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SeaLand Barcode Loesung

We deliver efficiency, accuracy and project control through the power of barcodes and technology!

SeaLand Barcode-Loesung was founded in 2018 as a digital technology platform to provide innovative barcode driven customer-centric digital-solutions, primarily, for the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

Our services are focussed on the relocation and dismantling of used plants, building of hydropower plants, complex supply chains, greenfield/ brownfield industry expansions etc. and also extend to (disaster) aid distribution. The logistic challenges in these sectors are growing rapidly. Factors such as intransparent processes, challenges in identifying the right cargo during movement and transport delays of time and deadline-critical assets are some of the reasons that are constantly driving us towards technology-based, smarter and more efficient solutions.

We are convinced that our technology brings you significant value-generating opportunities – avoiding the loss of money, time and other useful resources!

What is our advanced Cargo Management System about?

The SeaLand Barcode Loesung is a modern smartphone-based application using the power of the Barcoding Technology. This sophisticated solution allows to register, locate and report the status of your cargo by scanning it with a hardware scanning device or a smartphone – this means our system can be used always and everywhere by anyone who has access to your project with an internet connection. This IT program with many functions provides a wide range of transparency in your logistic supply chain. We are convinced that our system will be an important part in the supply chain to manage the major challenges in large operations, to deliver all products safely and in time to the project site. Our Barcode system has the following features:

  • Unique barcode tracking and supply chain management via the APP
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the inventory
  • Control on Installation schedule and project management with help of drawings and documentation control
  • Real-time reporting on the status of the cargo
  • Early warning system by shortages, pilferages, and damages
This solution is suitable for anybody involved in relocating equipment, this applies to project owners, project forwarders, EPCs, transport, and dismantling companies and insurance brokers.

We, as a new digital entrant, aim to transform traditional relationships in the freight and logistics business. Using the power of barcoding together with conventional color coding, our secure customer-centric systems application – built on the cloud, integrating mobile technology with big data analytics and other connected platform technologies – provides you with a seamless experience, giving ease of access, process transparency across the project cycle and real-time service with tangible benefits. Overall, our platform makes your experience far more interactive, adaptive, immediate and pervasive by PROVIDING INSIGHTS ALONG YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN!

Introducing the team

Our team is composed of German and Indian experts in the logistics industry and with IT background, which have been working for many years with well-known logistic companies. For us, this is a perfect combination. We have the long-lasting experience of German forwarding, knowledge of the logistic rules, in combination with the agile creativity and eagerly elaborated new ideas of India.