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  • 11 Jun 2018
    Mobile Substations From Portugal to the USA

    Another great heavy lift transport carried out by Logistics Plus went off without a hitch! Several Mobile Substations, each weighing up to 78 Metric Tons, have arrived safe and sound at the Port of Baltimore in the USA after a long trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The Substations will be loaded and distributed to various power stations across the United States.
    Project Director Bahadir Erdil from Logistics Plus extended his gratitude to colleagues Yolanda Corrales and Chris Osborne for the smooth operation!
    Congratulations on completing this project with excellence, Logistics Plus!

  • 08 Jun 2018
    Logistics Plus Delivers Locomotives to India

    Logistics Plus has shared some impressive photos with us documenting one of their latest projects. As our representing member for China, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan, they have recently successfully completed the transportation of 10 Locomotives from underhook to tracks in India.

  • 07 Jun 2018
    42 Wind Energy Plant Parts Move From Turkey to the Netherlands

    Logistics Plus has successfully concluded the loading of 42 pieces of Wind Mill towers and generators for a wind energy plant in the Netherlands. Departing from Aliaga, Izmir, the cargo took up almost a full charter, with a volume of 7507 cbm and weight of 821 mtons.

  • 06 Jun 2018
    Door to door delivery of two Caterpillar 6090 Front Shovels from Indonesia to Australia

    Freightplus, PL-alliance member for Australia and Thailand recently completed the delivery of two Caterpillar 6090 Front Shovels to Perth. With each machine weighing 1000-tonne, and collection required from a remote site in Indonesia a great deal of planning was needed to overcome the logistical challenges we faced.

    To ensure that every aspect of the shipping process would run smoothly, Freightplus representatives conducted a route survey and site assessment in Indonesia. During this pre-shipment planning process, they ascertained information on the route that needed to be taken to transport the machines from the remote site, as well as information on the condition of the cargo and its packaging. Repackaging of the cargo was required as the mining shovels had been sat at the remote site for two years and the original packing had deteriorated to the point of being unsafe to lift or transport. Once the repacking was completed, 109 separate pieces of cargo were transported down a dirt road to a waiting barge.

    Precise timing was required to ensure that the modified coal barge we were using to transport the machines down the river would have the perfect river level to ensure that they did not become breached but could still pass underneath bridges that were along the route. Once the barge reached Banjarmasin the cargo was transferred to a break bulk vessel at deep water anchorage before sailing to Laem Chabang, Thailand.

    With a facility located in the Free Trade Zone in Laem Chabang, Freightplus was able to provide packing and biosecurity services in Thailand before the machines were shipped to their final destination. Once the cargo was properly cleaned and packed they were transported to Laem Chabang Port and loaded onto a break bulk vessel bound for Fremantle, Western Australia.

    The Freightplus team in Western Australia then took over the shipment, ensuring that the discharge and delivery to the customer's door in Perth ran smoothly.

    The outcome? By engaging Freightplus to carry out offshore biosecurity inspections and cleaning, the customer was able to receive 94% of the 6090 components directly off the wharf, with no need for remedial cleaning or further inspection by the Australian Department of Agriculture. This resulted in delivery around a month ahead of target and significantly under budget.

    Congratulation from the PLA Team!

  • 24 May 2018
    New Project Video from OCTRA

    We recommend you to watch the latest video OCTRA has published about a recent project. It shows the last kilometers of transportation by SPMT and the skidding for this Intra-European move. OCTRA keeps serving the Energy /T&D sector like with this 180 tons transformer. A long-term preparation and a great teamwork with unique means for an uncommon operation were necessary for the successful completion of this project. Great job, OCTRA!

  • 22 May 2018
    72 tons APV from Far East to European foundation

    Certainly not the heaviest transport that OCTRA, Project Logistics Alliance member representing France, has ever dealt with but clearly complex and time-sensitive enough to mobilize a full team thus ensuring a smooth turnkey transport and full erection on the final pad. Added value solution beyond basics is what OCTRA safely offers to its customers.

  • 18 May 2018
  • 16 May 2018
    C.H. Robinson coordinates the successful return of relief aid equipment from Puerto Rico to Sacramento!

    C.H. Robinson’s Project Logistics team have co-ordinated the shipment of eleven High Line Repair trucks from Puerto Rico back to their home in Sacramento, California. These trucks were originally transported to Puerto Rico in January, to aid in the relief effort after hurricane Maria hit the area in September 2017. The trucks were delivered to the port in San Juan, where they were loaded onto the ocean vessel for discharge in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. After loading onto flat deck and step deck trucks in Florida, they were trucked some 2,800 miles (4,500 km) to Sacramento. The total weight of the shipment was 206.34 metric tonnes, while the total volume was 961.24 cubic metres. This was challenging work! Exporting out of Puerto Rico with sub-contracted equipment proved to be difficult. Certain documents needed to be notarized in order for C.H. Robinson to be able to handle its client’s cargo. C. H. Robinson’s Project Manager, Aaron Holloway, traveled to Puerto Rico in order to mitigate any issues arising. Aaron obtained all the necessary permits; police inspections and municipal releases to get the cargo loaded on to the vessel and transported out of Puerto Rico on time. Nice work, Aaron and good job, C. H. Robinson!

