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  • 31 Dec 2020
    Hareket Successfully Moves A 108-Meter Long Eco-Friendly Ferry

    Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co., representing Uzbekistan in the Project Logistics Alliance, has completed another humongous movement. A 120 PCU double-ended electric ferry named M/F Malmefjord was moved from its manufacturing site in Turkey into the sea. Built at the Sedif Shipyard, this electric ferry can carry 120 cars and 399 passengers.

    In order to launch this ferry into the sea, two 34 axle line SPMTS were used. M/F Malmefjord is 108 meters long and weighs 1750 tons. Thank you for sharing this with us team Hareket Heavy Lifting and wishing you well for the upcoming projects.

  • 30 Dec 2020
    Global Projekt Logistique Concludes The Year With The Transport Of Heavy Equipment For An Ethanol Plant

    Our Sri Lankan member, Global Projekt Logistique, is thrilled to share with us a huge project they completed by transporting pressure vessel tanks and other pieces of equipment including eighteen 40’ open-top ship-owned containers from India to the United States of America. These pieces of equipment will be used in an Ethanol plant for Marquis Energy LLC, USA.

    A total of 2612 CBM of cargo which included 40 pieces was transported. The dimensions for the cargo were as follows:

    Item Description


    L (MM)

    W (MM)

    H (MM)



    ARC Column III







    ARC Column-I Segment-2







    ARC Column II







    ARC I column reboiler







    ARC III column Reboiler







    One of the most crucial tasks was loading this cargo onto the vessel at Kandla was due to the length and the weight of the cargo. Since these packages were non-stackable, the use of a spreader for the lifting was necessary. Once the vessel arrived at the Port of New Orleans in the USA, the entire consignment would be transferred onto barges for further transportation to the job site.

    In the end, the entire cargo was loaded safely and successfully. We thank The Global Projekt Logistique team for sharing some insights on this project with us and we wish you all the best for the projects to come!

  • 29 Dec 2020
    Logimar Helps Network Global Logistics Win A Race Against Time

    Nothing brings us more joy than to report a successful collaboration between two Project Logistics Alliance members. For this delivery, Network Global Logistics representing Azerbaijan enlisted help from Logimar SRL representing Italy. Two units of Terex Rough Terrain cranes RT1070 & RT1070L were transported from Italy to the UAE under door-to-door terms.

    The Network Global Logistics team struggled to organize pre-carriage and had difficulties finding proper transporter who could pick up the cranes and deliver them to the port of loading on the requested date. Finally, team Logimar stepped in helped Network Global Logistics find a suitable trucker who transported the cranes from the factory in Crespellano to Genoa. Here it was loaded onto a vessel for further transport to the UAE. The Italian leg of this movement which included pre-carriage, customs clearance, and ocean freight was organized by Logimar.

    Once the vessel arrived at Jebel Ali in the UAE, Network Global Logistics’s colleague organized the clearance of cranes. The cranes were then loaded onto trucks for further delivery to the end-consumer in Ajman on trucks. Thank you for an interesting read team Network Global Logistics and team Logimar.

  • 28 Dec 2020
    A Reel Big Move By Bati Innovative Logistics

    The Bati Innovative Logistics project team has completed loading 18-reel drums from Port of Derince, Turkey to Port of Brake, Germany. The Bati Group represents Turkey in the Project Logistics Alliance. Bati team was tasked with planning, pre-carriage of ocean-going vessel MV Haringvliet.

    Given the time-sensitive nature of this cargo, the Bati team made sure there were no delays and the reels arrived in Brake well on time. The 18-reel drums weighed 690 tons and occupied 1190CBM of space. Thumbs up from the Project Logistics Alliance team!

  • 24 Dec 2020
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

    We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • 23 Dec 2020
    Precise Planning By Bati Helps Them Load Eleven Transformers

    One of the Project Logistics Alliance founding members, Bati Group of Shipping Companies representing Turkey, hosted MV Malcom well at the Haydarpasa Port. 11 sets of transformers were loaded onto the vessel. They all had different dimensions and weights, but together brought up a total volume of 1642 tons of Break bulk cargo. Along with 21 20’ dry cargo containers, they were safely loaded onto MV Malcolm.

    One of the most crucial aspects of this loading operation was deciding and organizing the optimum solutions for loading and port planning. In the end, all the transformers and containers were successfully loaded. Well done guys!

