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  • 15 Feb 2019
    SAL Heavy Lift Delivers 12 Bridge Sections ex China to Norway

    SAL Heavy Lift Germany, partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, was appointed with the task of delivering 12 bridge sections for the Beitstadsundbrua in Norway. This final bridge is part of the largest road construction project in northern Trøndelag, and will measure 580 m in length and will connect the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm, crossing the Beitstadfjorden.

    SAL’s heavy lift vessel MV Trina (Type 176) was appointed to support the construction of the new bridge by shipping twelve bridge sections from Nantong, China to Malm, Norway. All twelve sections weigh a total of 2.800 t, with the heaviest unit weighing 426 t (73.8 x 9 x 5.8 m) and the longest unit measuring 75 x 5.9 x 5.8 m (327 t). With a total of four single lifts and eight tandem lifts, the SAL team were able to stow all twelve bridge sections in two layers under deck, and another layer on deck of the vessel.

    The sailing from Nantong to Malm took only 35 days with direct sailing, and delivery to the final client took just another 6 days despite the unique port conditions. Due to local port regulations, all twelve bridge sections were directly discharged onto SPMT’s, 25 m away from alongside the vessel. A tailor-made mooring arrangement contributed to the success of the discharging operations. The client in Norway was very satisfied with the overall performance from SAL and their local agent.

    Congratulations to SAL Heavy Lift for the successful delivery of such a complex project!

  • 14 Feb 2019
    BATI Completes Door to Door Delivery of Press Machine

    Being involved in logistics usually means being all year around on call, in Projects, this is particularly true. Our member for Turkey, the BATI Group Project Team welcomed 2019 at the port while at a project operation. BATI got nominated to carry a press machine from Korea to Romania. The shipment was a door-to-door shipment from Pyeongtaek to Pitesti. The press machine and its accessories weighed 185 tons in total with the machine itself weighing 80 tons. Their biggest challenge was the lack of time because the press machine had to be used immediately. Due to their global reach, BATI cooperated flawlessly with their Korean and Romanian counterparts and delivered the machine on time.

    Great job BATI!

  • 13 Feb 2019
    CTO DO BRASIL Transports CAT Excavator

    Project Logistics Alliance member, CTO Do Brasil recently successfully completed the shipment of a CAT Excavator. The self-propelled unit was transported from Portão, RS city to the port of Rio Grande, Brazil and then shipped via Ro/Ro vessel to the port of Xingang, China.

    Congrats CTO on the smooth completion!

  • 12 Feb 2019
    SAL Semi-Liner serving Africa

    MV Lone, 2 GDU modules, 1 GSU module, GDU’s = 447 t each, GSU = 608 t, GDU’s = 21.45 x 13.1 x 22.9 m, GSU = 22.8 x 18.18 x 20.7 m

    Your contacts:

    Kai Vogel
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380380-221

    Juergen Kuntz
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    +49 40 380 380-224

  • 12 Feb 2019
    Multiple Cross-Continent Shipments Required Careful Coordination Among C.H. Robinson’s Global Offices

    In 2018, a customer approached Project Logistics Alliance member C.H. Robinson’s project logistics team about a project that required moving 34 coolers—each weighing between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds—from the United States to Australia. Getting the job done took careful coordination by several offices on two continents.

    Any project of this size would require careful planning, but this one came with an additional challenge of planning for multiple origins and destinations. Starting in either New York or Baltimore, 28 coolers shipped to the Port of Kembla in Sydney for final delivery to Eastern Creek, New South Wales. The remaining six coolers shipped to the Port of Melbourne for delivery to Deer Park, Victoria.

    It took six ocean shipments and a combination of over-dimensional flatrack and rolling on and off the vessel (RORO) to make it happen. All totaled, the project’s total weight and volume was 355,000 pounds and 2,036 cubic meters. With so many ocean shipments moving at once, experts kept close track of all the project’s moving parts. This dedication, combined with proactive communication with the customer helped all 34 coolers arrive in good order.

    Well done, C. H. Robinson!

