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  • 07 Aug 2018
    FLS transports dismantled cranes across Asia

    FLS Projects has built up capabilities in transporting dismantled cranes intra-Asia. A crawler crane transported recently from a yard in Singapore to a Port on Java Island, Indonesia is one of the many case studies FLS has on file.
    In choosing the chartered vessel, they had to carefully consider factors such as sufficient gearing for the heaviest lift of 60+ Tons and the target arrival date at POD.
    Typically, dismantled cranes are transported from one project site to another or between storage yard and project site. FLS offers the door-door service and successfully manages the interface between land and sea. FLS has a keen understanding of the dismantled crane pieces that must go under deck and the remainder that can have a deck option, as well as the pieces that can be stacked on each other, and others that cannot. This allows us to remain competitive while always adhering to safety.
    Great work and well done Team FLS Singapore!

  • 06 Aug 2018
    New member in Australia!

    We are excited to welcome Henning Harders for Australia as a new member of the Alliance.

    With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Orange, and Perth in Australia and also Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand the company is specialized in Project Management, Air and Seafreight, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, Freight Insurance, Cargo Tracking, and Trade Advice.

    Henning Harders is involved in many different industries; besides the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry the company handles transports for the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, building and construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries as well as food and beverage transports.

    Henning Harders places a special effort in the specialization and education of its staff which totals 110 employees. “Our staff expertise is the key to our service excellence” states the company description, so you can be sure to be collaborating with an experienced professional in the Project Logistic Industry.

    We welcome you to the Project Logistics Alliance, Henning Harders!

  • 03 Aug 2018
    First member in Sri Lanka!

    The Project Logistics Alliance welcomes Global Project Logistique aboard, the first member for Sri Lanka!
    GProLog is headquartered and while working with integrity and acting with flexibility while offering full transparency, GProLog builds on their three basic values: Reliability, Safety, and Efficiency.

    Reliability is based on knowledge and experience over years of shipping into both established and emerging markets. Reliability also comes out of association with key partners who have the same belief on deliverables and accountability.

    Safety: cargo comes first irrespective of the size and value, because of our respect towards deliverables in terms of time, resources and future repeat orders – they optimize shipping logistics modes & options with no compromise on safety.

    Efficiency emerges out of everyday processes from the time of hand-holding into tender bids, to execution of cargo with both pre/post shipment procedures. Efficiency is based on “Kaizen” – doing it right the first time.

    GProLog is convinced that networking with the right local partner for knowledge exchange, accessibility, and documentation is of high importance and has helped them over the past few years to build up reliable partners who also become stakeholders to project & logistics execution.

    With a young and dedicated team, they offer comprehensive shipping services from the planning stage through to final delivery, including track and trace facilities. Their services include Project Management, International Forwarding, Import & Export of cargo, Contract Logistics, Cross Trade and Customs Brokerage.

    Welcome to the Alliance, GProLog!

  • 03 Aug 2018
    New member for Dubai!

    We proudly introduce our new member Fleet Line Shipping Services L.L.C for Dubai.

    Fleet Line Shipping (FLS), is a well-known name in the project and heavy lift cargo industry in UAE since 2005. Head Quartered in Dubai, Fleet Line is an ISO & QHSE certified Logistics Company offering end to end project and heavy lift cargo services to its clientele. Their USP is having an in-house DP World approved cargo lashing and securing team, Owners of NVOCC Line with special equipment, having own warehouses with 3PL license, Breakbulk liner agency etc. whereby ensuring customers gets cost effective one stop logistics solutions.

    Their in-house Engineers are capable of making technical method of statements, route surveys etc. for the OOG / heavy lift cargo. They have Tier one rate agreements with premium shipping and Air Lines besides having long term lease agreements on various types of lifting equipments, including cranes. We are sure you will find a safe and reliable logistics company in Fleet Line Shipping Services (FLS) and they assure you that they will be your one-stop logistics service provider.

    Welcome to the Alliance, Fleet Line Shipping!

  • 02 Aug 2018
    Ryano Logistics & Projects Completes Delivery for the Last of 84 Windmill Base Frames

    Since the beginning of 2018, Ryano Logistics & Projects (PLA-Member in the Netherlands) coordinated the transport of a lot of Windmill Base Frames from Denmark towards Spain. Recently the last two base frames were delivered in Spain. With an average of 6-8 transportations per month, Ryano managed to deliver 84 base frames over the last seven months.

    Each base frame had a length of 317 cm, width of 317 cm, and height of 340 cm and weighed approximately 11 tons. The base frames were loaded two at a time on a semi-trailer. Ryano used their own equipment which guaranteed their clients a timely and reliable service.

  • 02 Aug 2018
    Project Logistics Alliance is introducing a new partner!

    We have very exciting news to share. The Project Logistics Alliance is proud to present the new Partner SAL Heavy Lift.

