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  • 20 Jul 2018
    Sigmai completes loading of Industrial Equipment at Haifa Port

    Our new member Sigmai Trade & Logistics from Israel is sharing Project News with us.

    In June, Sigmai Trade and Logistics has concluded the loading of a charter vessel at Haifa Port, Israel with its destination in Kherson Port, Ukraine. The cargo was Industrial Equipment, in fact, a Fructose Plant with a total weight of 701 tons. The cargo was divided into 12 units, each with a weight between 25 and 100 tons and a length up to 28m.
    Sigmai was responsible for the port handling, the inland delivery up to the vessel anchorage point, the loading of the vessel by independent cranes, lashing and securing the units on the vessel and the survey and inspections.

    The Project in numbers:
    3916 cbm
    700 tons
    50 staff members
    17 hours
    12 units
    4 cranes
    3 low beds
    1 charter vessel

  • 20 Jul 2018
    AC PROJECT & FORWARDING Delivers Machinery From Amsterdam to Spain

    Project Logistics Alliance member AC PROJECT & FORWARDING, S.L., representing Spain, has recently delivered two pieces of machinery successfully, from Amsterdam to different destinations ports in Spain. Their Barcelona office handled this incident free process.

    The first machine was a dismounted Reach Staker. It was delivered to Tarragona Port on three different trucks, each carrying parts with the following dimensions:
    Main Body: 8.15m x 4.2m x 3.9m // 41.7 tons
    Boom: 10.5m x 1.85m x 1.9m // 17.5 tons
    Spreader: 6.1m x 2.4m x 2.07m // 8.6 tons
    The second machine was a Forklift from Konecranes, which was delivered to Bilbao. The main body was 6.25m x 3.02m x 4.1m and had a mass of 36 tons.

    The entire process was executed successfully thanks to the precise planning from the Project Team in the Barcelona office. Congratulations on the great job!

  • 19 Jul 2018
    New Chip Storage Tanks for Yam Plant

    Our member Logistics Plus has concluded the transport of two Chip Storage Tanks to a Yam Plant in Turkey. Each of the tanks had dimensions of 22m in length, 5,25m in width and 5,58m in hight. Fascinating pictures and well done, Logistics Plus!

  • 18 Jul 2018
    New partner of the Project Logistics Alliance!

    After the Breakbulk Europe in May in Bremen, Germany, we are excited to introduce a new partner of the Project Logistics Alliance. Bohnet GmbH is an international provider of heavy and oversized cargo transport with over 50 years of tradition and experience. Bohnet is one of Europe’s leading freight forwarding companies with an own truck fleet and has two offices in Germany. Next to the headquarter in Kirchdorf, they operate also from Erfurt. As a full-service logistics provider, Bohnet manages the entire operation of your cargo’s transport. Europe-wide heavy and special project cargo transport are their core competencies. No matter whether it is by road, rail, or water; they plan your domestic or global transportation needs and realize your intermodal logistics project from a single source. Bohnet GmbH has so far executed transport of cargo units weighing up to 730 tons, with dimensions greater than 100 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 15 meters in height. For contact information, please visit our website.

  • 17 Jul 2018
    New member in Nepal and first member in Bhutan!

    Our network is expanding! We are very proud to welcome our first member in Bhutan which is at the same time representing Nepal.

    The company was established in 1993, is headquartered in Nepal and has additional offices in Bhutan, and India. The Atlas de Cargo team is specialized in Project Logistics and is providing exceptional services to their clients in all the facets of international logistical solutions. Since their founding, the company has been growing in size and operational activities immensely and made a strong presence in the shipping industry to cater to specific needs of various customers.

    Their service range include: Air, Ocean and Logistics services, Inland Forwarding, Product Sourcing, PO Management, Packaging and Crating, Consolidation, Warehousing and Distribution- Just-In-Time and General storage, Documentation and Customs Clearance, Inbound and Outbound shipments, Marine Insurance, Breakbulk, Project shipments, Multimodal shipment, Chartering, and Supply chain Management.

    Atlas de Cargo states: “We believe change is inevitable and each day we strive to only improve ourselves. Our human assets aim to surpass our customers’ expectations.” They are looking forward to meeting future challenges and establish long-term relationships – so are we.

    Welcome to the Alliance, Atlas de Cargo!

  • 16 Jul 2018
    New member for Israel

    We are delighted to present Sigmai Trade & Logistics to you, our new member that has lately joined the Project Logistics Alliance, representing Israel.

    Sigmai is a dynamic forwarding and logistics agency, specialized in the handling of project cargo and further operating the entire range of supply chain services with a professional and dedicated team and a global network of affiliations and commercial partners. Their business is to facilitate your international trade requirements by providing expert knowledge and services in all aspects of forwarding, customs brokerage, and supply chain management solutions.

    Years of experience and professional resources offer a complete portfolio of services. Their strong and dedicated employee base provides your account with personal care and attention, handling your shipment competently and with full transparency. The one-stop-shop approach concentrates all your needs under one roof assigning a team member to execute and follow-up on the entire process, freeing you to do what you do best.

    Welcome to the Alliance, Sigmai!

  • 15 Jul 2018
    Sarens Heavy Lift Crane parts from Egypt to Antwerp

    Our founding member First Global Logistics from Egypt conducted a transport of Crane parts from Egypt to Antwerp. The job was done for one of their clients who is the manufacturer of heavy steel structures, produced some OOG and heavy steel parts for the account of Sarens Heavy Lift Belgium. First Global’s job was the transport and shipping from the client’s warehouse up to Antwerp port. The shipment consisted in detail of crane parts for 8 Recoiler cranes which were produced in Egypt to be shipped to Sarens Nv, Belgium.

