Merfak Oil Services Undertakes Last-Mile Delivery Of Over 100 Tonnes

  04. May 2022
Merfak Oil Services Undertakes Last-Mile Delivery Of Over 100 Tonnes

The North African country of Libya has the 10th largest proven oil reserves globally. It is no surprise that our member in the region is one of the leading logistics providers for the Oil and Gas industry in the region. Merfak Oil Service & Logistics Support is delighted to share a project they completed in August of 2021 for the prestigious Al Waha Oil Company, a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

The sensitive oil field and cargo equipment costing millions were supplied by TechnipFMC and shipped from the manufacturer in Eleusis, Greece. The cargo was then received at the Port of Ras Lanuf, where the Merfak team took over to discharge and deliver the load to the Al-Sidra Oil Terminal. The entire shipment weighed 149755.24 kg and consisted of:

  • 7 x Skids
  • 2 x Spools
  • 2 x Pallets
  • 1 x 20' Open Top Container (7 Crates, 1 Piece and 2 Pallets)
  • 1 Open Piece

The Port of Ras Lanuf was chosen for the discharge since it was closest to the Al-Sidra terminal. Moreover, considering the equipment's safety and the out of Gauge nature, the Merfak team also wanted to minimize trucking. The Port of Ras Lanuf also brought significant challenges since it was not a fully operational commercial port. The Port also did not have sufficiently big cranes that could handle the shipment to the safe working load limits. The resourceful Merfak team outsourced a rigging and lifting specialist to get the job done. Two Liebherr telescopic cranes were used to unload the cargo because of how cargo was stored. It was also very challenging to manoeuvre since the vessel was gearless. Once the cargo was successfully unloaded, the Merfak team delivered the shipment using 14 meters long low bed trailers with the necessary permits and escorts from the local authority.

With a tight budget, the Merfak operations team successfully improvised and overcame all the challenges safely.

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