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  • 25 Jun 2019
    Maurice Ward Transports Industrial Mining Rings from Romania to Kenya

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Ireland, Maurice Ward Group has been keeping busy with many projects, hereby we are happy to report another transportation that they took care of from Romania to Kenya.

    The cargo transported were industrial mining rings with the following breakdown in weight and dimensions:

    - 6300 x 6300 x 1200 mm – 50000 kg

    - 6300 x 6300 x 1200 mm – 50000 kg

    - 6300 x 6300 x 1100 mm – 49000 kg

    - 6100 x 6100 x 1000 mm – 39500 kg

    - 6100 x 6100 x 1250 mm – 50000 kg

    - 6100 x 6100 x 1000 mm – 34000 kg

    Maurice Ward took over the cargo from POL in Constanta, Romania and from there the cargo was delivered onto its final destination in Mombasa, Kenya.

    Nice job guys!

  • 25 Jun 2019
    FLS Projects Delivers Dump Trucks To Asia

    Coordinating closely with all parties involved, FLS Projects Indonesia delivered 7 Dump Trucks to destinations in Asia. Tight delivery deadlines were met with short transit times while staying within the budget and handling the dump trucks in the gentlest way possible.

    If you are looking for the most suitable shipping solution for your cargo, please don't hesitate to contact your FLS specialists in THAILAND - VIETNAM - AUSTRALIA - SINGAPORE - INDONESIA - TAIWAN - USA and in MALAYSIA!

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  • 21 Jun 2019
    Quality Statement for Project Logistics Alliance Member LoadLine

    After an audit in last November 2018, Project Logistics Alliance member LoadLine from Morocco has received the Fonasba Certificate. LoadLine is now Fonasba compliant for vessel agency activities for the next 2 years.


  • 20 Jun 2019
    Bahadir Erdil from Logistics Plus was interviewed by HLPFI Magazine

    In case you have not read the May/June 2019 issue of the HLPFI Magazine, we would like to highlight that Bahadir Erdil, Global Project Director USA and Managing Director Turkey from our member Logistics Plus was quoted in an interview.

    Click here to read the full article:

    Congratulations from the Project Logistics Alliance Team!

  • 20 Jun 2019
    New member for Ireland!

    Today we are announcing the membership of an already known member in a new location: Brunel Shipping is shifting is a new project expert representing Ireland!

    Brunel is supporting the Project Logistics Alliance since the very beginning of the network and has shifted its membership from previously the UK to Ireland. The company possesses a over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry offering a full comprehensive range of project services to its customers and is present in all main industries such as Cargo and Heavy Lift, Renewable Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial and Construction, and Factory and Machine Relocations.

    The logistics services offered by Brunel include the entire range from Vessel and Air Chartering, to Break Bulk, Heavy Lift and Out of Gauge, Roll on/ Roll off, Special Equipment and any transport by Road, Air, Ocean, Rail, or Barge.

    For more information, please get in touch with Jay. She will be ready to assist you with your inquiry.

    Jay Ghurman

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Office: +44 1268 243610

    Mobile: +44 7825 513467

  • 19 Jun 2019
    C.H. Robinson Transports Large Tank from Turkey to Argentina

    C.H. Robinson, member of the Project logistics Alliance for Canada, Singapore and USA, recently arranged to transport a large horizontal cryogenic steel tank measuring 19.28 L x 4.57 W x 4.95 H meters (63′ 3″ x 15′ x 16′ 3″) from Turkey to Argentina. The shipper needed to move the cryogenic tank first from the factory in Turkey to the Port of Gemlik and then on to the customer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fellow PLA member, Actanis Project Cargo, handled the land transportation from Maltepe to the Port of Gemlik in Turkey where C.H. Robinson took over, overseeing loading onto ocean vessel and trucking to site in Argentina.

    Experts considered various modal options and routes, ultimately deciding to move the breakbulk-sized tank on a container vessel that offered the most direct routing available. As a market leader in major global trade lanes, C.H. Robinson was able to secure the capacity needed for the cryogenic tank. Loading and securing onto the vessel required careful coordination from local experts.

    Using multiple slings, the tank was lifted by shore crane and transferred directly from a low bed truck to the ship’s hold. Once in place, the crew carefully lashed and wedged the tank in place using dunnage to secure and steady it throughout the ocean voyage. The tank was also fully tarped to keep it dry and protected during the passage. All loading operations were conducted under the supervision of an appointed marine warranty surveyor.

    Once the vessel arrived in Buenos Aires, C.H. Robinson had project logistics experts on the scene to oversee the unloading process. Thanks to their vigilant planning, the handoff to the consignee went off without a hitch—despite the oversized dimensions.

    Congratulations from The Project Logistics Alliance Team!

