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  • 14 Sep 2020
    Conveyor Logistics Transports Steel Pipes For The Barisal Coal-Fired Power Project

    Conveyor Logistics Ltd. (LLC), representing Bangladesh in the Project Logistics Alliance, has recently completed the transportation of steel pipes. This project was conducted for the 307 MW Coal-Fired Power Generation facility in Taltali, Barishal. These 66 packages had a gross weight of about 1027.551 MT while the volume equaled 2426.24 CBM.

    The different dimensions of the Steel Pipe Piles were as follows:

    Packages L(m) W(m) H(m)
    6 0.8 0.8 55
    16 0.8 0.8 56
    13 0.8 0.8 57
    6 0.8 0.8 58
    7 0.8 0.8 59
    10 0.8 0.8 60
    The cargo was loaded at the Port of Shanghai and later discharged at the Port of Chittagong in Bangladesh. The total distance from the Port of Chittagong to the project site was about 316 km. This distance was covered by 76 km via seaway where the project team of Conveyor Group used seafaring barges for the transport. The remaining 240 km were covered via inland rivers.

    The pipes were successfully delivered without any incidents to the project site. Thank you for sharing this with us Conveyor Logistics!

  • 11 Sep 2020
    BATI Seeks The Sun While Delivering A Sunseeker

    Bati Innovative Logistics, the Turkish member of the Project Logistics Alliance has been busy at the ports this summer, delivering yachts to their owners.

    This time they delivered a beautiful Sunseeker Manhattan 52 costing 1 million £. This yacht was delivered from Southampton, the United Kingdom to İzmir, Turkey. The yacht weighed 27 tons and was 18 meters long. Loading and Discharging this yacht from and into the water was easy and clear task for the Bati team. Bati Innovative Logistics coordinated the discharging operation on behalf of Peters and May.

    Congratulations on yet another successful yacht transfer!

  • 10 Sep 2020
    Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services, Inc - Philippines

    Our member Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services, Inc. from the Philippines is proudly sharing this group picture of their COVID-19-adequate company celebration. The Nonpareil ISO Team has successfully passed the second ISO 9001:2015 Surveillance Audit.

    No minor or major non-compliance was observed in any of the services offered (including customs brokerage, International Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Records Management, and Domestic Forwarding) but instead, they received significantly positive feedback of best practices and notably how the team is dealing with the pandemic. The Nonpareil Team is proud to share this again as proof, that despite the current challenges, their services are beyond compare and the Banig and MacGyver Culture are strongly embedded in their hearts and mind.

    On behalf of the Top Management we are sharing kudos and a huge Thank You with all Nonpareillans, especially to the IQA Team. Nonpareil states “Every day there is something to be thankful for, and we are looking forward to the day where we can share a pie with all colleagues again”. The attached picture shows how the team is celebrating the achievement, virtually, like we are supposed to in the current corona times.

    Congratulations also from the Project Logistics Alliance Team!

  • 10 Sep 2020
    KAF Marine Completes A Well-Planned Delivery Ensuring Zero Incidents

    KAF Marine Shipping & Chartering Co., the exclusive Project Logistics Alliance partner for ship brokerage has completed another project delivery to the Port of Sudan.

    This project shipment consisted of seven units of mixed rolling and static tanks which were loaded onto a non-RoRo vessel. Due to the good planning and organizational skills of the team at KAF Marine, no surprises or challenges were encountered during the entire shipment. Furthermore, they are proud to report another addition to their fully satisfied customer base.

    As you read this, the projects and operations team at KAF Marine are busy working on their next project and we will keep you posted on this. Stay tuned!

  • 09 Sep 2020
    MV Hanna Is Taking 72 Wind Blades From China To Poland

    The Project Logistics Alliance is proudly sharing these scenic pictures today which are showing another great transport from our network partners at SAL Heavy Lift. MV Hanna is taking 72 wind blades measuring 66.77 x 2.75 x 4.04 m from China to Poland. Here, she is captured going through the Kiel Canal.

    Hanna is one of SAL’s Type 171 vessels, which have the biggest cargo hold in terms of intake in the SAL Heavy Lift fleet – making her a perfect vessel for wind blade cargo. Did you know she also has 1A ice-class making her capable of trading in cold areas?

    Thanks for sharing these insights, SAL Heavy Lift.

  • 08 Sep 2020
    M-Star Projects Completes An Almost Year Long Project Of Delivering Exceptional Hangar Door Loads Successfully

    The Georgian member of the Project Logistics Alliance, M-Star Projectspowered by Herfurth Logistics NV which is also a member representing Belgium, is proud to report the successful completion of their 8-month long project of delivering 170 hangar door gate parts to Kuwait from the Netherlands. Some of the largest parts measured 16 x 2.50 x 3.07 meters and weighed 26 tons. These 170 hangar doors were shipped in 3 lots of 2970 tons - 5850 tons.

