Intercontinental Shipping Completes Jack Up Rig Import to Trinidad

  06. January 2020
Intercontinental Shipping Completes Jack Up Rig Import to Trinidad

Intercontinental Shipping, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Trinidad and Tobago, has been keeping busy with further progress on their mega project of transporting a jack-up rig from Texas to Trinidad. After months of work, Intercontinental Shipping is happy to report that all tasks spanning from arrival in port, float off, and berthing were completed safely without issues on the 9th December.

Here is a small recap of the whole project, which started off in Houston, Texas. The 4,572 MT Jack Up Rig was to be imported into Trinidad for the client, and Intercontinental Shipping took care of agency requests, customs clearance, and all operational logistics. The rig was first loaded and transported onto the client's own semi-submersible deck barge, which was then towed by a support tug from Houston towards Trinidad. During this process, Intercontinental Shipping organized the agency processing with the local authorities, to allow for the tug and semi-submersible deck barge to enter and discharge the cargo. Logistical support for the float off operations, berthing, and de-mobilizing, including crew and equipment, were also coordinated in advance so that further work could be continued within the territory. Thanks to the expert planning and execution, all equipment arrived in Trinidad on the 5th December, and the float off and safe berthing alongside quay was completed on the 9th December.

Congratulations Intercontinental Shipping on the successful conclusion of this project!

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