Altius S.A. Completes the First Part of the Shipment from Buenos Aires to Bolivia for the El Mutun Metal Plant Project

  09. August 2022

Altius S.A. representing Argentina, Bolivia, and Spain in the Project Logistics Alliance, transported ten engines from the Terminal Zárate, Buenos Aires, to Puerto Jennefer, Bolivia, for the El Mutun Project. It is a significant project of the Bolivian Government that will industrialize one of South America's most important iron ore deposits on Bolivia's border with Brazil. The engines were moved using barges through the waterway.

To unload the cargo at Jennefer Port, two tandem cranes, each with 450 and 500 tons of capacity used for this project. Each 115-ton engine measured 9.90 metres in length, 4.45 metres in width, and 4.75 metres in height. Hydraulic modules will transport the cargo to the Mutun area in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The most significant challenge for this project is using the Paraguay - Parana waterway in barges as the route and way of transportation. Another challenge will be unloading the engines in Puerto Jennefer and transporting them to the final destination due to the characteristics of the engines and the difficulties of the roads in that area of Bolivia.

The Altius team has recorded the first part of the shipment to give us an overview of the transhipment operation. The engines are now on their way to Bolivia (Puerto Jennefer) with an expected arrival date of 13th August. Stay tuned for the second update!

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