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  • 13 Dec 2019
    Knuth Transport Company Makes Urgent Air Delivery of Rotor Unit From India to Honduras with Kodan Solutions

    Knuth Transport Company (KTC) Heavy Lift, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Honduras, together with Dacotrans Honduras have successfully handled a special project via air freight from India to Honduras this year. All activities on the India side were coordinated with fellow Project Logistics Alliance member for India, Kodan Solutions, and KTC are happy to report on the excellent experience they had with Ms. Ittu Sharma and her team.

    The cargo transported was a Rotor Unit-1, which was originally sent from Honduras to India for inspection and repair under sea warranty, but once it was repaired it was necessary to return via air freight as soon as possible, due to the fact that the carbon-based power generation plant in Honduras, BECO, was accumulating millions in expenses because of the lack of this rotor. Due to the weight and dimensions of the main unit, it was essential to rent an aircraft that had the capacity to transport the two parts by air from Bangalore to Miami, FL.

    Air boarding consisted of the following units:
    1.) Big Rotor 1pc: 741 x 191 x 176 (cms) @ 24.5 Tons / complete wooden box
    2.) Small Rotor 1pc: 114 x 113 x 101 (cms) @ 1.3 Tons

    It was necessary to build a special base that could protect the central part of the rotor and then close the crate with its lifting points clearly identified for air transport and its subsequent sea transport. Likewise, the arrival of the charter flight was coordinated so it can smoothly match in time with the collection of the units at the plant in Bangalore, delivery at the airport in advance, so customs clearance was a success as release was obtained by the Hindu customs without additional surcharges for any delay.

    Everything was done satisfactorily according to the initial plan thanks to the support of the professionals of Kodan Solutions India. The flight plan from Bangalore to Miami, FL USA involved two stops in Singapore and Chicago, IL USA with a transit time of 4 days, which was essential to carry out in-bond documentation and transfer from Miami airport to Port Everglades and reach the departure point by sea in 1x40 Flatrack to Puerto Cortes, Honduras, its final destination. Delivery at the customer's plant in Honduras was confirmed with a two-week transit time after its dispatch from origin compared to more than 60 days of transit via maritime dispatch, needless to say, the client was very happy.

    Well done to KTC and Kodan Solutions for the great collaboration!

  • 12 Dec 2019
    M-STAR Freight Services Handles Intermodal Project Into Duisburg

    M-Star Freight Services, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Georgia, continues to deliver to clients from all different countries. This time, they handled the door delivery from Rotterdam, to the final inland destination of Duisburg, Germany.

    M-Star utilized a combination of barge and truck transportation, for the cargo that consisted of various items including a highly oversized tank unit. It had a dimension of 13,080 x 5,95 x 6,20 meters and had a total weight of 20,120 KG. In addition, there were several additional parts that came along. M-Star reloaded the cargo from the breakbulk stowage on a container vessel, and further processed the following: receiving, unstuffing, unlashing/securing; reloading onto barge and trucks; custom clearance on behalf of the German importer. One of the issues they encountered was the low water situation on the river, so they had to use a 750MT cap. mobile crane with a reach of 40 meters from the shore to successfully take the unit off the river barge. M-Star is happy to report that despite the challenge, everything went according to plan.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • 11 Dec 2019
       Altius Completes Phase 1 Delivery for YPF Cogeneration Plant

    Altius, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Argentina and Bolivia, has been contracted to deliver for the YPF Cogeneration Plant in La Plata, Argentina.

    This is an ongoing project, from one of Altius's clients Astra Evangelista (AESA) and so far Phase 1 of the deliveries have been completed between Nov 2018 - Apr 2019. The cargo delivered was a turbine, generator, and relevant accessories with a total volume of 3690 FRT, from multiple origins (Houston/ Amberes/ Vietnam/ Korea/ Canada/ Malaysia), to the job site in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Altius's scope of work included FOB at the port of origin, till CFR at the place of delivery.

    We look forward to hearing the next phases as they come in!

