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  • 30 Nov 2018
    TAGI Logistics receives and transports 12 Sets of Wind Turbines

    TAGI Logistics, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Laos, is sharing news of their latest big project with us.
    The 2nd phase of the Dam Nai Wind Farm project they were involved in had a capacity of 30 MW, consisting of 2.625 MW per Turbine. To receive and transport the total cargo of 12 Sets of Wind Turbines it took the TAGI Project Team 44 days. Finally, the Turbines were successfully installed on the 29th of October, 2018.

    After the successful conclusion, TAGI was rewarded by the Armstrong Asset Management – K2Management with a safety certificate for reaching 350.000 safe Man Hours without fatality.

    Congratulations, TAGI!

  • 30 Nov 2018
    Battermann & Tillery Attends to Safe Loading of a Complex Project Shipment

    Monitoring and ensuring the safe loading of the clients cargo is part of the day-to-day business of Project Logistics Alliance partner Battermann & Tillery. In early November of 2018, they attended to the safe loading of three press components, each weighing 160 tons, onto an inland vessel close to the city of Magdeburg, Germany. However, in this case, the operations turned out to be a rather complex undertaking in addition to being both intellectually and physically demanding for the surveyors.

    On top of the challenges posed by an exceptionally large number of different service providers involved (carriers, crane companies, vessel masters, etc.), it was most of all evident that a competent, supervisory expert was missing. This situation proved once again that careful planning is often half the battle. Making matters worse, the master of the inland vessel, who had extensive experience with the transport of bulk goods, was encountering his very first load of project cargo. The initial impression on site was proven correct by the manner in which the cargo units were packaged. It had been originally announced that cases with flat contact surfaces would be shipped. In reality, however, the contact surfaces were uneven, and the packing units had been shrink-wrapped. In light of the circumstances on site, the surveyors assumed the leadership role for the operations. They were able to diffuse the most pressing concerns by explaining the situation to the master, and the three units were loaded safely and placed on carefully arranged wooden beams.

    Thanks to the energetic commitment of the parties, all of the highly sensitive components were loaded without delay and, most importantly, without sustaining any damage. So once again, the path was cleared for safe transport of the cargo to a satisfied customer.

  • 29 Nov 2018
    Farcont ships 2500mt press from Ukraine to India

    Our Project Logistics Alliance member Farcont Project LLC from Ukraine recently moved a disassembled press of 2.500mt from Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine to India. The heaviest part of the press had a weight of 48 tons. For shipping with MAERSK, the breakbulk method was used.

  • 28 Nov 2018
    AGL handles super long units for Bridge Steel Structures in the Port of Hamburg

    Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) Bremen, member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Germany has been approached by one of its customers to assist for some local port operations in Hamburg.

    The cargo consisted of 4 huge steel structures that are part of a new bridge which is being built in the Hamburg port area. Due to the specific cargo conditions of length, width, and weight it was necessary to unload the barge as close to the site as possible as trucking these parts over longer distances is impossible. The dimensions of each of the 4 parts were 24m x 7.3m x 2.2m, with a weight per unit of 65 tons.

    The final solution developed by AGL was to handle the units at the HHLA Container Terminal via the Container Bridges onto an SPMT Trailer which covered the last meters of distance to the site. The operation went very smooth and without any issues.

    Well done, AGL!

  • 28 Nov 2018
    The Project Logistics Alliance Is Introducing A New Partnership!

    Dear Members and Partners,

    We are extremely happy to announce our new partnership with WCL –Worldwide Consultants in Logistics. WCL was founded in Germany in 1999 and now has representatives all over the world, with offices on multiple continents. Their key activities are to assist recruitment and executive search on a global scale, with a special focus on the logistics industry. Additional services include management and strategic consulting, organizing mergers and acquisitions, as well as NVOCC set up and operation implementation.

    “WCL is a perfect strategic partner for Project Logistics Alliance. Their geographical coverage and exclusive focus on the logistics industry means that they are in a great position to offer services to our members across the globe,” says Alexander Hellmers, CEO of Project Logistics Alliance. “We hope that their expertise will help our members excel in their business and overcome the ever-increasing challenges in today's’ market.”

    “We have been present in the market for almost 20 years, and have accumulated an abundance of experience as well as contacts. Our knowledge of the specific requirements in the logistics industry as well as certain niche products gives us total confidence that we will be able to establish mutual benefits with the Project Logistics Alliance network,” says Mr. Frieder Steinwarder, managing partner for WCL. “We are very much looking forward to getting acquainted with the members in the next few months.”

