Network Global Logistics Delivers Boiler To Tunisia

  20. November 2019
Network Global Logistics Delivers Boiler To Tunisia

Network Global Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Azerbaijan, has successfully transported a boiler from Tuzla, Istanbul to Rades, Tunisia.

The boiler had a dimension of 10.30 x 5.00 x 5.20 meters and a weight of 55MT. It was transported on a special modular trailer up to Derince port and then loaded onto the vessel which sailed towards Rades. The operations and transit from the factory to the POL took 2 nights due to the dimensions of the cargo, as it was only allowed to be moved at night. Network Global performed the route survey prior to the transport, therefore no obstacles were encountered on the route. The boiler was delivered last week with a total of 8 days of transit time without any delays. This project also made the local newspapers in Tunisia, due to its significance in the establishment.

Congratulations Network Global on the success!

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