C.H. Robinson experience makes transportation seamless for large tanks Mexico – Texas

  27. May 2019
C.H. Robinson experience makes transportation seamless for large tanks Mexico – Texas

C.H Robinson, member of Project Logistics Alliance for Canada, USA, Singapore transported massive chemical tanks from Mexico to Texas, C.H. Robinson’s resourceful project logistics team used careful coordination and efficient planning to help ensure a smooth, straightforward move. Including surface and ocean transportation, C.H. Robinson’s full suite of global logistics services and technology solutions served all the customer’s transportation needs.

Our experts were recently awarded a contract to move three large, horizontal CO2 storage tanks from Huehuetoca, Mexico to Freeport, Texas. With the 40.32 L x 3.86 W x 4.34 H meter tanks each weighing 75,000 kilograms, the overland and overseas logistics required to get this overdimensional cargo to Texas would be no small task.

Understanding the capacities and capabilities of what transportation modes were available, the project logistics team formulated a clear plan for a safe and orderly move. First, to reduce their height from 4.34 meters to 3.75 meters for easier inland transport from Huehuetoca to Veracruz’s port, the tanks were rotated 90 degrees before being loaded onto extendible trailers. Once at the port, a crane and spreader bars rotated the tanks again, loading them upright onto stands.

But here a challenge emerged: the tanks had valves protruding at the base, higher than the height of the saddles. Here, C.H. Robinson’s team worked proactively with the master of the vessel to plan for loading the tanks on 6ʹ x 6” dunnage that would keep the valves undamaged. With this equipment in place, the tanks were then carefully loaded on deck for the voyage from Veracruz to the Port of Houston, Texas. Once they arrived in Houston, the tanks were just as carefully offloaded onto heavy-duty 16-line Goldhofer THP trailers and trucked a short way to their final destination in Freeport, Texas.

In the end, our client was pleased with the safe and timely delivery of their cargo, and the project logistics team at C.H. Robinson once again completed another complex transportation challenge with collaborative end-to-end solutions that helped make the experience easy for the customer and carriers alike.

Grea Job C.H Robinson!

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