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  • 21 Sep 2018
    PL Alliance Member for Spain, AC PROJECT & FORWARDING SL Member, with offices in Barcelona and Bilbao, has successfully made a Port to Door delivery o

    Machines were shipped from Portbury and Bristol respectively, and then both delivered into Spain via Pasajes Port in the north of Spain. The cargo details are as follows: 13966 * 2743 * 3385 // 46,36 tons Second hand machines Self propeller// with chains Congratulations to AC Project Team for this great job!

  • 20 Sep 2018
    Moving This Transformer Safely Required Precise Execution

    C.H. Robinson was execution a project recently that took detailed planning and extreme care to move a transformer from port to pad. That’s what one company counted on when they reached out to our member C.H. Robinson, representing Canada, the USA, and Singapore within the network, to help transport this large piece for their customer.

    Pickup was at the Port of Long Beach, California. The cargo had to be transported to the substation site near Las Vegas, Nevada, then maneuvered through the narrow gates into the site.

    The largest piece measured 37 feet long, 12 feet 8 inches wide, and 12 feet 9 inches high, and weighed 162.5 metric tons. Moving the transformer required a Goldhofer Girder Trailer System, including four trailers and three tractors (one pull and two push tractors). It took close to 12 hours to secure the cargo to the specialized trailer, and it increased the length of the trailer with loaded cargo to 314 feet.

    The 280-mile journey required four California Highway Patrol escorts, 2 pilot vehicles, a mechanic truck, and a county supervisor vehicle for transport to the California-Nevada border. Safety considerations necessitated speeds as low as 5 mph on ascents and 2.5 mph on descent. The transporter made several stops on descents to allow for the cooling and inspection of axles and brakes. The Nevada Highway Patrol allowed speeds up to 30 mph to 40 mph from Primm to Las Vegas on certain short sections of road.

    Once at the destination, precision was required to maneuver the trailer through the gates into the substation, since the entrance provided only three inches of clearance on either side of the trailer.

    At the site, the temperature reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit, yet the HSE requirements mandated the use of flame retardant clothing. It was very hot work, taking 10 hours to disconnect the cargo from the trailer and set it precisely on the pads.

    Although it was a grueling enterprise, everything came together. The consignee was impressed with the care and precision that resulted in the safe delivery of their equipment.

    The Team of the Project Logistics Alliance congratulates C.H. Robinson to the successful conclusion of this great project!

  • 19 Sep 2018
    Delta Maritime, PL-Alliance member for Greece, in cooperation with Bremer Lloyd have recently arranged the receipt, transportation and storage of 3 wi

    The cargo arrived in Thessaloniki Port on vessel Industrial Echo. Each wind blade had dimensions of 49,027 m length x 3,315 m width x 3,115 m height and weighed 12,05 tons. Delta Maritime received the cargo at Thessaloniki port and handled the loading, and delivery to the port storage area. The trucks to transport the cargo were aligned alongside the docked vessel, and discharging was completed within 4 hours. Congratulations to Delta Maritime for the expert handling.

  • 19 Sep 2018
    AC PROJECT & FORWARDING SL, has successfully completed the delivery of two cryogenic liquid storage tanks

    AC PROJECT & FORWARDING SL, PL - Alliance member for Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Bilbao has successfully completed the delivery of two cryogenic liquid storage tanks to Genova Port. The cargo was transported from Zhangjiagang in China. Each tank had a dimension of 11.50 x 4.02 x 4.20 meters, and and a weight of 38 Tons. The project was completed with the assistance of Titan, PL - Alliance member for Italy, who took care of the receiving of the tank at Genova Port, which included unstuffing, storage and then reloading of the cargo for successfully final delivery.

  • 18 Sep 2018
    Another Power Plant, another Project

    The Project Logistics Alliance member for Turkey BATI GROUP Project Department has concluded the shipment of a Power Plant to from Turkey to Tunisia.

    The shipment had a total weight of 300 tons and 2750 cbm and was shipped from Eregli to Rades in Tunisia.

