HiLOG Completes Export of Disassembled Rig to Mozambique

  03. September 2019
HiLOG Completes Export of Disassembled Rig to Mozambique

Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd (HiLOG) East Africa, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Kenya, has successfully completed the export of a disassembled onshore drilling rig to Mozambique.

HiLOG's scope of work included receiving the cargo into Mombasa yard, storing and handling out, export customs and documentation, shunting, port operations, and vessel chartering. The dissembled rig consisted of a total of 206 pieces, weighing up to 2,321 MT and a volume of 15,144 CBM. Among which, the heaviest piece was 58MT, and the longest piece 22.30m.

The yard was carefully selected to ensure that the whole rig could be stored on the ground with no stacking whilst every component could be accessed at any time, in addition to having a strong and level surface, high-level security and direct access to the port. HiLOG managed the yard from beginning to end and also arranged an onsite office from which their team and the client could work from.

The customs documentation was one of the most challenging parts of this move. The rig, as it was now exported, was made up of equipment that was imported between 2011-2013 under more than 150 import entries, which had been declared throughout that period by 5 different clearing agents. Gathering this paperwork, perfecting it and ensuring everything was correctly exported was a massive undertaking, which our team handled without fault. A complete set of all customs documents were compiled and presented to the client, so in the event of future audits by the revenue authorities, they have all the support they need.

Judging the timing, availability, suitability, and cost, HiLOG fixed the MV Floretgracht with laycan 3rd – 7th August. She arrived on time, and until loading was complete, all 206 pieces were delivered consistently under the hook and zero vessel detention incurred. She departed Mombasa on 8th August and sailed for Maputo, Mozambique.

Early May, Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd proposed a detailed solution to the client, and 3 months later they are very proud to say that they executed it down to the letter. The client’s expectations have been far exceeded and they are very happy with how HiLOG handled their rig, with zero delays, incidents, injuries.

Please follow Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd on LinkedIn to see more of their activities within East Africa and a short video of this rig move to follow soon.

Well done HiLOG Team, and what a lovely recap of the project!

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