Logistics Plus Inc.'s Memorial Forest Project in Bergama, Izmir

  25. July 2022

In light of climate change, protecting nature is vital and the only way forward. Logistics Plus Inc., our member in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, demonstrated the necessity of protecting nature and natural resources whilst supporting development. To support the efforts of reforestation and prevent wildfires in Turkey, Logistics Plus, Turkey, has planted 10,000 pine bushes in the Bergama, Kinik region of Turkey, creating "Logistics Plus Memorial Plus Forest." In recognition of this meaningful project, the Aegean Forest Foundation sent a letter to congratulate Logistics Plus on the legacy and support they have left to our future generation.

On behalf of the PLA members, we would like to congratulate the Logistics Plus Turkey Team on the significant step they have taken toward protecting our planet in line with their motto, Passion for Excellence, Passion for Nature.

Please click here to read the letter of appreciation from the Aegan Forest Foundation!

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