    This Door to Port shipment was quite challenging for BATI due to the unbalanced center of gravity and the lack of lifting points. However, the engineers and project executives of BATI got together and figured out effective solutions for the challenges in the limited time frame given. Conducting the operation took BATI 6 days in total while it was a national holiday in Turkey.

    Congratulations, BATI GROUP!

  • 18 Sep 2018
    FLS completes loading of 150 individual packages in less than 24 hours

    FLS Projects Thailand just completed another fast FAS delivery of over 150 packages with a total volume and gross weight exceeding 2,000 cbm and 550 MT. The cargo – equipment, parts and modules for a Steel fabricator in Vietnam – was safely loaded on board the awaiting vessel within 24 hours. Well done and a very big thank you to the whole Team!

  • 17 Sep 2018
    Fleet Line Shipping announces partnership with Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers

    Our member Fleet Line Shipping, representing Dubai in the Project Logistics Alliance, is now an approved in-house transport/ shipping partner of Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers, Dubai, UAE.

    They are very proud to inform about a partnership with RB Auctioneers, a global leader in buying and selling used heavy equipment, trucks and other assets. To serve RB + Fleet Line’s customers with the highest level of excellence in providing prompt and accurate services on or after the RB Auctions, Fleet Line has its own onsite office which is located within the RBA Auction yard.

    The list of services includes:
    A. Providing a Shipping guarantee on your behalf to RBA, so that you can avoid paying Export duties prior moving equipment out of RBA yard
    B. Inspections, measurements and follow up with onsite RBA technical contractors to prepare the equipment ready for transportation and shipping
    C. Loading and lashing coordination of your equipment into standard and special containers at attractive rates. For big machines, Fleet Line does the dismantling to fit it in shipping containers.
    D. Providing immediate and comprehensive shipping solutions that include local trailers, customs fees, inspections, and port handling services
    E. Door to Door and Door to Port freight rates for RORO, Breakbulk, Special equipment (Flat Rack, Open tops, Flatbeds, etc.) or standard containers
    F. Prompt post shipment follow up, BL posting and tracking updates without the need for constant reminders
    G. Whatever the size and value of the units you have purchased at the auction, Fleet Line has a solution ready for the best value for your money.

    Why Fleet Line Shipping?
    • Fleet Line is a Dubai based ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and QHSE 18001 certified company by UKAS with the main focus on providing services of Projects cargo (OOG and Heavy Lift), Global Freight Forwarding, Lashing & Packaging and Lifting.
    • Fleet Line Industrial lashing and operation team is officially certified by Jebel Ali Port to carry out heavy and odd size cargo securing and transportation.
    • Tier one rate agreement with Maersk and CMA-CGM and many Ro-Ro and break-bulk carriers whereby making sure our customers get best service and rates.
    NVOCC Carrier with our own fleet of standard and special equipment.
    • Own customs bonded warehouse facility in Jebel Ali with 3 PL license.
    Door/Door logistics solution on DDP & DAP terms for shipment to Iraq and CIS Countries.
    Breakbulk/ Heavy Lift cargo as representative of “Empros line” with fixed monthly schedule service Ex: Europe to and Intra-Middle East sectors.

    For any queries pertaining to the RB auctions, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 14 Sep 2018
    M-STAR FREIGHT SERVICES Handles Classic Pre-war Old-timers for 14-day Rally in Georgia

    Project Logistics Alliance Member M-Star Freight recently received some very special cargo in their Antwerp warehouse: 20 pre-war old-timers, with the makings of Bugatti, Bentley, Lagonda, Marmon, Lancia, Chrysler, Alvis, Invicta and Vauxhall, were transported there from around Europe. With extra care and attention, the classic cars were loaded, lashed and secured into containers for shipment to Poti, Georgia and then further delivered to the appointed warehouse in the capital of Tbilisi. They were then safely unloaded and stored until the participants could take their pride possessions, fully ready, to start the 14-day Rally named “ Peaks of the Caucasus” through Georgia. Preparations started more than one year ago, with 20 participants of 9 different nationalities entering the Rally with the 20 extraordinary cars. The oldest one had a first registration dating back to 1925. You can see below a few photos of the cars. The M-Star office in Georgia also assisted the Rally organisers with establishing the rally route, picking the best en-route hotel accommodations, restaurants, escorts and guard services, transfers and customs arrangements!

