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  • 01 Jan 2020
    Globe Line Transports Locomotive Into Belarus

    Globe Line Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for the Czech Republic, recently organized the transportation of a locomotive for a refinery from the Czech Republic to Novopolock, Belarus.

    The locomotive had a dimension of 6,4 x 3,0 x 3,8 meters, and a weight of 48MT. Globe Line utilized 2 Tandem Cranes for loading onto a 4 + 2 + 4 tiefbed trailer (total weight was 95MT), and also obtained all pilots and permits, conducted bridge static load tests, for the whole route from Czech, through Poland to Belarus. The whole organization took 4 weeks, however, the transport was completed in one go without any delays.

    Congratulations Globe Line for the successful end to end handling!

  • 31 Dec 2019
    Aqua Air Logistics Transports Pressure Tank And Ancillary Equipment In Short Notice

    Aqua Air Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Bahrain and Qatar, recently assisted one of their valuable customers in Doha with an urgent shipment of a pressure tank and ancillary equipment from the UK to Doha.

    Even though time was working against them, Aqua Air reached out to some of their partners and were able to offer the client a comprehensive solution. Their scope of work started with the loading of the cargo from supplier premises, transferring to the flat rack at POL in UK, and shipment to Hamad Port, Qatar. Subsequent to the arrival in Qatar, Aqua Air undertook all necessary actions for customs clearance and safely transported the cargo to the delivery site outside Doha city. The client was very happy with the professional manner in which the Aqua Air team responded to their request, with all details of the modus operandi of the handling and shipping.

    Well done Aqua Air and we wish you many more successful projects with this client in the upcoming months!

  • 30 Dec 2019
    Aprojects Transports HP Stripper Over The Atlantic Ocean

    Aprojects Austria, our member for the alliance in Austria, recently transported an HP Stripper that weighed 173 MT and some parts and accessories in cases. The project was carried out in November, and Aproject's scope of work included the door to door planning and organization from Austria to the delivery site in the USA.

    All operations went smoothly and without problems.

  • 27 Dec 2019
    Tandem Logistics Exports Aircraft Engine to Aqaba Despite Multiple Obstacles

    Tandem Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Tunisia, has finalized an export operation for 2 aircraft engines from Tunis to Aqaba (Door to Pier). The first survey was made on the 06/11/2019 to determine the dimensions and weight of each unit. Each engine was placed on a cradle. Details are as follows:
    Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) : 4950 x 2490 x 2850 each
    Weight: 5600 Kg each (including cradles)

    Tandem was appointed to handle lashing and pre-carriage of these 2 units from Tunisair premises until Rades port and then from Rades port until Aqaba port using an FR40 with CMA CGM. This was also due to the fact that the customer asked for the lowest price solution.

    Operations was completed 2 days ago with success despite a lot of obstacles (customs clearance not ready yet, no forklift to be able to discharge the container from the truck: Tandem had to proceed with the lashing above the truck; no adapted tarpaulin: Tandem, therefore, had to make do with a "traditional" one. However, thanks to the expertise of the Tandem team, now all containers are at Rades port waiting for vessel departure. Please see some pictures of the operation from the first survey until covering the units with a tarpaulin.

    Well done Tandem for navigating the difficulties and managing the top-notch delivery!

  • 27 Dec 2019
    Pipe Haul for Fleet Line Shipping

    Project Logistics Alliance member in UAE, Fleet Line Shipping (FLS) last week completed handling a consignment of 350 steel pipes which were measuring 12 meters in length and 0.95 meters diameter, weighing 3.2 tons each.

    The pipes were loaded in China on part charter basis on a breakbulk vessel. When the pipes arrived in Jebel Ali, the Fleet Line Projects team was discharging the cargo on 70 trailers and delivering them in three days to Ruwais, Abu Dhabi.

    Well done, Fleet Line Shipping!

  • 26 Dec 2019
    Guangzhou Eversail Logistics Delivers Steel Billets From India To China

    Eversail Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for China recently handled a Break Bulk shipment of steel billets shipped from Gangavaram Port, India. M.V. RU YII arrived Huangpu New Port on Nov 12th, 2019 with 15,432 tons prime steel billets (Length: 12 MTR, size: 150MMX150MM) in 7230 bundles. Their customer service team liaised with the wharf and ship agent in advance to organize the discharging procedure, custom clearance and distribution. The main challenge was due to an extremely tight delivery schedule. Immediately after the arrival of the vessel, 3,745 tons of goods were transshipped by barges directly to the end-users, while the rest should get discharged and stow onto the terminal yard for onward distribution. The discharging was completed seamlessly within 48 hrs., which was expected to be 60hrs.

    Accomplishing a great deal of work with accuracy and efficiency, they were bombarded with a tremendous number of compliments as a result of our outstanding services rendered to their valued customer, one of Fortune 500 companies. The director appreciated their efforts by writing, "I appreciate their professionalism very much, it was a great success and they are confident that the ongoing shipments will be delivered to their customers with punctuality and peace of mind. Eversail has trustworthy staff, they are easy to communicate, persistent and teamworking.” This was the first lot of a year-round contract with a volume of 200,000 tons.

