Bati Group Completes Yacht Launch Operation

  11. February 2019
Bati Group Completes Yacht Launch Operation

Bati Group, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Turkey, recently completed the roll on float out operation of a 63 meter long, 900MT yacht.

This unique yacht launch operation took place in Antalya, Turkey. The operation started on a windy week and had to be halted several times because of the extreme weather conditions, the wind gust reaching up to 150 Km/h during night time. With the help of 2 combined linear positioned SMPTs, the 63 meters long yacht weighing 900 tons rolled on into the M/V Rolldock Storm. The launch was postponed for 4 days because of heavy wind in the southern part of Turkey. After the waiting time, the below photo was taken by Captain Caner Aydın, owner of BATI GROUP and commercial Agent of Rolldock in Turkey.

Congratulations to Bati Group and the Rolldock Operations team for the successful launch!

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