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  • 27 Jul 2017
    Centauro handled Transport for Project Cargo of oversized equipment for the industrial sector in Argentina

    In February 2017 Centauro Project Logistics Alliance member for Argentina was nominated to handle Integrated Multimodal Logistics by Sea and Land of an Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Plant (HCA) from Shanghai, China to the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. After having participated in a competitive bid along with locals and multinational freight forwarders, Centauro was honored by client’s nomination due to the proven experience and trajectory of our company in the development of projects in Argentina.

    Centauro arranged the overall negotiation and vessel contract, as well as port operations and road transportation upon arrival at Port of Buenos Aires to client's plant, maintaining a fluid and permanent contact with all parties involved including an European technologist, the Chinese manufacturer and the Argentine importer with the aim of complying times and logistical restrictions presented in the project.

    The shipment of the three largest pieces, 35 meters long and 74 tons each, together with the rest of the components, was shipped on vessel BBC Oregon taking 55 days transit time from Shanghai to Buenos Aires.
    The unloading operations in Buenos Aires port were also supervised and controlled by Centauro staff as well as the conditioning and road transportation of these big pieces to the customer's premises using three multi axle trailers , flat bed carts and support equipment in convoy with special road permits and police custody.

    The multimodal service from Shanghai to Santa Fe was performed in 62 days total, delivering the cargo at final destination with full customer satisfaction.

    This first stage of the project will be completed soon with the shipment of more than 80 containers from Northern Europe ports using Port of Rosario, Argentina as local entrance port.

  • 26 Jul 2017
    Poland's widest oversize load

    5 medium passenger cars driving next to each other on the local road? Yes, that is possible! The oversize loads department in Scandinavian Express (Project Logistics Alliance member for Poland and Sweden) proved that it is possible to transport 10,38 m wide load driving on local roads and collectors. This was the widest load ever officially transported in Poland.

    This 28 m long and 4 m high truck&trailer with load-steel gangway for port loading device was transported to barge harbor in Police, West Pomeranian District, Poland. The load was transported on 4-axles Goldhofer tele-trailer. There were 9 people engaged in this project.

    “Most of the oversize loads’ transports are invisible for ordinary traffic participants as they take place in the middle of the night” says Roman Jakubik, management consultant for oversize loads, Scandinavian Express. “People monitoring this kind of transport are responsible for the safety of other traffic participants as well as for the preparation of each section of the route. It is demanding especially when the transported load is wider than 2 traffic lanes, as it was in this particular example.”

  • 25 Jul 2017
    FLS Projects shipped Power Plant Equipment

    Another week, another job completed by FLS Projects - Project Logistics Alliance member for Singapore, Thailand and the USA! This time some Power Plant Equipment was shipped from Mäntyluoto in Finland to Jurong in Singapore.
    The freight was loaded at origin on a coastal vessel and taken to Hamburg. There it was transshipped onto a Break Bulk vessel heading to Singapore where the cargo, including a 130 metric tons engine, was directly discharged onto a barge alongside vessel. FLS Singapore was in charge of chartering both vessels and supervising the discharge operations in Jurong.

    Thank you very much Team FLS in Singapore for another well done job! FLS Projects – We love project cargo!

  • 24 Jul 2017
    CEA manages the transport and export of a Catamaran Ferry

    CEA - Project Logistics Alliance member for Thailand and Myanmar - was contracted for the transport, storage and export of a Catamaran Ferry from Chonburi, Thailand to Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. The Catamaran is an ISO Cat. B Offshore Class weighing 17 tonnes and 17 meters in length and powered by four Yamaha GETU 250 HP engines. When in service the ferry can carry 80 passengers and crew.

    The ferry was moored at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Chonburi, Thailand. CEA Teams arrived at the Yacht Club and supervised the initial lift from the water via a straddle carrier and the subsequent loading on to specially fabricated frame which was attached to a standard lowbed transport trailer. Due to the height restrictions on Thailand’s roads, the top section of the ferry was removed to allow safe transport along the route to the CEA Facility. The top section was loaded and secured with ratchet straps onto a separate trailer. Once the CEA rigging teams had secured the ferry to the trailer the prime mover left the yacht club to make the 33 km to Laem Chabang and the CEA Free Trade Zone where it was held in storage until the shipping vessel Atlantic Dawn arrived at port. After seven days in storage, the ferry was transported to Laem Chabang Port under CEA escort and readied for loadout which included the top section being reattached. Port and vessel stevedores executed the loading and stowage aboard the Atlantic Dawn. CEA provided all the necessary shipping and customs documentation in preparation of export.

