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  • 29 May 2020
    Premier Global Performs Time Critical Project From India to Bangladesh

    Premier Global Logistics Ltd., a founding member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing India, is proud to have skilfully managed a complicated and high volume of shipment from India to Bangladesh.

    This extremely time-critical delivery consisted of 92 packages, with a maximum weight of 189 metric tons. They were shipped from the Mumbai port in India to the Port of Mongla in Bangladesh. The scope of work undertaken by Premier Global not only included shipping by a breakbulk vessel from Mumbai, but also transportation of these packages from various vendors in Gujrat and Maharashtra, India to the port, port handling, storage, and export clearance.

    Premier Global was able to suffice the needs of their clients and execute this job smoothly because of its dedicated projects and operations team who were able to coordinate and monitor this shipment.

    Congratulations guys!

  • 29 May 2020
    #6 Did You Know Estonia Was The First Country To Allow Online Voting?

    Did you know Estonia was the first country to allow online voting? Estonia is probably the most advanced country in the world when it comes to the availability of online services. For marriages, divorces, and real-estate transactions you have to show up in person but even elections can be executed online. Estonia first introduced this nation-wide election method in 2005. Register Now!

  • 28 May 2020
    Another Flat Rack Project Completed by Bati Group

    Bati Shipping and Trading S.A., a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Turkey, is delighted to present yet another project carried out by their pricing department. This department is solely dedicated to Bati's agents and works to meet the expectations of all their partners and agents while providing the best low-cost solutions.

    Recently, they shipped a 40FT and a 20 FT flat rack, with a total weight of 50 tons from Turkey to Australia. These goods were picked up by the shipper and transported to the Bati warehouse, where they were thoroughly disinfected. After this, these goods were shrink-wrapped and covered with tarpaulin making it ready for shipment.

    This is yet another flat rack shipment completed by the Bati Group while taking all the necessary hygiene precautions with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Congratulations to the Bati team!

  • 27 May 2020
    FLS Projects has introduced Work From Home and Stricter HSE and PPE Regulations to Keep Everybody Safe and Ensure Uninterrupted Services

    FLS Projects, member of the Project Logistics Alliance has introduced Work From Home (WFH) as well as even stricter HSE and PPE regulations for their staff working in the field during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    This is to keep everybody safe and ensure uninterrupted services to their valued customers in these critical times. Since the first announcement by the management a few weeks ago to take appropriate measures at each location, FLS Projects has switched to a WFH scheme and only a few staff are coming to the offices on a daily basis. All other colleagues are set up to work from home to answer your inquiries and organizing everything needed for the smooth and successful completion of your projects. Full PPE as well Face Masks are of course mandatory for all project managers and supervisors that are overseeing operations at the ports and on job sites!

  • 27 May 2020
    New Member For Turkmenistan

    We are delighted to present to you a brand new member of the Project Logistics Alliance: welcome HK ‘’Hazar Tolkuny’’ as a new member for Turkmenistan with us. The company, HK ‘’Hazar Tolkuny’’ was established in September 2009. Highly skilled managers, logisticians using an individual approach to every client competently build logistics and offer the best logistics solution and offer innovative and tailor-made intermodal and multimodel transport solutions to freight forwarders.

    Hazar’s trained and experienced experts provide their customers a full range of services from air freight, road freight, sea freight, handling at airport/ RW station/ Seaport, broker customs clearance, husbandry services, delivery of collected orders, freight forwarding, customs import/export clearance, cross-docking, secure storage, unloading and loading of goods, processing of goods, packing/ unpacking, preparation of the accompanying transport documents, compliance with safety and security of cargo, consideration of the goods, reporting on the movement of goods, to the construction of warehouses for the customer.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, HK ‘’Hazar Tolkuny’’!

  • 26 May 2020
    C.H. Robinson helps transport heaters to Canada

    The project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, USA were onsite at the Port of Houston to receive two air heaters arriving from overseas. Each unit measured at 12 x 4.5 x 4.97 meters and weighed 36.6 metric tons.

    Due to the short notice between the readiness of goods and the green light to proceed, C.H. Robinson’s operators worked feverishly to arrange the required permits at origin and delivery for the over-dimensional cargo. Once the cargo arrived in North America, police escorts were utilized to help with various utilities along the 1,600-kilometer route from the Port of Houston to the delivery site in Manitoba, Canada.

