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  • 11 Jul 2017
    Steder Group moves 4 transformers

    PL Alliance member Steder Group recently moved 4 transformers (92 mtons each) from the port of Djibouti to two different substations in Ethiopia, being Sululta and Debre Birhan.

    The project was under extreme time pressure but all 4 units were transported and delivered safely upto arrival site and well within the deadline.

  • 10 Jul 2017
    Conveyor Logistics successfully completed challenging Project in Bangladesh

    Project Logistics Alliance founding member Conveyor Logistics Ltd. recently successfully completed one of the most challenging Heavy Lift handling operations in Bangladesh for 275MW Barapukuria Coal Fired Thermal Power Station-3rd Unit.

    Total Volume of Cargo:
    100,000 CBM (approx)

    Heavy Lift Details:
    Boiler Drum (19.8 x 3.22 x 2.37m ) GWT: 199 Ton
    Deaerator (26.8 x 4.95 x 4.08m) GWT: 90 Ton
    Stator Assembly (8.1 x 3.8 x 3.87m) GWT: 195 Ton

    Conveyor Logistics Ltd., was employed to receive cargo at Ports of Entry (Mongla & Chittagong), inland transportation by road and river, and delivery at site. The Heavy-lift cargos, especially Boiler Drum, weighing 199 Tons, Deaerator weighing 90 Tons and Stator Assembly weighing 195 Tons were received from mother vessel named MV Da Hua & MV Da Zhong at Mongla Port and was transported by barges to the temporary jetty that was purposely built at Balasi Ghat of Gaibandha District, which is about 103 kilometers away from project site.

    HLs and ODCs were received from mother vessels at Mongla Port on flat barges named A&J, DB Grameen and DB Sarbik were transported by river from Mongla to Balasighat. The HL and ODC were unloaded from barges by Indigenous method (Jacking & Skidding) to place it on 18 Axle-line Goldhofer HMT and hauled to project site.

    For unloading cargo from barges by Skidding method, CLL had constructed and develop a 900 Ton capacity Temporary Jetty and 60M x 40M lay-down area on the bank of Old Brahmaputra River at Balasighat, Gaibandha.

    In Balasi Ghat, the main challenge was getting the heavy-lifts and ODCs at the temporary jetty site when the water level in the river is sufficient for navigation to the temporary jetty. Historically, it was learnt that the area selected for construction of temporary jetty remains navigable for only about 20 days during the peak of the monsoon season, when the water level in the river is usually the highest and rest of year the temporary jetty area remains fully dry. So CLL had to schedule, in coordination with their employer, shipment of HLs and ODCs such that those can be transported to Temporary Jetty when the water level in the river is high enough enabling navigation of barges to the Temporary Jetty.

    The distance between Mongla Port and the temporary jetty at Balasi Ghat was about 590Km. Plying against high current upstream during the monsoon season, all through this 590Km, was another challenge that we had to encounter. We had to engage heavy tugboat, having higher capacity to negotiate high current with heavy loads. The progress was slow. It took twenty (20) days from Mongla to Balasi Ghat, which would otherwise have taken ten (10) days at the maximum under normal condition.

    CLL’s scheduling was so accurate that the river way transportation was successfully done in safely and on time. A seven (7) day delay in transit from Mongla to Balasi Ghat could have delayed delivery of HL until next monsoon, when the water lever would have risen sufficiently enabling navigation of barges to temporary jetty.

    Cargos were received on Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) from Barges at the temporary jetty located and were delivered to the plant site located about 103 Km away from Balasi Ghat at Barapukuria, Parbatipur, Dinajpur., Bangladesh.

    On the route from temporary jetty to project site, there were almost 20 bridges and culverts out of which one 55 meter long bridge and two (2) culverts were seemed weak structurally. For safety of the cargoes, it was decided to use 30 Axle-line HMT to negotiating those weak structures and longer-span (45 meter long spans) bridges. For remaining part of the road, 18 axle-lines were used.

    On the way to project site, we had to cross a box-culvert, top deck of one of the sections of which was damaged. We had to use steel ramps to cross the damaged section of the box-culvert.

  • 10 Jul 2017
    R&B Global Projects handled a 96-ton heat exchanger

    PLA Member R&B Global Projects unloaded a heat exchanger weighing 96 tons from the vessel directly onto a truck in Rijeka port, Croatia. Transport from Rijeka port with over-weight heavy road transport to Kostrena, Croatia.

    The heat exchanger also included a spray bar + service parts which they transported with normal trucks from Italy to Kostrena.

  • 08 Jul 2017
    Steder group moves transformer from Finnland to Dubai

    During last week, the forwarding department of Steder Group HQ, Rhoon, The Netherlands, successfully collected, loaded, lashed, and shipped out a transformer and auxiliary parts from Finland. Upon arrival at the UAE, their colleagues arranged a smooth receipt and door-delivery to the customer.

  • 07 Jul 2017
    Express Global Logistics RO-RO cargo at Chennai Port

    Express Global Logistics (EXG) PLA memberfor India handles RO-RO cargo at Chennai Port. The unloading and customs clearance of the Marine Unloading Arms was executed by the Chennai team of Express Global Logistics (EXG). The shipment contained a total of 14 packages, in which there were 4 ODC with dimensions of 18.3 x 3.60 x 3.35 meters each. The total volume of the cargo was 1202FRT. The shipment was seamlessly handled by the EXG Team and the cargo was cleared at Chennai port in record time and safely. 10 Mafi were used for unloading the shipment, 4 x 60 feet and 6 x 40 feet. Customs clearance completed within 24 hours of vessel berthing at port. Out of charge was obtained within 30 hours of vessel berthing. With speedy documentation, planning and defined process, the entire cargo was made available for delivery within 30 hours of vessel berthing. Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, (EXG) India is a project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is an asset based company, having pan India presence backed by its own fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic axles, cranes up to 450 tons, and warehouses.