    The client upon receiving the order to manufacture the catamaran did not anticipate that shipping such a vehicle to Sierra Leone would be an issue, however, after extensive and unsatisfactory service from four different Freight Forwarding companies. They contacted CEA who offered the Full Turnkey service.

    The client stated:
    “After we had made contact with CEA, from that point on what had been a most unpleasant, expensive and frustrating experience became a routine operation. The teams at CEA arranged prompt and hassle free transport from the Ocean Marina Yacht Club to Laem Chabang and the subsequent loading onto the vessel a week later. All this was achieved with the minimal involvement required from us, which was so refreshing from what we had previously experienced. A professionally handled project from start to finish by CEA.”

  • 21 Jul 2017
    Scandinavian Express delivers Bridge Steel Beams to Sweden

    Scandinavian Express - Project Logistics Alliance member for Poland and Sweden - has delivered two bridge steel beams from Czech Republic to road construction site in Sollefteå, Sweden.
    Cargo including transport unit reached 32m and 30m length. The equipment used in this transportation project: Scania 4-axle, Volvo 3-axle tractors plus extendable Goldhofer tele trailer and Faymonvile semi trailer. “Piece of cake” sums up Roman Jakubik, one of the OSL transport leaders.

  • 20 Jul 2017
    FreightPlus moved 120-tonne mining trucks!

    This is how FreightPlus - Project Logistics Alliance member for Australia and Japan - moved 120-tonne mining trucks to the port in Australia:

    A tire handler meets the trucks at port, refits the wheels, the trailer drops down and drives away and your 789C is ready to drive to ship's RORO ramp or hook!

    In the picture you can see one of 12 trucks going to an up-river mine in Indonesia.

  • 19 Jul 2017
    Lift & Shift delivers 1535 tons reactor!

    Lift & Shift - PL Alliance member for India and Sultanate of Oman - delivered 1535 tons reactor for Sasool (USA) to Jumbo ship in Mumbai. The photos above show various modes: Transport and roll on to jetty, lashings for the voyage, sail out from Hazira to Mumbai, delivery to ship.

  • 18 Jul 2017
    FLS handles many exciting and challenging projects

    Last week has indeed been a busy week for our PL Alliance member FLS Projects:

    - 2,700 cbm of pipes shipped from South Korea to the United Arab Emirates
    - 7,600 cbm of HRSG equipment shipped from Thailand to Bahrain
    - 2,000 cbm of Transformers shipped from China to Thailand
    - 1,900 cbm of steel pipes shipped from Thailand to the United States
    - 2,000 cbm of mobile cranes received in SGP for on-carriage to IDN
    - Several Aircraft tugs received in Laem Chabang for delivery to Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Day in, day out FLS is handling many exciting and challenging projects for a variety of customers and industries.

    Please visit FLS website and follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • 17 Jul 2017
    Actanis handles 4 super modules for the Kuwait GT5 refinery

    Actanis, PL Alliance member for Spain and Portugal, recently handled a shipment for the Kuwait GT5 refinery project, which is currently under development in Kuwait by Initec TR. The shipment involved among other, smaller parts, the transportation of 4 x super modules with approximate dimensions of 19 x 11,3 x 19,5 meters. the total weight of each unit is about 361 tons.

    The main challenge was to set and design the grillage and bracing meant for the securing of the cargo onboard and get it ready for the journey. Complete operation was executed in 3 days. Loading of super modules took 2 days each, this was followed by the securing the cargo onboard.
    POL: Marghera
    POD: Shuaiba

  • 13 Jul 2017
    FLS Projects is shipping Vacuum Insulated Pipe Spools

    FLS Projects PL Alliance member for Thailand, USA, and Singapore is shipping yet another batch of Vacuum Insulated Pipe Spools from Thailand to the USA! The spools have different diameters ranging from 8 to 26 inches, with some of the spools exceeding 36 meters in length. FLS’ scope includes:

    - The fabrication and installation of wooden saddles
    - Shrink wrapping
    - Road transport from the factory to the port
    - Port storage and FAS delivery
    - Export customs clearance
    - Marine Cargo Insurance
    - Chartering of a suitable vessel

  • 12 Jul 2017
    R&B Global Projects ships 3000 tons steel sheet piles

    R&B Global Projects, PL Alliance member for Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania handled a shipment of 3000 tons steel sheet piles.

    The sheet piles were up to 20m long and were shipped from Koper port, Slovenia to Port Said, Egypt.
    R&B Global Projects used a geared multipurpose charter vessel.

  • 11 Jul 2017
    Steder Group moves 4 transformers

    PL Alliance member Steder Group recently moved 4 transformers (92 mtons each) from the port of Djibouti to two different substations in Ethiopia, being Sululta and Debre Birhan.