    Overall, the team of experts oversaw unloading the cargo from the ocean vessel, securing onto trailers, acquiring permits, and cross border shipping between the U.S. and Canada. The entire project took six months from start to finish with a total volume of 1,503 cubic meters and 118 metric tons.

    Satisfied with the service, the customer awarded C.H. Robinson’s project logistics team with additional cargo requiring their global suite of services to complete the job – including transportation by ocean, coaster vessels, barges, and trucks.

    Congratulations Guys!

  • 26 May 2020
    Ceekay Ships Reels Of Drain Wire With Diligence

    Ceekay Shipping, the exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, has shipped ex works some drain wire reels from Singapore to Kuwait.

    The reel of wires weighed a total of 40MT and was loaded at the Port of Singapore and was shipped to Kuwait via Jebel Ali in Dubai. It was 3.8 x 2.6 x 2.8 meters in dimension and to ensure the stability during transit, the operations and project team at Ceekay conducted structural and gravity mapping to find the best placement position of the reel on their heavy-duty flat rack unit. Thanks to their meticulous care, it went smoothly without issues.

    Congratulations on this transfer!

  • 25 May 2020
    Breakbulk Transfer to Australia by Bati Group

    Bati Shipping and Trading S.A., a member representing Turkey in the Project Logistics Alliance, recently completed the transportation of a mainframe raptor and bowl to Australia.

    The scope of work undertaken by Bati included pre-carriage, warehousing, fumigation, shrink wrapping, amongst other necessary services. One of the main challenges that the operations team faced was lashing the heaviest part of the cargo on the skids. With a 50-ton weight, it required steel ropes and cables for securing during pre-carriage. It was taken to Bati's warehouse in Mersin for fumigating, which took a weeks time before it was further transported to the port and placed finally on the vessel as breakbulk cargo.

    Bati Group would like to thank everybody involved for making this cargo movement successful!

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  • 25 May 2020
    Tschudi Logistics Confluences Forces With Octra To Coordinate A Convoy Of 40 Vehicles

    Exactly one year ago, Tschudi Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Denmark, Finland, and Hong Kong joined forces with Octra Transport and Engineering, representing member of France, to complete a complicated shipment of heavy and oversized pulp cookers for one of Tschudi's Finnish client. The cargo totaled up to 425MT in weight and 4900 cbm in volume, and the task was to get it to Belgium as a single shipment to minimize costs and match the client's schedule.

    The project team at Tschudi suggested a solution that included multimodal transport spanning land, sea, and river. The southern part of Belgium witnessed one of the most significant and complex traffic in decades, which included a single convoy of 40 vehicles. The six pieces with a weight of up to 72 tons each, max length of up to 21 meters, and a diameter of 6.3 meters were transported successfully and on schedule to the site. The scope of work for this transfer included handling all the necessary permits and carrying out detailed surveys. This assignment was also challenging as it required a lot of obstacles to be dismantled along the way. A temporary road was even constructed to avoid crossing a small village center. During the last leg of this transfer, the trucks had only an average speed of 4 kilometers per hour.

    The video lets us have a glimpse as to how the last part of the journey from Ombret river port to a paper mill in Virton, Belgium, actually went through. Tschudi Logistics extends its gratitude to Octra and all the local parties involved for the successful cooperation for such a demanding project. Partnerships like these exemplify the expertise of our members in working together to obtain the best results. Congrats to both Tschudi and Octra for making this epic convoy possible!

  • 22 May 2020
    Hareket Showcases Expertise in Heavy Lifting by Assembling Two Portal Cranes

    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Uzbekistan, recently completed the assembly of two portal cranes at the Tersan Shipyard in Yalova, Turkey, where they were manufactured.

    These two portal cranes had a capacity of 200 tons and weighed 856 tons each. The challenges they faced during the installation was the narrow space available, because of which the project team had to adhere to the plan down to the t. The main beam was hung on the hooks of crawler cranes to move it into position. Two crawler cranes with a capacity of 600 tons tandem lifted and carried the main beam, which weighed 520 tons. Steel plates were also used to ensure even distribution of ground pressure for the 30 meters distance traveled.