  • 05 Jul 2017
    FLS handles shipments for the ALBA Power Station in Bahrain

    Last weekend FLS Projects PLA member for Thailand completed the loading operation for the first out of four shipments for the ALBA Power Station 5 Project in Bahrain. Over the next 3 months, FLS Projects will be moving more than 21,000 cbm of HRSG casings, staircases, platforms, stack sections and other steel structures. FLS’ scope includes the transportation from the fabricator’s workshops in Bangkok area and the Eastern Seaboard to Laem Chabang, customs clearance, storage, port handling up to FAS, supervision and marine survey.

  • 04 Jul 2017
    Steder Group moves two huge ball valves

    Steder Group Djibouti recently moved two ball valves for Genale Dawe Hydro Power Project from the port of Djibouti to the project site in Ethiopia.

    Delivery was done inside the dam through tunnels, which was a challenge but thanks to meticulous planning and Steder Group boots on the ground, this hurdle was taken without incidents.

    Each ball valve had a weight of 130 metric tons. Distance travelled was approx. 1450 km, items were safely delivered as scheduled.

  • 03 Jul 2017
    C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Moves Capital Equipment

    C.H. Robinson Project Logistics, PLA member for the USA, Canada, and Singapore recently transported 53 packages of Capital Equipment from China to Korea for a customer in the Chemical Processing industry. Operations went smoothly, other than a brief stoppage due to heavy fog. The equipment was well stowed at the center of the lower hold and tween deck. Project specialists were onsite to supervise the Operation at all points of handling. The cargo was later mobilized by specialized transporters to the receiver’s yard.

  • 03 Jul 2017
    MAE MOH units 4-7 Replacement : A Journey comes to an end

    PLA Members FLS Projects reports about the final completion of a 20 month Project.

    Mae Moh Units 4-7 Replacement: A journey comes to an end… while we are still delivering some smaller shipments, it is time to say:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH to our customers, our sub-contractors, everybody involved and especially the TEAM for an exceptional job well done!
    Thank you very very much – It has been an exciting time!

    A project in numbers:
    Total distance covered: 3,130,500 km
    Man-hours worked: 1,427,984 hrs
    Weight moved: 26,974,064 kg
    Volume moved: 168,741 cbm
    Heaviest item: 365,000 kg
    Number of trucks: 4,174
    Number of drivers: 435
    From first delivery until today: 20 months

    And most importantly, the NUMBER OF CLAIMS: ZERO!

  • 27 Jun 2017
    CMX exported 5x Excavators from Australia to Mongolia

    CMX PLA Member for Australia, USA and United Arab Emirates exported 5x Excavators from Australia to Mongolia Details: 1,848.50CBM/ 660MT of cargo, Static, loaded and lashed to Mafi roll trailer, shipped RORO. Commodity: Excavators Challenges: All machines required full dismantle, all pieces static, multiple shore crane lifts required, 25+ Mafi roll trailers required all shipped on one vessel

  • 26 Jun 2017
    FLS Projects is handling more than 15.000 TEU

    FLS Projects PLA member for Thailand, Singapore, and USA is handling more than 15,000 TEU of containerized, project related cargo annually, break bulk on container vessels, Flat Racks & RoRo. Pipes, steel structures, vehicles and heavy machinery, no matter the type of cargo, origin or destination, FLS Projects will arrange for stuffing & lashing plans, provide stuffing & lashing services, marine survey, insurance, inland haulage, customs clearance, purchase or lease of SOC, and of course the ocean freight booking at competitive rates. Over the past 20+ years, FLS has become a specialist in this segment and has signed volume contracts for project related cargo with all major carriers.

  • 24 Jun 2017
    Logimar handles a cooling line from Italy to India

    Logimar Srl, PLA member for Italy, completed haulages and operations in Genoa Port to ship a batch off cooling line to India. The machine tool was packed in 18 wooden cases and delivered from North of Italy area to the port of Genoa, than cargo has been stuffed and lashed on 8x40' FR OOG and shipped to Chennai India by container vessel.

  • 22 Jun 2017
    CMX handles 9 Caterpillar mining trucks

    CMX PLA Member for Australia, United Arab Emirates, and USA reports about the following transport: 9x CATERPILLAR MT4400’s ex Bunbury, Western Australia to Mackay, Queensland. Details: 8,660.355 CBM/ 2,160MT of cargo, single crane lifts, part chartered vessel. Commodity: 200t mining trucks. Challenges: The trucks needed to be disassembled in order to be transported from origin site to POL, then rebuilt in the port for shipping.

  • 20 Jun 2017
    BATI shares a Coca-Cola with Iraq

    BATI GROUP PLA member for Turkey has succesfully transported empty Coca Cola cans to Iraq from the port of Mersin.
    We are recieving the containers in the port of Mersin and stuffing them on the port. Once we have a truck load of cans, the packaging is done with bubblle wrap and the cans are loaded to the trucks. Once again BATI GROUP succesfully takes care of a Project from MERSIN – IRAQ.

  • 19 Jun 2017

    FLS Projects PLA member for Singapore, USA and Thailand completed an urgent shipment of 2 transformers each weighing 158 tons and related accessories from Turkey to Taiwan for TPC’s Dah Tarn project. The vessel was chartered by FLS on a last in / first out basis to meet the client’s extremely tight delivery schedule. FLS in fact positioned the vessel before the cargo was at the port to ensure it could sail the moment the transformers were ready to ensure the shortest possible transit time. Another job well done by FLS Taiwan!