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  • 15 May 2023
    Avvashya CCI Transports Two Transformers from India to Nigeria for State-Owned Nigerian Company through Skipper Seil Limited

    Avvashya CCI Logistics Private Limited, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance based in Nepal, was chosen by SkipperSeil Limited to transport two transformers and their accessories from Mundra, India, to Lagos, Nigeria to help generate electricity for a State-Owned Nigerian Company. Upon arrival at the final destination, the cargo would be utilized for electricity generation purposes.

    The total weight of the cargo was 135 tons each, and each transformer measured 8.20 x 4.60 x 4.50 meters. The shipment was transported to the port via road on ten single hydraulic axles. To load the cargo onto a vessel, two Liebherr cranes with a capacity of 400 tons each were used at the Adani port. This marked the first deployment of such massive machines at the Adani Port.

    A precise and comprehensive plan was necessary due to the limited space at the loading point. Thanks to Avvashya CCI's expertise, the entire shipment was executed flawlessly and according to schedule. The cargo arrived at the final destination in perfect condition, meeting the client's requirements.

    We congratulate Avvashya CCI on their successful execution of this project and wish them continued success in the future.

  • 11 May 2023
    Logistics Plus’ Impressive Delivery of 849 Pieces of Equipment Including Gas Tank and Transformers with Ease

    A member of the Project Logistics Alliance from Turkey, Logistics Plus Turkey, recently transported a gas tank and six sets of transformers and their accessories. The total cargo transported was a whopping 846 pieces of equipment weighing 1,688 tons with a volume of 3,355 cubic meters.

    The dimensions of the cargo are as follows:

    • Gas tank weighing 66 tons measuring 25.4 x 4.6 x 4.41 meters.
    • Three sets of 502,5 MVA Transformers and their accessories weighing 234 tons with a dimension of 12.05 x 4.15 x 40.75 meters
    • One set of 120 MVA Transformers and their accessories weighing 93 tons with a measurement of 6.85 x 3.21 x 3.7 meters
    • Two sets of 40 MVA Transformers and their accessories weighing 43 tons measuring 4.5 x 2.45 x 3.2 meters

    The successful completion of the project is a major accomplishment for Logistics Plus Inc, demonstrating their expertise in project logistics. Congratulations team Logistics Plus!

  • 10 May 2023
    Faced with Tight Deadlines, Blue Bell Shipping LLC Comes Up with Innovative Solutions to Transport Breakbulk Cargo from UAE to Iraq

    Blue Bell Shipping LLC, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Iraq, transported cargo which included electrical plant rooms and prefabricated buildings from Hamriyah, the United Arab Emirates, bound for a site in North Iraq. The components varied in size, with the longest unit measuring 20.27 meters. Most of the parts roughly measured 19.76 x 4.84 x 4.97 meters, with weights ranging from 45 to 72 tons.

    The project started with transporting the cargo from Hamriyah to Atakaş Port in Turkey. Delivering the shipment on time was critical to maintaining a smooth installation sequence at the project site. Delays caused by congestion in major ports Iskenderun, would have amplified that problem. To decrease delays, Blue Bell Shipping chartered a faster vessel from Hamriyah to Atakaş Port to keep transit times down and reduce berthing time. This move helped the Blue Bell team to maintain its EPC schedule, simultaneously reducing costs due to decreased detention fees.

    Upon its arrival in Turkey, the shipment was moved by road on specialised semi-hydraulic trailers to Northern Iraq as an OOG cargo due to the massive size of the units. Before the onshore shipment could proceed, a route survey was performed as some of the components were above five meters high and wide, which further complicated the project by adding difficulty to what was already a long-haul road journey.  

    Despite challenges, the Blue Bell team stayed focused and ensured their client's cargo arrived in perfect condition and to the client’s utmost satisfaction. The project is further evidence of the company's outstanding ability to handle any issue that comes its way.

  • 08 May 2023

    Representing Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in the Project Logistics Alliance, FLS Group has successfully completed the delivery of six floating units from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The cargo, collected from a naval factory, was intended for use in the aquaculture industry and comprised two dumb barges, two Aquacat boats weighing 120 tons each, a feed barge weighing 180 tons, and a 25-ton workboat.

    The FLS Chartering Desk team was able to find the perfect breakbulk vessel, MV Coe Curia, that matched all the requirements. Comprising of three decks, the cargo was stowed on the vessel as follows:

    • Three units were put in three different spots, each measuring 41.99 x 17.50 x 12.13 meters
    • Three boats were placed in two areas which measured 29.03 x 17.5 x 11.72 meters

    To transport the cargo, the FSL Chartering Desk team found a suitable breakbulk vessel with three decks. Three units measuring 41.99 x 17.50 x 12.13 meters were placed in three different spots, while three boats were situated in two areas measuring 29.03 x 17.5 x 11.72 meters. The loading process was complex, requiring a collaborative technical solution, with divers assisting in the hooking up of the cargo. Despite this, all loading stages were completed in just four days, showcasing FLS Group's capability and efficiency.

