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  • 05 Jul 2018
    New member in Kenya!

    We are excited to introduce our new member Heavy Industry Logistics (HiLOG) to you for Kenya and East Africa! Project logistics is at the heart of HiLOG. They are specialized in the movement of Heavy Lift and Out of Gauge cargo and long term project support. Headquartered in Mombasa with a branch office in Nairobi, they provide premium logistic services to industrial sectors such as the Oil & Gas, Mining or Renewable Energy industries in Kenya and East Africa, thus channeling their expertise into the areas they know best.

  • 04 Jul 2018
    Logistics Plus’ Project Team moves Double Girder Bridge to Turkey

    Logistics Plus concluded another huge project. 10 trucks were involved in the transport of 2x Double Girder Bridges from Ukraine to Turkey. There were no problems and the cargo was delivered safely to the final destination.

  • 03 Jul 2018
    New member in Brazil

    The Project Logistics Alliance team is very happy to welcome CTO Global Logistics Brasil LTDA as our new member for Brazil!

    CTO was founded in 1974 and has ever since established a long-standing trademark in the forwarding industry and distinction in quality of service. From tailor-made solutions to big industrial-logistic projects, CTO through strong strategic alliances and extensive network, allowing them to cover any kind of logistics demands all over the world.

    CTO is always looking for strong and transparent relationships, being a reliable company with a highly qualified team, working to develop and attending every client according to their requirements.

    Welcome aboard, CTO Global Logistics Brasil LTDA!

  • 03 Jul 2018
    FLS transports a complete Bypass Exhaust System

    Our member FLS Projects, representing Singapore, Thailand and the USA, successfully carried out a heavy haulage transport of a complete Bypass Exhaust System in Vietnam. The transport of the fully assembled Damper Diverter with a diameter of 10m required close coordination with the authorities to cut the electricity cable wire. FLS’ Project Managers safeguarded in cooperation with the local representative of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) the over-dimensional transport ensuring a seamless execution. Congratulations, FLS Project!

  • 29 Jun 2018
    Precision manufacturing components worth EUR 2.3 million safely delivered! (Part 2)

    Complementing our news from the 3rd of May, we can proudly announce, that AC PROJECT & FORWARDING (our member representing Spain) has successfully concluded the delivered this project. The cargo implied heavy duty and extremely accurate machine tools, for the manufacture of components in the aerospace industry.

    The transport was managed within 5 days over the distance of 900km across Spain and France. The cargo consisted of:
    1 piece of 17 tonnes and 4, 5 meters in diameter
    1 piece of 30 tonnes, 6 meters in diameter
    1 very heavy piece of 53 tonnes, 16 meters in length

    AC PROJECT & FORWARDING emphasizes that the full project was delivered as requested by the client and as scheduled by the team. Moreover, there were no claims for damages.

    “It has been a difficult but a nice job”, AC PROJECT & FORWARDING states and sends a huge “Thank You” to the entire AC PROJECT Team for their effort.

  • 28 Jun 2018
    FLS moves 31 Dump Trucks from Indonesia to China

    Our member FLS, representing Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the USA, has news to share. Last week their colleagues from FLS Project Indonesia booked and arranged a full charter ocean freight and supervised the delivery of 31 Dump Trucks from Jakarta, Indonesia to Xingang, China.

    The trucks were brought on Landing Crafts from few mine sites in Balikpapan to Jakarta for cleaning operations, before loading onto a chartered vessel to Xingang. FLS’ scope also included the challenging part of getting special permissions to berth a heavy lift vessel at an RO/RO terminal as well as advising the stevedores on how to handle heavy lift operations with the suitable lifting gear. To ensure smooth and timely operations, FLS acted as coordinator between agent, shipper, port authorities, customs, and stevedores.

    Another job is well done, Team Indonesia!

  • 26 Jun 2018
    „Mini-Meetings in Bremen were a striking success“

    It has been one month since the Breakbulk Convention took place in Bremen, Germany, yet the excitement and vibe are still lingering at the headquarters of the Project Logistics Alliance. We would like to make a brief recap of the event, starting with the successful rollout of two intensive days of our own networking event for the alliance members, followed by our presence at the Breakbulk Europe, the biggest convention in the logistics industry.

    On May 28 and 29, 2018 we held our Mini Meetings at the Maritim Hotel Congress Center in our hometown Bremen. “Mini-Meetings” are scheduled one-to-one conversations between members of our alliance. The participants have a fixed 20-minute time frame to introduce their company and services, and exchange details for potential collaboration. In total, about 80 representatives showed up to take part in this event, representing companies from more than 50 countries. Many members have founded successful business relationships within the alliance, and our mini-meetings have proven to be a great place to start. It is worth noting that The Meeting Manager, a tool developed by our partner Kutzner Process Optimization, contributed to the clear structuring of the process and ensured a smooth rotation.