    The scope of work undertaken by the highly skilled team of M-Star included:

    • Exceptional road transport to the Port of Antwerp
    • Heavy lift/port handling and export customs clearance
    • Lashing & securing
    • Monitoring and Marine survey
    • Shipment in parts on Ro-Ro vessel, Mafi trailer, and heavy-lift breakbulk vessels
    Kudos on the successful completion of this project. We at the Project Logistics Alliance wish you success for all your future projects!

  • 08 Sep 2020
    Hapag Lloyd Awards Fleet Line Shipping The “Best Customer For Special And Breakbulk Cargo”

    Despite the increased challenges in the current daily business of project logistics, our members are performing at their best and providing their clients every day with dedicated and professional service. With pride, we are sharing with you today, that our member Fleet Line Shipping Services (FLS), representing the United Arab Emirates in the Project logistics Alliance, has received the award as “The Best Customer for Special Equipment and Break-Bulk Cargo” from Hapag Lloyd. This is the third consecutive year for the team of Fleet Line Shipping to receive this recognition from Hapag Lloyd.

    We at Project Logistics Alliance are proud to have aboard members showcasing such expertise. Congratulations team FLS!

  • 07 Sep 2020
    Network Global Showcases Know-How When It Comes To Shipping Construction Equipment

    The Azerbaijani member of the Project Logistics Alliance, Network Global Logistics, has again been busy moving construction equipment, this time to the beautiful land of Croatia. Various construction machines from multiple locations all over Turkey were collected and delivered to the Port of Gemlik. These machines were then loaded onto a Ro-Ro vessel which sailed in the direction of Croatia.

    On reaching Koprivnica Port, the transit formalities were taken care of by their projects and operations team. After these formalities were completed, the equipment was delivered safely to their final job site. Network Global would like to thank their partners Tanta Transport representing Slovenia, in Project Logistics Alliance, for their assistance and cooperation during the transfer.

    Thank you Network Global for sharing with us!

  • 07 Sep 2020
    Ceekay Shipping Line Manages Movement Of Two Massive OOG Boxes

    Ceekay Shipping Line who is the exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance is sharing their latest OOG transport with us. No cargo is too big for the specialists at Ceekay. Today we feature some captions of an extremely over width and over height cargo, which was moved from Tanjung Pelapas, Malaysia to Laem Chabang, Thailand. The cargo was containerized in two boxes on a 40 Flat Rack and a 40 Flat Bed special equipment.

    Ceekay's experienced ODC team successfully moved these massive parcels which reached a staggering length of 10,6 meter and a width of 5,4 meter with a height of 4,0 meter. The second box measured 12,1 meter in length, 5,4 meter in width, and a height of 4,0 meter. The weight totaled up to around 20 tons and 22 tons respectively. Despite the current movement restrictions our team managed to execute this shipment with all safety measures double-checked as these parcels had to be moved on special notice with escort due to its unusual dimensions to the port and executed the shipment without any hassle.

    Congratulations on the successful loading, Ceekay Shipping-Team!

  • 04 Sep 2020
    MS Global Charters A Vessel To Ship Transformers

    MS Global Freight Solution, representing Malaysia, in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proud to report another successful project. They recently chartered a vessel to move four transformers from Laem Chabang, Thailand to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

    These four transformers together weighed 357 tons while the heaviest unit weighed 74 tons. The total volume transferred equaled 907 CBM. Congratulations on successfully completing this project. We wish you luck in all your future projects!

  • 03 Sep 2020
    More Phishing Through Corona And How You Can Protect Yourself

    The corona pandemic has given the digital transformation a great boost. Working from the home office and video meeting tools are booming. As many advantages as working from the home office offer, there are new challenges for employees and managers - not least because the changeover entails new risks for IT security.

    Hackers take advantage of the new weak points that result from the switch to home office work, new communication channels, and changed processes. Cyber-attacks have increased in almost all industries this year. Phishing attacks pose a particular risk. Even before Corona, phishing emails were involved in 92% of cyber-attacks. It is estimated that the number of attacks has increased by 30-100% since the pandemic began. Our network partner Kutzner Process Optimization is very experienced in IT security and wants you to be aware of this risk. This is why we are sharing the following summary and explanation with you:

    What is phishing and what types are there?
    Phishing is the fraudulent collection of personal data from other people. The aim of the hackers is to gain access to login information, bank and credit card numbers or social security numbers, for example. It does this through fake emails and websites. The main reason phishing attacks are so successful is because of the use of counterfeiting, tampering, and social engineering methods to deceive potential victims.

    The most common (and most efficient) types of phishing include:
    1. Spray-and-Prey-Phishing
    Spray-and-pray or deceptive phishing is the most primitive form of phishing. A series of emails with the subject “urgent” are sent here and the recipient is asked to change the PayPal password or enter their data in order to receive a lottery win. Usually, these emails contain links to fake login pages. As soon as a victim enters and submits the data, it is stored on a remote server to which the perpetrator has access.

