KGE Baltic Transports Excavator To Kazakstan

  03. January 2020
KGE Baltic Transports Excavator To Kazakstan

KGE Baltic, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Latvia, has completed a multimodal transportation from Italy to Atyrau, Kazakstan.

The cargo transported was a Hitachi ZX 210 LCN-3, and it had a dimension of 9,55*2,80*2,98 meters, and a weight of 21500 kg. The scope of work was as follows: utilizing a semi-trailer with ramps, KGE loaded the Excavator in Italy and completed the delivery to the German port in Kiel. Afterward, the goods were sent on RO-RO to Klaipeda, where it was then reloaded onto the RW platform.

Thanks for sharing with us KGE!

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