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  • 25 Aug 2021
    It's Time For Pipe Movement!

    Last Month Blue Bell Shipping, our Iraqi member, successfully loaded out 19100 FRT Pipe from China to Bahrain. An entire vessel was chartered for the movement. Cargo was loaded out from Tianjin & Zhuhai port.

    It was a real challenging time for the Bluebell team in terms of port congestion & climate conditions (typhoon). Once the cargo was loaded safely, the vessel sailed to Bahrain. Since its Door-to-Door shipment, the delivery is still ongoing.

    There is more cargo on the way for the same project every month from China. Blue Bell Shipping also has the space to load your shipment along with their base cargo. If you have any cargo to the Persian Gulf, please get in touch with Mr Mukesh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 24 Aug 2021
    Lift & Shift India Handles Heaviest Single Module Of 4532 Tons For NWIS Mumbai High North Offshore Project

    Lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Heavy-lift operator and Project Logistics company, achieved a record-breaking milestone by handling the heaviest Single Module weighing 4532 MT for Mumbai High North Offshore Project, which is the heaviest module fabricated in India. Lift & Shift India Pvt. Ltd (LSPL) was contracted by Larsen & Toubro Modular Fabrication division for handling 7 Modules weighing a total of 23500 MT for the NWIS Mumbai High North project.  The heaviest Module weight was 4532 MT, five modules weight ranging from 3000 MT to 4400 MT, and one module of 685 MT.

    LSPL had to do meticulous planning to complete the Load-out of 7 modules on six barges of 330 and 400 classes within a time frame of 20 days as missing any of the loadout dates would disturb the offshore schedule.

    The operation involved preparation of axles in desired format 5 file / 6 files, preparing the barge with pre-loadout ballast and then loading the modules onto the barge during the rising tide.

    The first module preparation commenced for the East Module weighing 4432 tons which were to be shifted on 10 files axles totalling 188 axles, from MFF2 yard to MFF1 yard over 1km and then rolled onto the barge.

    The module with a width of 52 m, the widest module fabricated and transported. The second module, the West deck, weighing 3700 MT, was loaded using 8 file axles totalling 160 axles. Both East and West Module were of the same widths.

    The challenging aspect was to arrange the loadout of the 3rd, 4th, 5th Modules (FFSDO, LSW, and TG), which required the axles to be reconfigured with only two days between the load out dates.  The squeeze was due to the suitable tide requirement since FFSDO and LSW were loaded on the same barge, which was 400 class barges.

    The Final Module Loadout was the Living quarter module (LQ), a “7-story building” weighing 4532 tons, the heaviest load out handled by Lift & Shift in India. The LQ module movement from the fabrication yard to the jetty involved manoeuvring a “hairpin” turn and with limited space for 60 m length of axles and 30.5 m width of axles.  The module was transported from yard to jetty two & a half hours, and roll-on onto the barge was completed within an hour.

    Lift & Shift’s expertise team was involved in meticulous planning from bidding and pre-fabrication stage to optimise operations which is one of the keys to successfully executing the project. Lift and Shift represent India in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 23 Aug 2021

    Westlink Logistics, representing Papua New Guinea in the Project Logistics Alliance, has managed the complete transportation of one of the largest apron feeders ever delivered into Port Hedland. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Westlink was engaged to provide the complete end-to-end logistics management of structural steel, large bin sections, trusses and a massive apron feeder from Tianjin and Shanghai, China, to Port Hedland, Australia. The mining equipment was then loaded into heavy haulage trailers and transported to Rio Tinto’s project site for the Western Turner Syncline 2 Project.


    • Pre-shipment quarantine inspection of structural steel in China
    • Multipurpose Vessels (MPPs) and Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) – Tianjin and Shanghai, China to Port Hedland, Australia
    • Oversized haulage – vessel hook to Rio Tinto Western Turner Syncline mine site
    • Construction coordination – coordination with the site team to unload trailers for direct install or laydown


    • Zero LTIs
    • Logistics input into design stage to maximise module size and preassembly
    • 32,000 cubic metres (cbm) of steel with the heaviest lift of 207 metric ton (mt)
    • Four (4) consecutive breakbulk shipments
    • Maximum module envelope – 32 x 8 x 8 metres
    • Transport of oversized and heavy pieces from port to remote mine site

    Traffic control in Port Hedland through to mine site – escorts, traffic control and permits

  • 20 Aug 2021
  • 19 Aug 2021
    Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Ships Of Four Fully Erected Konecranes

    Jumbo-SAL-Alliance recently was involved in the shipment of four fully erected Konecranes Gottwald cranes on HLV Annette (type 161 B).

