M-STAR Freight Services Handles Intermodal Project Into Duisburg

  12. December 2019
M-STAR Freight Services Handles Intermodal Project Into Duisburg

M-Star Freight Services, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Georgia, continues to deliver to clients from all different countries. This time, they handled the door delivery from Rotterdam, to the final inland destination of Duisburg, Germany.

M-Star utilized a combination of barge and truck transportation, for the cargo that consisted of various items including a highly oversized tank unit. It had a dimension of 13,080 x 5,95 x 6,20 meters and had a total weight of 20,120 KG. In addition, there were several additional parts that came along. M-Star reloaded the cargo from the breakbulk stowage on a container vessel, and further processed the following: receiving, unstuffing, unlashing/securing; reloading onto barge and trucks; custom clearance on behalf of the German importer. One of the issues they encountered was the low water situation on the river, so they had to use a 750MT cap. mobile crane with a reach of 40 meters from the shore to successfully take the unit off the river barge. M-Star is happy to report that despite the challenge, everything went according to plan.

Keep up the good work guys!

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