  • 10 Dec 2019
    Bati Ships Fire Fighting Vehicles To The Maldives

    Batı Group Project Team, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Turkey, has shipped multiple Fire Fighting Trucks to the Maldives from Turkey. These 45MT Fire Fighting vehicles can store up to 18000 litres of water and can put out a fire less than seconds. Batı Group Project Team has handled and executed the project from Derince Port to Sri Lanka Port with Roro. After the transshipment to the breakbulk vessel, Batı then delivered the trucks to Male Port. The shipment started on 13.07.2019 and was completed on 13.09.2019.

    Thanks to the Batı Team, our paradise island will hopefully be that much more protected! Great job guys!

  • 09 Dec 2019
    Intercontinental Shipping Handles Temporary Import of Pipe Laying Barge

    Intercontinental Shipping Limited, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Trinidad and Tobago, is proud to report the project they have carried out on behalf of their client between August and November 2019. Intercontinental Shipping acted as agency, customs clearance agent & operational logistics provider to temporarily import a 72 meter 2,200 MT pipe laying barge fully equipped with housing and amenities for 60 personnel, to support their client’s installation of a 10” x 4 kilometre pipeline between their production platforms, east off the coast of Trinidad & Tobago.

    The equipment was loaded and transported with the clients own asset of a semi-submersible deck barge towed by support tugs from Gabon to Trinidad, without any transit difficulties. Intercontinental Shipping's scope of work included agency processing with authorities for Tug & Semi-Submersible to enter and discharge equipment; logistical support for float off operations; securing a temporary import bond and additional required maritime and customs licenses for the pipe-laying barge to operate in the territory. The barge completed the project with 15 days delay due to weather conditions, after which the equipment was re-examined, and customs cleared for departure back to the origin.

    What a job! Congratulations Intercontinental Team!

  • 09 Dec 2019
    First Member For Chad!

    The Project Logistics Alliance would like to welcome its first member for Chad. RAJ International Forwarding is West Africa’s leading logistics service provider. The planning and conduction of heavy-lift projects require a lot of expertise, care and detailing. RAJ Forwarding has a dedicated department of well-trained project specialists that carry out the carefully planned projects and pay attention to every detail.

    RAJ Forwarding offers its project forwarding services to industrial clients and EPC’s and serves buyers and suppliers of large industrial goods, heavy equipment, over-dimensional equipment, and modules. The expertise was acquired over many years in Material management, Multimodal freight forwarding, Project supply chain management (4PL), Pipeline construction logistics support, Offshore marine services, Custom brokerage, Logistics base management, and Towing.

    With offices in many West African countries, RAJ Forwarding is offering the entire range of logistics services from Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Land Freight, transportation of dangerous goods and then, as mentioned previously, the handling of projects.

    We are proud to have you as the latest member of our Alliance, welcome RAJ Forwarding!

  • 06 Dec 2019
    M-STAR Projects Delivers Equipment For KPF Terminal In Paramaribo Suriname

    M-Star Projects, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Georgia, has been trusted with the task to deliver multiple equipments from various origins in Europe, to Kuldipsingh Paramaribo. Kuldipsingh Terminal is a private terminal, that has been appointed as the stockholder/terminal for the National Oil Company for the coming oil exploration business near the coast of Suriname.

    The first batch of deliveries commenced in February 2019, and it consisted of 40-meter long steel poles from the Netherlands. The second delivery in April included a crushing machine and some trucks from Antwerp. In July, M-Star further delivered some kipper trucks and tractors out of the Netherlands. And last but not least, in August, a 57MT piling machine, a kipper truck, and some cement pump trucks also made their way out of the Netherlands.

    M-Star's scope of work included all processes up to chartering 4 vessels directly to the new private terminal of Kuldipsingh, and this project will continue with more vessels to come.

    Keep up the great job M-Star!

  • 06 Dec 2019
    New Member For Algeria!

