Lift & Shift India Handles World Heaviest LC Max Reactor - 2300 MT

  22. July 2021
Lift & Shift India Handles World Heaviest LC Max Reactor - 2300 MT

Lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Heavy-lift haulier and Project Logistics company in India, operating over seven decades, continues its record-breaking streak in 2021, despite the Covid 19 restrictions.

Lift & Shift transported 3 LC Max Reactors said to be the World Heaviest Reactors.   The 3 Reactors weighing 2200 MT / 2208 MT / 2313 MT were fabricated by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division, Hazira (Gujarat) for delivery to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Visakhapatnam, for the Residue Upgradation Facility project, one of the prestigious projects of the Government of India.

Lift & Shift was contracted by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering Division (L&T HED), Hazira for movement of 5 equipment including three critical reactors from their Hazira (Gujarat) yard to HPCL Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.   

The scope of work involved the movement of 5 equipment from L & T HED fabrication Yard to the Jetty in Hazira, Roll-on to the Barge, Barging from L & T jetty to Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) Jetty in Visakhapatnam covering 2100 nautical miles, Roll-off from Barge to HSL jetty and Road movement from HSL jetty to HPCL refinery.

The equipment weight ranges from 650 MT to 2313 MT per piece.  The length of the heaviest reactor was 72 m with a width of 12.2 m and height of 7.7m, and the transport was done on 96 axles using 3 PPU (total of 768 tyres).

The complete cargo was shipped in 3 voyages using Lift & Shift 280 class barge two voyages and a 330 Class barge one voyage from Larsen & Toubro Jetty to HSL jetty, Visakhapatnam. The critical and challenging was the last-leg movement from HSL jetty in Visakhapatnam to HPCL Refinery for moving 2760 MT including trailer weight, the heaviest ever equipment transport on roads of India. 

Due to the job dimension, the road transport required dismantling all road fixtures over 5 km, including shifting of power lines poles, removing centre dividers, even the walkways and other smaller fixtures on the road.

Lift & Shift, in consultation with the authorities, decided that late-night movement from HSL jetty HPCL Refinery would have a minor inconvenience or difficulties for the common public in view of Covid restrictions regarding public gathering. Lift & Shift organized mobile light vans to lighten up the road as the entire 5 km would have no street lights working due to power shutdown being taken.

Lift & Shift is thankful to all the authorities, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh Power Distribution Company and Local Police for their cooperation extended during the night movement. Lift & Shift’s expertise team was involved in meticulous planning from the beginning to optimize the land and marine movement from Larsen & Toubro fabrication facility to HPCL refinery, which is one of the keys to successfully executing the project.

Lift & Shift is known for safe and efficient delivery and represents India in the Project Logistics Alliance!

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