    SAL Heavy Lift, a member of the Harren & Partner Group, is one of the world’s leading carriers specializing in sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo.

    The company has been fully dedicated to heavy lift shipping for the past 35 years. Founded as a family business with four vessels, located on farmland outside Hamburg in 1980, SAL Heavy Lift has grown into a major international player in heavy lift shipping and offshore, owning and operating a fleet of heavy lift vessels.

    Headquartered in central Hamburg and with offices in eight countries, SAL has developed from a tramp shipping line into a project shipping and offshore installation business partner. In 2017, the company was fully acquired by the Bremen-based Harren & Partner Group.

    The company uses a global network of offices and representatives to provide bespoke solutions to clients from a wide variety of industries. Thanks to longstanding experience, integrated best practices in HSEQ (health, safety, environment, and quality) as well as highly trained crews and in-house engineering teams, SAL provides safe, innovative and reliable transport solutions, with respect for the environment.

    As a leading company in the heavy lift and project cargo segment, SAL Heavy Lift meets the highest standards with regard to quality and technical innovation. This has made them a reliable partner for customers from a wide variety of industries worldwide. SAL Heavy Lift offers three business services: Semi-Liner Shipping, Project Shipping, and Offshore Installation.

    Click click below to see the Company Brochure and the Fleetlist.

  • 01 Aug 2018
    Windmill Tower from China to Japan

    InterMax, our member for China, recently shipped two offshore windmill towers to Japan. The bottom section was L 19.06m x W 6.40m x H 5.95m with a weight of 122905kg, and the top section was L 34.45m x W 5.40m x H 5.05 m and a weight of 86100kg. These two pieces of cargo were transported from the factory in Nantong by barge and transferred to ocean vessel in Zhangjiagang. According to the requirements of the shipper, the towers needed to be vertically hoisted.

    After comprehensive comparison of various schemes such as a floating crane, car crane, crawler crane and shore crane, the final choice was two 800 tons mast cranes in the new heavy loading dock of Zhangjiagang Port. In recent years, InterMax has committed to promoting the development of clean energy project logistics and carried out various projects in the fields of wind power, nuclear power, railway trams, petrochemicals, etc., and accumulated rich operational experience. Good job, InterMax!

  • 31 Jul 2018

    Project Logistics Alliance members Alexander Global Logistics (Germany), C.H. Robinson Project Logistics (USA) and ILG Logistics (Panama) have successfully joined forces for an outstanding project of moving 24 of the world's largest mining-dump-trucks from various places in Europe, North & South America to Panama.

    The trucks have a weight of approx. 300 tons each and have measurements of approx. 15x9x10 m each. The three project logistics expert companies are organizing all pre-carriages of the dismantled units to Panama using Ro/Ro-, Breakbulk- and Container-modes of transport and have also arranged for a 10.000 sqm-assembly area in Panama. They have completed all transport-engineering including load-on- and load-off-processes onto a time-chartered barge with a dwt of 4.500 tons, and towage of that barge to the end-customer's own private port in Punta Rincon at the Panama-Atlantic-coast.

    While project-leader Alexander Global Logistics has the overall control of this project, their highly experienced partners C.H. Robinson Project Logistics and ILG Logistics have provided extremely professional local support to get everything in order This is a top example of the value given amongst partners of Project Logistics Alliance (, one of the most professional and VIP-networks globally for Project Logistics Forwarders.

  • 31 Jul 2018
    25 Years Aniversary of FLS Projects

    This year FLS Projects celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary and some members of the team that started the story 25 years ago, like Mr. Suphot, are still working for FLS. Last week two representatives of FLS’ Headquarter went to Bangkok to make a surprise to Mr. Suphot, to thank him for his service in all these 25 years; as company messenger, he has always made sure that invoices, documents and other paperwork’s were delivered timely to our clients and partners.
    FLS wants to thank Mr. Suphot for his dedication, commitment and great contribution to the success of the company by celebrating his 25th Company Anniversary together with him in this special way. Thank you very much for your great work from the whole FLS team!

  • 30 Jul 2018
    Demobilization of Temporary Power Plants, Peru

    In 2013, Ryano Logistics & Projects (PLA-Member in the Netherlands) transported and delivered the equipment for two temporary power plants towards remote locations in Peru. A total fleet of 21 Containerized Generators, Transformers and Fuel tanks.

    After almost 5 years of running, at the start of 2018, Ryano demobilized the Power plants.
    On these remote locations, standard technology was not the solution and nature complicated the operation even more with constant and heavy rain, making the locations barely accessible.

    When standard technology is not the solution.
    Heavy lift equipment was not able to reach one of the remote locations; in order to lift the generators and transformers weighting approximately 20 tons, a creative solution was required.
    The best solution seemed to be the old-fashioned way, by manually jacking and skidding, and some assistance of an excavator, the containers were lifted just enough to drive the trailers underneath.

