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  • 21 Jan 2019
    AC Project Delivers 5 Konecranes Machines Door to Door

    Project Logistics Alliance member, AC Project & Forwarding S.L. Barcelona office completed the delivery of 5 machines from Sweden to Spain. The cargo was collected from the Konecranes factory in Markaryd, Sweden and then delivered to the port of Sagunto, Spain where they directly started working. While the main bulk was transported by sea, the accessories were transported via truck on land.
    The cargo consisted of:
    - 2 Konecranes Forklift trucks: Each weighing 22.400 kg and with a dimension of 5465 x 2550 x 3665 mm
    - 2 Konecranes Forklift trucks: Each weighing 41.300 kg and with a dimension of 7005 x 3440 x 4010 mm
    - 1 Reachstacker disassembled;
    1 Main body: 36.200kg, Dim. 8300 x 4150 x 3900 mm
    1 Counterweight main:12.800 kg, Dim. 3350 x 1820 x 640 mm
    1 Boom: 13.500 kg, Dim. 10120 x 1740 x 1950 mm
    1 Spreader: 9.500 kg, Dim. 6050 x 2420 x 2000 mm

    AC Project Team was in charge of the full door to door service. This was successfully completed thanks to the expert execution of their Barcelona office!

    Congratulations AC Project!

  • 18 Jan 2019
    Farcont Project Delivers Just In Time for Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

    Project Logistics Alliance member, Farcont Project LLC recently completed the delivery of some equipment from Chornomorsk port to Ronmy Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.

    The cargo weighed 89 tons and 115 tons respectively, and the main challenge was the short deadline due to the inspection visit of the Ukraine Government Commission for a new project opening on the job site. The delivery was to be completed prior to the ceremony, which Farcont Project managed just in time.

    Congratulations to Farcont for the high performance under time pressure!

  • 17 Jan 2019
    SAL handles Yacht shipment

    The port of Genoa, Italy is not only a popular destination for cruise ships, but also for yachts of all kinds and sizes. Throughout the past decades, our partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, SAL Heavy Lift, has become a specialist in transporting sensitive and complex marine cargo. This expertise was given proof when SALs MV Frauke was assigned to load seven yachts, a tender boat and a pontoon by Cigisped Middle East. A 240 t yacht, measuring 41.9 x 8.5 x 14 m, was not only the heaviest but also the largest piece of marine cargo for this one-of-a-kind shipment. Followed by the 200 t Damen stan pontoon, measuring 30 x 11.4 x 6m. The cargo was delivered to the United Arabian Emirates without any issues.

    Well done, SAL!

  • 16 Jan 2019
    DELPA Delivers Erickson Firefighting Helicopters

    Project Logistics Alliance member DELPA Shipping & Transport Co. Ltd, has successfully completed the project of transporting 6 Sikorsky S-64 Aircranes plus 12 containers of spare parts from Greece to the Southern Hemisphere.

    The cargo was handled with special care by DELPA's specialized personnel due to the high sensitivity and extremely high value. The team collaborated seamlessly with the manufacturers own crew and the vessel crew. The firefighting helicopters were landed directly in Eleusina port where the manufacturer's team prepared for loading. They were then safely shifted alongside the ship, lifted by ship's gear and stowed under deck. Securing points were welded on board and the cargo lashed and secured so as to travel safely to the final destination.
    All the operation was planned and coordinated by the DELPA team and the cargo safely departed.

    You can watch the process with the video link here:

    Congratulations DELPA team!

  • 15 Jan 2019
    AC Project Delivers Mining Crusher to Port

    Project Logistics Alliance member, AC Project & Forwarding SL's Bilbao office, recently completed the delivery of a mega-sized crusher for the mining industry to Santander Port in Spain. The cargo had a dimension of 699 x 240 x 255 cm and weighed a total of 50481 kgs. The AC team was in charge of delivering FOB Santander, from where the cargo will be further shipped to Russia.

    Well done AC Team for the smooth project!

  • 14 Jan 2019
    Chirey Global Logistics Completes Vehicle Transport from China to Djibouti

    The project team of Chirey Global Logistics, member of Project Logistics Alliance, has completed the shipment of a vehicle project ex Tianjin, China to Djibouti port on the African continent.

    Chirey projects has a high focus and expertise on Roro / Vehicle logistics transportations, and this transport via breakbulk vessel is yet another demonstration.
    The cargo has a total quantity of 3000 FT, and the maximum unit weight was 26 MT, maximum unit dimension 3.5 x 2.4 x 3.8 m.
    Chirey completed the customs clearance, port handling as well as the chartering of the vessel.

    Well done Chirey for the well-executed project!