C.H. Robinson Handles Urgent Transport To The Middle East

  21. April 2021
C.H. Robinson Handles Urgent Transport To The Middle East

Acting as an extension of their customer's team, C.H. Robinson's project logistics experts were onsite at the Port of Houston right up to Christmas Eve overseeing the safe loading of 24 seismic vibrator vehicles onto an ocean vessel bound for Saudi Arabia.

The vehicles measured 10.21 x 3.29 x 3.44 meters and weighed 30.4 metric tons each. This type of cargo would usually be transported onto the ocean vessel using a RoRo ramp, however the available vessels did not have that option and the equipment was urgently needed by the customer. Instead of pushing the timeline back, C.H. Robinson’s global logistics experts arranged for a part charter through BBC which allowed the vehicles to be lifted onto the vessel by the ship’s crane. The majority of the cargo was loaded and secured in the hold of the ship, but one of the vehicles failed to start and needed to be placed on a Mafi trailer and towed to the ship for loading.

Ocean logistics was only one aspect of the job, C.H. Robinson's team also handled export customs brokerage. The team had to get the original titles validated by U.S. Customs before the shipment was loaded which usually takes a minimum of 72 hours. However, the customer did not have that much time to spare. C.H. Robinson managed to liaise and work with local Customs in Houston to get the cargo released in time and avoid any vessel detention.

The vessel, carrying 2,626 cubic meters and 729.4 metric tons of their customer’s cargo, arrived safely at the Port of Dammam seven weeks later.

C.H. Robinson is representing in the Project Logistics Alliance in Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA. Feel free to get in touch with us for a personal introduction and local assistance.

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