Global Projekt Logistique Delivers "Sure to Door" For Power Transformers

  04. October 2019
Global Projekt Logistique Delivers

Global Projekt Logistique, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Sri Lanka, has always prided themselves with the capability of presenting end to end solutions from ex works to delivery at the site with offloading at plinth/foundation. In particular, for power transformers.

Power transformers are changing the shape of developing countries around the world for their electricity requirement by large. They solve the problem of loss of power over longer power lines by raising the voltage produced to a higher value, thus enabling power to travel longer distances effectively. These transformers come in different types and power capacity, i.e. Step Up / Stepdown/ single-phase/three-phase /Autotransformer etc ranging from 20 MVA to 150 MVA and more as per requirement.

While studying the local conditions in terms of geography, customs requirements and other statutory and regulatory conformity, Global Projekt Logistique designs cost-effective, reliable and safe logistics frameworks for customers, for smooth handling of cargo from its very inception till the final door delivery - this they call the “SURE TO DOOR ” concept.

Most recently, they have handled the following cargo: 10 main units (Power Transformer), 124 wooden boxes, 160 wooden pallets, totalling up to 294 pieces.

Amongst these, there were:
- Kv Step up transformers: Total of 4 units - Dimension (6.5 x 3 x 3.8m) (L x W x H) -Weight 52 MT each
- Auxiliary transformers: Total of 6 units - Dimension (2.9 x 2.35 x 2m) (L x W x H) -Weight 10 MT each
Global Projekt Logistique's scope of work included critical & detailed planning of cargo from factory point to correct carting of all pieces, including the biggest main units as well as the small oil drum pallets; Comprehensive documentation for timely customs clearance and shipping it out to the final destination in Africa.

Thanks to the team for sharing this awesome project with the alliance!

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