  • 11 Feb 2019
    Bati Group Completes Yacht Launch Operation

    Bati Group, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Turkey, recently completed the roll on float out operation of a 63 meter long, 900MT yacht.

    This unique yacht launch operation took place in Antalya, Turkey. The operation started on a windy week and had to be halted several times because of the extreme weather conditions, the wind gust reaching up to 150 Km/h during night time. With the help of 2 combined linear positioned SMPTs, the 63 meters long yacht weighing 900 tons rolled on into the M/V Rolldock Storm. The launch was postponed for 4 days because of heavy wind in the southern part of Turkey. After the waiting time, the below photo was taken by Captain Caner Aydın, owner of BATI GROUP and commercial Agent of Rolldock in Turkey.

    Congratulations to Bati Group and the Rolldock Operations team for the successful launch!

  • 08 Feb 2019
    Canaan Group delivers Boschung Jetbroom for Vancouver International Airport

    Canaan Group is pleased to have delivered this Snow Removal Vehicle (Plow) for ultimate use by the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for snow removal.

    The Plow was expedited from Montreal to Vancouver and delivered smoothly and on schedule to YVR, Vancouver International Airport. Canaan’s Project Cargo team facilitated the stripping and destuffing of the containers in Montreal, and transloading of the Plow onto the appropriate flat rack/containers and then arranging long haul transport across Canada.

    Being able to arrange transport for snow removal equipment like this to Vancouver International Airport ensures flights departing and arriving will be on time. Paying attention to detail has made YVR an 8 time consecutive Skytrax winner of best North American Airport

    Great job, Canaan Group!

  • 07 Feb 2019
    Fleet Line Shipping provides complete logistics solutions for Gas Compressor unit

    Dubai based Project Logistics Alliance member Fleet Line Shipping (FLS) was approached to rush a Trailer (Chassis) mounted skid measured 14.57 x 4.20 x 5.02 meters / 36 tons from Sharjah to Bahrain with a condition not to apply lifting gears directly to the unit. The innovative ideas of the in-house Engineering team of Fleet Line were a huge advantage to conclude this project successfully. The cargo was first shrink-wrapped prior towing to their warehouse in Jebel Ali. It was then rolled onto the grounded Flat Rack container through a Fleet Line heavy-duty mobile ramp. Their lashing team made sure to place the unit accordingly onto the COG and secured it with enough wooden dunnage at the same time made sure to free the lifting points of the Flat Rack.

    The Flat Rack was tandem lifted and placed on the low bed trailer for onward transportation to Jebel Ali port, the unit was then loaded on the container vessel MV Jumeirah successfully.

    We can summarize that Fleet Line does not just sell the freight, but provides complete logistics solutions by taking care of the science behind handling a complex cargo in safe and sound condition. Keep on the good work, Fleet Line Shipping!

  • 06 Feb 2019
    New member for Pakistan!

    Today, we would like to introduce a new member of the Project Logistics Alliance: MR Group from Pakistan.

    MR Group has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, and branch offices all over Pakistan and in Dubai, UAE. They offer their project cargo services in a wide range of industries like e.g. oil & gas, power projects, automotive, construction and RIG shipments with one window operation like ship agency stevedoring, customs clearance and transportation. Their strengths are close collaboration with heavy lift contractor companies to be able to offer solutions tailored to their customer’s needs. The company possesses the required expertise to handle special cargo demands due to their logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination.

    Your contact person is:
    Munir Ahmed
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +9221 32446445-7 Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, MR Group!

  • 05 Feb 2019
    SAL Semi-Liner serving Africa

    MV Lone, 11 flat top pontoons + 1 barge, up to 865 t, 3.865 tons in total, up to 72 x 20 x 4 metres

    Your contact:

    Kai Vogel
    Sales/ Chartering Manager
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    +49 40 380380-221

    Juergen Kuntz
    Senior Manager Chartering & Projects
    Head of Africa Chartering Desk
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380 380-224

    Paul Okpurughre
    Director Business Development
    Operations MEA
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380 380-409