Enki Airlifts Powerplant Equipment To Germany

  20. September 2021
Enki Airlifts Powerplant Equipment To Germany

Enki Transport and Trading, representing Iraq in the Project Logistics Alliance, has airlifted power plant equipment and accessories to Frankfurt, Germany. Once the Enki team was contracted, the cargo was collected in Kirkuk, and the shipment was trucked with three full trucks to Baghdad International Airport.

One of the most challenging aspects to fly this shipment on time was arranging the customs clearance process and getting the load in order for the flight schedule. The export customs clearance process had to pass through a detailed inspection due to customs regulations in Iraq. These two air freight shipments weighing 44800 Kg loaded in 110 boxes of various sizes took 3-4 days to be thoroughly inspected. The whole operation was completed in three weeks from the door to Frankfurt Airport.

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