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  • 23 Jul 2019
    SAL Semi-Liner Serving Africa

    MV Annegret, 2 Harbour Crane, fully assembled, 298.5 tons eaach, 61.9 x 14.5 x 30 meters

    Your contact:

    Kai Vogel
    Sales/ Chartering Manager
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    +49 40 380380-221

    Juergen Kuntz
    Senior Manager Chartering & Projects
    Head of Africa Chartering Desk
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    +49 40 380 380-224

    Paul Okpurughre
    Director Business Development
    Operations MEA
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    +49 40 380 380-409

  • 22 Jul 2019
    M.A.Z Shipping & Consolidation Moves Juice and Confectionary Plant to Angola

    M.A.Z Shipping & Consolidation (PVT LTD M.R Group), member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Pakistan, has successfully moved part of a juice and confectionery plant from Port Qasim, Pakistan to Lobito, Angola. This is part of an ongoing project, and the remainder will be transported throughout July, 2019.

    The scope of work from M.A.Z started ex-work original plant site all the way up to Lobito Port, and this first part of the cargo was loaded within 3 x 40FT flat rack containers and 2 x 40 HC containers.

    M.A.Z handled the shipment with care and precision, we wish them success for the remainder of the project!

  • 22 Jul 2019
    New member for the USA!

    The Project Logistics Alliance is delighted to introduce a new member representing the USA. Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) has joined our network representing the USA. With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan and operations all over the world, SCS is a leader in creating value for business of any size, looking to drive efficiencies quickly and over the long-term through transportation, logistics, and technology solutions. For more than 17 years, clients have turned to SCS for ways to run a smarter business due to our knowledge and experience in the industry.

    With project expertise focusing on Breakbulk, Heavy lift, RO-RO, Mining, AOG, Industrial and constructions, automotive, Factories and machine relocations, SCS is covering all the range of services from Ocean freight and Vessel Chartering, Air Freight and Air Chartering, Rail Services, Port services, Barge chartering and related services, Origin and/or Destination Inland Services, Crane and/or Rigging services, Packaging, Warehousing, Rail Clearance applications, Marine Surveys, Cargo and/or Marine Insurance.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, SCS!

  • 19 Jul 2019
    Network Global Logistics Transports Crawler Cranes from Turkey to Jordan

    Network Global Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Azerbaijan, has successfully completed a multimodal transport of a batch of TEREX CC-2800-1 crawler cranes from Turkey to Jordan.

    In total, 61 pieces were transported, with a total volume of 1611 cbm, and weight of 708 MT. Network Global loaded the cargo at the port of Ä°skenderun and then delivered the cargo via breakbulk ship to Aqaba. Please see attached photos for details of the loading etc.

    Well done Network Global and looking forward to more news from you soon.

  • 19 Jul 2019
    Global Trans Undertakes Palm Oil Equipment Project

    Global Trans, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Indonesia, has a long track record of handling crude palm oil. As on of the market leaders in the production of crude palm oil, Indonesia has been successfully serving both the domestic and international market with palm oil products.

    Global Trans most recent project involved handling a domestic shipment from Belawan Port to Samarinda Port. Global Trans has already delivered a total of 2000 cbm of palm oil equipment and will continue with this project, which has a total of 40.000 cbm. In May 2019, they loaded and chartered in full the MV Sumber Rejeki with door to door delivery terms, and also arranged for permits and offloading at destination site.

    Great job guys!

  • 18 Jul 2019
    GPL-Cuchi Shipping Untertakes Dangote Petroleum Refinery Project

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Vietnam, Cuchi Shipping Co. Ltd, recently completed the transportation regarding the Dangote Petroleum Refinery Project. In total, there were 186 packages, weighing up to 1,039 MT, with a volume of 8,628 CBM.

    Cuchi's scope of work was the FOB transportation from the factory to PhuMy port in Vietnam for loading onto BBC vessel. This included the fumigation and export customs clearance, loading onto truck, as well as the trucking up to Phu My port. Cuchi also supervised the loading onto the vessel.

    Thanks for sharing the news and congrats on the successful project!

  • 18 Jul 2019
    New member for Austria!

    We would like to introduce a new member of the Project Logistics Alliance: Aprojects has joined our community of project experts representing Austria.
    Aprojects is specialized in the handling of industrial projects and has their dedicated teams located where you need their support in Europe and Asia with vast professional experiences. With the main office being located in Antwerp, Aprojects has hub offices Shanghai and South Korea and further offices in Germany, Austria, and Russia.
    Aprojects is possessing outstanding expertise in the design and engineering of project components, vendor to vendor expediting including FAT surveys, purchase order management, ex-works pickups, hub consolidation, packing, and preservation, terminal handling & stevedoring, multi-modal transport coordination, custom clearance, and destination services including delivery as well as rigging and installing on-site.
    The engineering team is also happy to provide you with their suggestions/ assistance in handling, storage and maintenance/ preservation of heavy lifts or OOG cargo.

    If you would like to know more or get in touch with Aprojects, please contact:

    Peter Windhager
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +43 (0) 660 6179488

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Aprojects!

  • 17 Jul 2019
    Viking Project Logistics Delivers Steel Casting Equipments From Turkey To Russia

    Viking Project Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Algeria, has successfully delivered 4 pieces of steel casting equipments from Turkey to Russia. Each piece had a weight of 45MT. They were picked up from Ankara, and first brought to Autoport Port via lowbed trucks. Viking Project Logistics then completed the labelling and lashing services in port, and loaded the equipment onto mafis of the UECC line. The cargo was finally delivered via St. Petersburg Port to the final customer.

    Well done on another successful project Vikings!

