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  • 15 Jan 2020
    New Member For Belgium!

    We are proudly introducing a new member of the Project Logistics Alliance to you. After Steder Group has withdrawn its membership for Belgium, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Herfurth Logistics!

    Herfurth Logistics was established in 1899 already and is run in the 6th generation of the founding family. Around 450 people are working in all northwest European countries with their own offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Turkey. Herfurth Logistics is part of the Herfurth Logistics Group which is known to most of our members already since M-Star Projects, a founding member from Georgia, is part of the Herfurth Group as well.

    Regarding the “project cargo”, the team of Herfurth Logistics is working in all countries under the name ''M-Star Projects powered by Herfurth Logistics'' and is specialized in shipments of project and OOG cargoes. This implies the handling and shipping of part loads with exceptional dimensions or weights as well as the dismantling and shipping of industrial projects or removals. The scope of services includes road transport licenses and escorts, packing of the goods and rental of mobile cranes if required. RORO shipments are also part of the services that Herfurth Logistics is offering.

    Besides their focus on projects, Herfurth Logistics is also offering the entire range of logistics services such as ocean freight, air freight, road freight, warehousing, intelligent cargo care and customs services. Another specialization is the transport of living animals, following specific rules and regulations so that the best solution for a safe transport to the well-being of the animal can be provided.

    We are happy to welcome you as part of our network, Herfurth Logistics!

  • 14 Jan 2020
    Express Global Logistics Transports 280MT x 4 Ammonia Converter Units

    Express Global Logistics, Project Logistics Alliance member representing India, was awarded a contract for the shifting of 4 x Ammonia Converter (Top Section) at one of the largest Fabricators in India.

    The scope included multiple shifting & complete supervision of 4x Ammonia Converter units each measured 20 x 5 x 5 (m) & weighted 280MT (approx) each being unloaded & loaded at various job sites for 36 days. The challenge EXG had in hand was not only the timelines to be matched, but also the weather conditions. Due to heavy rains, the approach roads were flooded and muddy, hence obstructing vehicle movement. EXG used heavy steel plates for its Goldhofer Hydraulic Axles (16 nos.) prioritizing the safety of the personal and the cargo.

    EXG team accomplished the shifting of 4 x units of Ammonia Converter (Top Section) on time with absolute safety. Good job, EXG!

  • 14 Jan 2020
    FLS Thailand Delivering a 40 meters Long Purification Tower from Thailand to Singapore

    FLS Projects Thailand member of the Project Logistics Alliance starts into 2020 with the delivery of a 40 meters long purification tower from Thailand to Singapore.

    After discharging over the Christmas period some equipment coming from Malaysia for another project, their projects team in Thailand has received and loaded on the same vessel a purification tower weighing over 35 MT. The cargo was stowed under the deck and secured by our experienced stevedoring team then shipped to Jurong Port in Singapore where it will be delivered and assembled in a chemical plant!

    Congratulations to the team at FLS Projects for successfully accomplishing this project.

  • 13 Jan 2020
    Lift & Shift (LSPL) Delivers Biggest, Heaviest Boiler & HRSG Modules For The Largest Refinery In Nigeria

    Our member Lift & Shift, representing the Project Logistics Alliance in India, was involved in the execution of another groundbreaking project. Thermax was awarded one of its largest export orders for a large Refinery Project coming up in Nigeria. Thermax assembled all the Plug & Play Modules in its Modularization Yard at Mundra SEZ & delivered all the modules from Mar’19 to Nov’19. Thermax delivered 8 x HRSGs, 4 x UBs and 2 x FGSG modules. These modules are amongst the biggest, heaviest Boiler & HRSG modules delivered anywhere in the world.

