Spotlight: KGE Baltic And Livo Logistics Beat Freezing Temperatures To Deliver Cargo

  23. March 2021
Spotlight: KGE Baltic And Livo Logistics Beat Freezing Temperatures To Deliver Cargo

Project logistics Alliance members, KGE Baltic SIA and Livo Logistics, were invited by the client to move 5 self-propelled pipelayers along with their accessories from the St. Petersburg Port to Tengiz Oil Field. This project was started at the end of November last year and completed in early 2021.

The cargo consisted of:

  • Five Self Propelled Pipelayers (Fiat Allis FP60) measuring 5450 x 3160 x 3150 mm weighing 32000 kilograms
  • Three containers weighing 16200, 26000, and 22800 kilograms respectively

The pipelayers originally arrived from Veracruz, Mexico by a breakbulk vessel while the containers were shipped via a container vessel.  The project was especially challenging since both the teams had to overcome a lot of obstacles which postponed the delivery of the machines for almost a month. The holiday season and the new year did not help with the transport moving either. Once the cargo arrived at the port, the pipelayers were offloaded by the harbor staff at the wrong location where the crane loading procedure was forbidden. The goods were then placed in the harbor terminal warehouse until all the necessary documentation and permits were obtained. Of all these challenges, the biggest challenge was battling the cold temperature of - 25° C. The cold freezing temperatures did not allow the pipelayers to start which required the service and maintenance staff to defrost the fuel and start the machines.

Despite all the issues, the KGE Baltic and Livo Logistics team overcame all the problems and delivered the machines in the shortest time possible. Both, our members were completely involved from the beginning to the end of this project ensuring high client satisfaction. GGE Baltic represents Lativia  while Livo Logistics represent the Czech Republic and Italy in the Project Logistics Alliance.

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