    The two GHMK 7508 cranes weigh 411 t each, measuring 67.17 x 14.80 x 43.70 m, and the two GHMK 6507 cranes weigh 322 t each, measuring 62.85 x 14.50 x 38.20 m. The airdraft above deck is 49.1 m.

    In total 157,262 m³ of cargo were loaded on deck of HLV Annette.

    Both cranes were safely loaded in Antwerp, Belgium and are destined for Lagos, Nigeria and Douala, Cameroon.

    SAL Heavy Lift would also like to thank you to all parties involved for the good teamwork and successful cooperation. 

  • 18 Aug 2021
    C.H. Robinson Helps Their Client’s Cargo With Roro Solution

    The project logistics team at C.H. Robinson recently handled the first of over 20 different shipments for a large North American automotive company. The cargo started in France and was transported to the Port of Antwerp to begin its three-week journey over the water to the to the Port of Baltimore.

    Due to ongoing vessel space constraints and equipment scarcity, C.H. Robinson’s team had suggested moving the pieces by RoRo vessels using mafi trailers versus a traditional ocean vessel. Once their customer agreed, they contacted the shipping line to secure space for the current cargo and the 19+ sailings to follow.

    The RoRo method not only provided a way to circumvent the current container vessel shortage but also offered a safer method of shipping the high-value, sensitive equipment as the cargo was able to travel underdeck, which protected it from weather, and limited the number of times the pieces had to be handled. This method was also 30% more cost effective for the company than transporting by flatracks.

  • 16 Aug 2021
    Hareket Finishes Construction Of Bağlar Wind Farm

    Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation has finished transporting and installing 5 turbines. These turbines have a hub height of 110 meters and a rotor diameter of 133 meters. The Nordex - Bağlar Wind Farm Project has a production capacity of 4.8 MW. A Liebherr lattice boom mobile crane was used in the project.

    Congratulations, team Hareket!
    Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation represent Uzbekistan in the Project Logistics Alliance

  • 12 Aug 2021
    Another Successful Collaboration: Network Global Logistics And Tanta Transportne Transport Heavy Machine To Croatia

    Network Global Logistics, representing Azerbaijan in our network, enlisted help from fellow Project Logistics Alliance member Tanta Transportne to deliver machines to Croatia.

    The cargo was loaded onto a RoRo vessel in Turkey by the Network Global team and offloaded at the Port of Koper by Tanta Transportne. Once the offloading was complete, the machines were stored to organize the necessary escorts and permits for further travel to Križevci in Croatia.

    This piece of equipment measured 14 x 3.4 x 3.6 meters and weighed 72 tons. After obtaining the necessary permissions and permits, the cargo was loaded onto 3 + 7 axle composition on a pendel axle for further movement to Croatia. Congratulations to all the parties involved!

  • 11 Aug 2021
    Transportation of Desalter vessel (248 MT) by Express Global Logistics

    Express Global Logistics (EXG), representing India in the Project Logistics Alliance, performs transportation for a renowned project company to transport two Desalter Vessels weighing 248 MT each from Gujarat to Rajasthan. A Desalter is a piece of processing equipment in the refinery that removes salt and other impurities from crude oil. It is a significant component of a refinery.

    The vessel had dimensions of L – 33.65 (m) X W – 4.6 (m) X H – 4.85 (m) and was loaded from an industrial company in Gandhidham, Gujarat. The company is a Process and Project engineering company that has offices across the globe. The cargo had to be delivered to a petroleum refinery in Barmer, Rajasthan, covering 630 km.

    A combination of EXG’s experienced operations team and engineers helped to execute the job. During the 600 km transportation, the team faced a challenge before approaching the site. There were insufficient turning radiuses on certain curved roads for the cargo to navigate through safely. EXG arranged for civil work and built a temporary approach road to overcome the limited turning radius.