  • 14 May 2018
    First member in Nigeria!

    We are happy to announce another extension of our network. With the Sifax Group we introduce our first member for Nigeria!

    With the company’s beginning in 1988 the Sifax Group today has become a conglomerate, with diverse investments in Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, among other, with core business activities centered in and around key West African markets. Sifax Group’s unparalleled Logistics infrastructures in Africa’s largest economy- Nigeria - include Ports ownerships, Aviation Handling companies, Haulage & Warehousing, Customs Bonded Off-Docks (ICDs), Shipping Agencies and Freight Sales Leads generation entities, have positioned the group at the forefront of West Africa’s supply chain market. In addition to Sifax Nigeria’s gigantic operations, the group enjoys a presence in Ghana, USA, UK and France along with partnership representations in various parts of the world.

  • 11 May 2018
    New Member for Cambodia and Laos!

    Great news for our network! With Gemadept we can announce a new member that is representing the countries Laos and Cambodia. Gemadept project cargo transport came into being in early 1994 to meet the market demand in line with the economic growth. Gemadept is now ranking number 2 in Vietnam in the project and heavy lift cargo transport. Well equipped with modern equipment, professional and enthusiastic staffs and experienced experts, the company can handle heavy lift cargo of 1,000 tons to difficult topography, even to Laos and Cambodia as per customers’ request. Welcome to the Alliance, Gemadept!

  • 09 May 2018
    Very nice work by Logistics Plus!

    We are delighted to be able to share this good news with you. Fellow member Logistics Plus have reported their first transport of a locomotive platform from Norfolk to India – and exactly as they promise, they have “successfully managed the logistics from start to finish, and everything in between” - good job, Logistics Plus!

  • 08 May 2018
    South-East Europe to Baltimore, USA -  Oversized in width & weight

    Once again Maurice Ward’s Project Cargo Unit demonstrated their logistics expertise in our niche market with the completion of an over-weight and over-width transport from South-East Europe to Baltimore, USA:

    Purpose-built skids secured this cargo. Here are the dimensions of the three units shipped:

    Crown – 5.080m x 5.080m x 1.805m – 34,800kg
    Band – 5.080m x 5.080m x 1.700m – 33.400kg
    Crown & Band – 4.789m x 4.200m x 1.805m – 32.500kg
    Road transport from the Shipper’s factory to Constanta, Romania was arranged, where ocean transport was sub-contracted to Maersk/Zim for final delivery of the cargo to the dock at Baltimore, USA!

  • 08 May 2018
    FLS’ expert opinion in great demand!

    Charlie Wattimena of our FLS Indonesia office was recently interviewed by an Indonesian Trucking Magazine. He gave a statement about FLS’ opinion on how the handling of future Projects involving heavy and over dimensional cargo in Indonesia could be improved, the growing demand for industry standard equipment can be met and the need for educated workers and human resources can be satisfied. As the Logistics Market for South-East Asia’s biggest economy is growing and expected to reach over USD 250 Billion in the next few years, the development of an adequate transportation infrastructure and construction of better roads are a main concern for the industry and the Indonesian government.”

  • 07 May 2018
  • 04 May 2018
    The PLA in action…. another collaboration for us to announce with pleasure: Maurice Ward working with FLS Projects!

    Co-operation between two Project Logistics Alliance members: Maurice Ward,. our member representing Hungary and Bulgaria, with the assistance of FLS Projects USA. - is another example of successful collaboration between our members.

    Bogdan Dima., Project Manager for Maurice Ward,. is grateful for the co-operation and support of FLS Projects USA. that led to the complete satisfaction of their client.

    As you will see from this breakdown, the cargo was transported from the USA to Durban in South Africa in five pieces:

    • EX550 ARM: 7.200m x 2.600m x 3.400m – 50.802kg
    • EX 550 BOOM: 11.340m x 2.880m x 3.400m – 40.900kg
    • EX 550 BUCKET: 4.650m x 4.260m x 3.590m – 37.450kg
    • EX 550 CR – 2.997m x 2.997m x 2.879m – 25.570kg
    • EX 550 FR – 4.622m x 3.355m x 2.879m – 23.800kg

    Given the great distance between Minnesota - near the border with Canada, and Jacksonville in Durban, a high level of attention to detail was demanded for this transport. Maurice Ward – Project Cargo Unit was in charge of the arrangements and obtained the most economic logistics solution for the customer from South Africa.