Westlink Logistics Transports One Of The Largest Apron Feeders Ever Delivered Into Port Hedland

  23. August 2021

Westlink Logistics, representing Papua New Guinea in the Project Logistics Alliance, has managed the complete transportation of one of the largest apron feeders ever delivered into Port Hedland. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Westlink was engaged to provide the complete end-to-end logistics management of structural steel, large bin sections, trusses and a massive apron feeder from Tianjin and Shanghai, China, to Port Hedland, Australia. The mining equipment was then loaded into heavy haulage trailers and transported to Rio Tinto’s project site for the Western Turner Syncline 2 Project.


  • Pre-shipment quarantine inspection of structural steel in China
  • Multipurpose Vessels (MPPs) and Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) – Tianjin and Shanghai, China to Port Hedland, Australia
  • Oversized haulage – vessel hook to Rio Tinto Western Turner Syncline mine site
  • Construction coordination – coordination with the site team to unload trailers for direct install or laydown


  • Zero LTIs
  • Logistics input into design stage to maximise module size and preassembly
  • 32,000 cubic metres (cbm) of steel with the heaviest lift of 207 metric ton (mt)
  • Four (4) consecutive breakbulk shipments
  • Maximum module envelope – 32 x 8 x 8 metres
  • Transport of oversized and heavy pieces from port to remote mine site

Traffic control in Port Hedland through to mine site – escorts, traffic control and permits

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