5th Annual Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance


October 9, 2022


October 12, 2022


Tallinn, Estonia


Suur tänu, Eesti (Thank you, Estonia)!

We at the PLA HQ had been longing to host our event in Tallinn, but it was only this year that we could make this come true with the easing of travel restrictions. Between the 9th and the 12th of October, we had the pleasure of hosting over 70 delegates from 50 companies. This truly made the event an extraordinary one. The five-star Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel was chosen as the meeting venue, allowing our guests to enjoy the proximity to the city centre and the stunning views that Tallinn Harbour had to offer.



The guests kicked off the event with a cocktail reception. The next day, after a long day of 1-to-1 meetings, they then dressed to impress and made a stunning red-carpet debut at the Olympic Park Casino. Equipped with 25€ of starting credit, our members indeed enjoyed themselves with some high rolling late into the night.

Keeping up with the spirit of one the best-preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe, after the second meeting day, our guests fine dined on a three-course meal at the seaplane harbour museum next to the Submarine Lembit from the 1930s. It was truly a pleasure to dine under the world's first columnless domes, which allowed our guests to enjoy views of Estonian Maritime history uninterruptedly. With Ms Laura Põldvere, a well known singer from Estonia, bringing us live performance of various local and worldwide renowned tunes in the background, our delegates truly enjoyed their evening - Baltic style.

This event, of course, wouldn't be possible without the support of our esteemed sponsors, FLS Group, Convoy Logistics Providers and Falcon International. We are ever so thankful to those who help make our event an experience not to be forgotten!

So – where will we be headed next? Watch our 007 inspired video to see the location revealed! 

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