    To learn more about WCL, please feel free to contact Mr. Steinwarder directly, who will be your main point of contact for future support. For a more comprehensive company introduction, please see their presentation here.

    We look forward to a successful cooperation!

  • 27 Nov 2018
    Project Movement for the Bangladesh Ministry of Science & Technology by Tricom

    Our member for Ukraine Tricom Freight & Logistics, has been awarded to move 10 units of Nuclear Cancer Equipment for the Ministry of Science & Technology in Bangladesh where they are headquartered.

    Each unit had a weight of 26 tons. The cargo was moved from the Port of Chittagong to the PG Hospital Site where it was unloaded by big cranes. In addition to the 10 OOG units, 10x 20’ Flatrack containers were delivered as well. The project was executed smoothly.

    Well done, Tricom!

  • 27 Nov 2018
    Problem-solving Required to Ship Two Platens from China to Ohio

    Recently, C.H. Robinson’s project logistics team worked with a company to ship components for the largest machine the client had ever been commissioned to build. The cargo consisted of two large molds, known as platens, which measured 5.3 x 5 x 1.6 meters, weighed 121 metric tons each, and were shipped from a supplier in Dalian, China, to a site in Holiday City, Ohio.

    Just before the first platen was to be picked up in Dalian, the C.H. Robinson team learned that the lifting slings would not be supplied. The team had to source those locally and get the test certificates shared before the platens could be lifted and placed onto the vessels for their two separate sailings ex-Shanghai to the Port of Houston, Texas.

    In Houston, the team utilized a 10 line Goldhofer trailer with both pull and push trucks attached for the inland portion of the journey. The original plan was to load the first platen and then truck to Ohio, then return for the second platen shipment’s arrival three weeks later. However, bank holiday traffic through Kansas and severe weather caused some delays on the first delivery and construction required that the cargo be rerouted.

    These delays prevented the return for the second platen in time to complete that shipment as a direct discharge from the ocean vessel to the truck. Instead, the team from C.H. Robinson arranged for the platen to be loaded onto a mafi trailer supplied by the stevedore, and placed in a storage location at the port. The trucking company freed up a second truck and 10 line Goldhofer trailer from a nearby jobsite and the second platen was transferred from the mafi trailer to the correct equipment for its journey to Ohio. The transfer was completed using two shore cranes and the truck reached its destination with fewer delays than the first delivery.

    When the platens arrived at the Port of Houston, it was noted that the tarping had torn during the ocean voyage. To ensure that the cargo was fully protected, the project logistics team arranged to have the pieces shrink wrapped at the port before the 1,200 mile journey to destination. Carpet remnants were placed between the platens and the chains, which were being used to secure the cargo to the trailers. This was to protect the platens from potential damage.

    Communication is key to any project, especially when delays are encountered. Throughout this project, the C.H. Robinson team worked very closely with the customer on the delivery schedule so all the relevant equipment was available onsite for the truck unloading. The second platen was more difficult to lift, since the securing/hook-on posts on that piece were slightly different from the first platen, causing a bit of an imbalance in length on one of the slings. Working with the ocean carrier, stevedore, and rigging company at destination, the team decided to use an extender to bridge the gap in the length. Effective problem solving, combined with the team’s experience and attention to detail, resulted in both platens being unloaded at destination with no issues or damage, and the customer proceeded with installation of the mold machine.

  • 27 Nov 2018

    While FLS Projects Thailand completed the final stages of delivering a 111 ton Super Concentrator vessel for a pulp and paper production plant from Finland to Thailand, more over-sized and heavy lift cargo with a volume of over 3,500 cbm arrived from Spain to Laem Chabang Port. FLS Projects unloaded the cargo and prepared the cargo for over-land transportation to the final location in Northern Thailand. This interesting journey is now coming to a successful end and we look forward to hearing from them more successful pulp and paper projects.

    Please feel free to contact them via the Project Logistics Alliance or their company Linkedin and Facebook account.

  • 26 Nov 2018
    Express Global Logistics (EXG), India Executes Shipment of 15000 kVA Generator from Shanghai to India.

    Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, India (EXG) once again successfully executed movement of 140 FRT project cargos consisting of 1a 5000kVA Generator and 11 packages as accessories. The cargo was moved from Shanghai, China to Mumbai, India.

    The shipment contained a generator measuring 3.6x 3.65 x 3.35 m and weighing 61 tons. The scope of work included customs clearance and port handling at Shanghai Port and Ocean Freight from Shanghai to Mumbai on FLT hook to hook basis.

