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This alliance is one of the few networks established and run by project logistics professionals with extensive experience of complex project logistics and an understanding of the industry. We ensure you high-quality members who know their business! The network, as well as our events, is centred on the goal to create an environment where our members find the right business partners to grow their business.

How can we be that sure?

  • Project Cargo forwarders only! – no common forwarders are admitted
  • Strict admission process and proven track record of handled project
  • limited memberships to 2 members per country

Quality of our members. The Project Cargo and heavy lift industry are still heavily relying on personal contacts and fining the right partner abroad. This is what we do. We ensure that the people you meet in our network know what they are talking about.

Our Project Platform: created for members, so they can offer projects to other members, particularly for cross-trades. This platform has now been launched and we are working to continuously improve it.

Workshops: during our networking sessions, we offer workshops that are targeted at challenging markets, countries, and areas. Particularly for emerging markets with special demands i.e. customs requirements in Brazil/India permit procedures in China/Nigeria, etc.

More than 120 project forwarders: through our network, you have access to a broad network of project experts all around the world. You can be sure that the partner abroad performs what was promised. Our alliance is an extension to the company’s existing network. This enables to compete with multinational companies.

Gain new business: you can extend your business by being listed for a country because other members will approach you with their requests. The more active you are, the more requests you will receive.

Extensive marketing possibilities: the PL-Alliance team will publish your news and short stories on our website and our monthly newsletter. We also share news on our social media, such as LinkedIn and twitter.

Annual meetings: we organize meetings to enable you to meet all our members around the world

We have an exclusive partnership with ALN which means that our members have full access to the members of ALN at no additional charge. Of course, there is no obligation to access ALN. We believe that this wider audience is beneficial for both networks.

ALN has a dense coverage in the African market 98%, however, most of them are common forwarders. For further information, feel free to check their website.

Membership applications are subject to a rigorous application process. As the requested services are an absolute niche, we make sure our members have the required knowledge. The PLA requires applicants to demonstrate a track record of projects as well as proving that they are financially sound. By ensuring strict application requirements, the Project Logistics Alliance ensures its community of a global network of approved and qualified members.

Yes, please contact us for a current member list.

  • 2 reference projects or case studies
  • 2 customer references
  • A company presentation containing: financial information, the number of employees, geographical coverage, and the annual number of projects completed

You can gain new business by being listed for a country because other members will approach you with their requests. The more active you are, the more requests you will receive! We welcome you to take part in our annual meetings and benefit from conferences to build personal and long-lasting relationships with other members.

No, there is no obligation to terminate current relationships, however, we kindly ask you to prefer doing business with PL Alliance members, to build up relationships within the network and profit from better rates and margins.

Yes! PLA membership is limited to two members per country; to ensure sufficient coverage, larger markets such as India, the USA, and China have four members.

No. Unfortunately this is not possible. Due to the strict member limit per country though, you will always have 50% exclusivity.

Yes, we do! We believe that no digital tool will ever be able to replace a good relationship within our business segment.

We have one annual general meeting (AGM) per year. The location varies each year. 2018 we are in HCM city, Vietnam. The AGM is the most important event of the year. It enables you to meet the best project forwarders from around the globe in one place. During our 20min “speed dating session” you are able to engage in one-to-one conversations.

Additionally, to the AGM, we have the PLA mini-meetings which take place shortly before the Breakbulk Europe convention each year.

We are partnering up with companies that can bring value to our members. Our partners are companies that are in the industry.

We do not offer free or trial memberships.

Standard Membership is €1.750 per annum, per enterprise.

Our network was founded in December 2016.
The founding members who are also member in other networks felt that these networks are collecting member without controlling the quality of the member, they are “Pay to Join”. That is why we simply created our own alliance of truly skilled project cargo experts.

The Project Logistics Alliance is based in the hanseatic Bremen, Germany:
VAT# DE311380136
Company Registration HRB 32251 HB

Feel free to contact us here:

Telephone: +49 170 81 57 113