    LSPL was involved with Thermax since the bidding stage for a study of transport engineering of the modules from their yard in Mundra to the port of Mundra and then to be rolled on to RORO ships. The equipment that was to be transported and shipped were:

    Sr. No. Module Qty. Axle Configuration L (M) W (M) H (M) Weight (MT)
    1 UB Module 4 24 + 24 x 1.5 38 14 15 1,000
    2 HRSG module 1 8 16 + 16 + 16 24 14 22 750
    3 HRSG module 2 8 16 + 16 24 10 20 100
    4 FGSG module 1 2 30 + 30 28 9 15 1200
    5 FGSG module 2 2 28 + 28 43 11 21 800
    6 Heater 1 1 12 + 12 15 9 11 330
    7 Heater 2 1 12 + 12 19 8 10 290

    The equipment fabrication plan was such that work at site in Nigeria would be kept to the minimum.

    1. The engineering involved a study of arrangements to limit modification to the minimum.
    2. The road width at Adani Mundra port was lower than the maximum width of the modules to be transported. This implied that when transport of the modules would take place total traffic to the ports on roads would need to stop (all truck/ trailer/ car) movements of Import / Export cargo containers / breakbulk.
    3. The heaviest equipment weighed 1200 ton and would be the heaviest modules to be transported from Mundra port and requiring to cross the Nevinal canal.
    4. The tallest equipment for transport stood at 22 m, that meant the removal of 1 high tension tower line on no of occasions as and when crossing was required, the tower line was permanently taken underground, this led reduction of downtime of power and hence less trouble to the Public due to power outrage.
    5. Finally, the discussion revolved to the management of traffic during the transport of modules. It was agreed by all parties to plan transport in 2 or 3 stages thereby causing limited port work stoppage and eliminating traffic jams.
    6. The client nominated ship suitable to carry the cargo and operate at Adani Mundra port where the tidal range is 6 m. For Adani Mundra port this was going its first-ever RORO operation since port inception.
    7. It was finally concluded that the loadout would be done at 2 different jetty/ terminal - The Multipurpose terminal for side on operations and Container terminal for stern on operations.
    8. The next requirement was to stow the equipment at 1.5 m height suitable for the receiver trailers at Nigeria, so wooden blocks which were kept between the trailer and modules to achieve the height of 1.5 m which was 1.2 m of LSPL axles and 300 mm of wooden blocks.
    9. Since the load out was to happen with stools the modules were first transported to port about 10 days in advance where the cargo was stored on stools, stools were welded for stowing on the barge. This would help the ship to achieve a faster turnaround and more safety for continuous operation.

    The transport arrangement is unique for each equipment taking account of the various safety modalities of wind force due to module heights, the stability of the modules, route per axle load and the port per deck load. During the transport, LSPL mobilized a total of 120 self-propelled axles with 5 PPU as the transport required axles in various configurations as seen in the chart above.

    The FGSG modules were the heaviest ever to be transported in Mundra weighing at 1200 tons over the Nevinal canal. For the first time in India, 5 files trailers (2½ axles) were used for transport of cargo in India as the UB modules were heavy in the center and required to spread the load for safe transport. The HRSG modules the tallest ever were very slender the height of the modules was 22m requiring an extension of transport beam such that the width of the module was increased for safe transport.

    The client nominated 3 vessels first in April and Second in October 2019. For the first vessel, a total of 7 modules were to be loaded out. The second Vessel was to carry 5 modules and the third vessel was to carry 6 modules. The operation was planned such that each day 1 module would be loaded in stern on position and then for the few modules the ship would wait for the CB berth to load the equipment.

    A first in all aspects for Adani port, Thermax and LSPL. Congratulations to our member Lift & Shift for mastering this challenge.

  • 10 Jan 2020
    Network Global Logistics Move Wheel Loader from France to Azerbaijan.

    Network Global Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Azerbaijan, recently completed a project of moving a KOMATSU WA 800, a wheel loader from the port of Fos-Sur-Mer, France, to Azerbaijan via the Port of Gemlik in Turkey.

    The wheel loader had dimensions of 13,60 x 4,95 x 5,45 meters and weighed 104 tonnes. After an initial survey, the team at Network Global logistics found out that the machine could only be transported after dismantling certain parts that included the cabin and handrails. This first problem was solved by their French counterparts, who handled the dismantling and packaging. The second issue they faced was with starting of the machine and finding a suitable vessel for the machine, as the dimensions were beyond the scope of a normal vessel.