    Throughout the project, FLS Group provided custom-tailored solutions that maximized efficiency and minimized costs, setting a new personal record for the most freight carried on a single vessel. This successful shipment highlights the company's ability to support a wide range of industries through its expertise in project logistics.

  • 26 Apr 2023
    PT Total Movements Overcomes Adversity, Safely Transports 16,0000 Tons of Cargo for a Southeast Asian Oil and Gas Project

    PT Total Movements, which represents Indonesia in the Project Logistics Alliance, was entrusted with delivering 3,900 concrete pieces and anode-coated pipes weighing 16,000 tons. The cargo was collected in India and intended for use in an oil and gas project in multiple Southeast Asian countries.

    The company handled all sea transportation planning and organized the loading of cargo onto ships. After unloading at the destination port, Total Movements oversaw the stacking, storage, and stowage of the cargo before reloading it onto several barges bound for the project site.

    All cargo had to be transported on a single vessel while complying with MWS standards, with the company's experts ensuring that all safety parameters were met during the operation. These included covering, lifting, and dunnage, as well as ship stability, among others.

    Despite adverse weather conditions at the port that hindered the discharge process, the company worked with all stakeholders to ensure a seamless shipment.

    The project was a collaborative effort between Total Movements Indonesia and India, with both teams working together to address significant issues. Total Movements' agility and unwavering commitment to delivering excellent service have led to another successful endeavour.

  • 26 Apr 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Ocean Gulf Agencies for Oman

    We are excited to introduce Ocean Gulf Agencies LLC representing Oman, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community.

    Ocean Gulf Agencies, established in 2018 in Muscat, Oman, provides customers the expertise and stability to manage their shipping and logistics needs worldwide. They have built a reputation based on the flexibility of addressing each customer's requirements, utilising the latest technology, and creating innovative solutions through partnerships.

    Thanks to their skillfulness, Ocean Gulf Agencies offers a full range of services by ocean, land, and air both domestically and internationally for all industry and every business vertical as well as additional services such as warehousing, customs clearance, and delivery.

    Key services:

    • Project Cargo and Heavy Lift - regularly work with ship owners operating IASC classed vessels between 3500 dwt to 35,000 dwt with vessel crane capacity from 50 to 4,000 MT tandem lift operation. Experience handling Oil & Gas Cargoes/Dismantled Land Drilling Rigs/TBM/Heavy or Super Yachts/Tugboats/Barges/Reactors & Rotors/Pressure Vessels & Skids/Transformers & Generators/Air Crafts & Boeing 747/RTG Cranes among others
    • RORO - Cars, Trucks, Used Vehicles, High & Heavy Equipment, Machinery
    • Global Logistics - Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Road and Rail Transport
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Terminal Services and Shipping Agency
    • NVOCC - Container - DRY/REEFER
    • NVOCC - ISO Tanks - Leasing, Storage, Tank Cleaning, Repairs
    • NVOCC - Special Equipment - ODC/OOG Cargo
    • NVOCC - Consolidation - FCL/LCL
    • Feedering Services
    • Clearing (Airport, Seaport, CFS, & Boarders (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen) and Delivery
    • Charter Brokering for Dry Bulk and General Cargo

  • 25 Apr 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Comodality for Dominican Republic

    We are delighted to introduce that Comodality representing Norway, is also now representing Dominican Republic in Projects Logistics Alliance.

    Comodality Group was established in 2010 as an independent provider of international freight forwarding and project logistics solutions offering a complete portfolio of services. They strive to put forward high-quality solutions through personalized craftsmanship and share a profound dedication in finding the best solution for our customers.

    Comodality specialises in tailor-made end-to-the logistics solutions for the Food & Beverage, Marine & Cruise, High-Tech & Telecommunication, Pharma & Healthcare, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Fashion Logistics and Projects Logistics.

    Key Services:

    • Project Cargo - RO-RO, Oversized cargo, Breakbulk/Heavy Loads, Heavy Lifting & Load Planning, Turnkey Transport, Surveillance and Reporting, Vessel Load Surveying
    • Air Freight - Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Consolidation, Direct Shipments, Temperature Controlled (Chilled or Frozen), Onboard Courier, Restricted/Hazardous Goods, Courier, Full/Part Charter
    • Sea Freight - LCL/FCL, LoLo Shipping, Containerization, Container Haulages, Reefer Transportation
    • Road Freight - Domestic and International, Various Sized Transports, ADR, Recycling Materials, Food and Temperature Controlled
    • Point-to-Point & Crosstrade & 3rd Party Logistics
    • Vessel & Air Chartering
    • Packaging & Securing Control
    • Export/Import Document Control & Customs Clearance

  • 24 Apr 2023
    Altius’ Extensive Experience Leads to A Seamless Transport of Four Steam Separators from Spain to Rotterdam

    A proud member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Argentina, Bolivia, and Spain, Altius S.A. has completed the first phase of an intermodal transport consisting of four steam separators for a nuclear power plant in France. Each of these separators weighed 20 tons and measured 4.9 x 4.9 x 5.2 meters in size.

