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  • 25 Mar 2021
    MS Global Freight Solution Moves Industrial Project Cargo To USA

    MS Global Freight Solution representing Malaysia in the Project Logistics Alliance recently moved industrial project cargo from Port Klang, Malaysia to Morehead City, North Carolina, the USA on a breakbulk vessel. Even though the nearest port of delivery was New Orleans, the project team at MS Global Freight Solution suggested the cargo be discharged at Morehead City. This resulted in a shorter lead time and was in line with their client’s demand since Morehead City is the first calling port in the USA.


    The entire consignment consisted of seven packages with the largest items measuring 15.89 x 4.94 x 2.87 meters and 6.98 x 5.06 x 3.83 meters and occupied a volume of 661 CBM.


    MS Global Freight Solution Sdn Bhd has offices in Port Klang, Johor Bharu (Pasir Gudang), and Penang, Malaysia, and can handle air and sea heavy-lift project cargo from/to Malaysia including East Malaysia (Borneo Island). They provide feasibility study, road survey, method of statement, execution, and supervision of packing, transportation, loading, lashing, unloading, and placement at consignee’s site. Moreover, they also assist their clientele by arranging breakbulk vessels, Open tops, Flat racks and maintain a close relationship with many ship owners.

  • 24 Mar 2021
    Barrus Projects Completes the Third Stage of Autoclave Transport

    Barrus Projects representing Kazakhstan and Russia in the Project Logistics Alliance has completed transporting an autoclave from Antwerp to Amursk for the second autoclave line of Amursk Hydrometallurgical Plant constructed by Polymetal.

    As part of the first stage, the autoclave was shipped from COEK Engineering’s berth in Geel (Belgium) and delivered to the port of De-Kastri, in Russia’s Far East. The second stage of transportation consisted of the autoclave’s reloading onto a specialized barge on the roadstead of the port of De-Kastri and transportation to Amursk. Click here to read the first stage and here for the second stage. The third and final stage of moving this 1100 MT autoclave was the most difficult to implement and required a coordinated approach from their project teams for two years.

    The biggest challenge of this project was the colossal fluctuations in water levels in the Amur river, which do not occur in the central part of Russia. Such drops in water levels can reach 5-7 meters in a very short time. The implementation of the entire project depended on the quality of the solution to solve this challenge. The project team at Barrus Projects managed to develop a unique technical solution. It was a RO-RO berth, designed in a way that guaranteed to unload on the designated dates of the autoclave’s arrival in Amursk, regardless of the water level. A temporary bank protection structure was also designed using two sets of ramps and a transitional support pile, the elevation of which, depending on the actual water level, could be adjusted for RO-RO unloading of cargo.

    Their customer entrusted them with turnkey work, including the full scope of surveys, design, and construction of the berthing facility, as well as preparation of the route along with the city of Amursk to the Amursk Hydrometallurgical Plant.

    As part of the third stage of the autoclave’s transportation to Amursk, together with the customer, the city, and Amur region Administration, balance holders of communication lines and supervisory authorities, complex and demanding work was carried out:

    • Design and construction of a unique temporary bank protection structure in the form of a RO-RO berth;
    • The access road to the temporary bank protection structure was designed and built;
    • A colossal amount of work was carried out to prepare the route. Temporary widening of the turns’ radii was carried out, a complete repair of the road’s surface along the route was carried out;
    • Design and reconstruction of power lines from 0.4 kV to 35 kV along the route;
    • Design and reconstruction of two heating mains (TM-15 and TM-16) along the route;
    • Work on the restoration and areas of territory improvement affected and modernized during transportation, including additional planting of green spaces in the city of Amursk.

    All these works were carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the customer, the сity and district Administration, and taking into account the high social responsibility of Polymetal: all with the minimum possible impact on the quality of life of the residents of Amursk.

    Furthermore, Barrus Projects’ own transport equipment was mobilized to Amursk. It included self-propelled modular transporters, which allow for the assembly of the most optimal transport combination for each specific cargo. A rare combination of 28 double-width axle lines was used in this project. That is 448 wheels.

    The autoclave was also installed on the foundation using a specially developed technology. We used two hydraulic gantry systems with a lifting capacity of 1100 tons each, which worked synchronously. For the first time in Russia, installation on the foundation was carried out by synchronous actions of two hydraulic gantry systems SBL 1100.

