Flatbeds: Affordable With More Weight Capability

  07. April 2021
Flatbeds: Affordable With More Weight Capability

Ceekay Shipping our exclusive NVOCC partner is has finished transporting Kelly Bar pilings from Port Klang in Malaysia to Chennai in India. The entire transport process was arranged by Ceekay Shipping with no other forwarders in between.

The Kelly bars intended to be used in construction site measures 19.3 x 0.75 x 0.75 meters which made flatbeds the most obvious choice for movement. With a continuous flat surface, flatbeds accommodate more and make the loading process a lot safer given the use of cranes and winches. Flatbeds ensure that the cargo is delivered unscathed since they are secured with coil racks, chains, and traps.

This movement marks another successful transfer by Ceekay Shipping which is a testimonial to their expertise and know-how. Congratulations team Ceekay Shipping!

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