    The cargo reached its destination on time. EXG’s engineering team conducts thorough due diligence before executing any project, including detailed route surveys. This ensures the seamless movement of valuable cargo for our clients. Please reach out to their team for any questions.

  • 10 Aug 2021
    MV Anna Spotted In Russia

    Project Logistics Alliance’s Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Partner, SAL Heavy Lift’s 116 vessel MV Anna was recently spotted in sunny Novorossisk, Russia, whilst loading four steam generators and one reactor + additional accessories. 
    Each generator weighed 333 mt with a size of 14.2 x 5.7 x 5.26 m. The reactor had a weight of 347 mt.
    MV Anna is now on her way to Constanta, Romania. The generators will be discharged in Mongla, Bangladesh.
    Thanks to MV Anna and her crew, as well as all other parties involved, for getting this job done!

  • 09 Aug 2021
    Oversized Heat Exchangers From Italy To China

    Livo Logistics always makes sure to work very closely with clients to guarantee a top-level customized service. For this project, the Livo Logistics Italian team used flat racks on a liner container service to transport oversized Heat Exchangers from Italy to China.

    Livo Logistics represents the Czech Republic and Itlay in the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 06 Aug 2021
    Noatum Project Cargo Simultaneously Loads Three Cranes

    Noatum Project Cargo has just completed the sea transport of three STS Cranes loaded in Antwerp. With a weight of 1225 tons each, this represents another successful display of their experience on transportation of oversized cargo.

    The three cranes were transported simultaneously on a single deck carrier vessel, creating a cost-effective solution for such a massive cargo movement. Noatum project cargo represents Mexico, Portugal and Spain in the Project Logistics Alliance

  • 05 Aug 2021

    In our network, FTE Logistics representing Saudi Arabia is delighted to share a project they completed in 2020 in the Republic of Yemen with us.

    Their scope of work included the transport and installation of 4 units of Wärtsilä diesel engines from the Port of Mukkala to the project site in Al Shaher. A group of project logistics experts from FTE headed down to Yemen from their Dammam Headquarters during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Government also lauded their efforts and ensured the team was safe during the entire execution. They were not only responsible for the safety of the team but also for the equipment. FTE team is grateful and proud to be a part of this project that brought power to thousands of families amidst the ongoing political crises. While we at the Project Logistics Alliance HQ are overwhelmed with the efforts or members and partners put in to help make the world a better place.

  • 03 Aug 2021
    TNL International Ltd’s  Association With The Carrier Makes Loading Possible

    TNL International Limited, representing New Zealand in the Project Logistics Alliance, is delighted to inform us about the latest activities from their Marine Leisure Department.

    A 23meter long package containing three yacht masts were loaded onto a vessel at the Port of Tauranga. The ship was bound for the USA. With the shipping space being at a premium at present, TNL counted on their relations with the shipping line, making it possible for a booking to be accepted.

    The package was moved by road 220km from the manufacturer in Auckland to the Port of Tauranga. The arrival was coordinated with the Port Planners and Stevedores so that the package was unloaded directly from the truck to the vessel within an hour of its arrival.

    Richard Thorpe, who manages the Marine Leisure Logistics department under the TNL Pindar brand, was on hand in Tauranga to ensure the loading and securing went smoothly.

    Thank you for sharing with us TNL International!

  • 02 Aug 2021
    Logistics & Beyond: Interview with Mr. Huseyin Canakci from Nora Global Logistics

    For this month’s issue of Logistics and Beyond we speak to Mr Huseyin Canakci, African Regional Manager of Nora Global Logistics, to understand their expansion into Africa. Nora Global Logistics was founded in İzmir in 1997 and expanded to Istanbul in 2005. Starting in 2017, the Nora team developed their services in Djibouti and further in Ethiopia. Their dependable, transparent, and customer-centric approach makes them your ideal partner in East Africa.

    East Africa has long been under unrest, but with things finally clearing up, we speak to Huseyin to understand what this means for the counties in the Horn of Africa. In conversation with Huseyin…

    PL-Alliance: Nora Global was founded in 1997 in İzmir in Turkey. Starting then, it has steadily grown to own several offices in Istanbul. After a stable growth, what made Nora choose East Africa, specifically Djibouti, to expand into the African markets?

