Announcement: Jumbo and SAL intend to form joint venture

  04. March 2021
Announcement: Jumbo and SAL intend to form joint venture

SAL Heavy Lift, our Germany-based breakbulk and project cargo specialist partner, and Jumbo, the Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and installation contractor have announced their intention to form a joint venture.
Combining a large part of their fleets, engineering, and commercial activities serve the goal of sustainable transport capacity and growth. The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance would be focused on gaining logistical efficiencies, such as joint fleet operations, and benefits for its customers, such as increased flexibility and offering customers worldwide a carefree logistics solution for both breakbulk and outsized cargoes.
The joint venture is subject to clearance by the German competition authority (‘Bundeskartellamt’) and Dutch in-company legal requirements. With the aim of obtaining formal approval, both companies have started the necessary procedures.

Please click here to read the official press release!

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