    After these minor obstacles were overcome, Network Global Logistics loaded the machine successfully on the vessel in Fos Sur Mer, from where it sailed towards which Turkey. After arrival, it was then further transported on a special multi-axle trailer to its final destination.

    Well done Network Global Logistics!

  • 10 Jan 2020
  • 09 Jan 2020
    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Is Working In Tight Spaces

    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Uzbekistan, has proven their expertise in working in tight spaces.

    Eti Bakir Co. Mazidagi Phosphate Plants has started its operations to fulfill a portion of Turkey’s fertilizer needs. Hareket’s goal was to minimize the air pollution that was created by the raw material falling from a high place to the band conveyor.

    The 90 tons load had to be lifted for 5 meters and mounted on a new steel construction in a very tight space. Using a crawler crane was a risky and expensive option. The Hareket engineering team has chosen the most efficient way for lifting the load: using an Enerpac SBL 1100 hydraulic gantry has saved both time and cost. That allowed a gradual flow of the raw material and minimize the dust.

    Stunning work, Hareket. Very well done!

  • 09 Jan 2020
    New Member For Romania!

    We have an important announcement to make: Steder Group has withdrawn its membership for Romania and Belgium. Having said that we are very delighted to present to you a highly specialized new member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Romania: Eastern Shipping.

    Eastern Shipping SRL was founded in 2011 on 100% Romanian roots and, from its first day on, focused on becoming an important player on the local port agency and project cargo forwarding market. They are active in a variety of sectors, like e.g. oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, automotive, construction, power & energy, and the military. Safety is the highest priority which is why every process is following strict HSSE procedures in order to guarantee competitive budgetary information, cost minimization, and safe deliveries worldwide.

    Their tracking record with regard to abnormally heavy and OOG cargo deliveries shows experience and promises commitment and flexibility to make the execution of your project cargo movement a success.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Eastern Shipping!

  • 08 Jan 2020
    Erdoganlar International Directly Transports a Transformer from Turkey to Germany

    Erdoganlar International Heavy Transport, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Turkmenistan, is very proud to have undertaken and successfully carried out the direct transportation of a transformer from Ankara, Turkey to Mönchengladbach, Germany.

    The transformer had a dimension of 5 x 2.40 x 4 meters and weighed 80 tonnes. The team at Erdoganlar managed to carry out this transfer efficiently due to the use of a 4+3+5 axles lowbed trailer. However, not all of the trip was smooth sailing due to strikes in France during transit. The team overcame this challenge by roping off the truck with police and escorts. This whole transportation took them 12 days and the transformer arrived safe and sound.

    Congratulations to the team at Erdoganlar International Heavy Transport for successfully accomplishing this project.

  • 07 Jan 2020
    Gianti Logistics Delivers Equipment For Fertilizer Plant In Turkmenistan

    Gianti Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Georgia, has completed the movement of a heavyweight unit from the port of Poti, Georgia to Garabagaz, Turkmenistan.

    The cargo had a dimension of 1665 x 345 x 330 cm and a weight of 30.5 MT. Gianti utilized their own 6 axles low bed trailer for the move, and delivered the cargo safely to site 3.5 km east from the city center of Garabogaz, Balkan Province, on the Caspian Sea coast. The equipment was destined for a fertilizer plant, which is part of the Garabogaz Fertilizer TGF project being developed by Turkmenhimiya, a Turkmen state-owned company. After completion, this is touted to be the biggest facility of its kind in Turkmenistan. More information can be found here .

    Great job Gianti!

  • 07 Jan 2020
    FLS Australia Ends 2019 with a Shipment of 5 Dump Trays from Indonesia to Tasmania

    What a great way to end 2019! FLS Australia ended 2019 with a shipment of 5 dump trays from Indonesia to Tasmania.