    Many thanks for sharing this with the alliance and congrats on the project!

  • 25 Dec 2019
    Aqua Air Logistics Delivers Pipes to Power Plant Near Doha

    Aqua Air Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Bahrain and Qatar, Doha office has been closely involved with the clearance and delivery of some structural items and pipes for the Umm Al Houl Power Plant near Doha.

    The Doha team's scope of work included the customs clearance, transportation to site, the offloading of the pipes in the open-top containers, and ensuring safe and timely delivery of the cargo to the end client. In order for everything to work smoothly, Aqua Air coordinated closely with the end client, partner, and site managers, which guaranteed the smooth arrival of goods.

    Great Job Aqua Air!

  • 25 Dec 2019
    Alexander Global Logistics Delivers Pretty Gems All Around The World

    Our Project Logistics Alliance member Alexander Global Logistics from Germany reports about a challenge of another kind. In a period of a little more than a week, there were three different Air Shipments of sports cars managed.

    On December 6, Alexander Global Logistics managed the air shipment with AirBridgeCargo Airlines of a Ferrari 812 Superfast (800 PS, maximum speed of 340 km/h) from Amsterdam and delivered them to Hong Kong. Only one week later, this transport was followed by a Vespa GTS with trailer car which was flown from Frankfurt to Doha with Qatar Airways. Ultimately, Alexander Global Logistics delivered a Lamborghini URUS by Mansory (650 PS and a maximum speed of 305 km/h) from Frankfurt to Dubai Airport. The local partner in Dubai delivered the cargo safely to the customer on December 15.

    Good job, Alexander Global Logistics!

  • 24 Dec 2019
    Wilke-Survey & Partner Goes Deep Into The Arctics

    Wilke - Survey & Partner (WSP), official partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, was contracted to act as 'Marine Warranty Surveyor' (MWS) for the 2019 shipment of the Baffinland Mary River Iron Ore Mine Expansion Project.

    A total of approx. 550 MT of cargo was moved mostly from Europe and Asia to the Canadian Arctic. Located beyond 70° North, mother nature was setting the rules and equipment which was not available on site could not be provided on short notice. Therefore, offloading operations had to be pre-planned accurately in advance. In addition, hard to predict weather and a tight shipping window with ice-free waters were only two of many challenging aspects.

    An own dock and a 28m wide road made out of amour stone and compacted layers of gravel had to be constructed for the roll off of the screening building, which had a weight of 1760MT and a final destination a few clicks into the mainland. The WSP team took a typical "All hands on (deck)" approach, and succeeded in what they aimed for: delivering all items in a safe and effective manner to site!

    Congratulations on the successful accomplishment of mission Baffinland 2019! We look forward to hearing more in 2020!

  • 24 Dec 2019
    Globe Line Projects Heads Up Towards Sweden For Batch Delivery

    Globe Line Projects, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for the Czech Republic, completed in August the delivery of a batch of extra-wide cargo from Czech Republic to Åseda, Sweden.

    The cargo consisted of 8 x 20 MT units, with a dimension of 9 x 4,95 x 3,2 meters, and 5 x 15 MT units, with a dimension of 9 x 4,2 x 0,8 meters, plus 2 tilt trucks. The main challenge was to organize a suitable ferry to accommodate the widths of the cargo and also the sheer quantity of trucks, and on top of that, all units must be delivered within two weeks to the new factory in Sweden. Globe Line's scope of work therefore also included arranging the pilots, and also the dismantling of some signs and parapets on route. While the whole organization took 6 weeks, the cargo was delivered without delay.

    Great Job Globe Line Projects!

  • 23 Dec 2019
    R&B Global Moves 10 Beer Tanks From Serbia to Italy

    R&B Global, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia, has recently completed a large project of moving 10 beer tanks from Serbia to Italy. The move involved the crossing of three waterways: River Danube, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and many challenges in coordinating all the parties involved.

    The project started off in Novi Sad, Serbia where a Heineken brewery was located. Each tank was 24m high, weighed 43MT, and sported a diameter of 7.3 m. R&B first had to disconnect them from within the brewery, and as the tanks were to be put into use again in Italy, they also had to transport the connecting stairways, pumps, ladders, supports, bolts, and sundry other accessories as part of the freight.

    As one can imagine, the biggest challenge was to coordinate all parties and the punctuality of the equipment and ships. If any delays occurred, the daily costs could easily add up for the client. However, R&B is proud to announce that this was handled with much success.

