VESTAS Wind Tower Sections Moved By KGE Logistics

  04. June 2021
VESTAS Wind Tower Sections Moved By KGE Logistics

With this incredibly nice video footage, we would like to take a look back at February 2021 where KGE Baltic SIA, Project Logistics Alliance member from Latvia, has successfully transported generators from VESTAS. We have already reported about this briefly in April.

The cargoes passed a sea distance of 1218 nautical miles from the loading port in Aviles, Spain to the transshipment port Ventspils in Latvia. Upon arrival, the commodities were transshipped on modular trailers and drove another 1000 kilometers to the final destination in Asmolovici in Belarus.

VESTAS wind towers reach a height of 140 meters. The 6 tower sections that were moved by KGE Logistics had a diameter of 5 meters and length from 12 meters up to 32 meters. Congratulations on the successful transport and the great video!

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