KAF Marine Successfully Charters a Vessel for 25,000-Ton Steel Shipment
July 4, 2024

KAF Marine, a Project Logistics Alliance partner for Chartering, has recently orchestrated the chartering of a vessel for a shipment of mixed steel products from China to Israel. The products weighed 25.000 tons in total, and the shipment was part of a series of voyages that KAF Marine is organizing this year.

(Picture Credit: KAF Marine)

This journey commenced in Tianjin in Northern China, where KAF Marine arranged for the vessel and coordinated the efficient loading of the cargo in just three days, thanks to the proficiency of the company’s team. Then the steel products set sail to the final destination.

Upon arrival in Israel, the cargo was discharged in 36 hours only further highlighting the reliability and efficiency of KAF Marine’s chartering operations.

The major challenge faced during this shipment was securing an appropriate vessel for the cargo. However, KAF Marine managed to overcome this hurdle, ensuring the successful completion of the voyage.

Kudos to the KAF Marine team for their excellent work in chartering!

KAF Marine Website



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