    The transportation's initial phase spanned two nights, commencing with a road trip to the port of Santander. The height of the convoy, which totaled 5.82 meters and comprised trailers, presented a substantial obstacle. To overcome this issue, Altius established a comprehensive coordination strategy that involved continuous trailer leveling to ensure a secure journey through traffic lights, signs, cables, and bridges.

    Next, the four equipment pieces were placed on roll trailers and loaded onto a Ro-Ro ship that sailed to Rotterdam. This marked the beginning of the second phase of the operation, during which the cargo was transported via a fluvial barge to France, then by road for almost 400 km to the final destination.

    This project showcased Altius' extensive experience and impressive ability to create innovative solutions for complex shipments. We extend our congratulations to the Altius team for this impressive achievement!

  • 21 Apr 2023
    Livo Logistics Overcomes Challenges to Deliver Gas Coolers for an Hydrogen Manufacturing Plant

    Livo Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance has successfully delivered a Ryong Process Gas Cooler, a critical component for a Hydrogen manufacturing plant in India. The cargo was transported from the production site of Ofmeco in Mantova, Italy using 80 ton cranes at the pick-up location on to low-bed trailer. Once at the port 80 ton shore cranes were used to load it onto the vessel.

    To transport the cargo, Livo Logistics utilized special low bed trailers with road permits and escorts, which posed several challenges due to the cargo's length, height, and weight. The company had to schedule all stages of handling, apply for and obtain road permits, and load and unload the cargo at the terminal within the time required by the shipowners, including export customs formalities and monitoring for vessel arrival.

    The Livo team provided continuous monitoring and updates to the client on each operation carried out, ensuring successful delivery on time and as agreed with the client. Livo Logistics had to meet the date of operations under FOB terms without compromising the loading and consequently the arrival of the goods at the destination.

    Livo Logistics' ability to deliver the Ryong Process Gas Cooler despite the challenges it posed reflects the company's commitment to quality service and its expertise in handling complex projects. The successful transportation of the cargo is a testament to Livo Logistics‘s capabilities and reinforces its position as a leading provider of logistics solutions in Italy.

  • 20 Apr 2023
    Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Denholm Global Logistics T/A Hamilton Shipping Limited for Ireland

    We are excited to introduce Denholm Global Logistics T/A Hamilton Shipping Limited representing Ireland, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community.

    Denholm Global Logistics is a subsidiary of J. & J. Denholm, a family-owned company that has been in operation since 1866. Leveraging its extensive experience, Denholm Global Logistics is a prominent player in supply chain solution management and logistics. We have garnered a reputation for developing cutting-edge and economical solutions that cater to the needs of our customers worldwide.

    Denholm Global Logistics aims to provide high-quality services consistently to all clients both small independent businesses and major multinational corporations, with the goal of offering each customer a sustainable and measurable competitive advantage. We are committed to providing a truly global reach by utilising an established network of partners around the world and a supply chain methodology supported by bespoke and ground breaking solutions crafted for the customers.

    Key Services:

    • Project Logistics - Heavy machinery and Equipment
    • Industrial Removals (all types of industrial moves, from a single piece of machinery, through a production line to a complete factory)
    • Sea Freight - Comprehensive range of flexible solutions
    • Air Freight - Direct, Indirect or Consolidated services, accreditations from the major trade bodies, IATA, BIFA and DfT, AEO
    • Road Freight
    • Customs and Duty 
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Supply Chain Management

  • 19 Apr 2023
    Falcon International Displays Exceptional Coordination Handling 16 Pieces of Freight

    A member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Canada, Falcon International demonstrated their outstanding capabilities by handling a shipment of 16 components weighing 240 tons in total. The cargo was discharged from a vessel and loaded onto 12 trucks belonging to two distinct heavy-haul trucking firms.

    The experts at Falcon International devised a comprehensive plan and executed the transport flawlessly, leading to timely delivery. Falcon International continuously provides exceptional service to its clients, maintaining its stellar reputation.