    The project was under extreme time pressure but all 4 units were transported and delivered safely upto arrival site and well within the deadline.

  • 10 Jul 2017
    Conveyor Logistics successfully completed challenging Project in Bangladesh

    Project Logistics Alliance founding member Conveyor Logistics Ltd. recently successfully completed one of the most challenging Heavy Lift handling operations in Bangladesh for 275MW Barapukuria Coal Fired Thermal Power Station-3rd Unit.

    Total Volume of Cargo:
    100,000 CBM (approx)

    Heavy Lift Details:
    Boiler Drum (19.8 x 3.22 x 2.37m ) GWT: 199 Ton
    Deaerator (26.8 x 4.95 x 4.08m) GWT: 90 Ton
    Stator Assembly (8.1 x 3.8 x 3.87m) GWT: 195 Ton

    Conveyor Logistics Ltd., was employed to receive cargo at Ports of Entry (Mongla & Chittagong), inland transportation by road and river, and delivery at site. The Heavy-lift cargos, especially Boiler Drum, weighing 199 Tons, Deaerator weighing 90 Tons and Stator Assembly weighing 195 Tons were received from mother vessel named MV Da Hua & MV Da Zhong at Mongla Port and was transported by barges to the temporary jetty that was purposely built at Balasi Ghat of Gaibandha District, which is about 103 kilometers away from project site.

    HLs and ODCs were received from mother vessels at Mongla Port on flat barges named A&J, DB Grameen and DB Sarbik were transported by river from Mongla to Balasighat. The HL and ODC were unloaded from barges by Indigenous method (Jacking & Skidding) to place it on 18 Axle-line Goldhofer HMT and hauled to project site.

    For unloading cargo from barges by Skidding method, CLL had constructed and develop a 900 Ton capacity Temporary Jetty and 60M x 40M lay-down area on the bank of Old Brahmaputra River at Balasighat, Gaibandha.

    In Balasi Ghat, the main challenge was getting the heavy-lifts and ODCs at the temporary jetty site when the water level in the river is sufficient for navigation to the temporary jetty. Historically, it was learnt that the area selected for construction of temporary jetty remains navigable for only about 20 days during the peak of the monsoon season, when the water level in the river is usually the highest and rest of year the temporary jetty area remains fully dry. So CLL had to schedule, in coordination with their employer, shipment of HLs and ODCs such that those can be transported to Temporary Jetty when the water level in the river is high enough enabling navigation of barges to the Temporary Jetty.

    The distance between Mongla Port and the temporary jetty at Balasi Ghat was about 590Km. Plying against high current upstream during the monsoon season, all through this 590Km, was another challenge that we had to encounter. We had to engage heavy tugboat, having higher capacity to negotiate high current with heavy loads. The progress was slow. It took twenty (20) days from Mongla to Balasi Ghat, which would otherwise have taken ten (10) days at the maximum under normal condition.

    CLL’s scheduling was so accurate that the river way transportation was successfully done in safely and on time. A seven (7) day delay in transit from Mongla to Balasi Ghat could have delayed delivery of HL until next monsoon, when the water lever would have risen sufficiently enabling navigation of barges to temporary jetty.

    Cargos were received on Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) from Barges at the temporary jetty located and were delivered to the plant site located about 103 Km away from Balasi Ghat at Barapukuria, Parbatipur, Dinajpur., Bangladesh.

    On the route from temporary jetty to project site, there were almost 20 bridges and culverts out of which one 55 meter long bridge and two (2) culverts were seemed weak structurally. For safety of the cargoes, it was decided to use 30 Axle-line HMT to negotiating those weak structures and longer-span (45 meter long spans) bridges. For remaining part of the road, 18 axle-lines were used.

    On the way to project site, we had to cross a box-culvert, top deck of one of the sections of which was damaged. We had to use steel ramps to cross the damaged section of the box-culvert.

  • 10 Jul 2017
    R&B Global Projects handled a 96-ton heat exchanger

    PLA Member R&B Global Projects unloaded a heat exchanger weighing 96 tons from the vessel directly onto a truck in Rijeka port, Croatia. Transport from Rijeka port with over-weight heavy road transport to Kostrena, Croatia.

    The heat exchanger also included a spray bar + service parts which they transported with normal trucks from Italy to Kostrena.

  • 08 Jul 2017
    Steder group moves transformer from Finnland to Dubai

    During last week, the forwarding department of Steder Group HQ, Rhoon, The Netherlands, successfully collected, loaded, lashed, and shipped out a transformer and auxiliary parts from Finland. Upon arrival at the UAE, their colleagues arranged a smooth receipt and door-delivery to the customer.