Project Logistics Alliance Introduces Safelogic Freight Agency for Ukraine
September 17, 2023

We are excited to introduce Safelogic Freight Agency representing Ukraine, as the latest member of the Project Logistics Alliance community. 

Safelogic, founded in 2020, in Ukraine, has firmly positioned itself as a highly proficient logistics and transportation enterprise. Since its establishment, Safelogic has consistently strived for perfection, embraced innovation, and remained devoted to delivering unparalleled logistics solutions to its customers. 

With specialized expertise that spans the full spectrum of international cargo transportation across various industries, Safelogic boasts the knowledge, skills, and experience required to excel allowing it to be the trusted authority in the field and upholding the high standards of the provided solutions. Their extensive network and local expertise enable them to navigate the intricacies of cross-border logistics seamlessly to and from Ukraine, the Black Sea region and all across Europe. 

Key Services:

  • Project Logistics - Construction: heavy machinery and equipment; Energy: renewable energy projects, wind turbine parts and solar panels; Mining: minerals, machinery, and equipment; Infrastructure: materials needed for roads, bridges, and other critical projects; Aerospace: aerospace components and equipment;
  • Sea Freight - FCL, OOG, RORO, Breakbulk and Breakbulk Chartering; 
  • Road Freight - transportation of goods in EUR and the CIS countries; LTL service within Europe with the “door to door” scheme; FTL; Execution of export and transit documents (EX1, T1, CMR, TIR);  
  • Military Cargo - adhering to strict regulations and protocols for secure transportation, special government permissions, coordinating military convoys; 
  • Dangerous Cargo - transportation of hazardous materials, including those classified up to ADR 1.1; 
  • Rail Freight - quality rail transport in cooperation with renowned carriers and freight forwarders; carry out complex intermodal projects, wagon and container transportation; 
  • Multimodal Transportation; 
  • Air Freight.

Safelogic Freight Agency Website

Safelogic Freight Agency LinkedIn

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