Aprojects Ships HP Stripper Into China

  30. August 2019
Aprojects Ships HP Stripper Into China

Aprojects, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Austria, is happy to report yet another completed project from Austria to China. The main cargo was an HP Stripper, including some cases with spare parts. The dimensions of the stripper were 1350 x 375 x 385 cm and it weighed 144MT.

Aprojects scope of work included the loading of the cargo onto the truck ex-factory in Austria, the unloading from the truck and reloading into the barge with two mobile cranes, unloading from the barge in Antwerpen Port, port storage and the final reloading into the ocean vessel, which was destined for Shanghai.

Aprojects would like to extend their special thanks to their handling agent in Antwerpen AML for the smooth loading and storage process and to their customer for nominating Aprojects.

Congrats to the Aprojects team for yet another project done and dusted!

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