    Just before the Christmas Holidays their colleagues at FLS Australia received and discharged 5x huge CAT 789 dump trays shipped from Kabil Port, Indonesia. The cargo arrived at Burnie Port on Tasmania, Australia and were loaded onto oversized trucks, then transported to Savage River Mine located in the southwest of Tasmania, 100km from Tasmania’s major shipping Port.

    Congratulations to FLS Australia for a great end of the year and we are looking forward to more in 2020!

  • 06 Jan 2020
    Intercontinental Shipping Completes Jack Up Rig Import to Trinidad

    Intercontinental Shipping, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Trinidad and Tobago, has been keeping busy with further progress on their mega project of transporting a jack-up rig from Texas to Trinidad. After months of work, Intercontinental Shipping is happy to report that all tasks spanning from arrival in port, float off, and berthing were completed safely without issues on the 9th December.

    Here is a small recap of the whole project, which started off in Houston, Texas. The 4,572 MT Jack Up Rig was to be imported into Trinidad for the client, and Intercontinental Shipping took care of agency requests, customs clearance, and all operational logistics. The rig was first loaded and transported onto the client's own semi-submersible deck barge, which was then towed by a support tug from Houston towards Trinidad. During this process, Intercontinental Shipping organized the agency processing with the local authorities, to allow for the tug and semi-submersible deck barge to enter and discharge the cargo. Logistical support for the float off operations, berthing, and de-mobilizing, including crew and equipment, were also coordinated in advance so that further work could be continued within the territory. Thanks to the expert planning and execution, all equipment arrived in Trinidad on the 5th December, and the float off and safe berthing alongside quay was completed on the 9th December.

    Congratulations Intercontinental Shipping on the successful conclusion of this project!

  • 03 Jan 2020
    KGE Baltic Transports Excavator To Kazakstan

    KGE Baltic, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Latvia, has completed a multimodal transportation from Italy to Atyrau, Kazakstan.

    The cargo transported was a Hitachi ZX 210 LCN-3, and it had a dimension of 9,55*2,80*2,98 meters, and a weight of 21500 kg. The scope of work was as follows: utilizing a semi-trailer with ramps, KGE loaded the Excavator in Italy and completed the delivery to the German port in Kiel. Afterward, the goods were sent on RO-RO to Klaipeda, where it was then reloaded onto the RW platform.

    Thanks for sharing with us KGE!

  • 03 Jan 2020
    Globe Line Projects Makes Continues Delivery Of Refinery Parts

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance for the Czech Republic, Globe Line Projects, has transported parts of a refinery, including tanks for liquid/ gas storage from the Czech Republic to Novopolock, Belarus.

    The dimensions and weight of the parts are as follows:

    Unit Length x Hight x Width Weight
    1 1170 x 286 x 311 cm 9.730kg
    2 1430 x 334 x 354 cm 16.190kg
    3 1418 x 298 x 312 cm 12.180kg
    4 1418 x 305 x 324 cm 12.690kg
    5 667 x 336 x 410 cm 7.350kg
    6 92 x 92 x 58 cm 350kg
    7 92 x 92 x 58 cm 220
    8 92 x 92 x 58 cm 220kg
    9 190 x 190 x 118 cm 980kg
    10 100 x 100 x 58 cm 270kg
    These tanks are to be connected with the columns which Globe Line also transported for the client a few weeks ago. The transport was conducted without any issues. Well done, Globe Line Projects!

  • 02 Jan 2020
    Direct Trucking From Serbia With Livo Logistics

    Livo Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for the Czech Republic, is proud to share with us a project that they executed in October.

    The cargo was a diesel locomotive unit, that was 9.5 x 3.0 x 4.1 meters in dimension and weighed 42 MT. Livo Logistics was entrusted with the direct door to door delivery from Novi Sad, Serbia, into Pardubice, the Czech Republic, which they organized per direct trucking. The route taken went from Serbia, via Hungary and Slovakia into the Czech Republic. Transit time was a total of 3 days.

    Nice job guys!