducing the time of resources availability, cutting production time, and expanding capacity. As you can see, everything must be quicker and better connected. This trend will fire up the need for sustainable airfreight solutions. The Coronavirus and the result of urgently needed PPE equipment, vaccine, and other medical supplies is the latest push for global air freight demand.

    PL-Alliance: A lot of freight forwarding companies are expanding their “own-controlled” charter network. Is National Air Cargo also establishing partnerships with a similar approach? Is this a move to combat capacity shortages due to the loss of belly-hold capacity?

    Tobias Hock: You are right, we have seen a lot of freight forwarders creating their own controlled capacity. This will change the airfreight and aviation market significantly.

    National is both freight forwarder and airline, so we have our own controlled capacity in-house, which is great. Basically, we can combine the advantages of being an airline and freight forwarder with each other, that´s what other forwarders want to do right now as well.

    Nevertheless, we work very closely with external airline partners to always find a suitable flight for our clients. Speaking of National Airlines, we get a lot of inquiries from forwarders asking for an own controlled capacity setup while using our cargo aircraft. As the market is so volatile the forwarders are pushed to create their own solutions, to keep up with their clients' shipping requirements regarding pricing and transit time. Especially with the forecast in mind that belly capacity will not return by the end of 2022 (best guess). 

    PL-Alliance: A lot of passenger-focused airlines today have started loading small cargo into their cabins to increase capacity. Does this pose a threat to cargo-focused air carriers? Is National Airlines also adopting these practices to mitigate losses and increase air freight capacity?

    Tobias Hock: We operate both full cargo freighter and pure passenger aircraft. For sure we used our passenger aircraft as well for cargo-only operations around the world. This is necessary to keep the aircraft busy and fight the global pandemic while shipping essential medical goods (mostly small parcels) to desperately waiting for end users. As capacity is still pretty tight, we are happy to be busy with our freighter aircraft. We used the so-called “preighters” (PAX + Freighter) aircrafts many times because our own aircraft were busy doing other trips.

    PL-Alliance: Vaccines are nothing new for the air cargo industry. Temperature-controlled vaccines have been transported for many years and have also become the preferred mode of transport. While some of these vaccines need to be transported in special temperature-controlled containers utilizing dry ice (classified as among dangerous goods) which again limit the use of cargo capacity. Are there any developments to tackle this capacity issue?

    Tobias Hock: Global COVID-19 vaccine distribution is surely the biggest challenge right now to return to our so much wanted “normal”. We see a lot of development in recent months but there is still a long way to go. Usually, the temperature-controlled containers will be transported in the lower deck of passenger aircraft. Right now, the most important task is speeding up the whole vaccine process. Starting from production until final distribution all parties involved are working with a central focus on that crucial mission. Airlines and forwarders joined forces with pharma companies and governmental entities to pull on the same string and do their best for our mutual goal of global health. It is good to see that common goal in the industry to overcome as many hurdles as possible all together as a united team.

    Each vaccine shot done is the right step forward to battle this global pandemic. National has identified the urgent need for capacity in the supply chain of the pharma companies as well as the governmental distribution projects and is working continuously to offer out-of-the-box solutions. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have a very close relationship with our clients and help them in every possible way to find the best shipping solution even under extreme conditions.

    PL-Alliance: It has been a little over a year that supply chains all over the world have been disrupted. The impacts of post-COVID-19 on the economy are yet to be seen. When do you expect those small and large companies even while making profits to get out of their survival mode? What does the future look like for not only the air freight but the forwarding industry in general?

    Tobias Hock: The world has changed for sure, and the Coronavirus will continue following us in the future, hopefully not with that severe impact as of now. We expect that 2021 and 2022 will be special in terms of global trade and daily life. National lives the spirit that we always thrive for a better tomorrow and adapt to the current needs. The airline and forwarding industry must adapt in all aspects quickly to such scenarios, only companies who will identify the problems of the customers and offer them a first-hand solution will be the leaders of tomorrow's market.

  • 30 Apr 2021
    Fleet Line Shipping Wins Hapag-Lloyd AG-Award Four Years In A Row

    Project Logistics Alliance member Fleet Line Shipping (FLS) who is representing our network in the United Arab Emirates wins Hapag-Lloyd AG's best customer award for the 4th year in a row.