  • 18 Jun 2019
    LoadLine is expert in reefer and cold-chain shipments

    Project Logistics Alliance member LoadLine from Morocco has been appointed as agent for EasyFresh in Morocco territory. This proves LoadLine's expertise in reefer and cold-chain shipments. In case of interest in collaboration, please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 18 Jun 2019
    FLS Projects Moves 4 Catamarans Into The Persian Gulf

    FLS Projects Singapore handled the transport of 4 catamarans from a shipyard in South East Asia into the Persian Gulf. With delays in cargo readiness and the target arrival date unchanged, FLS Projects Singapore was constrained in its options available. Nonetheless, a vessel with a “right fit” was chartered arriving ahead of schedule. FLS anticipated congestion of 2 days at Port of Discharge and coordinated with the consignee and owner’s agent, 1 month prior to arrival, to arrange for priority berth.

    This successfully averted costly vessel detention for the client and prevented delays to the owner’s other cargo.

    Great job, Team FLS!

  • 17 Jun 2019
    Andina Freight Completes Full Charter Job from Inland Peru to Italy and Ukraine.

    Andina Freight SA, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Chile and Peru, recently completed a grand project of a full pipeline equipment from Peru to Italy and Ukraine. Andina's scope of work started right at the source, from route surveying to operations planning and the execution of inland transportation from Cusco to Pisco Port, Peru. This inland route is considered to be one of the most difficult routes in the country.

    The shipment itself included more than 150 pieces of equipment, weighing up to 2500 MT and totalling up to 7500 cbm. It took a whole month to complete all operations, however Andina managed to finish without delay, matching with the estimated laycan of the shipping line. This was essential in ensuring the overall project schedule and keeping the costs within planning.

    We would like to thank Andina for this exciting piece of news, and say a huge congrats!

  • 14 Jun 2019
    Europrim Shipping reaches Top 10 in IATA report for 2018

    Our member Europrim Shipping is proudly sharing the latest IATA 2018 results. In Romania, where they are representing the Project Logistics Alliance, they are listed as the first 100% Romanian owned company in the Top 10 of Freight Forwarders which are dominated by multinational companies.

    Regardless of the percentage of the Romanian export airfreight market share, Europrim is proud to have reached this position and is giving credits to their hard-working airfreight team which enabled the company to overpass many competitors, no matter if large multinationals or local forwarders.

    Congratulations from the Project Logistics Alliance Team!

  • 13 Jun 2019
    Grand Arabia Transports Transformers and DVR in Jordan

    Grand Arabia Forwarding & Logistics Services, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Iraq and Jordan, recently completed the DAP delivery of some heavy machinery within Jordan.

    The delivery was part of the project Al Shoubak Wind Farm 45/M in Jordan, and Grand Arabia was in charge of the scope of work from Aqaba port to the end delivery site. The materials transported were transformers and accessories from Spain, and DVR's from USA. For an idea of the volume of the transport, please see attached photos.

    Congratulations Grand Arabia for the participation on this project!

  • 12 Jun 2019
    Project Logistics Alliance Members Strike Again!

    When a leading OEM in the mining industry approached Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) to design a solution to mobilize 24 of the world’s largest dump trucks to the world’s largest copper mine in Punta Rincon, Panama, AGL was fit and quick to the task.

    THE CHALLENGE The customer had already delivered 6 units to the mine site, but soon learned it needed to improve its processes and delivery methodology. In lieu of the size and weight of these units, the customer normally assembles each truck near the mine site in any part of the world. In this case, Manzanillo, Panama. The components are shipped from all over the world. The major equipment such as the chassis and substructure are exported from the United States. The dump bodies are manufactured in Colombia. The rims are exported from Canada, along with other cargoes from Europe and global origins.
    The original assembly area in Manzanillo, Panama presented numerous challenges for the customer. The assembly area was not paved, therefore during periods of heavy rain, there were many work stoppages which created delays to the delivery schedule. The assembly area was inside of a major port terminal in Manzanillo. There were many delays to the delivery schedule due to port congestion and prioritization of other ocean-going vessels.
    In addition to delays inherent with the assembly location, the original shipping method had limitations and a high-risk profile relating to handling during load and unload operations. To reach the mine site, the units are too big for over the road transport and can only be delivered by barge transport. The original barge layout design allowed for only one dump truck to be delivered at a time. The barge loading and unloading plans were also less than ideal as it related to the safety of the cargo. There was a better method.