    The meetings were complemented with several events including a welcoming Gala Dinner at the Osteria, localized at the Bremer Schlachte and sponsored by our partner CargoSoft. On the 29th of May, we enjoyed BBQ off the grill at the Meierei Bremen, a scenic venue right in the center of the Bremen Central Park. The attendees who extended their stay in Bremen for another day were invited to join us at the Markthalle 8 in the city center of Bremen, for traditional German dishes and on the house drinks. This event was sponsored by Project Logistics Alliance, along with 20 other local companies.

    We thank our members for traveling from all over the world, to join us for this grand event and their support during those intensive days. The Project Logistics Alliance has come a long way since the last meet up in Antwerp, and our members' positive responses will continue to motivate us to strive for continuous improvement of the alliance, as well as the wellbeing of our members.

  • 25 Jun 2018
    Member collaboration between the Canaan Group and Alexander Global Logistics for a transport from North America to South-East Europe

    This is another example of the collaboration between two of our members to conclude a great project.

    The Canaan Group, representing Canada and Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), representing Germany, have been successfully managing the entire transport of a Genie Z80/60 80' Articulated Diesel Boom Man Lift and a JLG 1350SJP Ultra Series Telescopic Boom. The cargo originally came from Nisku in Alberta, Canada and was delivered to its final destination in Mersin, Turkey.

    The teams of the Canaan Group and Alexander Global Logistics were responsible for the full scope of work including the loading of the cargo, pre-carriage, handling, documentation, customs clearance, port operations and sea freight from Halifax, Canada via Antwerp, Belgium to ultimately Mersin in Turkey.

    Great teamwork, congratulations from the Project Logistics Alliance Team!

  • 21 Jun 2018
    Parts of thermoelectric power plant from Thailand to Mexico

    FLS Projects in Thailand completed loading of 68 packages with a volume of 4,200 cbm of casing and ducting parts for a thermoelectric power plant in Mexico.

    The cargo has been delivered alongside and loaded on-board the vessel, where our stevedores secured the cargo with temporary support beams. The temporary support beams were also double-checked by our engineering team to reassure the safety of the cargo on board.

    Well done, Team FLS Projects Thailand!

  • 20 Jun 2018
    Flare Gas Tip Transported from the U.S. to Malaysia

    Project news from our member C.H. Robinson, representing Canada, the US, and Singapore! Their Project Logistics division recently coordinated a door to door shipment from Broken Arrow in Oklahoma, USA to Sabah, Malaysia. The project required the management of both the Houston and Singapore teams to oversee the safe delivery of the load to site.

    The team arranged to have the cargo, which weighed 9,607 kilograms, trucked to the port of Houston, where it was loaded onboard the Chipolbrok ocean vessel and shipped to Singapore. Once in Singapore, it was placed on an open deck barge and barged to Kota Kinabalu port. At the final port, the cargo was trucked by a special route, due to the cargo’s size (5.05 x 4.9 x 4.3 meters), to the final destination in Sabah, Malaysia.

    Project management was a huge key to the success of this shipment, both in the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia. C.H. Robinson's project logistics specialists were at each port to oversee every leg of the delivery. At the Houston port, Aaron Holloway, the project manager-project logistics, realized that the lifting instructions were not complete and the initial plan could cause the piece to tip over and hit the ground. Aaron consulted with the surveyor and devised a more secure lifting method, which required the crew to belly sling the piece using the fork lift holes under the skid to safely lift and load it into the hold of the vessel. Timing was critical since the ship was departing Houston in three hours, but the solution was quickly determined and there was no holdup to the vessel’s sailing schedule.

    Well done, C.H. Robinson!

  • 18 Jun 2018
    Logimar Ships 175 tons of Steel Continuos Casting Billets from Italy to Turkey

    Logimar Srl, member of Project Logistics Alliance representing Italy, has successfully concluded the transportation of a batch of Steel Continuous Casting Billets. The cargo weighed a total of 175 tonnes and was delivered from Porto Nogaro, Italy to Diliskelesi Seaport, Turkey.
    The Logimar Project Team handled the full scope, including the loading of the cargo, pre-carriage, handling, documentation, customs clearance, port operations and sea freight part cargo charter vessel from Porto Nogaro to Diliskelesi Port.
    Congratulations Logimar for yet another project fulfilled!

  • 15 Jun 2018
    Ipsen Logistics arranges transport for car manufacturer

    Our German member IPSEN got involved in the automobile industry; before a traditional car brand will return to Bremen, its mother company in China needed a new production line for which IPSEN arranged the shipment of about 1400 FRT. The cargo consisted of various boxes and flat racks with ODC units with dimensions up to 473 cm in height and 425 cm in width. They have been sent to Qingdao by IPSEN’s project team in Bremen.
    Well done, IPSEN!

  • 14 Jun 2018
    Project News from Titan Logistics

    Titan Logistics, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Italy, has a project news to share! They have been unloading several flats in the port of Adriatic and delivered them to a new site in Italy. Origin of the cargo was Far East.
    Good job, Titan!

