Ekol Logistics Experts In Moving Sizeable Cargos In Hungary

  28. September 2021
Ekol Logistics Experts In Moving Sizeable Cargos In Hungary

In September, our member Ekol Logistics Kft successfully completed transporting heavy machines for their client from the mechanical engineering industry in Hungary. Ekol had to convey objects up to 60 tons. The cargo transported was a CATERPILLAR 587R pipelayer. To build a gas pipeline across the southeast of Hungary, this machine was needed. The transmission was instructed to arrive at its destination as quickly as possible, considering how the workers would have to work all day.

The pipelayer has a height of 9254 mm, followed by a length of 5486mm. The shipping width was 4038mm and weighed 65 871 kg. The trailers used to deliver the object was 2 pieces of Faymonville 5-axle. The loading of these machines took place at Kiskundorozsma, where they will be transferred to Domaszék.

However, the transmission was not smooth at the beginning. Some obstacles were unavoidable, making it hard to get to the destination quickly. The sandy ground made it hard for the truck to keep steady. Not only was the foundation not stable, but there was also a big curve where the trucks had to turn to get onto the road. Furthermore, there was a bridge on the way, which required the police to block the road to handle the traffic at the unloading point. Even after all the obstacles, they made it in time. Arriving late was the last thing they needed after the chaos.

Ekol Logistics Kft represents Hungary in the Project Logistics Alliance. We thank you for sharing this exciting news with the community.

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