C.H. Robinson Transports Cargo From Europe To California

  22. February 2021
C.H. Robinson Transports Cargo From Europe To California

The project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson recently undertook a project to transport equipment from Bulgaria and Ireland to California for a power plant company. C.H. Robinson represent Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore and the USA in the Project Logistics Alliance.

In Bulgaria, the gasifier and stairs were divided into nine breakbulk pieces which were then loaded onto an ocean vessel for the 48-day journey across the water to California. The largest piece measured 12.55 x 3.29 x 3.45 meters and weighed 11.9 metric tons. Once on land, the cargo was loaded onto trucks and transported 460 kilometers to the company’s plant.

Meanwhile in Ireland, machine parts were loaded onto 11 flat racks, seven open-top, and four high cube containers and shipped across the ocean. A total of 265.6 metric tons and 990 cubic meters were transported from Ireland and arrived 40 days later.

To complete the project in a safe and timely manner, C.H. Robinson relied on their local experts across Canada, Europe, and the U.S., as well as their global suite of services. The team secured ocean transports, organized trucking to and from ports, arranged necessary cranes, secured permits and road escorts, attended to required customs brokerage, and ensured all necessary paperwork was in order. Thankfully, the project went off without a hitch. 

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