Careful Planning Helps Transocean Complete A Breakbulk Operation

  19. February 2021
Careful Planning Helps Transocean Complete A Breakbulk Operation

Transocean, representing Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the Project Logistics Alliance, is delighted to share with us a breakbulk project they completed in the Port of Riga at the end of 2020. A ship loader was loaded onto a geared breakbulk ocean vessel which was destined for Peru in South America.

For the first step for the movement, the ship loaders were transported by road via the Riga city center which was a challenging task due to its size and weight. The oversized cargo was then stored in the Port of Riga on support legs that were specially designed for these ship loaders. One of the most challenging parts of this loading was lifting 21 and 15 meters long ship loader brooms which weighed 59 and 51 tons respectively.

In the end, the Transocean team loaded a total of 1874 Freight Tons along with 55 packages onto the scheduled breakbulk vessel in only 48 hours. Very well done team Transocean! Thank you for capturing the entire loading operating so beautifully.

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