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  • 23 Aug 2019
    Tschudi Logistics Handles Massive Diesel Oil Tanks

    Tschudi Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Finland, is happy to share yet another successful project. This time the cargo moved were 4 massive diesel oil tanks.

    Tschudi's scope of work included the full discharge and storage operations from loading point in Sillamäe, Estonia to Alesund, Norway. The total weight of these 4 units was 490 MT, and the aerial shots are certainly impressive! We invite you to watch the full video here.

    Congrats Tschudi Logistics and thanks for the awesome visuals!

  • 23 Aug 2019
    New member for Ireland!

    The Project Logistics Alliance team is very happy to welcome on board Gabriel O’Brien Crane Hire as a new member for Ireland.
    Gabriel O’Brien Cranes is an ISO 9001 certified and one of the largest Crane Hire Companies in Ireland. They bring with them 40 years of experience along with the expertise of modern engineering’s and offer Lift and Shift solutions, Equipment and personnel to a wide variety of Industry throughout Ireland and the UK. Starting from a 3.5-ton Spider crane to 500-ton mobile and crawler cranes they have equipment’s necessary for the offshore and onshore industries. Gabriel O’Brien Crane Hire has excellent heavy transport capabilities on modular trailers on-road and SPMT on site.

    The experiences team has been working in various industries such as construction, civil, offshore energy, onshore energy, and petrochemical.

    Gabriel O’Brien Cranes offers complete services starting from inspection of the site to executing your heavy lift. They pride in their thorough preplanning, qualified technicians and attention to detail.

    For more details and quotations, please contact:

    Conor O’Brien
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +353 1459 5500
    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance!

  • 23 Aug 2019
    Aprojects Delivers Railway Equipment from Europe to China

    Aprojects, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Austria, has successfully completed the safe shipment of a batch of railway equipment from Europe to China.

    The main equipment had a dimension of 2498x351x428cm and weighed 118MT, with some spare parts packed in cases. Aprojects scope of work included loading from the shippers' site in Austria, loading and transporting via truck to Antwerpen Port, thereon loading onto the ocean vessel, LSD, and the offloading at Tianjin Xingang Terminal with a direct rail connection.

    The main challenge was to partially assemble the machinery already at Antwerp, prior to the ocean shipment, so they could be unloaded directly at the rail terminal. Due to the height restrictions, the boogies were not mounted at that point.

    Aprojects is happy to report that in collaboration with their client, the project was carried out on the track. Please feel free to reach out to them per the following channels for more details: Tel.: +43 (0) 7221 20515-11 Fax: +43 (0) 7221 20515-90 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web:

    Congratulations Aprojects Team!

  • 23 Aug 2019
    New Partner of the Project Logistics Alliance

    Today we are proud to announce a new partnership: National Air Cargo is an exclusive project air cargo partner of the Project Logistics Alliance.

    National Air Cargo was launched in 1990 with a business aim to provide high-quality, rapid response freight forwarding services. They move faster, respond sooner and deliver more. Their clients trust them with precious cargo because they’ve proven the ability to react quickly, protect your cargo completely, and deliver on time anywhere in the world. The company shares its clients’ goal of mission success and goes above and beyond to achieve it.

    Each National Air Cargo shipment is an individualized experience. National Air Cargo provides responsive and personalized service in order to tailor a customized solution to meet your particular needs. If you need it delivered today, they can do it. When required, they also ensure that a trained and certified National Air Cargo team member accompanies your shipment at all times, 24/7.

    National Air Cargo describes its commitment to Quality, Information Security, Environment and Health & Safety and has obtained various ISO certifications.

    Your contact is Tobias Hock, who will also be attending the Annual Meeting in Istanbul. Please get in touch with him for more information and to explore future business opportunities:

    Tobias Hock
    Business Development Manager
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 172 6880740

    Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, National Air Cargo!

  • 22 Aug 2019
    Logistics Plus Transports Shiplift and Transfer Systems to Kuwait

    Logistics Plus, member of the Project Logistic Alliance for Turkey, China, and Saudi Arabia, has completed another signature project!
    This time, Logistics Plus Turkey was tasked with shipping 4.000 frt Shiplift and Transfer Systems from Iskenderun, Turkey to Shuaiba, Kuwait.