    Nature complicates the operation.
    After successfully loading the containers on trailers, the containers were transported from the sites towards the storage facility in Callao. The first part of the road consisted of narrow and unpaved mountain roads, there had been mudslides and the soil was slippery due to the raining season, making it difficult to transport these heavy units.

    Expiration of Documents After 5 years of generating energy, the CSC-Certificates of the containers passed the expiration date. In order to ship the containers, valid CSC-Certificates were required; therefore, Ryano arranged an inspector on site, the inspector examined the containers and issued new CSC-Certificates. After obtaining the new CSC Certificates for all containers, the containers were transported to the export terminal, customs cleared for export and shipped towards the Netherlands. We shipped all equipment in one lot, including 19 x 20’ Container and 2 x 10’Container on a 40’FR.

    Upon arrival in Rotterdam, we custom cleared 8 of the 21 containers and transported them to our client in Belgium.

    The remaining 13 containers were transported towards our bonded warehouse where they are still stored in our Entrepot-C.

  • 26 Jul 2018
    Cryogenic liquid storage tank to Peru

    Recently, our Chinese member InterMax Shanghai successfully completed the export of a cryogenic liquid storage tank by container vessel in BBK mode. The cargo was L23.485 x W4.028 x H4.228m with a weight of 59.20 tons, the origin was Zhangjiagang in China and destination was Peru. There were strict delivery time requirements. After comparison of various modes of transportation in the early stage, the breakbulk and RORO were eliminated, and the transportation mode of BBK was finally selected.

    The specific transportation route was:
    Truck pick-up at Zhangjiagang factory → short dock to the nearest terminal → hoisting to the inner barge → water transport to Shanghai container terminal → pick-up to the connected truck → loading container vessel export to Peru.

  • 25 Jul 2018
    Suvari Shipping & Trading Shares Insights into Current Project

    Project Logistics Alliance member Suvari Shipping, representing Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is currently working on an Omskiy 105 shipment from Derince, Turkey to Aktau, Kazakhstan. You can have a sneak peek of them in action in the photos here. We wish them good luck in the process and we will keep you posted.

  • 24 Jul 2018
    First member for Algeria!

    The Project Logistics Alliance is happy to introduce its first member for Algeria! Viking Project operates jointly with Pyramid Shipping Sarl. with the origin in Turkey, they are mainly operating in the CIS countries, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East countries.
    The Viking staff, among other services, is well-experienced at managing oversized and heavy freight transportation.
    Most of their business is done in the construction and industry area.
    Thanks to a wide Agent Network they provide services to nearly every destination in the world in the form of port to port and door to door with Sea, Rail, Land, and Airways.

    For more information please contact Erkan and Akli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 24 Jul 2018
    Less than 24 hours to complete FOB deliveries? No problem at all for FLS Projects Thailand!

    The FLS Project Team from Thailand just completed another successful delivery of two projects at the same time. The first project involved the delivery of components for four teeming cranes with a volume of 2,650 cbm with items’ lengths of 30 meters and weights exceeding 40 tons, while the second one was consisting of 23 packages of bypass stacks and diverters with a total volume of 2,850 cbm. Both parcels were delivered from shippers’ locations in Rayong and Chonburi areas to Laem Chabang port and FLS’ scope included inland transportation from shippers to port, customs clearance and port handling.

    The tight fabrication and shipping schedules of those 2 projects required FLS to be in close coordination with shippers, port authority, vessels owners, trucking companies and customs department in order to ensure smooth operations. Within less than 24 hours, each project was successfully delivered to the port! A very big “Thank you” to FLS Thailand Team for the perfect execution of these two jobs!

  • 23 Jul 2018
    Drill Rig deliverd successfully from Houston to the Czech Republic

    A long-time European client of our member C.H. Robinson, representing the USA, Canada, and Singapore, recently tasked their Project Logistics team with transporting a drill rig from Houston to the Czech Republic.

    The drill rig had been sitting in an outside storage facility for three years before the move, enduring the Texas summer heat and Hurricane Harvey. When market demand improved, the client decided to pull the unit out of storage and ship it to the company’s Czech location for extensive refurbishment.

    C.H. Robinson coordinated the organization, packing, and transportation of the cargo by truck to the Port of Houston and then by ocean vessel to the Port of Hamburg. The original plan called for transport from the Port of Hamburg to the customer’s destination via barge. However, based on the time of year and the overall cost comparisons between barge and truck, the team decided to transport the cargo via truck from the Port of Hamburg to the client’s production facility in Syiadnov, Czech Republic. It took 60 days to accomplish the delivery because of the size, weight, and number of pieces involved, and the overall routing/permitting of the cargo. The total weight of the cargo was 604 metric tons, with the largest piece weighing 42.3 metric tons and measuring 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet high (12.2 x 2.4 x 3 meters).

    Congratulations on the successful delivery, C.H. Robinson!