  • 22 Dec 2020
    New Member For Belgium

    Even though we all had a rough year, the last two months have been quite exciting at the Project Logistics Alliance. We have had a lot of new members join us and today we are delighted to introduce an old friend of the network joining again with his new, strong company.  

    Welcome to our new Belgian member Remant Africa Logistics. The company is headquartered in Antwerp, one of the busiest ports in the world. With an experience of almost 40 years, Remant Africa Logistics has established a reputation as a trusted maritime logistics service provider, serving customers from all over the world. 

    Remant Africa Logistics has its expertise in various sectors, among them Mining Equipment, Aid Cargo, Automotive and Agro & Chemicals, but also Brewery Logistics and Food & Beverages. The experienced and dynamic team is sure to closely monitor your shipments with a dedicated contact for a personal follow up. Combined with their know-how of the African corridors it makes Remant Africa Logistics your one-stop logistic partner. The values of respect, appreciation, commitment, and Integrity strongly show in their company’s policies. Sustainability has always been an important part of their family company’s DNA. That is why Remant Africa Logistics tries to keep their ecological footprint to a minimum.

    This is done by evaluating their processes systematically and implementing route improvements. In 2016, they joined the pilot program of the Flemish Government’s Sustatool Project, a no-nonsense tool for companies looking to improve their sustainability management on a long-term basis. 

    A warm welcome from the Project Logistics Alliance team! 

  • 22 Dec 2020
    IPL Supply Chain Showcases Its Project Capabilities At The Construction Site Of An HFO Powerplant In Bangladesh

    IPL Supply Chain Ltd., representing Tanzania and Myanmar in the Project logistics Alliance, is proud to report that the work for the Orion 100MW HFO Power Plant Project is well underway. This power plant is located in the Megnaghat Industrial Zone, Naryanganj in Bangladesh. IPL participated in the logistics contract bidding of this project and won the bid in the middle of 2019. The project is still under development.

    Initially, the IPL team had to construct various temporary docks to be used in barge transport due to the shape of the peninsula and other villages in the vicinity. 6300 tons of Wartsila main engines are required in this project. A flatbed barge weighing 6800 tons was constructed for receiving the cargo. Portable cranes were used to unload the barges while load axis trucks were used to transport the temporary wharves. The foundation site is 100 meters away from the pier, IPL adopted the truck crane and a gravity shift device for auxiliary installation and emplacement.

    The entire scope of work undertaken by IPL includes: 

    • Port to door logistics (including customs clearance) 
    • Barge transportation 
    • Wharf construction 
    • On-site reverse transportation 
    • Installation and Emplacement. 

    The main heavy pieces of equipment transported for this project are as follows: 

    • Six 300-ton watts Ceylon main engine 
    • 6 sets of 72-ton generators 
    • Six sets of boiler main body weighing 62 tons 
    • A 52-ton steam turbine
    • Three 50-ton transformer  

    Another impressive project well handled by IPL Supply Chain Solution!

  • 21 Dec 2020
    Project Logistics Alliance Turns Four Today 

    On this day four years ago, together with our founding members, some of the best industry experts around the world, we set up the Project Logistics Alliance to address the special demands of project freight forwarding.  

    We have grown from having 80 members in 2017 to having 205 individual members spanning 123 countries as you read this. We further have been able to add additional value to our network community by partnering up with 14 different companies that are offering their products and services as additional added value to our community. This qualitative growth we are extremely proud of and extend our gratefulness to everybody who has been a part of this journey.  

    The past four years have brought us closer together and allowed us achieve great things.  Looking at this picture of our 3rd Annual Global Meeting in Istanbul makes us reminisce all the amazing moments we have spent with all of you. With great anticipation we are looking forward to hosting you at the next possibility and until then, we hope to stay in touch with you virtually 

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021! 

  • 21 Dec 2020
    IGLS Completes Transfer For A Water Treatment Plant In Tunisia 

    Our Tunisian member International Global Logistic Services (IGLS) is delighted to share with us a project they have recently completed. IGLS transported OOG sand filters for the water treatment station of Sousse, Tunisia.

    The tanks were 24.5 meters long and 4 meters tall. Each sand filter weighed 80 tons. The filters were transported from the Socomenin compound in Sfax to the water treatment station in Sousse, Tunisia. This transfer surely highlights its project capabilities and showcases their expertise in industrial projects. Their know-how also extends to the transport of specific products related to oil & gas, renewable energy as well as food, medical and hazardous chemicals.

    Thanks to the IGLS team for sharing this detailed video that is capturing the entire movement. We hope you enjoy watching it.

  • 18 Dec 2020
    Wirtz Shipping Delivers Four Historical Wagons from France To Singapore

    Wirtz Shipping, representing Belgium in the Project Logistics Alliance, was contracted to ship 4 historical rail wagons in November to Singapore. These rail wagons will be on display at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore starting in December. The wagons were on display in a museum in France. 

    The rail wagons had the following dimensions: 

    • Locomotive 1090 x 290 x 422cm and weighed 53,500kg 
    • Tender weighed 25,000kg and measured 810 x 290 x 330cm 
    • Fourgon Car at 40,500kg and measuring 2100 x 285 x 415cm
    • Pullman Car weighing 53,000kg and measuring 2345 x 290 x 422cm 

    Wirtz Shipping was responsible for organizing the transfer from the barge and trucks on railed 72’ MAFI. Thealso were responsible for the booking with EukorWallenius for shipping on MS Tiger. One of the most critical challenges of this job was obtaining road permits which led the projects team at Wirtz Shipping to plan carefully and catch a vessel with a large doorAnother task was pulling the locomotive from the railed truck onto the railed MAFI.  

    Another successful project was completed by Wirtz Shipping. Congratulations from the Project Logistics Alliance team! 

  • 17 Dec 2020
    Aprojects Manages A Part Charter To Ship 1800 Tons Of Pipes 

    Aprojects Austria GmbH, representing Austria in The Projects Logistics Alliance, is delighted to share one of their most recent projects with us. Their team organized a part charter to move 1800 tons of pipes. After loading in a southern port of Europe, the cargo sailed off to the Port of Shuaiba in Kuwait. 

    Congratulations Aprojects for a job well done! 

  • 17 Dec 2020
    Westdjik Sweden Looks Back At Some Of Their Biggest Projects In 2020 

    Even though 2020 was a tough year for everybody, the logistics industry especially took a hit with the all-new ever-changing rules and regulations. As the year comes to a close, our Swedish member Westdijk Sweden AB looks back at some of the projects they have successfully completed until now. We are proudly sharing the best shots and a selection of the biggest projects as follows: 

    • Pieces of equipment weighing 87tons were transported from VästeråsSweden to St. Nazaire in France. 
    • 89 tons of equipment was delivered to the  Port of Wallhamn from Västerås in Sweden. 
    • 30-meter-long tube was moved from Esbjerg, Denmark to Jevnaker in Norway. 
    • A transformer weighing 200 tons was moved locally from the railway station to the job site in the town of Mjölby in Sweden. 

    For sure, the new year 2021 will bring many more great projects and big things to move. We are curious about what is coming up next, Westdijk Sweden! Thank you for sharing this flashback with our readers and keep us in the loop for future projects. 

  • 16 Dec 2020
    Worldwide Consultants in Logistics

    One of the main tasks of WCL is a recruitment and executive search. WCL is also active in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic management consulting. All divisions focus on the logistics sector. How well is your company protected against liability risks? We advise you here and arrange the sep-up of a neutral NVOCC. It costs nothing to ask – if you have any questions or need support for one of our main activities, please contact Frieder Steinwarder: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 16 Dec 2020
    FLS Ships A 20-Meter-Long Cold Exchanger To Indonesia

    Transportation of oversized equipment from overseas suppliers is always crucial in industrial projects environment. Nobody understands it better than FLS Projects, our member for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA, who was a part of this complex transportation. ​

    With their professional expertise and technical know-how, chartering a vessel and loading the cargo was not a difficult task. The FLS team safely managed to load a 42-ton SAU Cold Exchanger weighing 42 tons onto a vessel, which was departing from the Port of Shanghai. As we publish this article, the cargo has safely arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia. This cold exchanger will be used for a major construction project in the East of Java, Indonesia. ​

    The main challenge that the FLS team overcame was transportation due to the extreme length of the cargo; 20 meters. Another challenge added was a tight schedule for booking a vessel to successfully ship this cold exchanger. Kudos team FLS on the successful completion of this complicated transfer!