    The cargo dimensions and weight are as follows:
    - Platform Section 1: 23.50m x 20.00m x 2.75m and 118MT
    - Platform Section 2: 23.50m x 21.00m x 2.75m and 145MT
    - Platform Section 3: 23.50m x 20.00m x 2.75m and 113MT
    - Plus various accessories

    Logistics Plus would like to extend a special thanks to ZEAMARINE and their own team members Doruk Yagci & Oğuzhan Çetin for their efforts in Iskenderun.

    Congratulations Logistics Plus!

  • 22 Aug 2019
    Barrus Projects Delivers Oversized Equipment for OLTIN YO'L GTL Energy Plant

    Barrus Projects, representing a member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Kazakhstan and Russia, is proud to be the nominated forwarder for the transportation of OOO equipment for the "OLTIN YO'L GTL" (UzGTL) project in the Republic of Uzbekistan. OLTIN YO'L GTL is a high-quality fuel plant aiming to be one of the worlds leading advance energy plants.

    The Barrus Projects team has so far successfully performed the delivery of 5 units of equipment from the port of Kuryk, the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UzGTL job site in the Republic of Uzbekistan. These include:
    1. Nitrogen Scrubber (72mt / 19,4m х 7,2m х 6,6m)
    2. High pressure column (120mt / 24,2m х 7,1m х 7,0m)
    3. High pressure column (120mt / 24,2m х 7,1m х 7,0m)
    4. Adsorber (153mt / 26,5m х 6,0m х 6,35m)
    5. Adsorber (153mt / 26,5m х 6,0m х 6,35m)
    However, the project does not end there. Barrus Projects team continue their active work on the delivery of more OOG cargoes to the UzGTL job site.

    It is our great pleasure at the Alliance to see our members participate in such high profile projects! Keep up the good work guys!

  • 21 Aug 2019
     Tschudi Logistics transports boiler plant over lakes and rivers

    Tschudi Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Finland recently cooperated on an interesting job from Central Finland to Northern Russia.
    Cargo was a boiler plant with pieces as high as over 6 meters, which made a simple road transport impossible. Instead, the Tschudi Logistics team came up with a great solution that included transporting the cargo via inland waterways.

    “They collected cargo directly from the client’s factory in Kiuruvesi, Finland, and transported it to Kuopio lake port. The cargo was then reloaded with mobile cranes to a chartered vessel which then sailed over lake Saimaa, onwards to Russian rivers, and up to the White Sea to final delivery in Onega port.” Jussi Heinonen, Head of Projects and Forwarding Finland

    Every project is tailor-made specific to each client's requirements. Find information about their other projects here:

    Congratulations Tschudi Logistics!

  • 21 Aug 2019

    This is an important message to all members and partners of the Project Logistics Alliance. We are opening the Meeting Manager for our 3rd Annual Meeting on Monday, September 9.

    Any Registration received until September 6 can be included in the Meeting Manager before the official launch.

    The ultimate deadline for registrations is September 30, however, we would like you to keep in mind that the companies you would like to meet be fully booked already. In order to avoid this disadvantage, please send your registration to our team at your earliest convenience.

  • 20 Aug 2019
    SAL Semi-Liner Serving Africa

    MV Anne Sofie, nine modules, up to 319 tons, up to 26 x 12 x 15 meters, cargo stowed on deck and in hold

    Your contact:

    Kai Vogel
    Sales/ Chartering Manager
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380380-221

    Juergen Kuntz
    Senior Manager Chartering & Projects
    Head of Africa Chartering Desk
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380 380-224

    Paul Okpurughre
    Director Business Development
    Operations MEA
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +49 40 380 380-409

  • 20 Aug 2019
    Jet Global Cargo Transports Steel Ladles from China to Mexico

    Jet Global Cargo, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Taiwan, has recently completed the shipment of 3 units of steel ladle, ex China to Mexico. Jet Global Cargo's scope of work included everything from exworks to delivery port. All cargo was picked up timely from the factory, transported 300 km inland till Shanghai port, and then loaded onto vessel and delivered safely to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.

    The dimension of the cargo was 6440*6014*4920 mm per unit, and each unit weighed 46.616 ton. Jet Global cargo's offices in both Taiwan and mainland China both participated and are in good shape to take on the comprehensive requests from fellow Project Logistics Alliance members.

    Congratulations on the successful project!

  • 20 Aug 2019

    Today we would like to dedicate our news to the supporting companies of our 3rd Annual Meeting.

