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  • 18 Dec 2017
    PL Alliance is happy to announce our new member for Bulgaria

    Unimasters Logistics SCS recently entered as our first member for Bulgaria:

    “We are trained Break Bulk and Project Cargo logisticians, who move any project and oversized cargo anywhere in cooperation with our unparalleled global network. Whether you plan for the unexpected or try to put to test our unrivalled delivery capabilities, you will have the unconditional support of our team with the right expertise. It doesn't matter if you move heavy Oil & Gas equipment or relocate a whole plant. “

    Welcome to the Alliance, Unimasters!

  • 18 Dec 2017
    Dun & Bradstreet SME Business Excellence Awards, 2017 Express Global Logistics (EXG) has been awarded for SME Business Excellence –2nd year in a row

    Dun and Bradstreet SME Business Excellence Awards, 2017, presented by the RBL Bank is one of the most coveted awards in the SME Business sector. EXG (PL-Alliance member for India) was felicitated with the award for SME Business Excellence in the Transport and Logistics Sector at the ceremony held on 17th November 2017 in New Delhi, India. EXG is proud of this achievement for the 2nd consecutive year. Besides the Dun and Bradstreet SME Business Excellence Awards, the eminent jury has considered the difficult market conditions the global industry is facing, which makes this achievement for EXG even more noteworthy. EXG as a market leader has made significant contributions to the project logistics industry by going beyond the standard mandates which is conducive for the growth of the sector. EXG is a market leading Projects and Engineering Solutions company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is an asset based company, having pan India presence backed by its own fleet of 44 Goldhofer hydraulic axles, 65 cranes up to 450 tons, and warehouses.

  • 15 Dec 2017
    Cover Story about PL Alliance in the Breakbulk magazine

    Alexander Hellmers, founder of the Project Logistics Alliance, has been interviewed and mentioned in the 6th issue/2017 of the BreakBulk magazine!

    Read the whole article attached:

  • 14 Dec 2017
    Grand Arabia Forwarding & Logistic Services joins the PL Alliance

    The Project Logistics Alliance is happy to welcome Grand Arabia Forwarding & Logistic Services as our new member for Iraq and Jordan. Grand Arabia is specialized in margining, handling, and innovative handling solutions for projects cargo services ( Oil and Gas, renewable energy, constructions, and IPP projects) completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of its customers valuable goods. Grand Arabia delivers cost effective, timely solutions, minimizing risk and optimizing efficiency on its project customer moves from any country in worldwide up to any destination in Iraq, Jordan, and Levant region.

    Welcome to the alliance, Grand Arabia!

  • 13 Dec 2017
    C.H. Robinson Project Logistics delivers to South Korea

    C.H. Robinson Project Logistics team in Singapore helped a customer arrange ocean transport of breakbulk and containerized cargo from multiple locations to Daesan Port in Jungang-dong, Busan, South Korea. The cargo was shipped from China, India, and the United States on three charters, with a combined load of 773 metric tons, 6,932 cubic meters. C.H. Robinson’s offices in Korea, China, Singapore, and the United States worked to execute the move. At Daesan Port, an experienced Singapore Project Logistics expert oversaw safe delivery. Everything went according to plan, other than calling a momentary halt due to thick fog. A total of 1,000 metric tons, 8,000 cubic meters of equipment was successfully delivered over a period of five months.

  • 12 Dec 2017
    New member for Saudi Arabia!

    PL-Alliance is happy to announce Gulf Agency Company as our new member for Saudi Arabia. They apply GAC’s shipping, logistics and marine expertise to major project undertakings - primarily customers for the offshore, oil & gas, heavy industry and construction sectors, but have also been called on to assist with heavy lift shipments for art galleries, Events Logistics and even an underwater restaurant. “Commitment, flexibility and experience are central to our approach to every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of a global EPC contract. Welcome to the alliance, Gulf Agency Company!

  • 12 Dec 2017

    FLS Projects, PL- Alliance member for Singapore, USA and Thailand, is handling more than 4,000 project-related customs entries for the fabrication sector and end receivers annually. FLS’ staff is regularly trained and always up-to-date with the latest customs regulations, procedures and tariffs. FLS’ staff has vast experience with customs classification, duty & tax promotion or exemption, temporary importation, transshipment or transit clearance and, of course, Free Trade Agreements between the different countries and trading blocs our customers are dealing with. Are you planning to set-up a new factory or to import raw materials for fabrication? Please contact your nearest FLS office for consultation.

