Knuth Transport Company Makes Urgent Air Delivery of Rotor Unit From India to Honduras with Kodan Solutions

  13. December 2019
Knuth Transport Company Makes Urgent Air Delivery of Rotor Unit From India to Honduras with Kodan Solutions

Knuth Transport Company (KTC) Heavy Lift, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Honduras, together with Dacotrans Honduras have successfully handled a special project via air freight from India to Honduras this year. All activities on the India side were coordinated with fellow Project Logistics Alliance member for India, Kodan Solutions, and KTC are happy to report on the excellent experience they had with Ms. Ittu Sharma and her team.

The cargo transported was a Rotor Unit-1, which was originally sent from Honduras to India for inspection and repair under sea warranty, but once it was repaired it was necessary to return via air freight as soon as possible, due to the fact that the carbon-based power generation plant in Honduras, BECO, was accumulating millions in expenses because of the lack of this rotor. Due to the weight and dimensions of the main unit, it was essential to rent an aircraft that had the capacity to transport the two parts by air from Bangalore to Miami, FL.

Air boarding consisted of the following units:
1.) Big Rotor 1pc: 741 x 191 x 176 (cms) @ 24.5 Tons / complete wooden box
2.) Small Rotor 1pc: 114 x 113 x 101 (cms) @ 1.3 Tons

It was necessary to build a special base that could protect the central part of the rotor and then close the crate with its lifting points clearly identified for air transport and its subsequent sea transport. Likewise, the arrival of the charter flight was coordinated so it can smoothly match in time with the collection of the units at the plant in Bangalore, delivery at the airport in advance, so customs clearance was a success as release was obtained by the Hindu customs without additional surcharges for any delay.

Everything was done satisfactorily according to the initial plan thanks to the support of the professionals of Kodan Solutions India. The flight plan from Bangalore to Miami, FL USA involved two stops in Singapore and Chicago, IL USA with a transit time of 4 days, which was essential to carry out in-bond documentation and transfer from Miami airport to Port Everglades and reach the departure point by sea in 1x40 Flatrack to Puerto Cortes, Honduras, its final destination. Delivery at the customer's plant in Honduras was confirmed with a two-week transit time after its dispatch from origin compared to more than 60 days of transit via maritime dispatch, needless to say, the client was very happy.

Well done to KTC and Kodan Solutions for the great collaboration!

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