    Huseyin Canakci: There are substantial Turkish investors and manufacturers in East African countries. We received many requests from Turkish companies, which are the most prominent investors after Chinese companies. In addition, we carried out 67250 tons of breakbulk humanitarian aid cargo project with the Republic of Turkey. Starting from the purchase phase in Turkey, we carried out all the stages, including the final delivery and distribution to Sudan, Mogadishu, Berbera, Bossaso, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Yemen. After this project, we got advice from Djibouti and Ethiopian Turkish Ambassadors, who predicted that we could be successful by providing professional service to the manufacturing companies, especially Turkish companies in the region. Later, as Nora Global Logistics, we launched our Djibouti & Ethiopia branches in 2017. By expanding our current volume in the upcoming period; We plan to grow further in East Africa, especially in Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

    In addition to being dependent on a heavy volume as a market, East Africa is a very attractive and robust market for us due to its political connections with Turkey, its power and close position to each other.

    PL-Alliance: Huseyin, you are originally from Turkey. Do you work out of Ethiopia, or do you frequently travel between the countries?

    Huseyin Canakci: I worked as a Branch Manager for one year in Djibouti, and after that, I worked in Ethiopia for two years as Ethiopian Branch Manager. I am currently working in Nora Global Logistics as the regional manager for Africa and as a Branch Manager for the Ethiopian office. So, I am responsible for all sales activities in Turkey, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. Because of this responsibility, I constantly travel. Now I spend most of my time in our offices in Turkey and Ethiopia because of COVID-19.

    PL-Alliance: Can you please give our readers some examples of the cargo you have handled recently?

    Huseyin Canakci: Below are some of the recent non-confidential project shipments we have done and organized in Africa:

    • 12500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Sudan // 25.04.2016
    • 31000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Mogadishu// 15.05.2016
    • 5000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Berbera // 06.06.2016
    • 3500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Bosaso // 17.06.2016
    • 10000 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Yemen// 20.03.2017
    • 2500 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Djibouti// 17.04.2017
    • 2750 Tons Break Bulk humanitarian aid cargo project – Ankara to Ethiopia// 28.04.2017
    • 18 X 40’ OT (OOG) + 3 X 40’ FR (OOG) – Stone Crusher Machine project – Mersin to Mekele // 05.04.2018
    • 9 Pieces of Excavators - Djibouti Ambouli Friendship Dam Project – Ankara to Djibouti // 10.01.2019
    • 16X40’ + 20X40’ OT(OOG) +7 X 40’ FR (OOG) Cement Manufacturer Project – Istanbul to Zimbabwe // 13.02.2020
    • 7X40’HC Military Truck for Ministry of Defense – from Norfolk to Jijiga // 08.10.2020
    • IMO 1.4 military shipments to Ministry of Defense – Santos to Addis Ababa // 15.01.2021
    • 25 Tons Air Charter foodstuff shipments – Istanbul to Addis Ababa // 20.05.2021
    • 11x40’ OT(OOG) Samsung Djibouti Wind Power Plant – Djibouti to Valencia // 26.05.2021

    PL-Alliance: In 2019, the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia finally came to an end. Does this pose a threat to Port De Djibouti? What are your thoughts as a forwarder in the local markets?

    Huseyin Canakci: Although Eritrea is currently commercially open, it lacks the necessary infrastructure. Unfortunately, like Ethiopia, Eritrea has a serious currency problem. Therefore, all Eritrean trade continues through Djibouti and Ethiopia. I hope that this situation will change soon, and Massawa Port will be fully active for business, and we will start using this port for the northern region of Ethiopia. When sufficient infrastructure works are carried out in Eritrea, and serious investors make significant investments, we believe that the current problems in the country will be solved. When this happens, we want to be present in Eritrea.

    PL-Alliance: What are the future developments taking place in Nora Global Logistics, and what are your expectations for the next few years, considering how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world of the supply chain?

    Huseyin Canakci: Djibouti, Ethiopia and Turkey managed the Covid process much better than we expected and significantly reduced the number of cases in the shortest time by providing the necessary assistance for the people who had to live in their homes. Therefore, production, import and export processes have returned to their former levels in a short period of 1 year. By expanding the market volume compared to other closed substitute countries, expansion was also provided for new markets.

    Considering these developments in the coming years; As Nora Global Logistics, we aim to have a larger share in the expanding market by further expanding our African investments and our team.