Project Logistics Alliance Launches 4th Annual Global Meeting

  26. April 2021
Project Logistics Alliance Launches 4th Annual Global Meeting

Having entered the second quarter of 2021, we are excited to welcome you all to the 4th Annual Global Meeting in Dubai. As a response to the global developments in the pandemic, understanding the need for networking, and minding the safety above all we decided to shift the meeting from Tallinn to Dubai this year. Like the previous meetings, we are looking forward to three days filled with networking, new business partnerships, and a fun event with good conversations. This year the Project Logistics Alliance will hold its fourth AGM from October 20 to 23.

As always, we aim to bring the experts of Project Logistics from all over the world under one roof and this time in Dubai. Complementing the ease of doing business and the strategic advantages of being in the emirate, Dubai’s status as a growing knowledge hub also enhances its attractiveness as a hyperconnected pro-business hub situated at the crossroads between the East and the West. This combined with the mix of formal and casual networking will allow you to familiarize with each other not only during the one-to-one meetings but also over winding down dinners.

We are looking forward to hosting yet another extraordinary meeting, and warmly welcome all representatives from our members and partners across the globe. Your active participation is what will guarantee more knowledge exchange, relationship building, and ultimately more business for all!

To know more about the exact location, the attendance fees, and agenda please click here!

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