    The project was carried out by the Key Point Logistics team, which invited Barrus Projects for the contract work. An over-dimensional heavy cargo weighing 1100 tons was delivered without delays and slightly ahead of the planned schedule, despite all the difficulties of the route and the epidemiological situation. Barrus Projects is grateful to Polymetal for the trust placed in their team and the opportunity to implement such an important project. Barrus Projects is also thankful to its employees and all partners for the successful implementation of such unique tasks.

  • 24 Mar 2021
    Delivering Tanks From China To North America

    C.H. Robinson’s project logistics team recently took on a global logistics job to deliver two LOX tanks, each weighing 203.5 metric tons, from China to Houston.

    The tanks were received at the port in Shanghai and loaded onto the ocean vessel, one on deck and one under deck. Once safely secured, the vessel set sail to Texas. The tanks were on the water for a total of eight weeks before they reached the Port of Houston.    

    Throughout the project, C.H. Robinson’s global logistics experts worked as an extension of their customer’s team by working through the details and proactively discussing any potential issues ahead of time. Constant communication was required with all parties involved to ensure all documentation was in place so the cargo could be unloaded without delay.

    Once the vessel arrived at the Port of Houston, our experienced project manager was on-site to ensure the tanks were safely offloaded from the vessel onto a barge for the next leg of the journey. C.H. Robinson represents Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 23 Mar 2021
    Alexander Global Logistics And Westdijk Ensure Total Client Satisfaction

    Our German Founding member, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), is known for their client satisfaction. This is exemplified in a recent project the AGL completed, for their customer for the third year in a row.

    A drilling rig weighing 42 tons and measuring 1900 x 300 x 386 cm along with palette spare parts was transported from Renchen in South of Germany to the RoRo Terminal in Belgium. The pallets and spares measure 120 x 80 x 90 centimeters and weighed 600 kgs. To move this self-propelled drilling rig, the AGL team enlisted help from the Westdijk Exceptioneel Transport, the sister concern of Swedish member, Westdijk Sweden AB.

    Once at the Zeebrugge Port in Belgium, the drilling rig was propelled onto the RoRo vessel and secured for further movement to Baltimore, USA. Congratulations team Alexander Global Logistics and Westdijk Exceptioneel Transport for working in tandem and ensuring another happy client!

  • 23 Mar 2021
    Spotlight: KGE Baltic And Livo Logistics Beat Freezing Temperatures To Deliver Cargo

    Project logistics Alliance members, KGE Baltic SIA and Livo Logistics, were invited by the client to move 5 self-propelled pipelayers along with their accessories from the St. Petersburg Port to Tengiz Oil Field. This project was started at the end of November last year and completed in early 2021.

    The cargo consisted of:

    • Five Self Propelled Pipelayers (Fiat Allis FP60) measuring 5450 x 3160 x 3150 mm weighing 32000 kilograms
    • Three containers weighing 16200, 26000, and 22800 kilograms respectively

    The pipelayers originally arrived from Veracruz, Mexico by a breakbulk vessel while the containers were shipped via a container vessel.  The project was especially challenging since both the teams had to overcome a lot of obstacles which postponed the delivery of the machines for almost a month. The holiday season and the new year did not help with the transport moving either. Once the cargo arrived at the port, the pipelayers were offloaded by the harbor staff at the wrong location where the crane loading procedure was forbidden. The goods were then placed in the harbor terminal warehouse until all the necessary documentation and permits were obtained. Of all these challenges, the biggest challenge was battling the cold temperature of - 25° C. The cold freezing temperatures did not allow the pipelayers to start which required the service and maintenance staff to defrost the fuel and start the machines.

    Despite all the issues, the KGE Baltic and Livo Logistics team overcame all the problems and delivered the machines in the shortest time possible. Both, our members were completely involved from the beginning to the end of this project ensuring high client satisfaction. GGE Baltic represents Lativia  while Livo Logistics represent the Czech Republic and Italy in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 22 Mar 2021
    Steder Group Completes An Other Impressive Project In Africa

    Steder Group has finalized another impressive project in Africa. This time, 3 engine generators of 145 Mtons each measuring1293cmx330cmx456cm, were transported from Vaasa (Finland) to Ivory Coast. After transshipment in the port of Abidjan, the cargo was successfully discharged in Syama (Mali) a couple of days later.