    2. Spear-Phishing
    This type of phishing is primarily aimed at organizations and businesses. Information from network sites or hacked email entries is collected here. On this basis, emails are sent that appear to be from business partners or the like. They often contain a notice that an important document is attached, prompting the victim to open the document, which installs malware. It can then be used to spy on activities or personal information.

    3. CEO-Phishing
    A well-known spear phishing scam is CEO phishing. Cybercriminals pretend to be CEO or another executive of the company. The perpetrator exchanges several emails with the potential victim in order to create a basis of trust. After a while, the target person will be asked for the personal information of the employees or asked to transfer money to a specific account. This request is usually accompanied by the note that the sum is required for a new contract and that the transfer is urgent.

    4. Dynamite-Phishing
    Dynamite phishing has been a huge trend in recent years. Here, the malware creates massive amounts of phishing emails on the infected computer. The malware (e.g. Emotet) accesses the emails stored there and creates very authentic phishing emails in the style of the sender. The emails are then sent to the entire address book and the malware continues to spread explosively.

    The key question now is how can you protect yourself against phishing attacks? A guideline would be to follow the below points:

    • use a good antivirus software
    • have good spam filter
    • raise your employees’ awareness
    • do not send any personal information through emails or instant messages
    • Pay attention to the look of websites: does your email, online banking, digital wallet, or web shopping login page look different than before? Check the page for spelling and grammatical errors, look for the prefix "https" in the address bar, and make sure that a lock is shown next to it. This is a sign that your data is safe
    • Do not open e-mails from unknown senders and do not click on the links or attachments contained therein. This could cause spyware to be installed on your device.
    If you have doubts or are looking for advice, we invoice you to get in touch with our partners at Kutzner Process Optimization. They will help you to find out if your organization is well protected!

  • 03 Sep 2020
    BATI Innovative Logistics Explores The Aegean Sea With A Beautiful Lagoon 42

    The Turkish member of the Project Logistics Alliance, Bati Innovative Logistics has set sail yet another catamaran to the Aegean Sea.

    This catamaran was 12 meters long and had three cabins. She was transported from La Rochelle, in southwestern France to Fethiye in Turkey. This catamaran was loaded directly from the water onto the vessel in France. A similar unloading procedure was followed wherein, this was directly delivered into the water in Turkey. Bati believes that catamarans are one of the best boats to sail across the Turkish Riviera and Greek Islands, and we sure do agree with them.

    Thank you, Bati for sharing this news with us!

  • 02 Sep 2020
    MS Global Transports Locomotives For National Railway Company

    MS Global Freight Solution, the Malayan member of the Project Logistics Alliance, is pleased to share with us another job they recently completed for their clients, National Railway Company.

    The experienced projects and operations team at MS Global transported 3 locomotives from Port Klang to a maintenance depot located 220 km away. For safe and quick transportation, the locomotives were loaded on three multi-axle trucks using mobile cranes at the site. Once the locomotives reached their destination, they were again unloaded with mobile cranes. Each unit had a total weight of 117 tons and measured 2.67 x 3.0 x 3.88 meters.

    Congratulations to the entire team on the successful job!

  • 02 Sep 2020
    Mobile Harbor Cranes On MV Frauke

    Mobile harbor cranes are one of the favorite cargoes of Project Logistics Alliance partner SAL Heavy Lift. A week ago, SAL’s MV Frauke successfully loaded one LHM 800 as well as two LHM 420 in Rostock, Germany.

    The LHM 800, with a total height exceeding 100 meters (when fully erected), and weight of 742 tonnes fully assembled is the largest of the LHM series from Liebherr and the most powerful mobile harbor crane in the world.

    With MV Frauke’s ability to lift 1400 tonnes in tandem, all the LHM cranes were loaded safely on deck.

    The team of SAL Heavy Lift is extending its gratitude to Liebherr Maritime Cranes and Ems Chartering GmbH & Co KG for the assignment and excellent cooperation on this job.

  • 01 Sep 2020
    Delivering Construction Equipment To Slovenia Keeps Network Global Busy

    Network Global Logistics, representing Azerbaijan in the Project Logistics Alliance, is happy to share another successful transport they executed in the past month. Various construction machines were picked up from all over Turkey and shipped to Slovenia for the Karavenkenn Tunnel Project. Karawanken serves as a major motorway tunnel link between the two countries, Austria and Slovenia, which in turn connects Central Europe with South-Eastern Europe. It is the longest road tunnel in Slovenia.

    These machines were first collected by trucks and delivered to the Port of Izmit from where they were loaded onto a Ro-Ro vessel which sailed to the Port of Koper. Once the transit formalities were completed, these machines were safely delivered to the final site.

    Thank you for sharing this news with us Network Global, We wish you success with your future projects!