    This event represents the core of our network and is the most important networking event that we are hosting in the course of the year. It is the only time, that all members and partners of the Project Logistics Alliance are coming together at the same time in one place for face-to-face networking, the exchange of knowledge and expertise and to explore business opportunities.

    To plan, prepare and conduct an event of this complexity requires a lot of dedicated work and precise planning. A special challenge is to host these meetings in a new location each year. We are grateful and pleased to know that we can count on the Project Logistics Alliance members whenever we need their support which is why we would like to extend our special thanks to the following, generous sponsors:

    Logistics Plus (Official Gold Sponsor), Bati Group (Official Silver Sponsor), FSC Shipping (Official Bronze Sponsor), SAL Heavy Lift (Official Lanyard Sponsor), C.H. Robinson (Official Gala Dinner Sponsor) and Turkish Airlines (Official Airline of our 3rd Annual Meeting).

    Your contribution makes this event possible. Thank you very much!

  • 20 Aug 2019
    FLS Projects has moved their Bangkok Branch office to a new location!

    “Dear clients, partners, and friends, we are very happy to announce that our member, FLS Projects Thailand’s Bangkok team has moved to the 33rd floor of the iconic G Tower Grand Rama 9 building. The G Tower is situated at the intersection between Ratchadaphisek Road and Rama 9 Road in Bangkok.

    We would like to invite you to visit them at their new location for a coffee or tea and to discuss how their tailor-made solutions may be beneficial to your next project. “Come in and find out!” – FLS Projects – We Love Project Cargo!”

  • 19 Aug 2019
    Network Global Logistics Delivers Transformers from Turkey to Russia

    Network Global Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Azerbaijan, is proud to share with us their most recently completed project. The cargo entrusted was 4 x 38MVA transformers, loaded at Kocaeli, Turkey, delivered and unloaded in Rostov, Russia.

    Network Global's scope of work included the following:
    - Route survey
    - Transport of main tanks and accessories from factory to port
    - Sea freight from Turkey to Russia
    - Customs clearance operations at destination customs point
    - Re-loading onto Russian trailers
    - Delivery to job site
    - Road repair from highway up to site
    - Unloading from trucks/trailers
    - Assembly of transformers using mobile cranes

    What may seem like a small project, can often involve many steps to make it possible! Congratulations Network Global on the successful completion!

  • 16 Aug 2019
    LoadLine Becomes FONASBA Certified

    Member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Morocco, LoadLine is happy to announce that they are FONASBA compliant, after successfully passing the audit. This certification lasts for the next two years and symbols the capability of LoadLine in vessel agency activities.

    The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers & Agents (FONASBA) provides a united voice for the world’s ship brokers and agents. Founded in 1969, the organisation promotes fair and equitable practices and ensures that the needs of members are understood at international, regional and individual national level across the maritime industry.
    FONASBA maintains a close watch on all developments of interest and concern to the ship broking and ship agency professions and takes appropriate action to ensure that those interests are protected. To be FONASBA compliant, an agent needs to pass with success the audit carried out each two years including:

    “Fonasba Code of conduct”, October 1998, revised October 2008
    “Fonasba Quality Standard” Version 7.0 approved by council October 2017
    “ISO 19011” Management systems audit, second edition 15 11 2011

    It is to our great pleasure that our members are granted such certificates. This is another confirmation of the high quality of Project Logistics Alliance members. Well done LoadLine!

  • 16 Aug 2019
    Tschudi Logistics Transports Mega Sized Pulp Cookers

    Tschudi Logistics, who has recently joined as a member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Finland, is proud to share with us one of their recent projects for the paper industry. 6 pieces of large digesters for the paper factory, each with a dimension of 21.00 x 6.30 x 6.30 m and weight of 72 MT, were in need of transportation from Finland into Belgium.

    Tschudi performed a door to door turnkey delivery in one shipment: from loading the cargo on site, transporting the units inland towards Hamina Port, reloading onto the vessel towards Rotterdam, and then completing the final inland leg through Belgium to the delivery site. The main challenges were the tight bends and roundabouts on the route. A total of 40 vehicles drove simultaneously in one convoy through Belgium, with over ten different companies working in cooperation to ensure that it went smoothly. This is a true example of how important good coordination and reliable partners are in project logistics.

    We invite you to enjoy this short video clip of the journey: Congratulations Tschudi Logistics on the brilliant execution!