Port of Virginia Expands Capacity with Capital Investment

  08. October 2019
 Port of Virginia Expands Capacity with Capital Investment

The Port of Virginia is in the midst of a $750M capital project to expand the capacity at their two primary container terminals, NIT and VIT, to be able to handle an additional 1 million containers annually. Both terminal container capacity and container rail footprint will be boosted.

As a result, this up-work also positively affect their project cargo/breakbulk side because this capacity expansion has allowed them to shift any container activity previously at Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT to NIT and VIG), and away from Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) and provide more of a footprint to handle non-containerized cargoes such as project cargo.

In this piece of news, the Port of Virginia would like to share with us the latest update on the constructions, etc. They commemorated the completion of construction at VIG on July 23 with a ribbon-cutting event. The expansion project touched every phase of the terminal’s operation: a doubling of its capacity to handle rail cargo; four more entry lanes at the truck gate; 800 feet of additional berth space for bigger ships; four new ship-to-shore container cranes; a container stack-yard that has doubled in size; and 26 new rail-mounted gantry cranes that move containers in the stackyard.

The larger outcome of this $320 investment is a world-class container terminal that is delivering best-in-class results: allowing for the movement of containers by truck, barge and rail with greater efficiency than ever before. The work at NIT continues as scheduled – providing positive results for all clients.

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