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This network is one of the few networks which does not focus on quantity but quality. Instead of collecting companies that are ready to pay our membership fee, we select companies that fit in our understanding of a network and, most importantly, that can provide us with sufficient proof of expertise in outstanding project cargo handling as well as with a record of satisfied customers. We ensure you high-quality members who know their business!

There are more benefits for you:

  • Gain new business. You can extend your business by being listed for a country because other members will approach you with their requests. The more active you are, the more requests you will receive.
  • Extensive marketing possibilities. We promote your project activities and raise awareness to your company and the services you are offering. These articles are published on our website but also on our social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter. Further, we send a monthly newsletter to 49.000 contacts in the industry and share your news in it.
  • Networking Events.You are invited to our network-only networking events such as the Annual Global Meeting and additional networking events at big events like Breakbulk Europe. We are also hosting virtual events. There is something in for everybody.
  • Worldwide network. We aim to facilitate communication between members. For this, we are using several tools like a member portal on our website and our own Project Logistics Alliance mobile app.
  • …and so much more

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide you with an environment that fosters long-term relationships in a world that becomes increasingly short-term, impersonal, and transactional.

Yes, please contact us for a current member list.

Please submit your membership application to or one of our team members. In your application, please include the country of interest and the following:

  • 2 references of projects that you have handled in the past (facts and figures, please also attach pictures)
  • 2 contacts of people you have previously worked with (customer references)
  • A company presentation including all key aspects such as office location(s), services, number of employees, etc.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

This depends on how actively you are using the network. You can gain new business by being listed for a country because other members will approach you with their requests. The more active you are, the more requests you will receive! We welcome you to take part in our annual meetings and benefit from conferences to build personal and long-lasting relationships with other members.

No, there is no obligation to terminate current relationships, however, we kindly ask you to prefer doing business with fellow members of the Project Logistics Alliance. This helps to build up relationships within the network, profit from better rates and margins and strengthens our community in the long run.

Yes! PLA membership is limited to two members per country. To ensure sufficient coverage, larger markets such as India, the USA, and China have four members.

We distinguish between members and partners in our community.

Our members are specialized project forwarders with the expertise to handle project cargo and with local know-how in the country(-ies) they are registered for. There is a strict limit of max. 2 members per country (with the exception of 4 members in China, India, and the USA to allow more coverage).

Partners are companies that can but not necessarily must be associated with project forwarding in the first place. Our partners offer products and services on an over-the-edge base and thus provide a competitive advantage to our members. Partners are exclusive for the segment/ industry they are representing in our partnership.

You can find the list of all network partners here:

No, we do not offer free or trial memberships.

The Project Logistics Alliance is based in the Hanseatic city of Bremen, in the north of Germany.

Feel free to contact us at or any one of our team directly. We are happy to answer your questions.

We invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. It contains all activities from our network members, the latest updates from the network management, and the most important industry news. Further, you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.