    THE SOLUTION Alexander Global Logistics and partners in the Project Logistics Alliance designed a solution that addressed all of the challenges. AGL partnered with Project Logistics Alliance members C.H. Robinson Project Logistics and ILG Panama. ILG’s local expertise and reputation in Panama was invaluable in designing a solution for the customer. After visiting and inspecting several assembly area alternatives, the team agreed to Pier 6 inside of the port of Colon, Panama. Pier 6 has 10000 square meters of cement paved area with barge access. It is also fully secured.
    The barge slip had not been used for many years and the port had no records of the construction and stability of the cement ramp. As part of the risk assessment, the team contracted AECOM to perform a Geotechnical and Hydrographic study to affirm the integrity of the cement ramps and sustain the weight of the truck during the barge roll on operation. Based on the results of the study, C.H. Robinson was tasked to manufacture special steel ramps designed to sustain the weight of the truck and bypass the cement ramp during the barge roll on operation.
    As part of the solution, a 5000-ton barge, the Rafael Arosemena III, was chartered long term from Canal Barges exclusively to service the project. C.H. Robinson worked with long time partner, Transportes Montejo of Colombia to provide all engineering services related to the ramps, barge ballasting, and roll on and roll off operations. The barge required modifications and enhancements to perform. The barge was taken to dry dock in Cartagena, Colombia to prepare it for the 12-month project. Talleres Industriales of Panama completed the work and has supported with maintenance thereafter. The first of 12 voyages containing 2 trucks were delivered on June 17, 2018, in Punta Rincon, Panama. Shipping 2 trucks at a time was a differentiator and a contributing reason to make a business case for change to the original delivery method.

    THE PROJECT Delivering the assembled trucks to Punta Rincon was only a part of the project. AGL assembled a great team and was the primary control tower for all communications and project management. C.H. Robinson supported all of the North American deliveries to Panama. Transborder of Colombia, the 4th Project Logistics Alliance member involved in the project, was in charge of coordinating the export of the dump bodies from Barranquilla to Panama. ILG of Panama received all of the globally sourced cargoes and managed the deliveries to the assembly area at pier 6 in Colon, Panama.

    Many sub-vendors and carriers supported the project. Gratitude is extended to:
    Ports of Virginia
    Seaboard Marine
    Guy M Turner
    Transportes Montejo
    Roda of Panama
    Talleres Industriales
    Canal Barges
    Meyers Tugs
    Salerno Cranes

    Many individuals and companies contributed to the success of this project.The leadership of project owner Alexander Global Logistics, together with their partners of C.H. Robinson Project Logistics and ILG Logistics, kept the team focused and on track throughout the project. We look forward to the next project. Panama a place where logistics world-class solutions can be performed.

  • 11 Jun 2019
    Timing was essential for C.H. Robinson client’s massive worldwide shipments

    C.H Robinson, member of Project Logistics Alliance for Canada, USA, Singapore when one of their customer needed to move very large natural gas equipment around the world—with some tricky requirements attached—C.H. Robinson’s nimble project logistics team rose to the challenge to provide detailed planning and outstanding service, helping guarantee safe and unhampered relocation.

    In late 2018, a customer contracted with C.H. Robinson to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) equipment from various international and domestic locations to Texas City, Texas. Needed for a plant upgrade, the equipment included two vaporizers, one storage tank, two pump skids, and two valve modules, along with various other equipment.

    Altogether, the volume of the shipments was 1,200 cubic meters, and the total weight was 208 metric tons; the largest piece of equipment measured 23.8 L x 3.7 W x 3.8 H meters, and the heaviest piece weighed an astonishing 83,915 kilograms. Despite the truly impressive size of this equipment, C.H. Robinson’s project logistics experts were able to collaborate with the customer to create a transparent moving strategy that drew on comprehensive multimodal transportation resources for oversize freight.

    One of the more difficult pieces to transport was an LN2 vaporizer from Massachusetts. Because this was a sensitive piece of industrial equipment, moving it involved clearing several regulatory hurdles. Here, C.H. Robinson worked with several local agencies and authorities to obtain permits and secure police escorts through many different states, paving the way for a smooth, unimpeded 12-day trip.

    Another challenge was arranging the sequential transportation of each unit from the Port of Houston, Texas, to the final destination site in Texas City. Per requirements, the site had to receive the equipment in a particular order, with each piece arriving on specific days and even at specific times. Thanks to C.H. Robinson’s careful organization and coordination among shipper, carriers, and receivers, the equipment was delivered without any issues or delays.

    Indeed, our customer’s past experience with the project logistics specialists at C.H. Robinson gave them the confidence our local experts in each location could help manage their freight, resolve problems in real time, and provide the timely results this move required. Needless to say, the customer was not disappointed: all cargo arrived in good condition—in the proper order—ready to get to work.

    With another project completed, C.H. Robinson looks forward to continuing to provide this valued customer with all the project logistics solutions they need through our full suite of global services.

    Great job C.H Robinson!

  • 11 Jun 2019

    In this edition of "5 Minutes with" FLS is interviewing James Muruthi, the General Manager of FLS Projects Singapore. James shares his career path in FLS and sheds light on some future plans. Happy reading!