6th Annual Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance


April 30, 2023


May 3, 2023


Bangkok, Thailand


The 6th Annual Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance held special significance, whether it was the deviation from the usual networking schedule, the return to Asia after five years, or setting of a trend for the networking industry. However, our overwhelming gratitude remains constant as we sincerely appreciate the unwavering support received from all our members during each AGM.

While the AGM officially kicked off on the 30th of April, we held an exclusive Owners Club meet-up on the 29th of April. This exclusive gathering was tailor-made for – CEOs, Managing Directors, and Company Board Members. Each attendee had an opportunity to present their company's achievements and plans. This was followed by networking, culminating in a dinner at Eat Me, a Michelin Guide restaurant, for a 3-course meal.

The AGM commenced with a stylish cocktail reception at the Yao Roof Top Bar, offering breathtaking views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. Following the cocktail reception was the start of an intense start of 1 – to - 1 meetings. On the second day, attendees embarked on tuk-tuks to explore the lively city, immersing themselves in its vibrant atmosphere, unique markets, temples, and hidden gems. The day concluded with a dinner at the enchanting Dinsor Palace Gardens, a former royal residence, where intense discussions and friendly conversations continued, paving the way for potential collaborations in the months ahead.

We express our gratitude to our generous sponsors, Aprojects Austria, Alexander Global Logistics, Convoy Logistics Providers Ltd., Falcon International, and FLS Projects, for their invaluable support, which contributed to making this event an unforgettable fiesta. A special shout out to Dao Ethical for partnering with us. We are proud to have been a part of their unwavering dedication and remarkable efforts in empowering women.

In trying to capture the essence of the event's warm and productive atmosphere, we find ourselves humbled by the limitations of mere words. Embark on a visual journey by watching the video recap, where the true spirit of the event comes to life, evoking emotions and memories that words alone cannot convey!

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