    All 3 engine generators were transported and installed within the agreed lead time of 60 days. An outstanding performance under difficult circumstances; COVID 19, a long-lasting rain season, a military coup in Mali, civil unrest because of elections in Ivory Coast, and custom strikes at the border.

    The scope of work undertaken by the Steder Team included:

    • Loading operation at origin port Vaasa, including survey
    • Charter from Finland to Ivory Coast
    • Discharge operation at transshipment port Abidjan, including survey
    • Purchase and mobilization of transport equipment from Denmark to Ivory Coast
    • Road transports from port Abidjan to project site Syama, Mali, in total almost 900 km.
    • Escort and security management
    • Risk assessments
    • Method statements
    • Route surveys, one after receipt of the RFQ and one a couple of weeks before to the actual transport of the first engine generator
    • Road and civil works
    • Discharge jacking operation of the engines on their foundation at the project site.

    With years of experience in project logistics all over Africa, Steder Group once more proved its ability to deliver the promise under difficult circumstances, with a satisfied customer as a result.

    Steder Group represents the Netherlands and United Kingdom in the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 19 Mar 2021
    Mukran Port Terminals Chosen As The Installation Base For Baltic Pipe

    Mukran Port Terminals, our German Baltic Sea Port for Breakbulk and Project Cargo, has been selected as the German Baltic Port Site by Saipem Ltd. as the site from which it will carry out laying 275 km of gas pipes, with depths ranging from four to 57 meters.

    Saipem Ltd has been contracted, in a deal worth €280m, by the Polish Gaz-System (who works with the Danish gas and electricity transmission system operator Energinet on the Baltic Pipe project). The laying of pipes is scheduled to begin this summer.  The bi-directional pipeline is slated for commissioning in October 2022.

    The Baltic Pipe is a gas connection project that will link Poland and the Norwegian sector of the North Sea via Denmark. The annual gas transportation capacity of Baltic Pipe will amount to 10b m3 from Norway to Denmark and Poland, and 3.0b m3 from Poland to Denmark. Mukran port Terminal has already served as one of the installation bases for the Nord Stream 2 Project.

  • 19 Mar 2021
    BSMG Discharges Heavy Cargo For A Mining Project

    Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group (BSMG), our Mauritanian member, has established itself as a market leader, providing best-in-class services to all their clients. Tasiat Mauritania Limited contracted BSMG Group to discharge heavy electrical pieces of equipment off MV Slom Scover for a mining project.

    The BSMG team was ready to discharge the cargo and loading on trucks and completed the entire operation. The receiving party awarded the BSMG team a certificate of appreciation for professionally handling the entire project. A big thumbs up from the Project Logistics Alliance team!

  • 18 Mar 2021
    Conquering The Seabed: MV Lone Successfully Converts Into Pipelaying Vessel For Nigerian Madu / Anyala Surf 1 Offshore Campaign

    Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956, with production starting just a few years later. Since then, with some exceptions due to economic circumstances, the Nigerian oil industry has grown constantly to become a global giant. Nowadays, Nigeria is Africa’s main oil producer: With 18 operating pipelines and an average daily production of over two million barrels in 2019, Nigeria ranks 11th among the largest oil producers worldwide. With its latest job in Nigeria, MV Lone not only took a huge step in supporting the Nigerian oil industry but most notably got to demonstrate the diverse opportunities that SAL can facilitate within the offshore market. The innovative thinking of SAL’s engineering experts made it possible to use every centimeter on the deck of MV Lone to transform the heavy lift vessel into a well-equipped pipelaying vessel for an important Nigerian offshore campaign.

    Although the Madu / Anyala Surf 1 campaign was not SAL’s first offshore job in the waters of Nigeria, it certainly was a one-of-a-kind project: “It leaves us with great pride that we succeeded in transforming our heavy lift vessel MV Lone into a pipelaying vessel. This gave us the opportunity to get involved in our first lay project of flexible flowlines and umbilical’s,” said SAL’s Head of Project Management Holger Krenz.

    For SAL, the project scope included special purpose vessel (SPS) mobilization, the loading of a carousel and two reels, the spooling of flexible flowlines and umbilical’s, the loading of a midwater arch, as well as the mobilization of a lay system for the J-lay installation. It also included the installation of the midwater arch on the seabed as well as the placement of the above-mentioned flexible flowlines and umbilical’s in the J-lay method.