  • 13 Apr 2023
    Meeting Tight Deadlines: Alexander Global Logistics Transports Over-width Cargo from Germany to Turkey

    Alexander Global Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance from Germany, was appointed by Çamsan Ordu Ağaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş. to deliver eight different pieces of equipment from Lebach, Germany, to Ordu, Turkey. The cargo consisted of

    • Six frames weighing 39.5 tons with the dimension of 6.5 x 5.35 x 0.75 meters
    • Plunger weighing 44.5 tons with a measurement of 6.4 x 3 x 1.2 meters
    • Table weighing 27.5 tons measuring 6.4 x 3 x 0.8 meters

    Under the Free Carrier term, the equipment was gathered from Lebach and transported by road to the Dillingen/Saar port. It was then loaded onto a barge and shipped to the Port of Antwerp. To move the six over-width frames from Lebach to the Dillingen/Saar port, special road permits were necessary, which typically take around three to four weeks to obtain. However, in order to meet the loading deadline at the Port of Antwerp, the permit needed to be secured within two weeks.

    Despite the narrow time frame, Alexander Global Logistics' team efficiently processed the permit, which was approved well before the two-week deadline. Even though it might have seemed impossible to execute a just-in-time delivery given these circumstances, the company's broad expertise once more demonstrated its ability to handle such situations adeptly, thereby proving that the problem was not a challenge.

    In mid-December, the cargo arrived in Antwerp, and the vessel was scheduled to depart by the end of the month. At Antwerp, Alexander Global Logistics oversaw the reloading process and subsequently transported the cargo via sea to Gemlik. The equipment was reloaded once more to be conveyed on a trailer as per the Delivered at Place terms, to reach its final destination in Ordu.

    Congratulations to the team at Alexander Global Logistics and we wish them success on their future endevours!

    To know how they can assist you with your next big move, please reach out to Mr Riza Gögüs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 11 Apr 2023
    FCL Argentina Remarkably Handles Time-critical Delivery of a Water Treatment Plant Component in Argentina

    Full Container Logistic Argentina SAS, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Argentina, delivered a water treatment plant component from Mendoza to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cargo weighed 3.9 tons and was 14.3 meters in width, 2.1 meters in both length and height was dismantled and loaded onto a special trailer due to its oversized dimensions. It was then transported over 1000 kilometers by road to its destination.

    The FCL Argentina team's top priority was safety, and to ensure the cargo's safety during transport, they implemented lashing techniques to prevent any shifting and damage to the equipment. With the cargo being time-sensitive and needed for the water plant's repair, FCL Argentina arranged for all shipment steps to be completed swiftly and efficiently, resulting in no delays.

    The team's experience and invaluable expertise allowed them to overcome challenging circumstances and provide consistent, high-quality service to their clients. FCL Argentina's success in delivering the cargo reflects their dedication to providing exceptional service.

    Congratulations to the FCL Argentina team, and we wish them continued success in their future projects!

  • 06 Apr 2023
    Gianti Logistics Successfully Completes Shipment for Government Electrical Transmission System in Georgia

    Gianti Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance from Georgia, has successfully completed a shipment of seven transformers and their accessories from Port of Poti to Tskaltubo. The cargo was moved to the Gianti terminal for temporary storage before being loaded onto multi-axle hydraulic modular trailers for the rest of the journey.

    The transformers and accessories were intended for use in an electrical transmission system operated by the Georgian government. The shipment included four larger transformers measuring 8 x 4 x 4.6 meters and weighing 135 tons each, as well as three smaller transformers weighing 91 tons each and measuring 6 x 3.3 x 4.69 meters. To meet the client's request, the team at Gianti developed a jack and slide solution that involved using hydraulic turntables to rotate the transformers into place.

    Despite the challenges faced during the project, the capabilities of the Gianti team were showcased as they successfully transported the cargo on schedule. The company's commitment to safety and precision ensured that there was no damage to the transformers or any other equipment during the transportation process.

    The successful completion of the shipment is a significant achievement for Gianti Logistics and reflects their expertise in project logistics. The team's ability to overcome challenges and ensure the smooth transportation of the cargo demonstrates their dedication to providing top-notch services to their clients.

    Congratulations to Gianti Logistics on the successful completion of this project, and best wishes for their future endeavours.

  • 04 Apr 2023
    Fleet Line Shipping Demonstrates Expertise in Complex Logistics Operations with Successful Transport of Multiple Breakbulk Hauls

    Fleet Line Shipping Services, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing the United Arab Emirates, successfully transported six breakbulk hauls of various sizes from Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi on container ships in March 2023. In the course of just one month, the cargo was delivered to six different destinations—a feat that is an impressive achievement in and of itself.

    The company’s expert team loaded the cargo safely and efficiently, executing their operation without issue. Furthermore, their in-house cargo lashing team played a critical role in implementing onboard lashing of the complex loads.

    This successful accomplishment is a testament to the capabilities and expertise of Fleet Line Shipping (FLS) Dubai in managing complex logistics operations across vast distances. The company is committed and dedicated to providing excellent services to their client’s utmost satisfaction.