OCTRA (SCALES Group) Delivers Heavy Lift Cargo to Zimbabwe

  29. July 2022
OCTRA (SCALES Group) Delivers Heavy Lift Cargo to Zimbabwe

OCTRA (SCALES Group), representing France in our network, recently completed a turnkey heavy lift operation towards a South African substation. The cargo was loaded in Southern Europe and arrived in South Africa after a long trip to be delivered to Zimbabwe. The main component was further offloaded by the gantry and duly skidded on its temporary pad. The OCTRA (SCALES Group) team delivered the cargo without a hitch due to their experienced operation and project manager, who smoothly coordinated each step of the overall transport. Within this project's scope, OCTRA (SCALES Group) Team cooperated with their long-term partner Messrs Vanguard who managed all local operations, including port activities, heavy transportation within South Africa & Zimbabwe, customs clearance and rigging.

We congratulate OCTRA (SCALES Group) for their teamwork and cooperation during this project. To learn more about OCTRA (Scales Group) project capabilities, please visit: www.octra.fr

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