  • 11 Dec 2017
  • 08 Dec 2017
    Express Global Logistics (EXG) has successfully completed the movement of a Brick Manufacturing Press form Shanghai to Siliguri.

    Express (PL-Alliance member for India) has successfully carried out the movement of a Brick Manufacturing Press from Shanghai to Siliguri. The cargo was brought to Mumbai port and transported from Mumbai to Siliguri by truck. The dimensions of the cargo were 3.03 x 1.67 x 6.78 meters and the weight of the cargo was 65 MT. We faced a challenge at the factory in Shanghai. The height of the cargo was such that we had to lift the roof of the factory to load the cargo onto the truck. Transportation from Mumbai to Siliguri was a total distance of 2350 kilometers. We selected the shortest and fastest route from Mumbai and completed the entire movement of cargo smoothly and as scheduled. Express provided daily tracking of the vehicle during transportation. Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, (EXG) India is a project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is an asset based company, having pan India presence backed by its own fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic axles, cranes up to 450 tons, and warehouses.

  • 07 Dec 2017
    Scandinavian Express delivers oversized steel construction

    Scandinavian Express, PL-Alliance member for Poland and Sweden, took part in Tana Bru Project, providing delivery during winter conditions of oversized steel construction from Gdynia, Poland to remote, northern part of Norway, beyond arctic circle. Transported element with special truck&trailer reached total dimensions of 21×5,20×5,20; weight almost 100t! Detailed info about the project including visualization of the bridge (source Statens Vegvesen): Tana Bru. Well done, Scandinavian Express!

  • 06 Dec 2017

    A great example of perfect teamwork is FLS’ latest project. The recent project It involved the shipping and importation of various raw and free issue materials from worldwide origins into Turkey and the export of the finished product to Indonesia. Main components in this shipment where 3 units of Guillotine Ducts with dimensions of 960x620x490 cm and weighing 30 metric tons each. FLS Projects Vietnam oversaw the transportation of the cargo from the production facilities and then the loading onto the vessel. A big THANK YOU to our partner HERFURTH Logistics in Izmir, Turkey who were a great support from the planning and inquiry stage, up to the execution of this project!

  • 05 Dec 2017
    M-STAR FREIGHT SERVICES handling Oman Project

    After facing the hurricane Harvey disaster, which took place exactly at the time of M-Stars, PL-Alliance member for Georgia, operation loading heavy compressor parts, they still successfully organised the complete door delivery. The delivery included equipment for the extension to the Safah oilfield in Oman Site address located in the dry desert area, approximately 478km from the port of Sohar.

    Total approx. 8.500cbm volume of compressors, coolers, e-house, generators and parts were transported from USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and UK. The major parts weigh 80 tons and the oversize units measure up to 16.30 x 4,30 x 4,80 mtrs.

    Scope of services:

    • Transportation from suppliers by standard and multi axle trucks
    • Port handlings and shipment on heavy lift type vessels
    • Receiving, consolidation and shipping various parts in containers
    • Delivery to site with multi-axel trucks / deep loader and standard trucks
    • Full documentation job incl. CVO / EUR-1 / Customs / road permits and escorts

    Great project, M-Star!!

  • 04 Dec 2017
    Steder Group arranged the load out for the 4th Knuckle Boom

    Last Friday (24 november 2017) Steder Group, PL-Alliance member for Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands and UK, arranged the load out for the 4th Knuckle Boom Crane (268MT), direct from inner-river vessel till on board SAL HL vessel, as part of our door to door delivery scope. After loading at shipper premises earlier that week, Steder moved the KBC through the Dutch inner waterway system, arriving on schedule for the onwards leg to the Far East.

  • 01 Dec 2017
    PL Alliance welcomes Direct Freight Solutions

    Direct Freight Solutions has recently entered PLA as our new member for Jordan. Direct Freight Solutions is an international freight forwarder established in 2002, based in the city of Amman, Jordan. They offer the entire range of forwarding and logistic services to its customers and agents for national, international and worldwide operations. Their staff has a strong alliance, working together to provide the highest standard of service to customers. Direct Freights Services: - Specialists in international logistics via air, sea and road - Customs clearance - Door to door deliveries - Packing and moving - Warehousing - Project cargo - Cargo insurance - Transit shipments to Iraq by air and road - Transit shipments to Libya and GCC countries - Provide trading license / Export & Import - "Experts in Renewable Energy, Solar System, Power Plants and Photovoltaic Projects." Welcome to the Alliance, Direct Freight Solutions!