    The safe installation of both portal cranes was completed just in time, showcasing the expertise of the heavy lifting team at Hareket. Congratulations guys!

  • 22 May 2020
    Dopravia Moves Large Dryer Component From Switzerland To Slovakia

    Dopravia, Project Logistics Alliance member from Slovakia, is reporting the successful road transportation of a large drying component with a diameter of 4,30 meters from Switzerland to Slovakia. The vehicle was 25 meters long and brought up a total weight of 80 tons.

    Rastislav Sykora, general manager of Dopravia, summarizes that the transport was conducted without any problems and delivered to the customer’s full satisfaction. He points out that one can’t buy a good reputation, the satisfaction of his customers and good references matter more to him and his team than charging overpriced services.

  • 22 May 2020
    #5 Did You Know Estonians Love To Swing?

    Did you know Estonians love to swing? Swinging is not only a children’s free time activity but taken very seriously in Estonia. They love it so much that in 1993, a new sport was invented by Ado Kosk, called Kiiking. Participants attach their feet to a giant steel constructed swing that rotates a full 360 degrees. It is yet to be included in the Olympic Games.

  • 21 May 2020
    Express Global Performs a Cross Country Transfer During the National Lockdown in India

    Express Global Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing India, completed a time-critical movement of a Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) module from the western part of India to the east of India.

    This module had dimensions of 8.6 x 5.45 x 5.2 meters and weighed 55 metric tons. The journey from the west to the east took 66 days, with a total distance of 3700 km covered. A six-member crew, along with an escort vehicle was deployed to shadow this transfer right from the start-up until its delivery. The height of the unit, for such a long haul, was the biggest challenge along with the accompanying challenge of terrain and distance. Given that the average height of the hoardings and road signs are 5.5 meters, a comprehensive pre-plan for the complete movement was necessary. The total height, including the axles, was 6.4 meters, which made it essential for road signs to be dismantled along the route. The nation-wide lock-down implemented during this period also made the job tougher. However, the EXG crew exhibited persistence in their endeavors. They went on to arrange for all necessary permissions and required resources to ensure no delay in the movement.

    Express Global Logistics is proud and overwhelmed by the commitment of the crew and would like to highlight the fact that the team is finally back home and safe. This unparalleled commitment and due diligence have helped the EXG family to face yet another challenging job. Congratulations guys!

  • 21 May 2020
    FLS Projects Vietnam Loading 6,900 RT on Two Ships at the Same Time at Haiphong Port, Vietnam

    FLS Projects member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and USA completed the loading operation of two ships next to each other at the same time at Haiphong port.

    The first shipment of 2,822 revtons / 132 items of steel structures is now on their way to Brazil for a Thermoelectric Plant. FLS Vietnam was assigned to arrange port handling of the goods and to supervise the loading for this ongoing project and has now handled the 3rd shipment on behalf of the charterer. At the same time, FLS Vietnam loaded another shipment of 4,100 revtons of plant equipment for a Thermal Power Station in Japan. Besides overseeing the loading in Vietnam, FLS was also responsible for booking the ocean freight. Both jobs have been completed simultaneously under the supervision of two FLS Inhouse Port Captains for smooth cargo handling!

    Great job and well done Team Vietnam!

  • 21 May 2020
    New Member For Bulgaria

    The Project Logistics Alliance is excited to introduce a member to you. Planet Trans Ltd has joined our network of highly professional project forwarders and is representing Bulgaria as only member in this country. Planet Trans Ltd was established in 2001 as a part of NTZ Group. Their trained and experienced team has been providing its customers with their best services of more than 20 years' experience in this market. On top of that, they have their own special equipment for the handling of heavy and OOG cargo in place to serve customers any time support is needed.

    Planet Trans’s experts have experience handling oversized cargo services, project cargo services, project logistics budgeting and planning, the inspection of the chosen route, handling the documentation from a government agency and local authorities at the destination, organizing of official police escort services and car escort services with own licensed vehicles, container transport, heavyweight container vehicles, special overweight container trailers, national trucking services, international trucking services, loading/unloading of oversized loads, customer-tailored transportation consultancy, cargo inspection, and transport insurance.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Planet Trans Ltd!