    This year’s award was presented by Arslan Khan, Director - Sales, and Muhammad Farooq Shah, Specialist-OOG & Project and received by Namitha Sreeraj, Deputy G.M. & Ujwal Srivastava, Head of Commercial on behalf of the Fleet Line Shipping Team.

    Peter Mathew, Managing Director said: “These prestigious awards, even during these challenging times, reminds us why we continue to push the envelope when it comes to handling Project Cargo. Winning the customer's confidence through our innovative ideas, expert teamwork, in-house ISO&QHSE certified lashing and packing services and cooperation of carriers is a driving force in making us the company we are today.

    We are proud of our successful partnership with the finest carriers such as Hapag Lloyd where we continue to grow in our partnership with honesty and integrity, always safeguarding our customer's interest first.”

    Congratulations to the team of Feet Line Shipping!

  • 29 Apr 2021
    Spotlight: KGE Logistics Deliver Vestas Windmill Parts To Belarus From All Over Europe

    In January 2021 our Latvian member, KGE logistics, was invited to complete a part delivery of the Vestas Windmill Project from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Latvia to the Asmolovichi Jobsite in Belarus. Due to a short delivery time, it was critical for the KGE team to make all arrangements in a short period.

    The first part of the delivery was from Denmark and the Netherlands which required a multimodal solution to be adopted to deliver the below cargo to the consignee based in Asmolovich consecutively:

    • Lifting Tools on a 40” Flatbed trailer
    • Blade Gripper on a Lowbed
    • Barbeque Stand on a Curtain trailer
    • A 40” container consisting of various spare parts.

    The second part of the shipment consisted of six windmill tower sections which were sent by their client to Ventspils harbor in Latvia from Spain using a breakbulk vessel. After the vessel arrived, the KGE team took care of all the port arrangements which included the dismantling of harbor gates to safely pass through, transit formalities, survey, and drone filming amongst others.

    The Six tower sections had the following weights and dimensions:


    Weight (Kilograms)

    Measurement (Meters)



    32.35 x 3.258 x 3.67

    Mid-Section 1


    18.2 x 4.979 x 4.989

    Mid-Section 2


    21.840 x 4.182 x 4.979

    Mid-Section 3


    26.880 x 3.927 x 4.182

    Mid-Section 4


    28 x 3.671x 3.927

    Bottom Section


    12.325 x 4.389x 5.30

    In the end, all the shipments were delivered by the KGE team safely and well on time. The part delivery was concluded with any incidents.

  • 28 Apr 2021
    First Member For Libya

    Libya is a very challenging country – in many different aspects. It is even more important to have a local partner with an established business and a variety of local connections. The Project Logistics Alliance is proud to introduce our latest member to you. Al Merfak Company is joining our network as the first member representing Libya.

    The company is offering a variety of services and has close connections to the local Libyan oil company. Almerfak Oil Services and Logistics Support (MOSL) provides quick and safe services through a prestigious and distinguished staff of selected expertise in all fields of oil field and logistics services.

    Their activities include the following examples:

    • Pipeline Tie-ins and repair
    • Repairs to floating structures, vessels and SBM
    • Inspection of offshore platforms
    • Inspection of subsea pipelines
    • Inspection of S.P.M system
    • Repair of platforms
    • Support to drilling rigs
    • ...and many more

    Their own ROVs can be used e.g. for inspection of offshore platforms, pipelines and any subsea projects. AL Merfak Company is also providing vessel chartering services and transportation of project cargo and heavy lift machinery.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Al Merfak Company!

  • 28 Apr 2021
    MS Global Freight Solution Moved An Electric Bus from Port Klang, Malaysia to Shanghai, China

    MS Global Freight Solution, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Malaysia, recently moved an electric bus from Port Klang, Malaysia to Shanghai, China. Busses are usually moved as a drivable item on RORO vessel but as this bus is not drivable, it was loaded on mafi trailer. A very challenging part of this transport was to find space on a RORO vessel. Since this is an electric bus and carries a heavy duty battery, it took some time for the vessel operator to confirm acceptance of the cargo. Last but not least, the vessel arrived with delay in Port Klang due to the closure of the Suez Canal but finally, the bus sailed off to China smoothly and without further incidences.