  • 11 Sep 2018
    Time and again FLS proved, sharing is caring

    Work hard, play hard: FLS Projects is known for supporting various sports events, charity activities and related events. Last month FLS Projects Thailand was very happy to sponsor and participate in the 18th Annual CUEL CHARITY CLASSIC golf tournament. The annual charitable golf tournament took place at the Siam Country Club Plantation in Thailand. This year the tournament was able to raise and collect 1.5 Million Baht for the Fountain of Life. Very well done and thank you very much to the organizers at CUEL Ltd., Thailand for a fun and successful event and we hope to see you again next year! – “Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting."

  • 04 Sep 2018
    Another project well-done. 600 MT steel pipes on route to Singapore

    STEEL PIPES for Singapore. Last week the FLS Projects Team in Thailand completed a quick trucking and loading job of 71 STEEL PIPES from Thailand to Singapore. The STEEL PIPES were transported from the production site in Rayong to the Port of loading at Laem Chabang Port. With a gross weight of over 600 MT all cargo was loaded on deck and the stevedoring teams secured the cargo safely on board. The STEEL PIPES are now on the way to a happy client in Jurong Port in Singapore. Well done and thank you very much to the Team for a smooth and safe operation!

  • 03 Sep 2018
    Bati Group and Hacklin collaborate on Mining Equipment Project

    Bati Group and Hacklin have joined forces for a Door to Port shipment of mining equipment, which totaled up to 100 Metric Tons and 1000cbm. The biggest and heaviest piece amongst all was 38 tons and had a height of 5.17 meters, and it was delivered from Turkey to Egypt. One of the main challenges was loading of the cargo safely, due to the extremely unbalanced center of gravity, which they had to overcome in a very short time. On the other hand, the road conditions were also not ideal, as the cargo was very high and the truck had to have a very low trailer to accommodate.

    After much work and careful planning, the Project team at BATI GROUP is more than happy to announce the successful completion of another project alongside HACKLIN, one of their best partners in Northern Europe.

    Thumbs up, guys!

  • 29 Aug 2018
    CTO do Brasil shipped 28 units of Caterpillar Trucks and Excavators to Jebel Ali

    Our Brazilian member CTO Comercio & Logistics recently completed a shipment. The cargo consisted of Trucks and Excavators that were first transported by barge from the shipper’s plant to Port of Outeiro in North Brazil. In a second step, they were transshipped to a breakbulk vessel to be moved to Jebel Ali, UAE.

  • 28 Aug 2018
    For FLS sponsorship matter! Fussball matter!

    FLS Projects is very proud and very happy to be the official sponsor of the GERMAN ALL STARS Bangkok social football team for the 2018 – 2019 Season ( We are also very happy to announce that FLS Projects will be sponsoring and supporting next year’s VIKING CUP 2019 in HUA HIN. Loving Project Cargo for over 25 Years – Loving Fussball even longer!

  • 24 Aug 2018
    52 MT from West India to Rotterdam by Atlas Shipping Services

    Our member Atlas Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, representing Bhutan and Nepal in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proudly presenting their recently finished project.
    The cargo itself was the definition of a heavy lift, with a length of 30m and a weight of 52 Metric Tonnes. From the cargo’s origin in West India, it was transported on road to Mundra Port on India’s north shore. Atlas then supervised the loading and customs clearance, so the cargo could finally be shipped to Rotterdam port without incidences.
    Great work by the West India Team of Atlas Shipping, congratulations from the PLA Team!

  • 22 Aug 2018