    The tanks were lifted with a 500MT crane unit, with the aid of a smaller tail crane, onto a trailer, which was equipped with specially made wooden saddles. Additionally, ribbed rubber mats were placed on the side walls to protect the tanks. Transport through Serbia was carried out during the night, and a 5km route to the port of Novi Sad was prepared in advance. It took ten days for all tanks to reach the port and be loaded onto the inland barges. A total of 5 vessels sailed down the Danube river in convoy, each loaded with 2 tanks, down to the port of Constantza in Romania for transshipment. There on, it crossed the black sea into the Mediterranean Sea, on two ships. This took almost nine days before they got unloaded in Taranto and Cagliari, Italy.

    Due to R&B's excellent planning and execution, the client was able to avoid major extra charges. This is another display of their expertise in the Balkans market. Congratulations R&B Global!

  • 23 Dec 2019
    Atlas Shipping Delivers Hazardous Cargo for United Nations

    Atlas Shipping Services, member for Bhutan and Nepal, was appointed by the United Nation to handle a complex project which included the delivery of hazardous cargo (arms & ammunition) within the difficult terrain of Nepal. Other cargo included vehicles, generators & trailers, totaling up to 84 units to be delivered to the Shillong India Armed Police unit.

    The veterans and experts at Atlas organized all documents relating to clearance & exemption for a hassle-free delivery. The entire supply chain management was supervised by the professional team of Atlas Shipping Services, including discharge from the vessel, loading on trailer, loading & securing of the cargo. Each step was diligently planned upfront, till the delivery of the goods at the site. Atlas is happy to report that everything went well, and further reinstates their belief that the success of the project lies in the well-structured planning and road/site survey conducted by the team before the execution of the logistics.

    Well done Atlas Shipping!

  • 23 Dec 2019
    New Member For Japan!

    We would like to welcome a new company in the Project Logistics Alliance. Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha Limited has joined our network of project experts, representing Japan.

    Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha was established back in 1922 already and is headquartered in Tokyo. The company is currently counting 110 employees and offers a wide range of logistics services to support your project transportation to and in Japan and 7 branch offices. Over the years, Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha has accumulated abundant know-how and a very experienced project logistics team to offer a series of import and export operations for plant and project cargoes including heavy products in response to each customers' individual needs.

    Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha is familiar with Heavy-lift operation on and offshore handling all around Japan, not only port handling but also machinery installation together with rigging partners. They are also capable of basic fabrication along with manufacturers' supervision. Furthermore, they spray and wash New Machines to clean saltine water upon customers’ request. As you can see Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha is very flexible to meet their customer’s request and is highly motivated to work better as your counterpart.

    We are pleased to welcome you on board of the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 20 Dec 2019
    Altius Supports Deliveries for MSU Energy Power Stations

    Altius, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Argentina and Bolivia, is extremely proud to share us with their project for MSU Energy, concerning the Villa Maria, Barker, and Rojo power station.

    The project consisted of multiple phases, which was executed by Altius in different stages.
    Phase 1:

    • Execution Period: Jul 2018- Oct 2018
    • Sector: Energy
    • Cargo: Turbine, Generator & Accessories
    • Volume: 4769 frt
    • Origin: Houston/ Amberes
    • Job Site: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    • Scope: From FCA POE up to CFR POD
    Phase 2:
    • Execution Period: Sep 2018- Feb 2019
    • Sector: Energy
    • Cargo:Transformers and Accessories
    • Volume:5871 frt
    • Origin:Houston/ Mexico/ Turquia/ UAE/India
    • Job Site: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    • Scope: From FCA POE up to CFR POD
    Phase 4:
    • Execution Period:feb 2019- may 2019
    • Sector: Energy Cargo: Boilers
    • Volume:23850 frt
    • Origin:Laem Chabang, Thailand
    • Job Site: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    • Scope: From FCA POE up to CFR POD
    Phase 5:
    • Execution Period: feb 2019- may 2019
    • Sector:Energy
    • Cargo: Steam Turbine System
    • Volume:8700 frt
    • Origins: Gunsan, Korea + Shanghai, China
    • (Condensers)/ Chennai, India/ Gemlik, Turkey, (Transformers)/ Gdansk, Poland (Generators)
    • Job Site:Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    • Scope: From FCA POE up to CFR POD
    The expansion and conversion of the three power plants is an ongoing project, and Phase 1 of the whole renovation will be completed in 2020. Congratulations to Altius for participating is such a prestigious project!

  • 20 Dec 2019
    Modern Shipping Agencies - a powerful partner for you

    Our member Modern Shipping Agencies, representing Afghanistan in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proudly updating us on their service from Karachi to Nepal’s ports.

    Somehow all this was managed: 550 containers (five hundred and fifty units) were transported with haulage and all shipping arrangements. This trade is still going on successfully, smoothly coordinated by motivated employees in offices in different sectors. Modern Shipping Agencies is a leading global NVOCC shipping company and a powerful partner for you.

    Modern Shipping Agencies is offering dry containers, flat rack containers, reefer containers/ open top containers – in case you are having any query for heavy weight and OOG shipments, breakbulk shipments or any kind of project move please get in touch with the Modern Shipping Team, they are ready to move at 24/7.

    Thank you, Modern Shipping Agencies.