Noatum Project Cargo Move Hydraulic Hammer By Road From Louisiana To Mexico

  11. June 2021
Noatum Project Cargo Move Hydraulic Hammer By Road From Louisiana To Mexico

Long…longer…loooonger…ok wait, when does this truck end?

Surely, you had similar thoughts watching the video from Noatum Project Cargo. They are representing the Project Logistics Alliance in Spain, Portugal and Mexico and today we are reporting about a recent transport of an offshore drilling hammer that their project team moved, along with 12 accessories and a total of 13 pieces of transportation equipment.

The hydraulic equipment was picked up at the Port Fourchon in Louisiana, USA and moved by road transportation more than 2,000 kilometers to Tuxpan, Veracruz in Mexico. It will be used at an offshore platform in the Mexican Gulf.

The hammer measures 11.50 x 2.50 x 3.20 meters and puts 120 mtons on the scale. For discharging at the port, a 600 mton crane was used. Further, the transport required the project team of Noatum Project Cargo to provide hydraulic 19 axle equipment, 2x double drop lowboys, 2x lowboys, 3x step decks and 5x 53´platform.

The extraordinary dimensions of the cargo added a special challenge to this transport, as well as different restrictions and requirements in the 2 US states that this transport was crossing (in terms of police escort, obstacle removal, etc.), the customs process at Laredo Bridge and different restrictions when crossing 3 different states inside of Mexico. On top of that, the team of Noatum Project Cargo needed to arrange the whole transport in just 15 days, including the customs procedure.

A very challenging project that, in the end, was concluded to the full satisfaction of the customer. Congratulations, Noatum Project Cargo!

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