    Chartering of a suitable vessel was arranged timely within given schedule from the date of prior deadlines set out by the customer. For smooth loading operation of this unit, EXG was in regular touch with overseas partners and the selected carrier at the port of loading and within two days the cargo was loaded on board without any errors. The EXG team displayed meticulous planning, timely co-ordination with all parties to avoid possible delays.

    The cargo loading process was completed safely and efficiently due to excellent loading, stowing, and sea fastening planning.
    The Project Logistics Alliance team sends their congrats!

  • 26 Nov 2018
    First Member for Colombia!

    With excitement, we are announcing our first member for Colombia. Transborder is a 100% Colombian company, founded in 1993 with offices in Bogotá, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, and Buenaventura.

    With a dedication to extra dimensioned and heavy lift transports, the Project Division of Transborder covers Ocean Freight, Barge, Air Freight and Inland transportation of project cargo. The services provided by them include complex logistic chain design and international transportation solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, the Energy as well as the Mining industry, Construction and Infrastructure Projects, Plant relocation, Machinery, and Equipment dealer companies. In addition, they are experts in enlistment & packing, chartering & part chartering, customs brokerage and Lifting, loading & discharging.

    Transborder is actively participating in security and control programs on International Trade according to the guidelines of the BASC standards.

    A warm welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Transborder!

  • 24 Nov 2018
    CTO Brazil Ships 06-Axle Heavy Duty Module to Chile

    Project Logistics Alliance member CTO Brazil recently moved an 06-Axle heavy duty module and its power pack unit from the port of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, to the port of San Antonio, Chile. The cargo was shipped in a Ro/Ro vessel, loading and unloading was all completed by the module itself with the power pack unit and a wireless control. Congratulations to CTO for the neat project!

  • 23 Nov 2018
    Transformer moved by Farcont from Ukraine

    Another project was successfully concluded by Farcont Project LLC, representing Ukraine in the Project Logistics Alliance. The cargo consisted of 4 Set Transformers. Farcont handled the transport from the Port of Odessa on the road to the biggest solar project near Nikopol, Ukraine. The weight of each transformer was 60 tons.

  • 22 Nov 2018
    Tricom Delivers Units for Dhaka Power Distribution Co Ltd (DPDC)

    Our member Tricom Freight & Logistics is represented in the Project Logistics Alliance with their Ukrainian office and is proudly sharing the following news with us.

    The project team of their Bangladeshi headquarters has recently concluded the movement of some Transformers and Gas Cylinder (SF-6) DG goods. A total of 11 units were loaded in the Port of Chittagong, Bangladesh and transported by barge to Narayangonj DPDC site, the governmental institution for power distribution. Alongside, there were 8x 40’ Flat Rack containers delivered.

    The cargo was moved by SPMT and with the help of axles and big cranes. Tricom also handled the customs clearance. Transportation and unloading of the goods went smoothly and without any incidences.

    Good job, Tricom!

  • 21 Nov 2018
    AGL moves Vessel Engines to France with the help of Fairplay Shipping and Wirtz Shipping

    Our Project Logistics Alliance member Alexander Global Logistics from Germany just recently finished the transport of 3 engines to Champlain, France.
    For the execution of this transport, AGL Bremen involved two additional members of the Project Logistics Alliance. Fairplay Shiping, representing Denmark offered support for the pre-carriage for the units from Denmark whereas Wirtz Shipping handled local operations of all engines in Antwerp inclusive of the delivery to the final destination in France.

    ex Frederikshavn, DK
    2x Engines / Type 6L 35/44 DF
    each 6.35m x 2.65m x 4.25m
    each 51.5 tons

    The engines have been moved by low bed trucks to Esbjerg Port, Denmark in order to be transferred on Mafi Trailers by Grimaldi Service to the Port of Antwerp. Due to the height of the units, this was the only appropriate routing possible. Upon arrival in Antwerp, Wirtz Shipping arranged the local port operations and on-carriage.

    ex Mannheim, GER
    1x Engine / Type 6L 35/44 DF
    6.35m x 2.65m x 4.25m
    51.5 tons

    The single engines were moved by barge to Antwerp and unloaded directly onto low bed trucks for the final transport leg by low bed truck to France. The project was executed without any incidences, even though the project teams were facing a high time pressure as the receiving vessel of the engines was already waiting at the shipyard.

    Great teamwork, AGL + Fairplay Shipping + Wirtz Shipping!