    Today, we would like to introduce a new member of the Project Logistics Alliance. Globtainer has joined our network of highly professional project forwarders and is representing Algeria.

    Its workforce is made up of 50 people, spread over offices in Algiers, Oran, Skikda and Djen Djen. Their operational center is located in Algeria and through their partners in the world they cover Algiers the main Mediterranean ports (especially in France, Spain, and Italy) and all the world ports that serve Algeria. Globatainer is an ISO certified and represented in all Algerian ports.

    The company provides engineered heavy lifting and transportation services in addition to road transport, vessel consignment, logistics platform, industrial projects, consolidation, and deconsolidation. Globtainer sets up tailor-made transport solutions to manage your large-scale industrial projects from end to end throughout the world. The services offered by Globtainer include the oil & gas industry, mining industry, building and construction, infrastructure projects, telecom, lifting, loading, unloading, custom formalities and door to door delivery.

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Globtainer Logistique Algerie!

  • 05 Dec 2019
    AC Projects & Forwarding Handles Mega Batch of Trucks with Wirtz Shipping

    Great news from the Project Logistics Alliance, two of our members have been collaborating to once more proof the outstanding expertise of the members in our network. AC Projects & Forwarding SL, member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Spain, has been collaborating with Wirtz Shipping & Co., member representing Belgium.

    Together with partner Wirtz Shipping and also TPI France, AC Project & Forwarding SL was in charge under FOB terms of two shipments which consisted of 20 trucks. The scope of work included inland transportation, customs clearance, port control and the loading of the cargo. The total volume was 2883.6 cbm and the weight totaled up to 642.5 MT.

    Thanks to the AC Project team for sharing this cooperation with us and for such a good job!

  • 04 Dec 2019
    Grand Arabia Handles Construction Project in Saudi Arabia

    Project Logistics Alliance member representing Jordan and Iraq, Grand Arabia Forwarding and Logistics, is happy to report the successful handling of the construction project in Saudi Arabia.

    The project owner is within the private sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the final destination was Al Jouf, in the northwest of KSA. Grand Arabia's scope of work included organizing the sea freight, warehousing, loading and offloading, and also the land trucking from Jeddah seaport to the final project side.

    Well done Grand Arabia!

  • 04 Dec 2019
    New Member For Turkmenistan!

    The Project Logistics Alliance would like to welcome a new member for Turkmenistan.

    Erdoganlar has started its service of Project Transportation in 1976 already and has one of biggest lowbed fleet in Europe. The company covers the entire range of services, most importantly of course project transportation and heavy transportation with escort and road analysis services, but also general freight forwarding, domestic and international transportation, railway transportation, sea transportation, transit transportation, crane services, customs clearance, agency services, and storage services.
    With the 44 years of experience, Erdoganlar has completed many project transportations and has massive experience in land and multimodal transport methods in wide geography All Europe, CIS,Asian and Middle East Countries. The experience was gained through transports of construction equipment, yacht, factory equipment, tendon, heavy transport, reactors, generators, transformers, power distribution units, oil exploration systems, and wind energy facilities between all Europen countries – CIS and Middle East countries. The team carries out your project transportations in the best reliable way trough calculations and analyzes determining the best equipment for the load according to lashing and HSE conditions. The fleet of Erdoganlar contains 74 trucks and 92 lowbed trailers.

    Contact: B. Elif KARATAŞ ( Ms.)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Thank you for supporting our specialized network and welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance.

  • 03 Dec 2019
    Esprit Logistics Handles LNG Tanks for Samsung Heavy Industries

    Esprit Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Korea, has recently handled and transported two LNG gas tanks on behalf of Samsung Heavy Industries from China to Korea. This is part of the shipbuilding project with Wärtsilä Gas Solutions AS and the tanks will be shipped on the LNG vessel to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

    The two gas tanks weighed a total of 463.19 MT together, with the heavier unit weighing 231 MT, and had a dimension of 3.013 x 1.395 x 1.398 m. Altogether, the volume of the shipment was 11,750 cubic meters.

