Bohnet Transports Gas Turbine in Germany

  08. August 2019
Bohnet Transports Gas Turbine in Germany

In March 2019, Bohnet GmbH, partner for the Project Logistics Alliance, transported a gas turbine from Passau to Burghausen, Germany. In order to bring the gas turbine to the finish line on the track, it was necessary to load it in front of 2 bridges from a 20-axle trailer (Scheuerle Inter Combi) to a 30-axle trailer (Goldhofer THP / UT) to load. After the bridge crossing, the gas turbine was taken over again with the 20 axle trailer for the onward journey. For this reason, several days road closures were necessary.

The dimensions and weight of the trailer utilised were respectively:
20 axle trailer: 63,50 x 5,15 x 6,35m and 395 tonnes
30 axle trailer: 67,50 x 6,90 x 6,80m and 400 tonnes
Looking back at the project, Bohnet GmbH would like to once again thank all those who made this project possible.

Congratulations again to partner Bohnet on the successful project!

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