Diesel Engines from Denmark to Taiwan

  20. January 2017
Diesel Engines from Denmark to Taiwan

Alexander Global Logistics Germany (AGL) was awarded to move 4 diesel generator engines, 1 lifting beam and 1x40' HC SOC from Frederikshavn, Denmark to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The scope of work included the movement of 4 engines with each 125 tons by lowbed trucks ex-factory Frederikshavn
to port, local port operations and shipment was conducted by H/L vessel M/V Wiebke to Kaoshiung, Taiwan.
AGL also provided surveying operations, the operations have been completed within 9 hours and the vessel was able to leave the port of loading in time without any delays.

Cargo details:
- 4 diesel engines
o Dimensions each 1120 x 320 x 485 cm
o Weight: 125 tons each
- 1 lifting beam
o Dimensions: 700 x 410 x 177 cm
o Weight:12 tons
- 1x40’HC SOC with accessories

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