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  • 19 Jun 2020
    KAF Marine Completes A Sensitive Project Successfully Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

    The exclusive ship brokerage partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, KAF Marine Shipping and Chartering Co. recently completed a sensitive project which involved the movement of project fixtures from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates.

    The two heavy reels weighing 231 and 236 tons each were loaded at Port of Tyne in NewCastle, United Kingdom, and shipped to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. They are proud to report that both their customers and the carrier were satisfied with the brokerage services that KAF Marine team offered from beginning to the end. They would like to extend their gratitude and thank all the parties involved in this fixture who supported and trusted them.

    Wishing you guys success with more such successful projects!

  • 19 Jun 2020
    Modern Group Is Proudly Representing New Container Fleet

    Shiny, clean, and colored in majestic blue: Modern Group, member of the Project Logistics Alliance from Afghanistan, is proudly presenting their brand new container fleet.

    The total order includes 800 units of 20’ GP containers. The first 250 units have been delivered already from Shanghai, China while the remaining units are in production and delivered soon.

    The units are available for export from Shanghai to Afghanistan, Karachi, Pakistan, Mundra and Navasheva, India, Bandar Abbas, Iran, Jebel Ali, UAE, and others. If you are interested in using the brand new container boxes or have an inquiry, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 19 Jun 2020
    #9 Did You Know Whom To Better Not Run Into In Tallinn?

    Did you know whom to better not run into in Tallinn? In contract to the chimney sweep from last week, beware of the man in the red cloak. In medieval times, the city hired an executioner to punish, castigate, and torture sinners. He was shunned by the residents and contact with him was supposed to bring bad luck. Neither he nor his wife could attend church, his children could not go to school and they made him wear a bright cloak, so he stood out in a crowd.

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  • 18 Jun 2020
    Firefighting Trucks Shipped By Aprojects

    Aprojects, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Austria, has successfully loaded and shipped four firefighting trucks from Antwerp to South Africa, on behalf of one of their key clients in Austria.

    This project amplifies the coordination between their offices in Belgium and Austria, and as we write, the firefighting trucks are making their way across the sea already. Aproject team would like to extend their gratitude to all the parties involved in this shipment, and their client for continuous trust.

    Kudos for the successful completion of this project!

  • 18 Jun 2020
    Project HFO: Tagi Logistics Takes Over The Second Leg To Ensure Successful Delivery

    Tagi Logistics Co. Ltd, a member representing Laos in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully transported 11 MAN engines from Vietnam to Cambodia. These engines were shipped using barges via the river route of the Mekong River.

    The 11 MAN engines were originally shipped from Germany to Vietnam, where the Tagi team took over and further delivered this cargo to Cambodia. The scope of work undertaken to ensure the successful completion included receiving the cargo at the port directly onto the barges, lashing and securing, barge transport to Cambodia from the Ho Chi Minh Port, scheduling with the jetty, roll off of the cargo and adjusting the centerline. SPMT's with 12 axle points side by side were used to ensure a proficient delivery to the final job site.

    Congratulations on a job, well done guys!

  • 18 Jun 2020

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  • 17 Jun 2020
    Ceekay Shipping Provides A Tailor-made Transfer Solution

    Ceekay Shipping, the exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully transported a 21-meter long kelly bar to Jakarta, Indonesia from Port Klang, Malaysia.

    This kelly bar weighed 20 tonnes, and was 21 meters long with a width of 1.8 meters and had a height of 0.3 meters. Due to its extreme length, this was 4.5 meters over on both ends. This meant that the project team had to come up with an individual solution to load the cargo. After discussing with the terminal authorities, Ceekay produced a tailor-made plan which accommodated the safe loading.

    This movement by Ceekay showcases their experience and the ease with which they handle the transfer of over-dimensional cargo.

  • 16 Jun 2020
    Luxury Yacht Transfer To Japan By 3L-Leemark

    3L-Leemark Logistics, a member of Project Logistics Alliance for Taiwan, has successfully delivered a 48-foot yacht to Okinawa, Japan.

    3L-Leemark was trusted by the Taiwanese boat dealers to deliver this luxury yacht to Naha, Okinawa from Kaohsiung, Taiwan in early May. They are thankful and proud of the job well done by their team and the reliable carrier. The 3L-Leemark group not only has offices in Taiwan but also in mainland China and the scope of their services include air freight, sea freight, marble transportation, dangerous cargos, yacht transportation, and heavy projects.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • 15 Jun 2020
    Gianti Logistics Delivers From Port To Door

    Gianti Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Georgia, recently transported a 32-meter long steel structure from Poti, Georgia to Yerevan in Armenia.

    The scope of work undertook by Gianti included providing engineering services, cargo handling at the terminal, storage, its transportation with special equipment. A police escort was also required during this movement. This steel structure was loaded at the Poti Seaport APM Terminal by the means of a Liebherr Crane with a 100-ton lifting capacity on a multi-axle hydraulic trailer for further transportation.

