Another Tailor-Made Global Solution by FLS Group

  28. July 2022
Another Tailor-Made Global Solution by FLS Group

Here is an example of how experts at FLS Projects rigorously plan while staying proactive and reactive to keep their clients' supply chains moving seamlessly, whatever may happen. The FLS Group successfully delivered materials for a new electric vehicle fabrication plant from the fabrication yard in Indonesia to the erection site in Arizona, United States. To ensure nothing jeopardized the lengthy 30-meter girders, their team recalculated transport drawings, consolidated supports on each side of the girders and arranged two big cranes to lift them from the truck directly to the vessel.

The FLS Group also overcame congestion along the US West Coast by finding a deviation port in San Diego that guaranteed no berthing delay. This responsive 'Plan B' resulted in no vessel detention costs and a very happy customer.

Get in touch with the FLS Group today to have your cargo handled by expert hands and take advantage of their extensive global network. FLS Group represents Singapore and Thailand in the Project Logistics Alliance.

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