    Despite the truly impressive size of this equipment, Esprit project logistics experts were able to collaborate with the customer to create a transparent moving strategy that drew upon comprehensive multimodal transportation resources for oversize freight by chartering a suitable self-propelled barge (heavy load carrier) for this shipment.

    One of the most difficult challenges confronted in transporting the gas tanks was the tidal difference at loading port (Nantong, Zhangjiagang). Because of that, it was hard for Esprit to berth the vessel in due course in the beginning. In addition, the water level changed so rapidly that they had to stop loading operations several times and drew the vessel out to anchorage, to wait for a proper time to berth again. Moreover, the LNG tanks are a sensitive piece of industrial equipment and moving it involved clearing several regulatory hurdles. Esprit worked closely together with their local agencies and authorities to solve this problem, and with their expertise, were able to set the correct berthing times based on water level observation and experience.

    Another challenge posed was arranging the lashing work for the tanks with a proper stopper to maintain their balance. But thanks to Esprit’s careful organization and coordination among shipper, carriers, and receivers, the equipment was delivered without any technical issues or delays. The sailing from the loading port to Geoje, Samsung shipyard took only 3 days with direct sailing despite the unique port conditions.

    Needless to say, Esprit gave Samsung the confidence that with their expertise, they are totally capable of managing their freight and also resolve problems in real time, to provide the timely results that this move required. Samsung was very satisfied with the overall performance from Esprit and their local agent: all cargo arrived in good condition—in the proper order—ready to get to work.

    Congratulations to Esprit for the successful execution and great job for navigating the difficult conditions!

  • 02 Dec 2019
    Intercontinental Shipping Imports Jack Up Barge Rig

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Trinidad and Tobago, Intercontinental Shipping Limited is currently keeping busy with another agency, customs & operational logistics project with their client, to import a 4,572 MT Jack-Up Barge Rig for cold stacking alongside the quay.

    The equipment was loaded and transported on the clients own semi-submersible deck barge towed by support tug from Houston, Texas to Trinidad. They are happy to report that no difficulties were reported in transit. Intercontinental's responsibilities include agency processing with authorities for Tug & Semi-Submersible to enter and discharge equipment, logistical support for float off operations, berthing and de-mobilizing for further works in the territory.

    We wish Intercontinental a successful conclusion to this ongoing project!

  • 29 Nov 2019
    Grand Arabia Continues Work with Wind Farms

    Grand Arabia Forwarding & Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Jordan and Iraq, is happy to report another wind farm project, this time for the Al Abour Wind Farm in Jordan. The project was also contracted to Grand Arabia by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and took place in Abour City, South of Jordan.

    As per last time, Grand Arabia's scope of work included organizing the sea freight, loading at origin and offloading at the final destination, as well as the land trucking from Aqaba to the Wind Farm project site.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • 29 Nov 2019
    C.H. Robinson Meets Oversized Challenge to Deliver Large Wind Turbines to North Dakota

    C.H. Robinson project logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA, assisted a valued customer with transporting 33 large wind turbines from a distribution yard in Garden City, Kansas, to a new wind farm located near Kintyre, North Dakota. This 680 mile (1,100 kilometer) journey required over 260 truckloads utilizing 56 specialized trailers.

    Seven wind turbines, including 3 blades, 3 tower sections, 1 machine head, and 1 hub, were delivered as soon as possible, with the additional 26 turbines delivered by the end of October. The project included 74,408 cubic meters (6,531.2 metric tons) of cargo. The largest piece transported was the blade, which measured 164' 8" x 9' 7" x 11' 11" (L x W x H), 50.20 L x 2.92 W x 3.64 H meters.

    More than 50 private police escorts were required to transport this large cargo (per various state permit regulations). Two of C.H. Robinson's experienced project logistics experts acted as an extension of our customer’s team and were on site to manage and oversee the aggressive delivery schedule to ensure the success of this enormous project.

    Many thanks for sharing this with the alliance and congrats on the project!