    The mobilization of MV Lone took place in Rotterdam (NL), Hartlepool (UK), Rosyth (UK), and Lagos (NGA) over a total of 57 days. In Rotterdam, the weather deck was reinforced with underdeck stanchions to accommodate the carousel, which weighed 1,450 t, as well as the pipelay tower and temporary living quarters with space for an additional 78 people. Two spooled reels were also added.

    In Rosyth, umbilicals from three reels were directly spooled to the carousel. After sailing to Hartlepool for another transpooling of umbilicals to the carousel, the midwater arch, two rigid risers, and four pieces of 25 m pin piles were loaded in Rosyth. The last stop for the mobilization of MV Lone was in Lagos, where two ROVs and other equipment were added to the vessel.

    “It took thorough planning to mobilize MV Lone according to the project requirements and make sure we were able to fulfill the project scope without having to return to port to pick up further equipment,” explained Sebastian Wenzel, Senior Project Engineer at SAL Engineering. “It was quite an engineering challenge,” he continued, “but in the end, we succeeded in transforming our vessel MV Lone into a proper pipelaying vessel. All despite the fact that the beginning of the corona crisis made it quite difficult for all involved parties to get their staff where needed.”

    The deployment of a 21 m-tall subsea structure, the so-called midwater arch (21.4 x 19.7 x 14.4 m, 130 t), was carried out using MV Lone’s Fly-Jib. “To fulfill all project requirements, it was crucial to enlarge MV Lone’s lifting height and outreach. Luckily, we were able to meet the clients’ demands with our Fly-Jib and safely installed the midwater arch on the seabed,” said Sebastian Wenzel.

    Following the installation of the midwater arch, four risers (51 x 3 m, up to 30.5 t each) were lifted, stored underwater, and later installed by another vessel.

    “In my opinion, the most exciting part of this project was the lay operation of about 26 km of flexible flowlines and umbilicals. We not only did this in DP mode, using the J-lay method, and near a drilling rig, but also at a tremendous speed of up to 760 m per hour – almost as fast as a proper pipelaying vessel,” explained Holger Krenz with pure excitement. “With a total of 100 people on board, and despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic confronted us with, I am thankful for the amazing opportunity this project presented us at SAL,” he continued. “Without the great teamwork of all parties involved and the collaborative efforts of everyone, it would not have been such a successful story to tell.”

    The offshore work for the Surf 1 campaign took 30 days and marked a significant step in the development of the Anyala and Madu fields. We at the Project Logistics Alliance are proud to have SAL Heavy Lift on board as heavy-lift and project cargo-partner.

    The Anyala and Madu fields are in the shallow waters of the Niger Delta, approximately 40 km offshore the Bayelsa State in Nigeria. They are estimated to contain combined reserves of 193 million barrels of oil and 0.637 trillion cubic feet of gas. Both fields are planned to be developed with four conductor-supported platforms (CSP) and a total of 20 wells. The offshore field development project is planned in two phases: Phase one includes the installation of two CSP, as well as the drilling of oil wells as well as oil and gas wells. The produced oil will be transported to a spread-moored floating, production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel. Phase two covers the installation of the remaining CSP as well as a gas processing facility and additional oil and gas wells. Interconnecting pipelines will be installed to transport produced gas to the main CSP.

    Did you know?
    J-lay pipeline installation is used to place subsea rigid pipelines in deep water. The J-lay method is very suitable for deepwater pipelaying because the pipe leaves the lay system i

  • 17 Mar 2021
    Tackling Steel Structures

    Fleet Line Shipping Services has successfully shipped two Steel structures measuring 18.6 x 4.70 x 4m weighing  32 tons & 14.40 x 4.50 x 4.2 m weighing 15 tons respectively on a container ship from Jebel Ali, UAE to Antwerp, Belgium

    Fleet Line Shipping first, transported 18.6 meters long steel frames in two batches from Ras Al-Khaimah in UAE to their facility in Jebel Ali free zone. Their ISO and QHSE accredited cargo securing team bundled and secured/lashed the cargo together for further transport. This solution created a cost-effective freight by optimizing the space on the ship. Fleet Line Shipping Services represents the United Arab Emirates in the Project Logistics Alliance.