    Dimensions: 12.00 x 2.50 x 3.40 meters

    Weight: 10 tons

    MS Global Freight Solution Sdn Bhd, located in Port Klang, Johor Bharu (Pasir Gudang) and Penang, Malaysia, can handle air and sea heavy-lift project cargo from/to Malaysia including East Malaysia (Borneo Island). They provide feasibility study, road survey, method of statement, execution and supervision of packing, transportation, loading, lashing, unloading and placement at consignee’s site. Further, they can arrange breakbulk vessels, Open top, Flat rack and maintain close relationships with many ship owners. For a personal introduction, please reach out to us at any time.

  • 27 Apr 2021
    LIVO Logistics Ships 82 Machines Construction Equipment From Bulgaria To Saudi Arabia

    Project Logistics Alliance member LIVO LOGISTICS, who is representing our specialized project community in the Czech Republic and in Italy, managed a complex multimodal shipment of pipeline construction equipment from Belokopitovo, Bulgaria via the port of Varna to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

    The complete project consisted of 82 machines totaling up to over 2,500 cbm and 1,300 tons worth of oversized and heavy cargo, and an addition of 9 shipper’s owned containers.

    The biggest pieces loaded were Superior Padding machines with dimensions of 1,320 x 420 x 450 cm and a weight of 54 tons, as well as a Vietz Bending machine of 965 x 410 x 415 cm and 73 tons. For the loading and discharging the ship's crane was used. Well done, LIVO Logistics!

  • 26 Apr 2021
    Alexander Global Logistics And Bohnet Deliver Boiler On Behalf Of Tschudi Logistics Group To Braunschweig

    German Project Logistics Alliance member Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) and network partner Bohnet joined forces on behalf of Tschudi Logistics Group, member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Denmark, Finland Hong Kong and Mozambique, to execute a transport they were awarded for. The commodity to be moved was a 42,8 tons loopseal.

    Initially, the loopseal was collected from an inland location in Finland and was trucked for 400 km in freezing -25 degrees temperatures to the Port of Turku. From Turku, the cargo departed with the "ML Freyja" and arrived at the Port of Bremerhaven RoRo ex Turku in Finland. Due to frozen inland waters, the cargo had to be stored in Bremerhaven. Once the water ways were free, the journey continued by barge "NEBOKADNEZAR" from Bremerhaven to Braunschweig.

    For the on-carriage with special equipment on the road, Alexander Global Logistics consulted network partner Bohnet. At night, a special team with escort and police managed the challenging transport through the city of Braunschweig. The loopseal was measuring 8,38 meters in length, 5,16 meters in width and 5,92 meters in height. It took months to get approval on the transports as an oak tree had to be cut back and traffic lights had to be taken down. Also, the electric wires of the tram had to be lifted. For regular street transport, a height of 5 meters is considered but the special truck including the cargo reached a height of 7 meters and a total weight of 80 tons. For the tram electricity to be shut down, a replacement bus service had to be organized before the transport permits were given. Precise planning and patience during the transport were needed but finally, the obstacle course was passed without any incidences.

    The convoy was followed by a local NDR reporting team and the commentary appeared on German television.

    Watch the video here:

    Congratulations to all companies on the successful delivery!

  • 26 Apr 2021
    Project Logistics Alliance Launches 4th Annual Global Meeting

    Having entered the second quarter of 2021, we are excited to welcome you all to the 4th Annual Global Meeting in Dubai. As a response to the global developments in the pandemic, understanding the need for networking, and minding the safety above all we decided to shift the meeting from Tallinn to Dubai this year. Like the previous meetings, we are looking forward to three days filled with networking, new business partnerships, and a fun event with good conversations. This year the Project Logistics Alliance will hold its fourth AGM from October 20 to 23.

    As always, we aim to bring the experts of Project Logistics from all over the world under one roof and this time in Dubai. Complementing the ease of doing business and the strategic advantages of being in the emirate, Dubai’s status as a growing knowledge hub also enhances its attractiveness as a hyperconnected pro-business hub situated at the crossroads between the East and the West. This combined with the mix of formal and casual networking will allow you to familiarize with each other not only during the one-to-one meetings but also over winding down dinners.

    We are looking forward to hosting yet another extraordinary meeting, and warmly welcome all representatives from our members and partners across the globe. Your active participation is what will guarantee more knowledge exchange, relationship building, and ultimately more business for all!

    To know more about the exact location, the attendance fees, and agenda please click here!