Battermann & Tillery Attends to Safe Loading of a Complex Project Shipment

  30. November 2018
Battermann & Tillery Attends to Safe Loading of a Complex Project Shipment

Monitoring and ensuring the safe loading of the clients cargo is part of the day-to-day business of Project Logistics Alliance partner Battermann & Tillery. In early November of 2018, they attended to the safe loading of three press components, each weighing 160 tons, onto an inland vessel close to the city of Magdeburg, Germany. However, in this case, the operations turned out to be a rather complex undertaking in addition to being both intellectually and physically demanding for the surveyors.

On top of the challenges posed by an exceptionally large number of different service providers involved (carriers, crane companies, vessel masters, etc.), it was most of all evident that a competent, supervisory expert was missing. This situation proved once again that careful planning is often half the battle. Making matters worse, the master of the inland vessel, who had extensive experience with the transport of bulk goods, was encountering his very first load of project cargo. The initial impression on site was proven correct by the manner in which the cargo units were packaged. It had been originally announced that cases with flat contact surfaces would be shipped. In reality, however, the contact surfaces were uneven, and the packing units had been shrink-wrapped. In light of the circumstances on site, the surveyors assumed the leadership role for the operations. They were able to diffuse the most pressing concerns by explaining the situation to the master, and the three units were loaded safely and placed on carefully arranged wooden beams.

Thanks to the energetic commitment of the parties, all of the highly sensitive components were loaded without delay and, most importantly, without sustaining any damage. So once again, the path was cleared for safe transport of the cargo to a satisfied customer.

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