  • 17 Mar 2021
    Delpa Shipping Completes Port Handling Operation For 7 Vessels Carrying 145 WTG Blades And 21 Nacelles

    Our Greek member Delpa Shipping and Transport has completed two projects and shipped 21 Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) sets for Siemens Gamesa. For these projects 7 vessels shipped145 WTG Blades and 21 WTG Nacelles with a maximum weight of 101 MT. The maximum length of the blades was 72 meters. During this project, Delpa Shipping also welcomed the largest ship ever to berth at the Lavrio Commercial Terminal.

    The entire scope of work undertaken by the Delpa Shipping team was:

    • Shipping Agency
    • Unfastening Services
    • Unlashing Services
    • Port Handling and Coordination
    • Operations attendance
    • Customs Import temporary return imports t2l closing

    Please click here to view some more amazing pictures. Congratulations on completing yet another humungous project team Delpa Shipping!

  • 16 Mar 2021
    C.H. Robinson Delivers Equipment Duty-Free To The UAE

    The team at C.H. Robinson recently shipped pressure vessels, storage tanks, and accessories from a port in Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a power station refit.

    The terminal in Jebel Ali was originally considered as the destination in the UAE, but that required the customer to pay a 5% duty. The global logistics experts at C.H. Robinson suggested the cargo arrive at a terminal in Sharjah to avoid the additional cost. A part charter was chosen for shipping the cargo so they could control which terminal the carrier berthed at in the UAE.

    In all, 99 metric tons of equipment were loaded upon the ocean vessel. The largest piece measured 20.7 x 4.2 x 4.8 meters and weighed 64 metric tons. C.H. Robinson represents Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA in the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 16 Mar 2021
    Tanta Transport & Logistics Completes Transporting The Third Batch For A Hydrogen Plant

    Tanta Transport and Logistics, representing Slovenia in the Project Logistics Alliance, is delighted to share with us an ongoing project. Two IC90 Containers equipped with gas installations and a control center weighing 44 tons were shipped from the Port of Koper to Busan in South Korea. These tanks will be used in a hydrogen plant in Korea.

    A three and 6 axle composition trailer was used to aid the movement. The Tanta team was not only responsible for ocean freight but also took care of lashing and stuffing the cargo on flat racks. This movement is the third such transfer with many more in the future. Very Well done team Tanta Transport and Logistics!

  • 15 Mar 2021
    M – Star Projects Handles Oversized Gas Modules

    Our Georgian member, M-Star Projects powered by Herfurth Logistics, (representing Belgium in our network) has handled oversized gas modules as a part of the Perenco Southern Hub Area Rationalization Project (SHARP).  The shipment arrived from the supplier in Jebel Ali to the delivery site in Flushing Port.

    The cargo involved the three gas modules with the following specifications:

    1. 40 x 12 x 16 meters weighing 236 tons
    2. 70 x 11 x 18 meters weighing 260 tons
    3. 20 x 13.70 x 11 meters weighing 165.5 tons

    The entire scope of work undertaken by the M-Star team included:

    • Transportation from the supplier by two 12 axle SPMT
    • Port handling and shipment with heavy lift vessel
    • Port Handling and Discharge at the Flushing Port
    • Arranging delivery using SPMT to the site next to the oil platform
    • Documentation, Removal of road furniture/ road permits and escorts
    • Pre-surveys, cargo inspection, rigging and sea fastening plans for vessel, cargo inspections, and calculations

    Thank you M-Star Projects for capturing the video and giving us a glimpse of this complex project.

  • 15 Mar 2021
    CHS Containers Helps Bremen Fight Against COVID-19

    Project Logistics Alliance partner, CHS Container Group has provided the state of Bremen with three containers (room modules) which will be used as a storeroom for all the equipment. As the only state in Germany, Bremen decided to reach out to local companies to support the vaccination campaigns and CHS Container Group was more than happy to help.

    The video captures the assembly of their containers at the vaccination centers. In less than two hours the containers were ready to be used. A lot of other companies were also involved and CHS Containers would like to thank them all for their support since the war cannot be won alone!

    The Project Logistics Alliance team is proud to have been associated with CHS Container Group and would wish them continuous success.