Sponsor Announcement: FLS Group

  04. August 2022
Sponsor Announcement: FLS Group

5th Annual Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance’s Gala Dinner and Lanyard Sponsor is FLS Group, representing Thailand and Singapore. The 5th Annual Meeting will be hosted in Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel, from the 9th-12th October 2022.

It is wonderful to see that we have supportive members of our community. Again, a warm thank you to the team of FLS Group. We and the entire Project Logistics Alliance community appreciate your support!

FLS Group defines themselves as: "We are world turners. Experts at sourcing, storing, and shipping, our greater role is to keep our customers’ worlds turning effortlessly with seamless supply chain solutions." For the last decades, FLS Group is recognized as one of the leading supply chain solution providers. FLS Group has offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, India, and the USA, which makes them close to the key Asian markets with strategic networks in Europe and the Americas. The company proudly provides "Tailor-Made Global Solutions" from interconnected businesses: FLS Projects, FLS Logistics, FLS Warehousing, and FLS Trading.

To learn more about their services and capabilities, please click below.

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