  • 13 Jun 2018

    Between 25th March 2018 and 27th April 2018, the Lift & Shift team was looking at the mammoth task of delivering 32 pieces of equipment from various yards in Gujarat (L&T Hazira, ISGEC Dahej and Reliance Jamnagar) to 11 project sites located in Mumbai High, Saudi Arabia, USA, Sikka, Assam and Haryana. The weight of the cargo ranged from 70 tons to 2,800 tons. A total of 285,000 FRT of cargo was transported over 11 barge trips in various barges ranging from 230 class to 330 class. Along with these barges a fleet of 224 SPMT and conventional axles were deployed.
    The operations and engineering team at Lift & Shift put into place a plan to ensure that each site would be able to work around the clock across all three locations without any compromise to the safety of its people and the cargo. Closely working with the Marine Warranty Surveyor, all safety concerns were addressed to their satisfaction well in time as to not hamper the delivery schedule.

    The projects involved:

    1. Neelam Development Project in Mumbai offshore field – Lift & Shift loaded out 3 modules ranging from 2,000 to 2,800 tons in 3 barges within 1 week, setting a new benchmark in the yard for the load out for such large decks. The operation involved the 112 SPMT to transport the jacket and deck from the yard to the jetty, and thereafter load out on 3 separate barges which had been prepared with pre-ballast by the marine team. The operations, being conducted in a narrow tidal window, were carried out in the middle of the night but with all safety precautions preplanned.
    2. Safaniya Decks for Saudi Aramco – 4 modules weighing 1,250 tons on 2 barges again in 1 week, which included towing in the barges into the channel from anchorage, preparation for load out, loading and then sail out back to the anchorage for handover of the barge to the ocean going tug to sail for Saudi Arabia.
    3. IOCL Boigangaon Assam Project – 5 pieces of equipment fabricated at the L&T MFF yard were transported to the L&T RORO jetty and then loaded onto a Lift & Shift barge for delivery of the cargo to a heavy lift ship at Hazira Adani port.
    4. HMEL Bhatinda Project – 430 ton reactor for HMEL Bhatinda was loaded on a 230 class barge from L&T HED Jetty and shipped to Mundra port where a temporary jetty was built to discharge the cargo for further transport to Bhatinda.
    5. ISGEC Shipment to Reliance Industries Limited – a 60 m long column fabricated at ISGEC Dahej yard was transported to Hazira Adani port and then rolled onto a 230 class barge, which then sailed onward to Sikka, where the cargo was off loaded and transported for a further 20 kms.
    6. L&T HED Shipment to Reliance Industries Limited –a 60 m long column weighing 600 tons, with a diameter of 8.5 m fabricated at L&T HED was transported to the jetty, rolled onto a 230 class barge which then sailed to Sikka where it was loaded in and transported for a further 20 kms.
    7. L&T MFF Shipment to Reliance Industries Limited– 4 Desalters, each weighing 240 tons, fabricated at the L&T yard were transported to the jetty, loaded out onto a 230 class barge and sailed to Sikka where it was loaded and transported to site.
    8. L&T HED to Indian Oil Co. Ltd., Baroda – a VGO reactor weighing 430 tons was barged from L&T Hazira to Dahej for further transport to IOCL Baroda. LIFT & SHIFT’s scope was to barge the cargo on their 230 class barge.
    9. Export Shipment – 9 pieces of equipment were transported by road from the L&T yard to Adani Hazira port in 3 days on short notice, as the ship arrived ahead of schedule. The cargo was transported around the clock and delivered to the ship without causing any delay.
    10. RIL Sikka – The ship carrying an urgent consignment for RIL arrived at Sikka jetty. Lift & Shift received the cargo under the ship hook and then transported it to site within 2 days. The cargo weight was 240 tons.
    11. EO Reactors for USA – The final challenge was 2 reactors each weighing 1,200 tons for delivery to the USA. They were rolled on to a 280 class barge at L&T Jetty in 24 hours after the barge berthing, due to limited availability in tides. The challenge was to prepare the barge, pre-ballast the barge for load out, complete placement of structures for load distribution, and finally load out the reactors.

    Along with above shipments, Lift & Shift shifted another 65 pieces of equipment totaling to about 7000 tons within the yards of L&T and Reliance during the same period.

    The secret to our success was preplanning and envisaging possible delays and problems, and putting in place back up plans to ensure that Lift & Shift were able to meet and deliver all the equipment on time safely.

    Lift & Shift extends its gratitude to its client, team members and associates who trusted that we would execute the deliveries safely and on time.

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  • 12 Jun 2018
    Turk Logistics delivers Surface Miner Units to Australia

    Turk Logistics & Heavy Transport, member of the Project Logistics Alliance, representing Bahrain, has shipped 3 Units of Surface Miner from Bahrain to Conakry, New Guinea for the ongoing projects of Global Surface Mining Australia. The Surface Miners weighed 110 tons each with OOG dimensions of 12.80m x 3.47m x 3.40 m
    The Turk Team successfully performed the full scope of work including loading of cargo onto hydraulic low-beds, pre-carriage, handling, documentation, customs clearance, port operations and sea freight from Khalifa Bin Salman port to Conakry Port, New Guinea.
    Turk Logistics & Heavy Transport is your reliable and professional partner for projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain.