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  • 08 Apr 2022
    The Seasoned Logisticians At First Global Logistics Ensure A Safe And Timely Delivery Through The Sinai Peninsula

    Bidding for a logistics contract is a long and tedious process. First Global Logistics, our Egyptian member, are happy to report that after six months of bidding for the transport of Taba Substation Power. The executing agency and borrower for this project was the Egyptian Electricity Authority (EEA), a corporation under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

    The First Global Logistics has moved the first lot, which consisted of the MVAR -400 K.V. Shunt Reactor and its accessories. The shunt measured 5 x 3 x 3.5 meters and weighed 40 tons, while the accessories were both out of gauge and in gauge, which occupied a space of 350 CBM and weighed 80 tons.

    The scope of work undertaken by the First Global Operations team included:

    • Discharging cargo from the vessel at the Said East Port
    • Customs clearance for the cargo
    • Cargo survey
    • Arranging for the necessary road permits and escort permissions
    • Reloading and lashing on trucks for inland delivery
    • Route survey and removing/deconstructing obstacles
    • Delivery of cargo 550 km away from Suez Canal Container Company (SCCT) Port to Taba Substation via Sinai

    This move via Sinai was one of the most critical aspect of this delivery. The ongoing insurgency in the region was a challenge that the experienced and seasoned team at First Global Logistics successfully overcame.

  • 08 Apr 2022
    Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services Inc Opens A Cold Storage Facility In the Philippines

    Our Filipino member, Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services Inc, is delighted to share its latest achievement. On February 24, the Nonpareil team gathered to officially open the doors to the state of the art cold storage facility. The facility boasts of a state of the art design which can handle a wide range of cargo, including vaccines and diluents. The cold storage facility is optimally equipped to handle temperatures ranging from +2° to -40° Celsius

    This auspicious day was marked with a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mr Roland E. Quiambao (President and CEO), Ms Belen P Quiambao (COO), Mr Jovic Pellosis (SVP) Ms Anna Kathrina P. Quiambao (General Manager) along with all the divisional managers.

    This was followed by an intimate dinner attended by longtime business partners, friends and family. The Project Logistics Alliance team wishes Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services Inc continued success.

  • 05 Apr 2022
    New Member For Indonesia

    Please allow us to introduce the newest member of the PLA Community - PT Total Movements International, representing Indonesia. It is an International Freight Forwarding company specialising in Project Logistics, Freight Forwarding - General Cargo, Global Freight Management, Warehousing, Bulk Shipping and Trading and Transport Engineering with a proven track record. Total Movement’s solid and dedicated in-house team provides innovative and combined solutions to their clients.

    Their vision is to become a global leader in the project freight forwarding business and innovate in logistics and international trade solutions worldwide. Project freight forwarding remains Total Movements International’s core area, focusing predominantly on industries related to Oil and Gas, Energy and Power, Infrastructure, Mining and Metals, as well as Industrial plants projects. Their aim is to build long-term partnerships and work closely with their customers – often shoulder to shoulder. The know-how of their people combined with industry-leading solutions provides them with a real competitive advantage.

    They emphasize getting an early engagement at Pre-Feed, Feed stages and delivery till the Project Closeout. As an integrated logistics provider, their service range includes –

    • Project cargo management solutions
    • Order management
    • International freight management
    • Customs and cross-border movement
    • Heavy and ODC cargo movement
    • Chartering of Break Bulk Projects cargo vessel
    • Vessel agencies  & stevedoring
    • International freight management for Standard and OOG cargo
    • Customs clearance and Multimodal transportation
    • Heavy and ODC cargo movement by using in house LCT

    Welcome team, Total Movements International, to the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 01 Apr 2022
    Logistics and Beyond: In conversation with Ms. Debbie Baker

    In this edition of Logistics and Beyond, we speak to Debbie Baker from ISS Global Forwarding South Africa. In this issue, we speak to her about her journey in Logistics. She also sheds light on the ISS Global Forwarding's set-up across the globe.

    Besides being a top-notch logistician, she is also very witty and communicative. We learn about the African market and how being a part of the ISS group has helped them grow in the region. In conversation with Debbie…

    PL-Alliance: You have worked with ISS for over a decade. Can you tell us more about your journey of getting into logistics, particularly project logistics?

    Debbie Baker: I have always been associated with some form of logistics. I started in local road transport logistics and then moved on to a company that did local and international transport logistics. After that, I joined a big freight forwarder where I started working with Giuseppe, our chairman. We have been working together for many years, and he has taught me a lot. I enjoy the challenge that the logistics industry brings, especially in these current times. I don't think anybody stops learning in logistics; there are always new challenges and new things to learn, which is why I think I have stayed in this industry for so long.

    I started working for Global Logistics Alliance in March of 2010, and then in May 2019, we joined the ISS network. My journey in projects started when I joined Global Logistics Alliance. It started as a freight forwarding company doing imports, exports, warehousing, and customs clearance. When we first started, we did not have a projects department. The projects department came about after we successfully completed our first solar project. Since we started, we have handled 21 projects which I feel is a great achievement given that we did not come from a project's background. The journey has not always been easy and has come with many challenges. I, however, believe we have managed to overcome these challenges due to a strong and dedicated team that prides itself in the service we offer to our clients. Joining the ISS Group has added even more expertise for us in the field of projects all around the world. It's been exciting, and I am very excited for what is to come.

    PL-Alliance: ISS Global Forwarding is one of the leading project logistics companies all worldwide and is continuously expanding. Headquartered in Dubai and owning offices in almost all the major cities, how do you handle client requests? Can you elaborate on the organizational structure of the ISS Global Forwarding? What is the vision for the next few years?

    Debbie Baker: We receive requests from clients through various channels. We receive requests from the PLA network as well as from our various offices around the world. We have also managed to secure various clients based on current relationships and trading customers. I think this is always a good way to obtain new business. Having offices all over the world allows us to offer clients the best service, advice, and expertise in a particular country. It has always been the main aim of ISS, to become a global player and a preferred agent for general freight forwarding as well as project logistics.

    We've managed to open 23 offices in only three years, which I believe is an outstanding achievement. Having experts on a global scale within the company also offers our clients confidence that we can offer them a global network, door to door service and local expertise. We can offer tailor-made solutions for our clients based on their specific needs and requirements.

    ISS Global Forwarding is working towards expanding our project network further with a focus on Africa and various project fields outside our portfolio. I think the only path for growth is to be able to diversify.

    PL-Alliance: Logistics has been hitting one rock after another in recent months, pandemic and now the war. How has this affected business? What does your day look like?

    Debbie Baker: My days never go as planned. That's where my grey hair comes from (laughs). It really has been a challenge; when Covid first hit, managing client expectations was not easy. All operations suddenly stopped overnight and getting information from the various parties like the shipping lines and ports was not easy. They also did not know for a while what the next step was going to be. The most challenging thing was to keep the clients updated. I think that's where customer service and client relationships became essential. We take pride in the fact that we have long-standing customers with whom we have built up an honest and good relationship over the years. It definitely helped in these difficult times as the trust was there that we had their best interests at heart.

    But as you can imagine, it was also a very challenging and stressful time for the clients. I think it was very important for us to understand the customers circumstances during this time and offer flexibility where possible. It has been an incredibly trying time for everybody.

    Just when we thought things were finally going back to "normal", Shanghai implemented a second hard lockdown, and the war is adding to our everyday struggles due to enforced fuel surcharges which has resulted in additional increases and suspended services. We have learned to become survivors of our times and being openminded is the key to our current success. We tackle one day at a time as we don't know what new challenges tomorrow will bring.

    With the global challenges that COVID has brought to our industry, clients are paying exorbitant costs for logistics. Clients are therefore under huge pressure, and I think it is very important for us to see things from the client's point of view. We need to do all we can to minimize the stress for our clients and assist them in any way necessary. More importantly, it is essential that we keep providing a high level of service to our clients. After all, we are selling a service at the end of the day, and if we aren't providing a client with the service, what are we providing them with? In logistics, we face a lot of situations that are totally out of control. The only control we have is to keep the clients updated and inform them in good time of what is going on; this will allow them to manage the expectations of their own customers.

    My day ends in the evening when I plan for the next day; however, by 9 o'clock the next morning, my goals from the previous day are totally out the window (laughs). You can plan everything to the last detail, however there is always a chance that plans change. We are always going to be faced with challenges; how we handle these challenges is what's important and sets us apart from the rest. 

    In truth, logistics is a crazy industry with has been exacerbated by the challenges in the current market. However, I am proud of what we have done and how we've managed to maintain our clients over this challenging period. There is light at the end of the tunnel as we have managed to secure new business in time and continue to grow.

    PL-Alliance: The South African logistics sector supports the second-largest economy on the continent and is relatively sophisticated. Local and international companies use South Africa as the gateway for their operations in Africa. Do you think the development of other major ports in the surrounding countries will change this dynamic?

    Debbie Baker: From South Africa's perspective, we have a lot of transit cargo going into Zimbabwe, Zambia, South of Congo, Botswana to only name a few. With other port developments, we will be affected by the development of other major ports in surrounding countries. Various investments have been made in the ports of Beira, Mozambique, Walvis Bay, Namibia, and other parts of Angola. Investors are looking to handle more transit cargo as well as open new corridors into Africa. This will affect the volumes of transit cargo via Durban. Durban port is, however, always trying to improve the workings in the port to avoid problems due to congestion.

    There is huge potential in developing various African countries and new business to be gained. ISS Global forwarding has a good solid footprint in Africa, and our customers have the peace of mind that they are dealing with a company with a good reputation and outstanding expertise that can handle their cargo.

    PL-Alliance: Logistics in the past has always been a male-dominated industry, and women in the business need to have a solid and determined nature. Can you tell us if the environment is different for a woman in logistics and if yes, how? What would be your advice to other women in this field?

    Debbie Baker: Logistics has recently seen a surge of incredible woman entering many pioneering positions such as seafarers, port staff and becoming specialists in the field. My advice to other women is to always be confident and believe in your potential to make a difference.

    PL-Alliance: What are the future projects that ISS ZA is preparing for? What does the year 2022 look like?

    Debbie Baker: I am very positive about 2022. It has started well for us by securing a new CSP Project. There is also a lot in the pipeline regarding renewable energy projects. Our focus for the year ahead is to continue to work on new projects and provide our current clients with the service we can be proud of. I am sure there will also be a lot of challenges, but we will be ready to tackle them one at a time.

  • 31 Mar 2022
    Express Global Logistics Makes A Challenging Delivery Look Easy – Delivers A 32 Meter Long Column Over 800 Kilometers Away

    An over-dimensional cargo was moved from Tarapur, Maharashtra, to Barmer, Rajasthan, successfully in a well-planned and carefully coordinated operation. The Express Global Logistics (EXG) team transported the cargo for a well-known industrial company. 

    The cargo consisted of:

    • An Absorber Column (allows separation of gases from liquids)  with dimensions L 32.3 m x W 3.4 m x H 3.7 m weighing 75MT
    • A Stripper Column (helps remove volatiles from water) with dimensions L 42.05 m x W 5 m x H 5.7 m weighing 220 MT, using a 12.5 m Spacer
    • A Naphtha Stabiliser Column (a distillation column) with dimensions L 50.7 m x W 4.8 m x H 5.4 m weighing 129 MT, using a 14.6 m Spacer
    • A Swing Naphtha Stripper  (heavy gases condenser) L 36.5 m x W 6.2 m x H 6.7 m weighing 92MT, using a 10 m Spacer

    EXG's complete scope included transportation, railway shutdowns, civil work at various points, and the dismantling of a toll plaza. The team dealt with heavy non-seasonal rains rendering the roads pot-holed and uneven in many places making the movement risky for the cargo. Civil work was also needed to be done in several areas along the way.

    The team endured the challenges and stayed the course despite bad road conditions due to the change in weather. During the movement, the critical height and length of the cargo demanded that the structure of a toll plaza be dismantled and redone to accommodate the cargo safely.

    EXG's asset management, heavy hauling, and engineering teams coordinated to create detailed plans well in advance of the cargo's movement. EXG completed and delivered all the packages in close coordination with their operations and execution teams successfully.

  • 30 Mar 2022
    R&B Global Projects And Logistics Plus Cooperate To Deliver Multiple Cargo To Indonesia

    R&B Global Projects, in cooperation with Logistics Plus Belgium, was tasked with handling two shipments of multiple standard and OOG containers from Germany to Jakarta, Indonesia, via the main Croatian port, "Rijeka".

    The cargo consisted of Multiple OOG pieces transported with special trucks from central Germany to Rijeka port and reloaded on flat racks and open-top containers.  Smaller pieces were stuffed into standard containers. 

    The cargo was delivered to the Rijeka container terminal in multiple lots as the shipper could only load a few trucks per day. When the cargo arrived in the port, R&B Global Projects directly reloaded the cargo to containers, lashed, secured and put a tarpaulin on the flat rack and open-top containers as per clients' instructions.

    The challenge for this project was the communication between all involved parties and last-minute changes that could delay the shipment; however, Logistics Plus and R&B Global Projects were able to adapt and ensure that the cargo arrived in time for the vessel.

    Logistics Plus and the  R&B Global Projects team would like to thank their clients for trusting them with the cargo. The clients were also satisfied with the services due to the repeat shipments offered.

    The R&B Global Projects team stands by their motto, "We always do our best to do best!" to ensure a satisfied client. While Logistics Plus manages your project from start-to-finish, and everything in between.

  • 30 Mar 2022
    C.H. Robinson Hustles to Make a Last-Minute Sailing Amidst A Congested Global Logistics Market

    When a customer calls with a last-minute request, C.H. Robinson answers. Recently, the global logistics experts at C.H. Robinson took on the challenge of helping transport and deliver two large pieces of equipment, including a compressor (11.73 x 4.24 x 3.43 meters, 38.1 metric tons) and a cooler (7.82 x 4.14 x 4.24 meters, 12.1 metric tons), from the U.S. to Ukraine.

    With C.H. Robinson’s global suite of service offerings and vast contract carrier network, they were able to quickly find truckload capacity to deliver the cargo to the Port of Houston in time for the early morning sailing to Antwerp. Due to the urgent need of the cargo, the team worked with their contract carrier to obtain permits needed in person for this rush shipment, which typically takes over a week or more to acquire.

    Despite all the challenges currently facing the global supply chain the C.H. Robinson team was pro-active, working diligently with the transhipment port in Antwerp, Belgium to arrange safe passage of the cargo from Antwerp to Germany.

    The next step was over-the-road transportation, but the width and height of the cargo proved difficult to deliver by trailers due to the long-distance and narrow roadways. Despite those challenges, C.H. Robinson, along with their client, carriers, the terminal, and appointed marine surveyor, succeeded in loading the pieces onto trailers and delivering them safely and on time to the site in Ukraine.

  • 24 Mar 2022
    Ratanakorn Asset Management And The FLS Group Break Ground On Their Innovative FLS Supply Chain Center In Rayong

    Supply chain innovation is coming to Rayong, with a 40,000 sqm well-equipped warehouse space as the start of their bigger plan to roll out world standard warehousing facilities in Thailand.

    RAYONG, Thailand, 17th of March 2022 - Ratanakorn Asset Management and the FLS Group, break ground of the first phase of their innovative FLS Supply Chain Center in Rayong (“FSCC Rayong”), serving both the Maptaphut and Ban Khai Industrial Estates.

    The FLS Supply Chain Center (Rayong) Co., Ltd. will cover:

    • 40,000 sqm of hazardous chemicals and non-hazardous cargo warehouse space.
    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified warehouses. Offering a clean, dust-tight storage environment for the storage of chemicals.
    • State-of-the-Art infrastructure built according to the highest international safety and environmental standards, to guarantee a safe workplace for our employees, our community, and our environment.
    • (Re-)packaging and blending facilities for chemicals, powders and liquids, to assist our customers in optimizing their global supply chains and offering customized solutions to end customers.
    • ISO tank and tank truck cleaning station, laden and empty container storage and ISO tank heating facilities, making our customers’ operations more efficient and cost-saving.

    According to Mr. Lieven Vander Elstraeten, General Manager Business Unit Warehousing, FLS Group, this multi-customer facility will fill a service gap in the Maptaphut chemical cluster, enabling companies to store hazardous chemicals being either packed on pallets or in ISO tank containers in professional, high-quality development. Meeting all international safety standards, all in the immediate proximity of the respective chemical production facilities. “We will offer our competitive pricing with high safety and quality standards and an international mindset.” Mr. Lieven added.

    In the next phase, an ISO tank cleaning depot and storage facility will be added to the services to further optimize chemical supply chains, turning transportation equipment around much faster. This will further enhance the competitiveness of Maptaphut as a leading chemical cluster and industrial estate in Asia.

    “The Maptaphut facility is a milestone in the growth of our Group. We act both as a logistics operator of our own facilities, but also as a landlord of our high-quality infrastructure, designing, building, and leasing customized logistics facilities and light factories to industrial players.” said Mr. Torbjoern Larisch, CEO FLS Group. “Today I’m proud to announce that we will soon start the development of a similar site in Bowin, Chonburi, serving the Eastern Seaboard industrial estates. Together with our partner Ratanakorn Asset we have the ambition to become a significant player in the warehousing landscape in Thailand.” Mr. Torbjoern Larisch added.

    Mr. K. Jugkarut Ruangratanakorn, CEO Ratanakorn Asset Management said: “FLS brings an abundance of technical and operational logistics knowledge and experience to the table, which has allowed us to move forward fast, and my team brings a sound experience in developing and financing real estate projects in Thailand. This project and our future with FLS are to be seen into our company’s strategic vision to develop industrial real estate in Thailand next to our existing residential and commercial real estate activities.”

    The facility will be staffed by 100 industry professionals, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, serving multinational customers in the chemical, automotive, industrial equipment, consumer goods and general cargo industries. Both companies have ambitious plans to develop similar distribution centers in the coming years in Chonburi, Rayong and the Bangkok metropolitan area.

    About FLS:

    Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Laem Chabang, Thailand, FLS has grown to be recognized as a leading regional end-to-end logistics service provider - offering tailor-made project logistics and heavy lift transportation solutions, contract logistics (warehousing, domestic and cross border trucking, repackaging and processing activities), customs clearance, documentation and freight forwarding services.

    FLS is currently present in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, USA, Taiwan and Malaysia and is close to the Asian key markets. FLS serves its multinational customers active in the automotive, chemicals, energy, food, industrial manufacturing, medical devices and offshore industries.

    About Ratanakorn:

    Ratanakorn Asset Group, headquartered in Pattaya, Thailand, has grown since its foundation 20 years ago into a real estate powerhouse with over THB 33 billion of assets under management in mainly Pattaya, Chonburi, Rayong and other parts of Thailand. Its activities include residential housing & condominium projects, commercial and community mall management and development, hotel & resort development in cooperation with some of the world’s leading hotel brands—IHG®, ONYX Hospitality Group, Yoo Worldwide and Ascott Limited. The company also develops co-working spaces & offices, education centers, self-storage solutions and is active in the F&B and fitness industry. The group has a leading position in the manufacturing and sales of organic mineral fertilizers. Its exponential growth has been supported by its in-house design, engineering, construction and prefabrication business in combination with its landbank of over 5 million square meters.


    Lieven Vander Elstraeten

    General Manager

    Laem Chabang Office

    53 Moo 9 Talaythong Tower, 14th Floor, Room # 1406 Sukhumvit Road, T.Tungsukla A. Sriracha Chonburi 2023

  • 23 Mar 2022
    C.H. Robinson Assists In Delivery Of Modules To Mexico

    The project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson recently coordinated the transport of six large modules from a fabricator in Vietnam. The team arranged for the collection of the shrink-wrapped units from the origin shop via SPMT transporters and moved the cargo to a structurally sound quay where the units could be loaded onto two deck barges.

    From there the modules were barged to Ho Chi Minh port and lifted by the ship’s crane into the hold of the ocean vessel. The loading operations were successfully completed, and the vessel departed the next day. The cargo is destined for a major refinery project located in the southeastern region of Mexico.

  • 18 Mar 2022
    Project Realization Dec’21: KGE Logistics Deliver Surge Tank To Abu Dhabi, UAE

    KGE Logistics was contacted by their client towards the end of December to ship a 300 Kg horizontal surge tank from Aksai, Kazakhstan via Turkey to Abu Dhabi. With new years eve around, KGE Logistics faced many issues finding space on the vessel. With this forethought, the KGE operations team had already booked storage space for the tank in the post area till the expected departure date.

    Leveraging good contacts with the carrier KGE Logistics delivered the cargo to Abu Dhabi on time. Very well done, team KGE Logistics!

  • 09 Mar 2022
    Aprojects Austria Completes Another Project, Delivers Breakbulk Cargo On A Container Vessel

    Aprojects Austria already has an established expertise in Project Logistics. This time around, their operations team came up with an innovative solution to ship Tubular Reactors and accessories to China. The entire shipment consisted of –

    • Breakbulk cargo which weighed 27 tons and measured 1484 x 523 x 226 centimetres
    • 40’ flat racks
    • A 40’ high cube containers
    • One 20’ dry containers

    For shipping the cargo to China, the scope of work undertaken by the Aprojects Austria team included pre-carriage, route survey, port handling and ocean freight. The shipment was loaded in week 7 in February.

    The Aprojects Austria team is proud to report a smooth and incident free delivery

  • 07 Mar 2022
    C.H. Robinson handles 70+ worldwide shipments to Turkey

    The project logistics team at C.H. Robinson recently undertook a large project to help transport 720 pieces of equipment that weighed a total of 2,463 metric tons. The job spanned 16 months and included nine origin countries, three ocean charters (out of Italy, Korea, and UAE), and took 70+ shipments to complete. 

    The components were sourced from locations across the globe and transported to Turkey, their final destination, through various means, including vessels, barges, and SPMTs. The heaviest piece weighed 109,960 kilograms and the largest measured 57.9 x 3.6 x 4.1 meters.

    The project was moving smoothly until a surge in COVID-19 cases caused industry delays. This included one of the charter vessels being held up outside of Korea for 3-4 days until the entire crew could be tested for COVID-19.

    Additionally, the team had to work quickly in a congested logistics market to ensure the vessel out of Italy sailed before the permits expired. Due to their relationships and scale, C.H. Robinson was able to sort out any issues and the charter was discharged on time.  

  • 03 Mar 2022
    New Member For Croatia and Slovenia

    Today, we would like to introduce Centralog, representing Croatia and Slovenia in the network. They are committed to ensuring fast, flexible, reliable, and safe transportation methods and services that utilise their collective team resources, knowledge, and expertise in the cargo transportation and logistics industry. They strive to provide their customers with turn-key solutions no matter how oversized or heavy their cargo is or how complex the project is.

    Established in 1990 in Koper, Slovenia, it has expanded its services to linear agency and project cargo handling operations. Centralog also has offices in Serbia and Istanbul and HQ in Slovenia and Croatia. Centralog acts as general agents in the region for some of the world’s leading container/RoRo/Breakbulk carriers, including Ocean Network Express, K-Line, and G2Ocean. The Centralog team also has dedicated personnel and acts as shipbrokers emphasising the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

    Their project service portfolio includes Maritime, Oil & Gas, Power, Water Treatment, Construction, Transportation and Mining Equipment. Having a fixed project process flow as below, the Centralog team ensures reliability and safe transportation –

    • Data Collection

    Start by collecting all the available data and perform an initial feasibility analysis

    • Survey

    If required, a route or cargo condition survey is performed

    • Analysis

           Before executing the project, all the collected data and reports are checked before giving the green light

    • Execution

    The Centralog operations team completes the delivers as per the findings from all the previous recommendations and conclusions, ensuring a seamless delivery

    Welcome to the Alliance, Team Centralog!

  • 02 Mar 2022
    PLA Agents Report Another Perfect Collaboration

    An Austrian client reached out to Alexander Global Logistics to deliver two fire engines weighing 22 tons to Delhi. These fire engines measured 1175 x 300 x 370 centimetres. Under FCA terms, the fire engines were dispatched to Bremerhaven, from where they travelled East to Mumbai, India.

    Our Indian founding member, Kodan Solutions, then took over and discharged the engines in Mumbai. An extra ram was also organized to facilitate the unloading. The fire engines were then loaded onto a flatbed truck to complete another 1500 kilometre journey to the capital city of India.

    The trucks were delivered incident-free and without delay at the Delhi Airport.

    Alexander Global Logistics represent Germany in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 01 Mar 2022
    Save The Date! See You In Tallinn

    As most of you are already aware, we are hosting our 5th Annual General Meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, from the 9th to the 12th of October this year. Tallinn is Estonia's capital and situated on the Baltic Sea. The venue for this year's networking fiesta is the four-star Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel which is located within walking distance from the medieval old town in the heart of Tallinn. The  Tallinn Airport and the Harbor are only 10 minutes away.

    Being the easternmost trade city of the Medieval Hanseatic League, Estonia was a leading hub for salt trade between West and East Europe. While salt plays a lesser part in today's economies, approximately 16% of Estonia's GDP comes from this transit industry. Tallinn is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe due to the entrepreneurial mindset and business angels flooding the city. It is one of Europe's most hyped start-up cities. Estonia as a location is also the most effective supply chain hub for the Nordic, Baltic and northwest Russian regions.  

    So please keep an eye on your inbox while we at the PLA HQ get the ticketing software running!

    We look forward to meeting you all!