  • 30 Nov 2017
    Transformer for Morocco

    IPSEN Logistics (PL-Alliance member for Germany) executed in 2017 various transformer transports to Morocco with unit weights up to 102,5 to. The big ones were loaded in river barges, others reached the POL by truck. Casablanca was the most convenient and economic port of entry, so shipment has been done on mafi trailer with a RORO liner service.

    In the SOW of IPSEN for the last transformer also the unloading on foundation was included, which has been successfully finished by hydraulic jacks. Total 11 transformers have been delivered and will now serve Morocco’s energy System.

    Good job, IPSEN Logistics!

  • 29 Nov 2017
    Kronoz Internacional successfully transports Construction Machinery

    PL-Alliance member Kronoz from Mexico transported a Construction Machinery, 8 units Break Bulk, from Callao, Peru to Houston, USA. Good job, Kronoz!

  • 28 Nov 2017
    FLS looks forward to promising projects in 2018!

    Last week was yet another great week for FLS Projects. Not only have the FLS offices combined moved more than 16,000 FRT of break bulk and heavy lift cargo, but were also awarded with projects worth in excess of 40,000 FRT to ship in 2018. Scope of these projects include domestic transportation, port handling, heavy lift vessel chartering and container transportation to destinations worldwide. Congratulations to the FLS teams in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand for securing such important projects. Follow us to see more details and updates on upcoming projects in 2018!

  • 27 Nov 2017
    New member for the Philippines

    PL Alliance is happy to announce its newest member for the Philippines: Nonpareil International. Nonpareil International Freight and Cargo Services, Inc. provides professional services as ONE-STOP-SHOP for Logistics services and is strategically located in the heart of Metro.

    Welcome to the PL Alliance, Nonpareil International!

  • 24 Nov 2017
    C.H. Robinson delivers 49 complete wind turbines

    C.H. Robinson, PL- Alliance member for Canada, Singapore and the USA, was thrilled to assist their client with the delivery of 49 complete wind turbines from the Port of Monroe, Michigan and Garden City, Kansas to a site near Bluff Point, Indiana. The project required 476 truckloads to transport the towers, nacelles, and 147 blades at 56.9 x 3.94 x 2.9 meters and 11.5 metric tons each. The total cargo was 15,868 metric tons, 173,000 cubic meters. Due to planned and emergency road construction in various states, our wind specialists were required to develop an alternate conveyance. We worked closely with the various state departments of transportation in order to accommodate delivery. The entire project, which was Free on Truck (FOT) origins to FOT site, was completed in 7 weeks. Very well done C.H. Robinson!

  • 23 Nov 2017
    Express Global Logistics Moves RTGCs From Nhava Sheva To Mundra

    Our Indian PL-Alliance member, Express Global Logistics, was awarded a challenging project to ship 4 units of RTGCs from Nhava Sheva to Mundra. The sheer dimensions of 25.27 (L) X 11.94 (W) X 25.1 (H) all in meter and total weight of 535 tons were challenging in itself to achieve a proper stowage, roll-on/off and vessel stability. Firstly, the Engineering team had to put in their innovation skills to test to achieve the best stowage on one barge, with limited space on deck. Then, it was the marine team’s job to ensure sea going stability in compliance with IMO regulations, for such a heavy and high center of gravity load. In compliance with EXG’s own QHSE standards, and customer’s stringent QHSE regulations, after series of meetings with all stake holders, that is; customer, port officials, marine warranty surveyors, third party Inspectors (Appointed by customer) a plan was chalked out clearly defining and describing the activities at each stage. EXG was faced with tidal range of over 4.0 meter at Nhava Sheva and over 6.0 meter at Mundra. The barge maintained sufficient Pumps to meet these tidal variations by ballasting n de-ballasting. Roll-on and roll-off of RTGCs was perfectly carried out maintaining the barge at same level as jetty. The gap of 3.5 meter between jetty and barge was bridged by a steel ramp, designed and tested for the purpose. Sea fastening was done in accordance with CARGO SECURING MANUAL for the vessel and was subject to grilling discussion and requirements of Marine warranty surveyor and inspectors. The resultant plan was supported with proper calculations and in line with the weather predicted for the intended voyage. Continuous monitoring of the weather en-route and passage planning for the barge was done to ensure safe voyage and arrival at Mundra. All 4 units of the RTGCs were safely handed over to customer at Mundra after roll off in record two tides. Customer’s satisfaction and their words of appreciation were the best things we achieved in the entire execution of the project.