  • 17 Jul 2019
    40' Sailing Catamaran delivery ex France to water Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    3L-Leemark Logistics, member of Project Logistics Alliance for Taiwan is awarded by Taiwan Boats Dealers to ship this 40’ Sailing Catamaran (width at 6.65M and height at 4.38M) it has departed from France early Jun 2019 with good supporting from overseas partner. They manage using a patented cradle to ship it by 1*40’ Flat Rack only and under deck stowage, saving lots of cost for their customer and arrived Kaohsiung port safely.

    3L in Taiwan and China Offices are both experienced on yacht, boat operation covering the service on shipping, inland delivery, crane lifting as so called one stop solution. Well done 3L-Leemark!

  • 17 Jul 2019
    Delivering Two New Substations To The Mea In The Heart Of Bangkok

    "FLS Projects Thailand's most recent delivery of two new substations to the MEA in Bangkok. FLS Projects was in charge of the whole operation from the storage yard in Chonburi up to the site in Bangkok incl. the transportation and the substations' lifting over the electricity cables right onto the foundation. As the site is located in the heart of Bangkok, the job had to be performed mostly at night to avoid any disruption of the local community's normal life. A single mistake would have resulted in huge problems with both the local community and Bangkok's authorities, therefore, FLS safety officers and the FLS engineering team were present during the execution of this job ensuring that all procedures were precisely followed by all teams involved to ensure a safe and precise positioning of these 32 MT and 39 MT substations to the final point. The thorough and careful planning, as well as the smooth execution, paid off with a perfect operation and a very happy customer!
    Please don't hesitate to contact FLS PROJECTS for all your cargo needs in THAILAND - VIETNAM - AUSTRALIA - SINGAPORE - INDONESIA - TAIWAN - USA and in MALAYSIA!"

  • 16 Jul 2019
  • 16 Jul 2019
    C.H. Robinson Moves Transformers In and Out of Live Substations Using Jack and Slide Method

    A C.H. Robinson customer needed help moving two transformers from two separate substations. A smaller transformer (25 metric tons) in Big Springs, TX, and a larger one (33.5 metric tons) in Loraine, TX, needed to swap places. They turned to C.H. Robinson’s project logistics team for help developing a tailored solution to get the job done.

    Moving the first transformer
    The first transformer—and the smaller of the two—was in a substation in Big Springs, TX. While it only weighed 25 metric tons, the transformer was situated in an area with live 138 KV wires overhead. This eliminated the possibility of using cranes to lift it out of the substation. Through careful collaboration with the customer’s team, C.H. Robinson chose a method known as Jack and Slide. The Jack and Slide method is a load moving process that first involves jacking the load onto a guided track that then allows the load to slide to its desired location.

    The team’s first step was to raise the transformer high enough to clear the surrounding fence. Using a jack attached at each of the transformer’s corners, the piece was lifted, wooden rail ties were slid underneath, and rails were placed on top of the wood. Then, the transformer slid across the rails and over the fencing. Once the transformer was a safe distance from overhead wires, a low bed trailer was positioned nearby and the Jack and Slide method was used to maneuver the transformer onto the trailer. The transformer was jacked up again on the trailer in order to remove the wooden ties and rails before being lowered and secured in place. The transformer then traveled to its new destination, a substation in Loraine, TX where it could be temporarily stored until placed on the pad once occupied by the larger transformer.

    Moving the second transformer
    While the first transformer was being transported to Loraine, the customer readied the area in Big Springs, to support the new, larger transformer. When ready, loading the larger transformer in Loraine followed the same process as the smaller one had using the Jack and Slide method. However, the delivery required a bit more creativity. The new infrastructure needed to support the transformer’s larger size which meant positioning it within the substation would require the transformer to temporarily turn so it could fit around the infrastructure before it could be righted and placed in position. Careful planning helped the added step go smoothly.

    In total, the project required C.H. Robinson’s experts to perfectly maneuver three separate Jack and Slide moves at two separate live substations. The team’s execution was flawless and throughout the project, the project logistics team from C.H. Robinson focused on managing the customer’s risks and costs effectively.

  • 15 Jul 2019
    Logimar Breaks Conventions with

    With so many companies attending the Breakbulk Europe convention, it is not easy to stand out and make an impression. Logimar's team came up with the idea, that instead of the usual goodies and brochures, for their very first Breakbulk Europe with their own booth, a dedicated newspaper would be a great representation of their creativity, and also allow them to convey key messages.

    The published newsprint included interviews with team members, project news and case studies, as well as information regarding the networks they represent for Italy. Among them of course, is the Project Logistics Alliance. As a nice touch, the last few pages are also dedicated to introducing the charity initiatives that Logimar have undertaken.

    It is great to see how our members are getting creative in presenting themselves!

  • 15 Jul 2019
    The Port of Virginia is Revolutionizing American's First Port

    We would like to share this video on behalf of our partners from The Port of Virginia. It shows the amazing revolution that is currently going on with the vision of making this the most efficient well-run port on the East Coast and just maybe the world.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  • 12 Jul 2019
    CTO do Brasil Ships Industrial Brewery Equipment from Belgium to Brazil

    CTO do Brasil, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Brazil, recently handled an OOG project shipment from Antwerp to Brazil.

    The cargo transported was a large and high crated piece of heavy industrial brewery equipment manufactured in Belgium.

    This OOG piece was shipped from the Port of Antwerp to the Port of Rio de Janeiro as breakbulk cargo in a container ship. However, time constraints meant that the arrival at the port of Rio de Janeiro coincided with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival period. This imposed a big challenge but thanks to the high standard of assistance from the CTO team, the cargo was safely delivered to the importer’s plant on time, writing a successful end note to the project.

    Congratulations CTO do Brasil on the great planning and execution! We hope to hear from you soon!