    The Equipment First Global Logistics used for the job included a crane with the capacity of 50 tons for unit loading, lashing materials, 3 Low Bed Trailers and 3 Flat Bed Trailers, three 40’Flat Rack containers and three 40’ Open Top Containers.

    The scope of work by First Global included the following:

    • Surveying cargo to ensure weights/ measurements for determining Number and type of containers needed for the Job
    • Loading Crane parts on three 40’Flat Rack with the dimensions: 24 Strand Recoiler Basket and Frame Ass (L12.00 x W2.90 x H3.05mtr) 36000 kgs per Flat rack at supplier's site
    • Loading and stuffing steel structures inside three 40'OT at supplier's site
    • Lashing & securing
    • Inland Transport from Supplier to Alexandria port
    • Port handling & operations
    • Documentation and export customs clearance
    • Freighting from Alexandria port to Antwerp port

  • 13 Jul 2018
    GAC Saudi Arabia moves 155 tons from the UK to UAE

    GAC Saudi Arabia completed a full door to door movement of heavy cargo totaling 155 tons (17 pieces) from the UK to UAE for one of our top clients in Saudi Arabia. GAC managed and completed all formalities at origin and destination including clearance and delivery within 48 hours upon arrival.

  • 12 Jul 2018
    M-STAR FREIGHT SERVICES is introducing its activities  in the Central Asia Region

    Using the port of Poti as the major transshipment point in the area, M-Star organizes door deliveries by truck and rail to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.

    This applies for example to cargo from the following areas:
    Construction parts, Trucks/Chassis, Cargo loaders, Ambulances, Roadbuilding Equipment, Generators, Pipes and Equipment for the Oil-, Gas-, and Chemical Industry

    From various origins in EUROPE/ FAR EAST/ USA/ MIDDLE EAST etc. The Port of Poti has in recent time become a good alternative to deliver cargoes to destinations in the Caspian Sea area at any time of the year. Frequent destinations among others are:
    Turkmenistan: Turkmenbashi, Balkanabad, Ashkabad, Mary, Yoloten, Turkmenabat Kazakstan: Aktau, Atyrau, Kuryk, Kulsary, Tengiz Uzbekistan: Nukus, Urgench, Navoi, Qarshi, Karakul, Termez, Samarkand Further frequent East destinations are Almay, Tashkent, Ulan Bator, Bishkek, and Dushanbe

    We are offering the routes via Baltic ports, direct ex Europe origin and/ or delivering to European Ports by trucks and by rail or Multimodal solutions

    The scope of services includes:

    • Pre-collections
    • Stuffing
    • lashing/ securing
    • consolidation
    • sea freights to the port of Poti as well as sea freight into the Caspian Sea, during the summer season period
    • Cargo receiving in the port of Poti
    • Containers and Breakbulk, including Heavy lifts
    • Port handling
    • Weighing
    • Customs clearance
    • Door delivery
    • Warehousing, site unloading etc. etc. in each country we have also our local people available for assistance.

    Transshipment services available to all Caucasus countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia

    You can contact us anytime for rates including for the standard cargoes/ containers:
    M-Star Freight Services in the Netherlands and/or Georgia at our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 11 Jul 2018
    AC PROJECT AND FORWARDING & Logimar perform together under time pressure

    The Bilbao office of our member AC PROJECT AND FORWARDING, SL representing Spain recently delivered a Turning Center for High Precision Cutting. Even though the delivery on time was a special challenge for this project, the transport was performed without any incidences. The crate with a weight of 17 tons and dimensions of 4.54 x 4.10 x 3.75 meters was about to be exhibited at the BIEMH in Bilbao, an international machine tool exhibition. Therefore, delivery on time was a priority. In the first part of the transport, the crate was loaded in Korea and shipped to Genova Port in Italy. Our member Logimar was in charge of cross-docking at Genova Port and re-loading for the second part of the project; the transport to Algeciras Port in Spain. When the cargo arrived in Spain, the AC PROJECT Team took over for unstuffing. They moved the crate to an oversize truck to reduce the transit time to the destination and were able to deliver the cargo to the BIEMH on time! AC PROJECT sends a “Thank You” to Logimar for their support and enabling another on-time delivery. Congratulations to both Project Teams from the Project Logistics Alliance, you rock!

  • 11 Jul 2018
    FLS celebrates 25th Year Anniversary

    To celebrate FLS' 25th YEAR ANNIVERSARY - the founder and chairman Martin Häberli and Managing Director Torbjörn Larisch arranged a traditional blessing ceremony in our Headquarters in Laem Chabang, Thailand. Nine monks gave blessings to the staff and wished FLS Projects even more success for the coming years. FLS sends a very big thank you to the whole team around the world for the great work and their outstanding personal engagement throughout the years: “Thank you very much, everybody, and here’s for another 25 Years!”

  • 10 Jul 2018
    Transformer-Transport by Logistics Plus

    Our member Logistics Plus, representing China, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia are sharing news about another project with us. They have successfully moved 2x transformers, 56 feet each. The cargo together with its accessories was loaded in Turkey and delivered to a customer in France.

    Well done, Logistics Plus!

  • 09 Jul 2018
    First member in Ireland!

    We have two reasons for calling this news a good one! First of all, our network benefits from the extension of Maurice Ward’s listing in our Alliance. They signed up for a third country besides Bulgaria and Hungary. The second reason is that this extension contains the first member registered for Ireland! Owning 33 branches in Europe, they work out individual concepts for European High and Heavy Transports on the road, by rail, by barge or by coaster. With regard to sea transports the Maurice Ward Group organizes the pre- and on-carriage to and from the respective seaports. They provide a unique combination of project freight forwarding coupled with in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and vast technical know-how to meet global customers’ demands. For inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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