  • 21 Nov 2018
    GAC Transports Helicopter Parts from Oman to Saudi Arabia

    Project Logistics Alliance Member GAC Saudi Arabia recently transported 24000KG of dismantled helicopter parts from Oman to Saudi Arabia via air freight. The cargo included the helicopter cradle and additional accessories. GAC not only completed the air freight, but also took care of export customs clearance, import customs clearance, as well as the inland transport within Saudi Arabia. Congratulations to GCA on another successful project!

  • 20 Nov 2018
    Cuchi Shipping moves Oilwell Equipment to Jamaica

    Lately, our Project Logistics Alliance member Cuchi Shipping Company from Vietnam handled the transport of 45 pieces Oilwell Equipment to Jamaica. The total weight of the cargo was 328.32 tons.

    The 45 units were picked up at the factory and moved to Quang Ngai Port in Vietnam, where they were loaded onto a Vessel for sea transport to Esquivel Port in Jamaica.

    Great project, Cuchi Shipping!

  • 20 Nov 2018

    Besides the main business of project cargo and heavy lift transportation, our members also offer additional services which may come in handy on certain situations. Yard management is an alternative service which can be provided by FLS, member for Thailand. Throughout the years FLS Projects has managed and operated several yards and storage facilities for many of its clients.

    Additionally, to all normal yard activities provided, the FLS yard team can do inventory management, reporting as well as risk assessment for every operation and detailed documentation developed in close cooperation with the client. All operations are of course performed following the highest HSE standards! For more information please visit their website at and get in touch to learn more about the FLS Yard Management Service.

  • 19 Nov 2018
    Jet Global Corp. handles loading of Steel Coil

    Jet Global Corp., Project Logistics Alliance member representing Taiwan in our network is sharing the latest project news with us.

    Generally, JGC ships steel coils worldwide. In this case, the cargo was moved ex Kaohsiung, Taiwan to the final destination in Dubai. Loading was done on the deck of the breakbulk vessel.

  • 19 Nov 2018
    InterMax’s Detailed Survey Enables Smooth Transport Under Challenging Conditions

    InterMax Logistics Solution, Project Logistics Alliance member from China, delivered a set of transformer and accessories from Tianjin, China to Long Beach, USA.

    After a long period of submitting all the necessary information and waiting for approval, InterMax finally obtained the road permit and delivered the transformer to the site and set on pad. Drawing information from the previous road survey and site survey, police approval, comprehensive study of height limits, turning radius, road/bridge load and other factors, the main body of the final transformer was transported by an 8 + 8 axis and an intermediate bridge trailer.

    Before the execution of the transport, the police explained the transportation precautions on the critical spots and escorted the transport throughout the whole journey. The convoy was accompanied by a guidance vehicle and the repair tool vehicle.

    After the main transformer arrived at the substation site, InterMax’s on-site operators immediately began to unload the transformer and start the installation. Since the previous planning was based on many years of experience from the past, the operation was carried out with all the details according to the plan. The experience has helped InterMax to get the job done in record time: from the arrival of the vehicle to the final installation it took the project team 6 hours only.

    The transport vehicle had to be extremely careful passing the substation gate: there were only 15cm between the vehicle and the gate walls.

    The temperature was another special challenge for this project: the operation was done in temperatures about 40℃ on that day.

    Well done, InterMax!

  • 16 Nov 2018
    Turk Logistics handled the challenging transport of Alba Port Line 6

    In all the years of expertise, Turk Logistics and Heavy Transport, member of the Project Logistics Alliance, remained the leading Heavy Lift and Project Cargo solution provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has been continuously involved in an ongoing project of Alba Port line 6.

    Turk Logistics has successfully executed the transportation of the Stack Middle Section supplied by Ramsis Engineering. The cargo weighed 72 tons with dimensions of 8.80m in length, 10m in width and 18m in height. The equipment used was a Self Propelled Modular Trailer (SPMT) with 24 Axle Lines operated with remote control. For loading, the Turk Project Team used the method of jacking up from stools support.

    The execution was supervised and coordinated by Mr. Ely Coyoca, Operations Manager of the Turk Heavy Lift Department. The scope of work included providing the following logistics solutions: lashing, technical plan calculation, getting the road permissions, escort arrangements. Roadworks along the route were needed since the cargo needed to pass a challenging slope that turned out to be critical for OOG movement. However, Turk Logistics made the transport of the SPMT possible.

    Very impressive, Turk Logistics!