    Congratulations on completing this project successfully!

  • 12 Jun 2020
    Perfect Coordination Between Tschudi Teams For An Effortless Transfer

    Tschudi Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, representing Denmark, Finland, and Hong Kong recently handled the cargo reception and transshipment of a boiler in Estonia on behalf of their Finnish client.

    This oversized boiler weighing 78 tons was loaded onto the vessel from a truck directly using the vessel's own gear. The assignment was a combination of two jobs for their teams, as Tschudi Estonia also handled the port agency services for the vessel on the account of the owners.

    Tschudi Logistics is proud to report that they matched their client expectations and their client was very pleased about the seamless cooperation by the Tschudi teams in Estonia and Finland. Congratulations on this seamless movement!

  • 12 Jun 2020
    ESA Logistika Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Project Logistics Alliance’s Slovakian member, ESA Logistka is taking a moment to reminisce and celebrate their project teams achievements during the fiscal year of 2019.

    They have safely completed the delivery of the last major heavy components for the currently ongoing investments, namely:
    1. North-South Gas Pipeline Corridor in Poland
    2. CCGT Power Plant in Zeran, Poland
    3. CCGT Power Plant in Czestochowa in Poland
    4. Dětmarovice Power Plant in the Czech Republic
    5. Transformer Substation in Šiauliai, Lithuania

    The ESA Logistika team is proud to have had the opportunity to cooperate not only with their clients but also with their business partners and be responsible for the total logistical arrangements of the infrastructure pertaining to these project constructions. Moreover the projects and operations teams are looking forward to contributing to the growth of the CEE market in association with other PLA members.

    Best of luck for 2020 and the many years to come!

  • 12 Jun 2020
    #8 Did You Know Who To Look Out For In Tallinn?

    Did you know who to look out for in Tallinn? There is a traditional profession that is encountered like celebrities: Chimney Sweeps. They continue wearing 19th-century uniforms to work in Tallinn. If you come across one, be sure to touch his brass buttons on the uniform. According to myth, this brings good luck. If you are not meeting a living version, you can visit the statue of the happy chimney sweep at Karjavarava Square.

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  • 11 Jun 2020
    Another A-Grade Delivery By Aprojects

    Austrian member of the Project Logistics Alliance, Aprojects is proud to have completed yet another project for their client with stellar results. This time, they imported two vessels to Antwerp, one of which measured 1840 x 585 x 580 centimeters and weighed 113 tons, while the other vessel weighed 99 tons and measured 1895 x 575 x 580 centimeters. Some of the hurdles that the project and operations team overcame was arranging a night transfer and deciding on alternative routes due to some roads being blocked for delivery. Thanks to the cooperation between different offices, Aprojects was able to deliver to the site without any problems.

    With this shipment, Aprojects demonstrates the skill and knowledge needed to provide the best services and stands out in the field of logistics. Being headquartered in Belgium, and with offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, China, and Korea, Aprojects is confident in serving clients across the continent.

    Wishing you guys more of such A-grade projects!

  • 10 Jun 2020
    Altius Transports Oversized Cargo For Mining Site In Chile

    Project Logistics Alliance member, Altius, representing Argentina and Bolivia is proud to report the successful movement of two pieces of oversized mining equipment from Antwerp, to the mining site of Mantos Blancos in Antofagasta, Chile.

    The shipment included two pieces of FLS integrated caps and trunnions. They measured at 7.7 meters in diameter and weighed 80.5 tons each. These were a part of the debottlenecking project that OHL Industrial, S.L., is executing at the Mantos Blancos Ball Mill. Altius is proud to have accomplished this assignment with zero incidents.

    Wishing them many more safe and successful deliveries!

  • 10 Jun 2020
    New Member For Bosnia And Herzegovina

    The Project Logistics Alliance has a new member. Our team is extending a warm welcome to ABC Air-Sea Cargo representing Bosnia and Herzegovina. ABC Air-Sea Cargo was established in 1983 and is a traditional, family-owned specialist in cargo delivery worldwide, with more than 50 offices in 17 countries.

    To maintain its competitive edge in today’s global economy, ABC’s experienced team offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, from air, sea and rail transport, warehousing and value-added services up to trucking throughout Europe. ABC’s door-to-door solutions include transport insurance, customs clearance, and fiscal clearing for EU countries. Customers benefit from effective distribution via the company’s extensive air and sea hub systems.

    Thanks to long-standing experience with project cargo shipments, ABC can provide a wide range of services for heavy and oversized goods, including project logistics budgeting and planning, road surveys, cargo surveying, lashing, and cargo supervision during loading and unloading. ABC’s state-of-the-art supply chain management platform simplifies communication and provides a range of modules and features to ensure transparency at every step of the supply chain: from purchase order management and shipment tracking up to online inventory management. ABC can gladly offer central clearing for your large-scale projects, allowing you to handle your payments through one point for all European ABC countries.

    Welcome on board, ABC Air-Sea Cargo!